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[Discussion] Boys Before Flower (1-4 of 24) + Screencaps

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[Discussion] Boys Before Flower (1-4 of 24) + Screencaps

Post by athene121 » Jan 18th, '09, 04:22


WEEK ONE- Episodes 1 & 2:

Some mixed comments in here. Mine's going to be almost entirely on the pros rather than cons of this drama.

I wasn't initially planning to watch or like this drama at all, but I actually watched this drama twice - once without subtitles and then again with WITH S2's subs. And both times were absolutely entertaining! Which is surprising for me since I prefer serious dramas like 'Time Between Dog and Wolf.' But I so enjoyed eps. 1 & 2. While not 100% perfect, they still rocked and really lightened up my week! It's really just the little things that I found entertaining to enjoy, analyze, and write this long commentary for:

1. I liked how they started off by introducing the Shinhwa group and how it dominates the Korean market and economy. It really gives us a bigger picture outlook to the whole drama and the world they live in.
The opening really drew me in because we realize this show is not going to be as bubble-gummy and glycirine-drenched as most romance/comedy high-school dramas are. It's pretty clear by the first fiew mins. of the first episode that - whether it's the news channel, commercials, newspapers, blogs, etc. - the media is going to play a much larger role in this series than before. If ever. And the way how F4 supporters spread news and gossips via cell phones kind of reminds me of a familiar U.S. mature teen drama show currently airing... But, it's all good and well done!

2. The way she saved the kid who was contending suicide is a little far-fetched, I'll admit. He was waaaay heavier than her, so how could she have managed?! But I still liked that Boys Before Flower gave a rationale why someone like Jan Di attends the school - esp. since her family has every reason to conserve money. Already it's really different from TW and J versions. Plus, the violence is really... .gruesome. Wow. My friend was flinching the whole time the poor boy got beaten and bloodied up. But that's how it is, I guess. Already, we're off to a pretty good start. Not bad!

3. F4 enters. Yes, yes, yes! MatsuJun and Oguri finally have got competition. These K-actors are PERFECT. The playboys are funny. Ji Hoo is aloof as he should be. And the leading man, Gu Jun Pyo! When he is not smiling in a goofy way or acting conceited... he is actually frightfully handsome when he is solemn or serious.
Also, I never really cared much for the other two minor F4 playboys in past adaptations, but I really like them in this one. I think it's just because of their good looks or that they have more charisma or something. But for once, I am going to be paying close attention to all four members of F4 - not just Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo.

4. I'll skip over the torture scenes. Jan Di is what I want to focus on. When I see this drama, I don't think of Gu Hye Sun as Makino. Because she's not! She plays the role in a new way. And that's why I like her. She is cute in her own way. Unlike past Makinos, she is a bit more coarse and rough around the edges. Not cute like Barbie Hsu or bubbly like Inoue Mao. But she does her job well when she's hurt. Or when she yells for "More! Do more!" to F4 supporters while being egged and bullied.

5. Any scene with Jan Di telling Jun Pyo off is hillarious and well worth watching. 'Nough said.

6. I LOVE the editing in this drama! I love how there was more to the convo after Jan Di leaves Jun Pyo to his confusion ("Where did I go wrong") when she is kidnapped and brought to his mansion for a little airbrushing and ... 'wooing'. I'm glad they decided to flashback the part where she tells him seriously and with less venom, "You use your heart to reach out to others." It's good that they flash-backed this bit of dialogue because most of the 'Proposal scene' was quite comedic and entertaining while the latter part of the flash-back convo is more somber in tone. Esp. since we know and find out later just how lonely Jun Pyo really is. And to cap it all off, I loved Lee Min Ho's face and reaction when she explains how there are some things that exist cannot be purchased with money. And I love that they decided to leave us hanging with no answer when he asks, "Is there really something that cannot be bought with money?"
It's almost like he's pleading with her to help him get the thing his parents never gave him. The one thing he never had in his life. The one thing that leaves a void in his heart that's so unbearable that he tries to compensate and get by in the world by trying to making others feel unworthy and empty as he feels. Aww...

