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Most Overrated K-Dramas

Discuss Korean drama series here.
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Post by circuitlovers » Jan 26th, '11, 23:14

Aha nice topic :thumleft:

I HAVE TO AGREE about Goong and Full House.

Goong, was just so tiring to watch. Too much break-ups and make-ups!

And Full House, I didn't fully watch it, but it was stoopit, and childish.


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Post by Issy » Jan 26th, '11, 23:22

Baker King Kim Taku
i watched the drama and it was good enough and entertaining. but i just can't see the whole fuss about it at all. it is as good as any other OK/good drama. nothing more

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Post by iluvasiandrama » Feb 12th, '11, 04:50

Yeah I didn't see the big deal with Princess Hours (Goong). I didn't care for it but I watched it skipping through lots of scenes. I just wanted to be able to give it benefit of the doubt. I liked MNIKSS but didn't love it.

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Post by amktsy » Feb 14th, '11, 10:46

I'm Sorry , I love You.
It's not that bad nor good enough for me to understand the craze.
I do not think the main couple have killer chemistry too.
I will love the drama if every episode is like the last episode(not the ending tho).
I really like the last episode.

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Post by iluvasiandrama » Feb 15th, '11, 02:18

I'll add Playful Kiss and Personal Taste (Preference) to my list too. They weren't all that fun to watch and I wish the wardrobe teams will start tailoring Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo) pants. What's up with the short pants?

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Post by Ethlenn » Feb 15th, '11, 04:03

As I recall Lee Minho's character's name was Jeon Jin Ho in Personal Taste. Besides, short pants were in fashion last year in Korea.

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Post by iluvasiandrama » Feb 15th, '11, 04:50

oh right... That explains it then.

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Post by biniBningPunkista » Feb 15th, '11, 07:05

I can't accept the fact that FULL HOUSE was included in the list of most over rated Kdrama. It seriously hurts my pride reading through all the comments.


but since we are all entitled to our own opinions i'd like to vouch for the drama. It's one of the first drama's that got me into Kdrama industry. The story line did get tiring a few episodes before the ending, but it wasn't enough to let me loosen my grip on watching it and enjoying all those bickering between Rain and Song Hye Kyo. It was the story build up that hooked me up in the first place. I still loved the show regardless of not knowing who the main actors were or how famous they were supposed to be in Korea during that time.

As for my over rated Kdrama in history: (sheez... such an easy question to anwer)

Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss.
why o why on earth would they want to remake Hana Yori Dango into so MANY countries? Gaaaaaaad... it's a good thing that franchise never materialized in my country or else i'll be pulling my hair out like weeds!

BOF was glorious with its props and eye candy boys but let's be realistic, the show lacked the drama and the real plot in all of it. In every remake, there would always be a freaking comparison so why alter too much? I hate that they have deviated the story line to the original when they are supposed to be adapting it. Come on! Jandi/Tsukushi was supposed to be poor, why did her house looked like middle class? And the swimming! Tsukushi wasn't aiming for being a professional swimmer. She's a fighter and a hard worker and... i could say so many things but you guys already know how i feel about the show. *sigh* since i hate not finishing dramas i started, i had to watch it painstakingly and fast forward in parts that doesn't make sense at all. I would be a poser if i said i didn't like SOME of the scenes but over all... its an OVER RATED show.

PK what's with all the fuss? I looked into the trailer and knew in my heart i would never like it. I didn't watch it for these reasons: Taiwanese version was better, It was so GOONG like (what's with the teddy bears AGAIN?) and lastly... i just don't get the hype for it.

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Post by Neliets » Feb 21st, '11, 21:34

I don't think that Full House is that overrated, to be honest. I liked it, if I remember correctly, I watched it more than year ago. Wasn't that bad.

But I seriously can't accept that people badmouth Rain's acting. He is quite a good actor. For instance, take Fugitive, A Love To Kill or any other drama. Ok, Full House... I blame script or directing.

And Goong is not overrated, it's just very, very popular.

Playful Kiss, Merry Me Mary and few others shouldn't even been rated, not to mention overrating. They are pure crap. PK's teddy bears... Painful memories... I felt like hitting the culprit's face, and with a spade.

Dream High is a bit overrated(not here at D-addicts but in Korea), the story isn't that interesting. It has so much attention just because of the idols. That's the only reason why I'm watching it, too.

