East of Eden (MBC, 2008) Song Seung Hun, Lee Da Hae

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Post by maakopla » May 20th, '09, 15:04

Awesome, after reading your post bellez I feel like I have not wasted my time so far! What you have written sounds so great, I cannot wait to reach episode 35. I have been waiting to find out what the heck happens when the secret leaks. I mean, it's gonna be such a mess.

I recently watched ep 17-21 after a long break. What can I say, the drama has gotten better after that break. Maybe because I had such expectations and then was very disappointed in the series. By now I have forgotten about/given up on all expectations I had... Too melodramatic and unrealistic for me.
I'm sick of DC getting beaten by 20+ gangsters in every episode. Wherever he goes he gets beaten, even for no reason... like when he went to get that slot machine contract from the fat guy with ugly mustache. And the stuff they use for blood doesn't look like blood but like strawberry juice.

I have now accepted DC'c mother and feel more clam about her. She used to rise my blood pressure to heavens with the stupidity of her character. But now I understand whole meaning behind her actions. She is truly a strong woman unlike Jung Ja who now seems rather pointless. The yonger sister lightens up the mood ina positive way, overall those 3 women together make a nice and balanced group/family.

I've grown to hate Wang Gun a lot. Maybe not him as much as his reasons. Even after so many people tried to convince him that DC didn't betray him and didn't steal the treasure he still won't believe. Ok, so don't believe if you don't want to but.... the reason for such strong hatred is stupid! Wang Gun hates DC because of some small, stupid matter that could be just talked over in like 15 minutes and they could be friends again. After all the things they overcame together WDs' reason IS TOO CHEAP! his hatred is so strong because of meaningless matter from the past that it makes his whole character ridicule in my eyes. I like the thought of good friends turning into enemies and fighting each other, not cuz they want but because of their pride or circumactanses. At leats make DC kill someone close to WD, steal his woman or something else as bad. But no... I want to slap the screenwriter... I like to see some affectionate bond developing between Ki Su and WD... interesting...

Dong Wook is turned into such boring character along with Hye Rin. Gosh, they bore me to death, there is just nothing interetsing going around these two!

Myung Hun's and Ji Hyun's relationship is becoming more interesting. I like the changes Ji Hyun has gone trough but she is whimsical at times. Oen day she says "We have to be strong" to MH and the otehr day she hates him more than anything. She has become too friendly to him anyway compared to how much she used to hate him. And I still hate DW for not understanding the meaning of her marriage. She saved your life for God's sake. You were more important to her than your stupid hatred towards some stinky family. To her, you were the most important of all!!! don't understand then...

Ji Hyun is not that crybaby and weak girl she used to be. I like her courage and brain now. I have also always pitied poor Myung Hun for his fate. Poor boy had to suffer so much cuz of his father and the suffering continues... I am happy he finally said it "I wish my father wasn't my father" And I really want to see him going against STH! I very much disagree with the screenwriter to make MH into semi bad character rape... that was just too much... And the biggets question remains in the air, who is Ji Hyun's father?!!!! Anyways, I want JH and MH together,

President Guk remains as one of my fav. characters. I still don't understand his reasons for not allowing Grace to be with DC, maybe faintly but not fully. But I feel he is treating DC fair even though Grace's rebelling puts DC into bad light at times. I felt saddened when Grace called president Guk but didn't say a word. It felt like their good relationship received a very long and fatal crack

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Post by Altius » Dec 27th, '09, 15:41

Hi everyone...

This is a great drama... But something make me confuse here... i need an answer here... on Episode 28 when guk ja doing a chores from dong chul's mother (when guk ja on dong chul's house)... suddenly mike come and then a very short white screen that lead to guk ja wedding with mike... if i'm not wrong guk ja already married mike before came to dong chul's house right? then suddenly a leep of time to the time that Shin Tae Hwan has a gray hair...Min Hye Rin also become a journalist? this is make me confuse... how long have it been since the last scene with guk ja in the house? and is this correct on episode 28? I feel like already on episode 40++ from the all 56 episodes :whistling:

to remind you all again...


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East of Eden: Episode search

Post by antn » Jan 27th, '10, 13:25


I'm searching for a specific episode of East of Eden. I don't know what the Episode is all about, but maybe some of you guys have seen all of them and can help me. The only scene of this Episode that i know is that one of the main actresses arrives on an airport with 2 or more other actors (one older guy with greyish hair) and walk out of the main arrival hall at the airport. The actual airport, where the scene was filmed, is Gimpo Airport. The reason why I would like to know, which episode that is, is because I happened to be in that actual scene as an extra :).
I'd be more than happy if you guys could help me out!


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