7. Oh, I almost forgot! The exact moment when Jun Pyo starts to like Jan Di! In the past installations, which I have not seen in a long, long time, I think it was always when Makino hits Tsukasa. But in the K-version, it seems that it's not just the high-flying kick that makes Jun Pyo fall for Jan Di; I really believe it's because of the the whole proceeding "I am chaste, innocent, and haven't had my first kiss yet, you dolt" speech rather than the twisting, back-kick that makes Jun Pyo so ... I dunno, aroused? I am not sure what the kick is supposed to accomplish because she already stood up to him once before - when she smudged her ice cream in his face and give him the Jan Di Dry Cleaning business card- that was the funniest and best fight between them. Ever! Even better than past versions! But yeah, I think he really falls for her when she realizes just how bold she is and hey... he is a guy. Can you blame him for thinking she's into him when a girl starts throwing around phrases like "sleeping around with" and 'kissing'? I'm sure his mind and hormones went into overdrive right then and there. Hahahaha! I like! It's a bit more ... realistic? Not sure if that's even the right word here, but so, far so good!

8. Aww... the part where he tries to clean up her bloody nose... aww! That was tender, even though he is still a bit arrogant. I just loved Jun Pyo's sympathetic look - both times when she is bloodied up on the field and publicly humiliated at Seo Hyun's homecoming party.
Image Image
The acting is just so much different, and, yes, better in these two scenes. I really love this new love-struck K-version of Tsukasa. And omg - that brief shower scene? *drool* Sorry, I just had to mention it b/c Min Ho is HOT in that scene! I've never seen a naked Tsukasa before. WOO!

Above pic is just his face in case we have some under-age kids trolling the boards here. :P

But, above all, this I love how the director really focuses on Min Ho's little reactions and facial expressions to the situations he finds Jan Di stuck in after he starts to crush on her. And how he dropped his plate when she enters with Seo Hyun all dolled up and pretty as a swan. And how *perfectly* the emotions of jealousy is carved into every countour and lines of Jun Pyo's face when Ji Hoo offers to dance w/ Jandi.

9. Han Chae Young as Seo Hyun is absolutely beautiful! And I love how she tells off the three shallow and evil girls solemnly like a mother rather than spraying them with water or drinks. She keeps in line with her role and acts really quite... mature. I love her already!

10. I am glad Jan Di had that little chat with Seo Hyun about Jun Pyo in the dressing room. Obviously, as a result (and from what we know of the preview trailers), Jan Di is going to be more sympathetic towards Jun Pyo but I'm glad they give a reason before they just follow the manga story lines. I'm looking fwd to the bit where Jun Pyo falls into the swimming pool, and Jan Di the Wonder Woman saves him. Maybe they have filmed kiss scene a bit differently - she may do a bit CPR and Jun Pyo takes the opportunity to kiss her? Maybe? I'm just hoping here. I guess we'll wait and see!

All in all, this is a really great start to what I think will be a very different and entertaining take on the manga series! K-dramas are so refreshing and their editing and plot lines are much more tighter. I love it! I can't wait 'til tomorrow (monday)!

Peas out! :salut:
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Post by athene121 » Jan 18th, '09, 04:24

I have officially decided to keep track of all episodes from the new much-watched and loved series 'Boys Before Flower' (2009) EVERY WEEK (I'll try to) in a form of a commentary/analysis. Or you could call it an episode(s) re-cap. Call it whatever you want! Criticize me or not! I don’t care! I just know that I want to do this because I have fallen in love with this new HYD version. Hard and irrevocably. I am finding something new to adore and talk about in each episode. This is the best way to relieve my gushing and euphoria. And I'll be up-front with you right now (and this is my own opinion, so agree or disagree - doesn't matter): Meteor Garden and HYD? These past adaptations are completely Gone with the Wind, thanks to Boys Before Flower! So, I won’t be comparing this version with past versions since all I’ll probably end up doing is bashing on the previous adaptations – which are good in their own elements so they should not be compared anyways.

By the way, for this (eps 3-4) and all superseding episodes, I will be incorporating screen-caps into my posts. Why? Because, 1) pictures speak a 1,000 words (and have inserted many :thumright: ), and 2) no one likes long-written posts. So, I’d better get to the point now!
Oh, and feel free to post your own (long or short) analyses. This forum is for *everybody* as it were! Criticize the drama, praise the drama, hate the characters – do whatever you want. But here goes my take on it!

