New Heart (MBC 2007)

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New Heart (MBC 2007)

Post by SiMPLYSMiLES » Dec 14th, '07, 23:30


Title: 뉴하트 / New Heart
Genre: Medical, romance
Date of Airing: December 12, 2007, replacing The Legend of Four Gods
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

PD: 박홍균 Park Hong Gyun
Writer: 황은경 Hwang Eun-kyung
Cast: Ji Sung (Save the Last Dance), Kim Min-jung (Fashion 70's), Jo Jae-hyun (Piano, Snowman), Lee Ji-hoon (Hello Miss!, Wonderful Life)
Official Site:

Synopsis --
This drama will be about the growth and sufferings of the heart surgeons who work in the thoracic surgery department. Lee Eun Sung (Ji Sung) graduated from a newly established medical school in the provinces. He applies for a job at the hospital and has high hopes of becoming a great doctor. Nam Hye Suk (Kim Min-Jung) graduated at top of her medical school. She is an absolute fundamentalist but starts to show her humane side once she gets to know Eun Sung. The problem is Choi Kang g**k (Jo Jae-Hyun) just became the new head of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. He believes that only doctors can save peoples' lives and is a genius but he is also a stubborn surgeon who does not care for hospital policies. Only Eun Sung and Hye Suk apply to work in his department.

One day, a famous actor Lee Dong Gwon (Lee Ji Hoon) is admitted into the Hospital for arrhythmia surgery. He immediately falls for Hye-seok, who is his classmate from elementary school. He later gets jealous when he sees that Eun Sung and Hye Suk are getting closer to one another.

Credits --
Soompi Thread:

So has anyone seen this yet? It sounds pretty interesting and it's the first drama Ji Sung's in after returning from the military.

I was wondering if anyone's willing to upload the episodes onto D-Addicts and sub it too??That would be great.

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Post by kobe23 » Dec 15th, '07, 12:33

Another medical drama? How many do they need? Seen one, seem them all IMO. But hey, I guess everyone's probably gonna watch it because of Ji Sung's comeback from the service.

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Post by SiMPLYSMiLES » Dec 15th, '07, 20:47

^^ LOL, that's my reason to watch!! XD

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Post by belleza » Dec 16th, '07, 06:44

I think one of the fansub teams is puttOne of the fansub teams (not WithS2) are requesting translators for this show. New Heart will start airing on MBC America in about a month.

New Heart's already the #1 drama in its timeslot, which goes to show the popularity of its cast and of medical dramas in general. Medical dramas are really suited to the K-drama style, because A) soapy romantic bits between handsome, asswipe doctors and pretty scrubs are a staple of the genre, and B) relationships between doctors and patients are given the serial treament. Meaning, you get to see longer term relationships between doctor and patient than you would in, say, House and Gray's Anatomy. This doesn't looke like White Tower Part 2, but I hope it's not a redux of Surgeon Bong Dal-Hee (which BTW outperformed Dal Ja by a handy margin.)

This is a stunning, stunning cast with comeback written all over it.

Jo Jae Hyun is a great, great actor, and this is his first appearance since 2005. It'll eat up this House-like character like Nicole Richie at a buffet.

Ji Sung, coming back from the military, hasn't done a proper full-length show since 2004.

Among the 80-85 crowd, Kim Ming Jung is one of the most charismatic and sultriest actresses in Chungamuro, coming back from 2006's dual flops Stranger in Heaven and flick Forbidden Quest.

Lee Ji Hoon needs to come back from Hello Miss. What the hell was that! :D

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Post by SiMPLYSMiLES » Dec 17th, '07, 00:16

belleza wrote:Lee Ji Hoon needs to come back from Hello Miss. What the hell was that! :D
That's great that someone is planning on subbing this!

And I feel the same way about Lee Ji Hoon in Hello! Miss. I really didn't like him in there.

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Post by chasen8888 » Dec 17th, '07, 00:21

Looking forward to seeing this show. I haven't watched any Korean medical drama if you know good ones, please let me know.

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Post by kobe23 » Dec 17th, '07, 11:46

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee is my favorite medical drama. Ok, it's the only one I've seen, but it's definitely a very good one. It's light hearted, light weight, and very easy to digest. You should check it out.

I think the reason why I can't get excited about New Heart is because there's been recent influx of medical based dramas this year. Not to mention there were 3 horror movies (Epitaph, Wide Awake, The Cut) all revolving around the hospital theme. It gets tedious seeing the same setting over again, but I have to admit I do like Ji Sung ever since All In and Last Dance, so it might be worth checking out.

But still, I just wish they could think of something a bit different....

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Post by belleza » Dec 17th, '07, 14:46

chasen8888 ---

Surgeon Bong Dal-Hee is definitely the one to start. Very popular show, it aired against Dal Ja's Spring, and consistently outperformed it. It's a bit like Gray's Anatomy (and in fact, it was originally derided as a GA clone), but in some ways (mostly due to consistent serialization and Korean knack for soapy plots) , it improves on the American model. The action comes hard and fast; by the end of episode 1, our plucky heroine's patient has already died! :D It's really well done, you got loads of crises, romantic bits, very well-done hospital politics, board examinations, and some poo poo humor. Gotta have poo poo humor when you're doing medical drama! :D

Off note with Bong Dal-Hee is the lead actor Kim Bum Soo, who's a well known actor in Korean movie comedies. This was his first real TV lead, and one of the few times he's ever had a true non-comedic role. And he's great. Walking like a linebacker and shouting from a tightly wound, cruel mouth, it's a joy to watch him chews whole scenes out and make everybody feel THIS small. Also interesting is that the two support roles are played by Kim Min Joon (of Damo and Ireland fame) and Oh Yoon Ah (the Kim Hye-Soo of our generation?), as a divorced couple. They played opposite each other in a previous standout drama Someday (starring Bae Doo-Na and produced by the same company who made Alone in Love.) They carry their big chemistry here.