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overrated dramas

Post by yan_ange » Feb 27th, '11, 14:55

Shining inheritance...boring!!!!!!!
Over the top family feud and the boys in the leads weren't that cute.
Dragged on way too long!

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Post by yan_ange » Feb 27th, '11, 14:57

Issy wrote:Baker King Kim Taku
i watched the drama and it was good enough and entertaining. but i just can't see the whole fuss about it at all. it is as good as any other OK/good drama. nothing more
I so second this sentiment, I bought the drama due to the good ratings but I was so disappointed! Bland bland bland story line!

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Post by aafa83 » Mar 3rd, '11, 04:20

I also agree about Baker King. It was really boring with all that bread making...I didn't realize it was that complicated! The only good parts were between Eugene and the younger brother (very good actor and really CUTE :wub: ). THEY had chemistry. I found myself paying attention only when they were on screen.

I tried to watch Goong for the first time last week and could barely finish the first episode. Am so glad that not everyone likes it so I don't feel as if I'm missing something great.

As for My Girl, it is one of my favorite. I know most people either love or hate Lee Da Hae's acting, but to me, it was hilarious. It also has one of the BEST OSTs, especially Mario's" Never say Goodbye."

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Post by lvsanchez115 » Mar 29th, '11, 17:36

Hello, total noob here! I've actually only completed 7 K-dramas (and currently in the middle of 2). Being anoob my strategy has been to watch the most popular dramas and sort of get them out of the way. The only drama I've ever fought myself over finishing would be "My Princess", but I don't think it was overhyped, so I wouldn't count it as an over rated drama.

It hurts to write this one but, Boys Over Flowers for sure. My first K-drama, and one I enjoyed at that, but it's one of those where you have to put yourself back in the shoes of a 13 yr old girl in order to enjoy the full experience. The chemistry between the leads was terrible, and the character of Rui... AHH! And there was so much blatant fan service, which really took down the quality, but in the end it was a fun ride. So, BOF is def overrated, but still worth a try.

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Post by changmi1218 » Apr 20th, '12, 23:53

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Post by Silverman » Apr 21st, '12, 02:04

changmi1218 wrote: Any dramas starring idols
You basically included 95% of kdramas post 2003-2005. And lets face it most of the popular actors are idols-turned-actors. Not all idols are bad. If they started with smaller roles and then got bigger roles, then they are ok(in most cases). If they are leads in the first drama they ever played in, then the result ist in most cases...horrible.

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Post by Eun-ju Lee » May 2nd, '14, 17:48

Full House
The main charecters were lack of attraction.
The girl was sooooooo childish.

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Post by el_canuck » May 2nd, '14, 20:45

This is where JDrama is better than KDrama.
In Japan, high school drama is a big thing, they may use idol singers like Korea does, but high school dramas let the idols learn how to act so as they get older, they are seasoned actors. Korea just throws them into a drama, tries to surround them with top actors to cover up the idols bad acting. Take Boys over Flowers, four bad male actors, even Min Oh stunk and those four have not done any decent acting since. Min Oh thrives in action like City Hunter and Faith, but he was not the main actor in either one, he was there for the action parts, not the speaking parts, that was the actress. Now put him in an acting part like Heirs and it was terrible. There was a KDrama called Hello My Teacher and many of those young actors have gone on and excelled in later roles, but those type of dramas are too few. Boys over Flowers, Marry Me Mary and Paradise Ranch have to be the worse KDramas I have ever started to watch You notice I sad started to watch. I am watching Wonderful Days right now and the difference in acting and over all quality is incredible, fun to watch, a great drama.

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Post by el_canuck » May 3rd, '14, 16:11

Full House was the most popular KDrama until Coffee Prince came along. To say that it was over rated is saying it years later with newer and some better shows that have come along, but view it in it's time and it was big and well liked. Coffee Prince has received more international awards than anyone, it was at the Monte Carlo TV Festival as one of the top five IN THE WORLD and yet there will be some saying that even that was over rated. Now Secret Garden is up there in popularity and some will not like it. The question of over rated depends on what you want from a KDrama, woman's weepy, guys shooting, comedy, romance,pretty girls or good looking guys.

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Post by Eun-ju Lee » May 4th, '14, 02:58

Overrated means: less than you were expected ...

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Post by airboy » May 4th, '14, 08:25

Playful Kiss, it's not bad, it was "okey".
Coffee Prince. I really like the drama, it's really good, but not so super good that you sometimes get the impression of.

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