Btw, re: the screencaps: they are taken from Ental (of WITH S2); these commentaries are not for sale, and all pics and vids are the works of KBS and the talented cast and crew. I and the rest of us own nothing. Just clearing the air out first. :salut:

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Post by athene121 » Jan 18th, '09, 04:55

Commentary #2 – Week 2 - Episodes 3 & 4

Gone with the Wind - Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s Complicated Relationship

I have arrived at the conclusion that Jan Di and Jun Pyo are very much like Scarlett and Rhett, respectively. Look at them go! And Ji Hoo is sort of like Jan Di’s version of Ashley. Always hankering after her love idol while unknowingly making Rhett (ahem, Jun Pyo) jealous to the point that he would even assault her. Anyways, while Jan Di may not valued much for her beauty the way our infamous southern belle was, she definitely has a fraction of Scarlett’s fiery and feisty spirit – and THAT, my fellow d-addicts, is one of the main why Jun Pyo is in love with her. I mean, whenever she attempts to be polite and apologize, Jun Pyo reminds her, “Don’t do that; it doesn’t suit you.” Like in the scene below where she thanks him and then withdraws her thanks after he provokes her back into her feisty self. And her stuborness in refusing to see Jun Pyo as the person who really loves her whole-heartedly, flaws and all, adds yet another point to the whole GWTW comparison

(Above) Jan Di thanks Jun Pyo until he provokes her into yelling at him as she usually does. Satisfied, Jun Pyo leaves though not without passing on a valuable package and advice to her.

I have to say, whatever other viewers may think, that Jan Di by far is the best heroine yet for a HYD series. Her temper is consistent and she never *once* gives in to Jun Pyo’s wooing and lets him kiss her the way Barbie and Inoue Mao do with their respective Tsukasas. I mean, sure she places her fight for justice high up there and hates everything he did and stands for, but I still do think she is a little stubborn for not liking him wholly at this point – especially when he straightened his hair and wore the school uniform especially for her, buying the auction swimming goggles, saving her face in front of Seo Hyun and Ji Hoo, and renting an entire bar for her to vent out her emotions. I like how Jun Pyo;s notion of ‘kamsahamnida’ changes from a practical joke (ducks in a pond, I ask you?) to more sincere and well-thought out gifts. I don’t know what made him realize what the right thing to do is, but maybe he felt bad about attempted assault on Jan Di.
(Above): Jun Pyo regrets being almost violent with Jan Di though he is obviously hurt she rejected him for Ji Hoo.

But, whatever the reason, the things Jun Pyo does for Jan Di are the kind of things Rhett did for Scarlett; the difference, though, between the two characters is that Rhett kept his feelings for Scarlett almost completely to himself while Jun Pyo actively pursues Jan Di and makes it known to her (not in public’s eye - not yet anyways). And in spite of first/bad impressions, at least, like Rhett and Scarlett, even Jan Di and Jun Pyo are able to have casual and sweet, tender moments despite their regular roughness and abruptness. She obviously is beginning to appreciate him for his handsomeness and intelligence and maye even his wealth, something she didn't do before since she was so strung-up on being treated unjustly. But her heart still yearns for Ashley - I mean, Ji Hoo.

Caption: F4 share a rare and cuddly moment as Jun Pyo flashes a grateful smile at Jan Di for her role in getting Ji Hoo to come out of his depressive shell
Image Image

Why on Earth Does Jun Pyo Love Jan Di so unconditionally?

There are those who might ponder why on earth Jun Pyo is even in love with a girl like Jan Di when she isn’t even cute looking as Barbie Hsu or she makes awkward facial gestures, etc. etc. I have thought about this carefully and realized that there are A LOT of things he loves about her – some of which I might have already mentioned:

1. First of all, this version of HYD is different in that Jun Pyo has more redemptive qualities than any of the past Tsukasas. In fact, after the night they spend together in the bitter cold, Jun Pyo has almost completely lost his arrogance and insensitivity. Almost. By mid-episode 3, Lee Min Ho’s facial expressions are more mature and serious for the most part. Not once do we see the arrogant face like the one we see when he pouts at Jan Di, “But what don’t you like about me? I’m handsome, rich, and smart,” In fact, not once does he even panic in front of his sinister businesswoman of a mother (he must really hate her! And not without reason). As far as the love-shipping goes, Jan Di hasn’t changed Jun Pyo. Not really. I am arguing that Jun Pyo already possessed these attractive qualities and personality; it’s just that Jan Di brings out the best in him the way he brings out the worst in her. ;)