If you're looking for a serious hospital drama, then check out The White Tower, which is considered one of the best dramas of the year. This is an adaptation of the Shiroi Kyoto (White Tower) dramas, which itself has classic status. Both White Tower and Surgeon Bong Dal-Hee ran roughly during the same period, and a lot of people were comparing the two. BDH has a lot of soapy fun elements, but WT is a serious drama involving a power politics. It also stars Kim Myung Min (Bad Family), who's up for actor of the year for his role in White Tower. Coffee Prince fans, take note: "The Voice" Lee Sun Gyun is the 2nd lead in the show, playing friend and rival to Kim Myung Min's character.

I think I read somewhere that we would see a sequel to General Hospital (MBC hospital show from 1994) in 2008, but I doubt that happens if they do New Heart. And I really wanted to see who'd they get to play Sonny and Carly! :D

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Post by SiMPLYSMiLES » Feb 22nd, '08, 05:15

Aww, no one's talking. I guess I'll try to revive this topic!! ^_^

Anyways, I've just caught up with all of BON's subs which goes up to episode 7. I think it's pretty good up so far. I really love Ji Sung! Somehow I'm just not warming up to Lee Ji Hoon's character. I just don't like him, I guess. He's so clingy to Kim Min Jung! I really don't like that. He seriously doesn't understand the meaning of no!

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Post by saby » Feb 22nd, '08, 18:17

I love this drama

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Post by freezspirit » Mar 1st, '08, 11:30

What's the name of actress sorry forgotten her characters name but she plays the intern and kisses the older surgeon/doctor in the lift. Cos I'm sure she plays the maid/playmate in Happiness.

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Post by mitch16 » Jul 1st, '08, 05:36

i finished watching new heart last night with my sister, and this is one of the best k-dramas that i'd watched.
every episode is worth watching and makes me "crave" for!
the man leads performances are superb, can't ask for more!

Lee Eun sung is so adorable.

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Post by nathaly4u7 » Jul 20th, '08, 17:22

Is the actor from All in
I have to see it!
thank for the info

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Post by kobe23 » Nov 3rd, '08, 13:02

I started on this show recently and just realized how similar it is to Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. Why did the New Heart team have to specialize in cardiac surgery as well? It gets a bit boring seeing the same procedures over and over again. The only main difference is that the female lead doesn't have a heart problem like Dal Hee, or will there be a reveal later on? I guess someone is going to get accidentally stabbed by a syringe later and might contract HIV too? *sigh*

How did this show rate so highly? Yeah ok, I admit the lead actor is very good and it is generally interesting, but it's so repetitive and unrealistic. In episode 5 the female model collapsed onto the floor, the director of the hospital reads her pulse and immediately diagnosis her with Marfan Syndrome. WTF?! Wow, if doctors in real life could correctly diagnose medical conditions just by taking a pulse reading then patients wouldn't need to go through so many invasive tests and procedures!

Patient: I have stomach cramps, Doctor.
Doctor: *reads pulse* You've got Colon Cancer and will require emergency surgery now!

Anyway, sorry for the rant but I'm just a bit disappointed that's all.

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Post by morserachel » Nov 3rd, '08, 14:52

Unlike you, I watched newheart first. Can't really remember much because the subs took ages to come out and it took me nearly 4 months to finish watching!! I don't make the same mistake twice. Now I wait until all the subs are out before starting a show. Anyway newheart was my first korean medical series and even though it is nothing much to shout about I was impressed that the show was quite well made.

Between the 2 I prefer bongdalhee because of Lee Bum Soo. He was magnificent in the show and bongdalhee has heart (pun not intended), touching to see the human side of the doctors here.

Did you notice that the 2 lead actresses from the 2 shows are from fashion 70s? Rivalry?

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Post by kobe23 » Nov 4th, '08, 13:38

Yeah it's kinda ironic how they were both in Fashion 70's and then two years later did very similar medical dramas. I like Lee Yo Won much more than Kim Min Jung though, and at this stage like Bong Dal Hee more than New Heart. I hope this one gets better cuz I still have another 17 episodes to go. Yikes.

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Post by kobe23 » Dec 6th, '08, 11:41

Good thing I continued with this one since it has turned out to be better than SBDH! The last few episodes were so intense with some superb acting by almost everyone, especially by the guy who played Prof. Kim Tae Joon and also the actor who played the hospital's head. It was also amazing how they managed to keep the pace towards the end despite having the series extended by ... not sure how many episodes, but I'm pretty sure it was extended (good ratings + odd # episodes = extension).

I enjoyed this one after all the dust had settled, but I still wouldn't watch another Korean medical drama for quite some time. Got rather sick of them performing CPR on almost every single patient :)

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Post by Slam Dunk » Dec 22nd, '08, 22:54

I really enjoyed this medical drama 8)
Thanks to BON for subbing this drama.
I was wondering, does anyone know if there are any other subbed medical dramas besides this one, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, General Hospital 2, and White Tower (I believe this one is licensed)?

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