Caption: (Top Left) Jun Pyo help Jan Di save face as they negotiate the debt he still owes her. (Top Right) Though both are underage, Jun Pyo rents out an entire bar for the night out of consideration that Jan Di might want to vent over Seo Hyun and Ji Hoo
(Bottom left): Though Park Tae Hwon's goggles holds no interest for him, Jun Pyo keenly observes Jan Di's admiration and interest in the item. In one of his first acts of love and kindness, he later purchases the item on her behalf as a sign that he cares for her, not to merely flaunt his wealth. (Bottom Right) F4 (sans Ji Hoo) dress up in school uniforms at Jun Pyo's request, who secretly wants to impress Jan Di and as a way of letting her know that he valued and respected her words from Episode 2. [END CAPTIONS]

Btw, someone please give Lee Min Ho more good dramas to act in the future! Thank you!

2. According to Seo Hyun, Jun Pyo has always been lonely and his entirely life has been devoid of motherly love and care. He actually hates the world he lives in. Sure, it has benefits like the Mercedes, private tutoring, expensive wardrobe, maids and butlers to boss around, etc. But, he does vent his anger on the expensive items he owns – especially when it’s all the material things he owns that Jan Di outright rejects him for. Clearly, he will do anything to win her love and respect– even if it means bringing himself down to her ‘commoner level.’ He certainly doesn’t seem to care or mind. She is the opposite of everything that is petty, emotionless, and inanimate in his world – everything that is empty and makes him feel like so. Again, I argue Jun Pyo has always been a good person from the start; it’s just that he wasn’t raised right or at all. Still, it is no surprise that he see Jan Di as a prize more worth treasuring than any of the things he owns because she, unlike, other people and things, possesses a capacity for boundless love, is highly loyal (she sticks up for her friend), and believes that people should use their hearts, not money, to reach connect with and reach towards other people. Or at least the things he does should come directly from the heart and have it mean something. And he does do that! Eventually anyways…

3. She isn’t pretty or beautiful. Just cute! Yeah, I am actually listing that as a reason. Have you seen the super-model beauties at the school they attend? Enough said! Oh, and to back that up, Jun Pyo said to Jan Di in the empty bar scene that beauty, brains, and background aren’t much, but *she* is still the first girl he has ever paid attention to. Whoo! Image *fans self* It's hot, isn't it?

4. Her temper. What would Jan Di be without her temper? Inoue Mao. No, he loves her because she is the only girl who would dare be temperamental with him and fight with him and actually physically hurt him and not be afraid of repercussions. Again, so GWTW, isn’t it? Jan Di is the only girl who does not think of him as the ‘Great Gu Jun Pyo” and plus, he can totally keep up with that feistiness of hers. While she actively does not pursue Jun Pyo’s money the way Scarlet does with Rhett, I was still surprised that she would say that Jun Pyo has paid her 25 or 50% of the debt he owes her from the swimming pool incident. But whatever her behavior with him, he really wouldn’t have it any other way and it amuses him to bait her like a cat and mouse game. Go Jun Pyo! You sly fox!

“The Betrayal Scene.”

This is my favorite scene so far out of all the episodes that have aired already.
Image Image

• Lee Min Ho’s acting in this scene is… very cool. The guy is actually 3 years younger than his female counterpart yet I forget that fact mostly the whole times because his acting is so much more mature. I feel like he really is the ‘oppa’ here. And another thing: have you ever noticed that when Lee talks, he barely moves his head when he speaks and only moves his quizzical brows or eyes while acting. He uses his whole face to irradiate myriad of emotions that allows viewers to interpret his gestures and meanings. Even when he does not have to speak, he continues acting and his expressions are easy to read (and so handsome as well!).
• Also, Jun Pyo never raises his voice unless the script calls for it. If he shouts or yells at Jan Di while confronting her about her little stint with the guy in the hotel, he only does so once. Otherwise, his voice and anger is utterly in control which gives more room for hurt and shock to display in his voice and face. Even in the scene before he attempts to kiss her in Ji Woo’s park, I never once heard his voice raise an octave. THAT is acting at his best. Go Lee Min Ho!
• With straightened hair, Lee Min Ho bears a strong resemblance to Jung Yun-ho (of DBSK/THSK fame). People disagree with me here, but seriously! You don’t notice it? Haha. That’s ok.
• The suspenseful music during this entire scene was really adrenaline-inducing for me. Suspenseful and ends exactly at the very moment when releases his grip on her and breaks all ties and relationship between them. The whole scene is so… (sigh) heart-pounding and this scene has “must re-watch” written all over it!
• Finally, I have to say the K-version of this scene is really … different. Because the character of Jan Di is supposed to be consistent and she is not supposed to love Jun Pyo just yet, I am not surprised she tells him that she doesn’t care what he thinks about the situation she was stuck in. For heaven's sake, he was even dressed up in the school uniform for her sake and still the writers had to stick to the manga plot. Unlike the manga, however, she doesn’t really ask him to believe in her because all she is doing is trying to defend her honor in front him, that is all. But the part where she says tells hims she doesn’t care if she believes in him or not… wow, that little speech really cut Jun Pyo’s heart in pieces. He seems aloof and indifferent in the end, but his voice tells us otherwise. And I think this version wanted us to think that if Jan Di just asked him to take her side, then he would have made the decision otherwise and stuck with her. However, since it *is* based on the manga, we can’t have it otherwise, can we? To go in a totally different direction is too unfaithful, I guess.


• I’m not sure what the point of Yi Jung and Woo Bin solving the mystery of Jan Di’s sabotage attempt was since they didn’t present any evidence to Jun Pyo. Or did they? Did they set up the meeting between Jan Di’s sinister friend (Min Ji) and Jun Pyo in the hotel? I am under the impression that Min Ji arranged for him to meet her there. I don’t know! It’s up for interpretation, I guess. I like my first guess. I guess we'll find out!

(Below) In a final desperate attempt to force Jun Pyo to be with her, Min Ji reveals she is the culprit behind sabotaging Jan Di's honor and his trust for her.

But even so, they sure looked hot going about it and wow! Delving deep and dirty into the underworld? Haha! Brave new world. And even while they play undercover detectives, they never pass up an opportunity to exude their charms with the ladies!
• I am glad the writers actually thought of mentioning Joon Hee ‘noona’ (Jun Pyo’s elder sister) twice now before her appearance. Episode 3 marks the second time she is mentioned, first being the time F4 compares her to Jan Di and the second time indicates how much Jun Pyo worships her since he went into a violent lockdown mode when she married. Since most of the actors and actresses have been spectacular so far, Joon Hee’s role should be no less. Can’t wait for episode 7!
• The bullying scenes that ensue the day after Jun Pyo breaks all ties w/ Jan Di for her 'betrayal' is one of the most violent I have seen next to the original manga itself. I am just in shock... she could've really injured her head. That and knocking her down w/ the fire extinguisher after torching her bike? I mean, sure, tying her hands to the back of a car and making her run as it moves is pretty violent itself, but they couldn't exactly have filmed that - 1) it's too difficult, I guess, and 2) let's maintain a family-friendly rating - as much as possible, anyways.

(Below) After having her bike torched and daring the onlooking crowd of F4 supporters, Jan Di finally reaches an impasse as she falls to the ground, her face displaying shock, hurt, and horror

• Next couple episodes, if it is relevant, I might do a little Othello comparison since Ji Hoo returns from France! Stay tuned for next week’s commentary when we visit Gu Jun Pyo’s private resort!

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Post by Leyburn » Jan 23rd, '09, 04:35

hahaha....well done in analyzing the storyline.....I agree with you totally about lee minho's acting, his facial expresssions are just PERFECT (sigh)...lol well maybe im just in an absolute fangirl mode but I think kdrama hyd has the best domyouji so far. At first I had some doubts concerning jandi's role...it took some time to get used to her acting but even if she sucked, I would have watched this drama to the end. I'm so addicted right nowwwww, been a while since I anticipated a kdrama as much as this one.

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Post by Corona » Jan 23rd, '09, 23:04

Excellent recap and analysis, have you considered making a blog for this? :) (not that I mind reading it here ;)

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Post by garnet07 » Jan 23rd, '09, 23:46

athene121 wrote: • The bullying scenes that ensue the day after Jun Pyo breaks all ties w/ Jan Di for her 'betrayal' is one of the most violent I have seen next to the original manga itself. I am just in shock... she could've really injured her head. That and knocking her down w/ the fire extinguisher after torching her bike? I mean, sure, tying her hands to the back of a car and making her run as it moves is pretty violent itself, but they couldn't exactly have filmed that - 1) it's too difficult, I guess, and 2) let's maintain a family-friendly rating - as much as possible, anyways.

(Below) After having her bike torched and daring the onlooking crowd of F4 supporters, Jan Di finally reaches an impasse as she falls to the ground, her face displaying shock, hurt, and horror
Yah, I thought this version of violence was the worst/best one out of the 3 versions. True, tying Jan-Di up behind a car and cruising on a rocky road could have killed her (anyone actually). The manga/anime pretty much covers the most violent version of this story. But what I was waiting for was whether the actress for Shizuka will ever actually cut her hair like on the manga to show how serious she is on her decision. But I guess no one really likes to cut up their precious hair for a drama :D

Oh, and I'm glad reading all your comments about this awesome drama. Will keep reading more of your thoughts after watching each episode. :salut:

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Post by athene121 » Jan 24th, '09, 03:30

Corona wrote:Excellent recap and analysis, have you considered making a blog for this? :) (not that I mind reading it here ;)
Of course I've thought of making a blog for this! It is a good idea which is why I've set up an account.
It's just that right now I have to get started on fixing it up to my liking. But even so, I will be posting all my commentary/screencaps on this page. Stay tuned for episode 5&6 re-caps tomorrow!
In the meantime, here's a montage/collage/composites of Jun Pyo and Jan Di. May they end up in love blissfully forever into eternity:


Thanks for reading and do come again soon! :D

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Post by athene121 » Feb 9th, '09, 05:40

Intro/Overview: It's epiosde 10 and where are we in Jan Di and Jun Pyo's relationship? At this point, Jun Pyo is working really hard to win over Jan Di but he is still using his wealth - not his heart - to earn her as a legitimate girlfriend. The whole "you earn friendship by bonding instead of buying" theme is recurrent throughout the drama and that's what makes the storylines and episodes so tight. At this point, however, it's not to say that Jun Pyo does not go through character development. In fact, out of all the characters in BBF, Jun Pyo's character undergoes the MOST development. (If Lee Min Ho does not earn the KBS drama award for excellence in acting or the best male acting award, it will be very, very disappointing year for 2009). And it is very easy to see how his character developes in regards to his relationship w/ Jan Di. I'll keep updating this list episode by episode:

0. Utter dislike and hatred between both parties. He is more interested in her as a torture subject, however, than anyone else he has tormented in the past.
1. After the whole "How dare you? I'm a chaste, innocent virgin," Jun Pyo still does not admit that he likes Jan Di. Rather, he openly announces to his friends that SHE's the one who likes HIM. Delusional.
2. He uses money to attract her to him but she only ends up repelling him - though not without dialoging the most important line in the drama (again, for your benefit: "You do NOT buy friends with money; rather you earn them with your heart!").


3. In contrast to later episodes, there are times when Jun Pyo wants to help Jan Di in PUBLIC when she is tormented by the Three Bimbos (Sunny/Ginger/Miranda). His status and pride get in the way. At least at this point, he likes her enough that he cannot stand her tears and pain. But the first time in the 'nosebleed scene', he tries to do so from the eyes of the public. However, the second time at Seo Hyun's party, he almost attempts to help her in front of everybody but Ji Hoo and Seo Hyun reach her first. Ensue furious venting!
4. At this point, he is willing to admit to F3 that he likes her. The night before, he even tries to kiss her when she administers CPR. And repays her w/ ducks in the school's swimming pool. Lame-o.
5. Feeling regret over being jealous and almost violent w/ Jan Di, he makes up for his behavior and repaying her for rescuing him from the pool by helping her save face in front of Seo Hyun and Hi Hoo. And as one of his kind and romantic gestures, rents out a bar for her personal use and venting. And bids high on pair of swimming goggles which she ogles over. They actually communicate without fighting in this nice scene, but it would be nice if he didn't have to spend money here! Or she ending up drunk and puking on him.
6. He can ask her out but he cannot do so publicily. In fact, he gives her a code "4pm. Namsang Tower." What the heck does that even mean?! But luckily, he ends up falling for her even more and sends gifts and apologies to her parents. At this point, he has already established contact w/ Jan Di's family. We'll see his relationship deepen even more later on.
7. I'll make this stage quick: their relationship is still new so of course Jun Pyo doesn't trust Jan Di. But he eventually realizes his mistake of misunderstanding her and forgives her. Though we are not given the benefit of a voiceover, nor do we need one, we can tell that he vows in the future to never make the same mistake again and will never jump to conclusions where Jan Di's relationship w/ other men is concerned. Little does he know of Jan Di's developing feelings for Ji Hoo...
8. Throughout Episodes 5&6, after rescuing her from her merciless red-card tormenters, Jun Pyo works really hard to earn her. Let me point out something interesting btw: as a symbol of how far or little their relationship has developed, look at how Jun Pyo grabs Jan Di's hands throughout the drama. At this stage, he grabs her wrists instead of her hand and drags her everywhere. And he STILL doesn't get the concept of bonding with her through family or through heart-to-heart communication. He buys her furniture and wants to buy her family a new house. Pft! And he doesn't even consult her about taking a vacation to New Caledonia - where Shinwha Group's resort resides. During this time, Jan Di developes a deeper and closer relationship with Ji Hoo - one where they actually bond and talk about their personal lives. They really are soulmates.
9. Betrayed. Despite trusting Jan Di she actually commits the crime for which she was tormented for in epiosde. Jun Pyo is more disgusted w/ Ji Hoo, though, because he believes Ji Hoo is using Jan Di to get over Seo Hyun. He still obviously loves her and w/ the help of his noona, Jun Pyo finally let's Jan Di go, unscathed and unharmed. As a former bully and #1 tormenter in F4 and Shinwha High School, he learns his lesson at last. Despite wanting to wreak havoc on Jan Di in the hopes that no one else will have her, Jun Pyo for once does not follow through with his vengeance plans. But both Jan Di and Jun Pyo are SO STUBBORN! But eventually Jan Di realizes that Ji Hoo will always be her friend, but she does actually enjoy Jun Pyo's company and his lavish attention. She goes back to him.
10. Jun Pyo throws money around again: the golfing, the sashmi/sushi, and the private drive-in movie. No wonder she doesn't feel comfortable around him when they date. Btw, I hadn't seen Episodes 9 and 10 at that point yet so I was just yelling at my screen, "You dolt! Stop spending money!!!!" Interesting note though: in contrast to the past Jun Pyo, the current Jun Pyo has no trouble in standing up for her when she is caught and embarassed by the Three Bimbos and their dates at an expensive Japanese restaurant. Side note: Oh, and I notice he is still grabbing her wrist instead of her hand! Stop doing that!
11. Finally! After being trying to buy Jan Di in episode 8, Jun Pyo learns from his mistake and finally tries out her advice! This time he really bonds w/ her by hanging out with her family for one whole day. He doesn't spend a single penny. He even goes on a "commoner's date" with her and stands up for what he belives in. Side note: he stops grabbing her wrists and this time pulls her arm into his arm. But when they skate, they finally have hand-to-hand contact and Jun Pyo really enjoys holding her hand instead of her wrists to pull her along everywhere.
12. He finally does it. He earns her as his girlfriend, legitimately. He tells her he has no real family since his parents - with the exception of his kind-hearted noona - do not treat him as a son or friend, but just as a product that they can use for the future and well-being of Shinwha Group. He practically tells her he loves her family, loves the food they fed him, and loved all the activities they accomplished that day. He seriously asks her for her permission this time in being allowed to see her family once more - in fact, everyday even. And he finally earns her respect, her like, and her acceptance. And this kiss is by far the most meaningful in any drama I've ever seen; it's their first kiss (finally!) and it's a kiss of comfort and acceptance. She finally accepts him and he, like Mr. Darcy, accepts her not just her- but her family and her status. He loves ALL of her.


13. Now Jan Di's character starts developing here too. She already starts liking him when he works really hard in New caledonia to win her over. Maybe even before that. Jun Pyo has to resist from throwing money at Jan Di when she comes into difficult tmes thanks to CEO Kang (Jun Pyo's cold-hearted monster - I mean, mother). But now, at least, she is the one asking him out in the beginning of episode 10 and she promises not to run from him if she can help it. All he can do, if he wants to stay as her boyfriend, is just watch her suffer. Dark times are ahead for them both. :( At least now, both Jun Pyo and Jan Di are finally together and openly admit that they are in a relationship for real. :D
Side note: He grabs her hand and walks side-by-side with her. This mature Jun Pyo no longer drags her around in his world. Now he is in her world. Their world. And step-in-step within each other as a true couple.


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