Drama's you must watch at least TWICE and why?

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Drama's you must watch at least TWICE and why?

Post by audiodj007 » Oct 7th, '09, 19:48

Drama's you must watch at least TWICE and why?

Please share your experience.

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Post by Natsu-pi » Oct 7th, '09, 20:14

Deffinetly Proposal Daisakusen!!
Its funny and its got romance in it too, best mix for an drama~
Or Zettai Kareshi~ Since its also quite funny and drama full XP

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Post by Neliets » Oct 7th, '09, 20:39

I`ve only watched twice Goong but soon i`ll watch My girl for second time and I am SAM too. Just becouse they were my first ones and still best :)

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Post by bmwracer » Oct 7th, '09, 21:45

Nodame Cantabile.

And I've watched it much more than two times... More like 20-25 times. :P

The perfect blend of music, comedy, drama, and romance... :thumright:

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Post by Issy » Oct 7th, '09, 22:44

every single Tomoya drama, the least amount of times of the ones that i did not like much, was twice and that was for Utahime. for the rest of them, average is 5 times.
the most amount of times of i watched a drama was Hakusen Nagashi and its 5SP that as i recall, it can be well over 10 times or more. then it comes Tiger & Dragon.

I also recall watching Konna Koi no Hanashi (with Hiroyuki Sanada) over 7-10 times.
watched so many dramas more than once so my list would be long, these are the few the i remember right now.

kimi wa petto x 10? :scratch:
Hana Yori Dango
Nobuta wo Produce
tatta hitotsu no koi
Hoshi no kinka
Taiyou no Kisetsu
Mei-chan no Shitsuji

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Post by Basuha » Oct 7th, '09, 23:56

For me it would be a very short list because there not many drama I have watched that captivated me to watch again here my list, it's not in any peculiar order.

1. Goong, it was a good drama but dammit it was that kiss between the leads actor/actress that nail it! best kiss in k-drama history.

2. Last Scandal, perfect! from beginning to end had a great balance of maturity and great chemistry.

3. City Hall, deliver the same maturity and chemistry that was in Last Scandal

4. My Lovely Sam Soon, a very charming drama watch this one about 3 times

5. Cain and Abel, Do I need to elaborate?

6. It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again, my first twain-drama and love it. It's 30 episode but it didn't drag. The chemistry and intimacy shown in this drama is unprecedented, very realistic and natural. I have re-watched these two drama the most on my list!

7. Fated to Love You, another Twain drama that had a nice balance of maturity and sensuality a little to much comedy toward the end but still love it and watch more then once.

8. Buzzer Beat, my second Japanese drama that I liked beside "Sky Love" but I only watch Sky love once, it's not the kind of drama you watch again so soon, it was extremely touching the kind of drama that makes your heart hurt. Buzzer Beat was more light but touching as while, re watch this immediately after I finished.

9. Lover in Prague, really enjoyed this drama watch it more then once because it didn't have the stupid typical Korean prejudice.

10.. Attic Cat I loved the main actress character, typical korean storyline but it was handle in a (America style) if you know what I mean. The lead actress lived for herself not for her parents in she did it in a way that wasn't disrespectfully. She handle the love triangle very well, she let the secondary guy know up front that she have some one in her heart. She didn't lose sight that it her life to live. loved it watch this over and over again.

11. Golden Bride

12. Nonstop 4

Lastly I have to say this drama is not finished yet but there is this one scene that I keep re-watching because it was one of the most endearing, romantic interaction I have seen in any drama. I'm an advocate for decent kisses but this gesture was so much more intimated and sweet. The drama is (Heading to the Ground) the last part of episode 5 when the main actor CB carried "potato the secondary actress who is also his best friend up a flight of stairs. As he carry her up the stairs he ask her name (due to his memory lost) If you watch the drama you know why this would be painful for her to hear. As he holding her in his arms she tell him that she hurt because he forgot her. He asks her name again and promise that he will not forget, she tells him her name Oh Yeon Yi ( not potato which he normally calls her) He carrying her up the stairs and each step he take he speak her name, more like punctuate it slowing. Each slow step with the most beautiful song sung by Park Soo Woon (Always) he says her name Oh-Ye-on Yi and she reply back by saying his name Cha Bong Gun. The scene only took about a minute but it felt like a life time because I was holding my breath. Never seen anything as touching and intimate as that one scene but I re-watch it about ten times already and it still takes my breath away.
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Baruch Menachem
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Post by Baruch Menachem » Oct 12th, '09, 02:13

Nodame Cantabile 4x.

Fated to love you

That Fool. I have watched episode 14 especially.

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Dramas to watch twice

Post by mowgwie » Oct 12th, '09, 03:42

Time Between Dog and Wolf - the story is so good, and the acting is exceptional - especially JunKi. I have watched 3 times, and will probably watch again.

Sleeping Forest- my first drama and one of Kimura's best. It has kept me watching all 3 times. Also Pride and Engine - watched twice each again because Kimura is so strong in both of them, and the stories are exciting to watch.

Odoru Daisousasen - Yuji Oda is just too funny in this. Had to buy it so I could re-watch many times.

Beach Boys - Takenouchi and Sorimachi - what more is there to say!

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Post by vikvik » Oct 15th, '09, 14:52

Strawberry on the Shortcake (it has so many layers, that you have to re-watch it to fully appreciate its depth)

Time of Dog and Wolf - acting is excellent, and this dorama is just sooo beautiful visually..

also, for me, it was A Love to Kill - I did not like it much the first time, but somehow fell for it for the second time.

A Million Stars Falling From the Sky - acting, acting, acting. Kimura is brilliant. I watched and re-watched it, and kept finding some nuances new that I haven't noticed before.

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Post by a00za » Oct 15th, '09, 15:24

iljmae :4 times
time between dog and wolf:6 times
my girl 3 times
the first reason is because of the actor"lee jun ki"
the other reason is because of the action and the comedy ib these drama

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Post by wmcnair370 » Oct 15th, '09, 15:42

Natsu-pi wrote:Deffinetly Proposal Daisakusen!!
Its funny and its got romance in it too, best mix for an drama~
Or Zettai Kareshi~ Since its also quite funny and drama full XP
LoL! I wished I had never watched these at all. I want my life back! But I just cannot stand the leads.

For me it is Tokyo Friends. I love Ai-chan and the three other lead actresses and the dialog is so good between them. And for the singing of Ai-chan and the love story with Eita.


Orange Days for the acting of Shibasaki Kou and the script of Kitakawa Eriko. But all of the cast is so awesome and once I start watching this I have a hard time stopping. My favorite dorama of all time.

Nodame. Because of Juri-chan as she makes Nodame come alive.

Oh, and what Issy listed too. Great list of some of my favorites just below these three.
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Post by shakkuri » Oct 15th, '09, 15:44

Yamato Nadeshiko - because it's so funny
Queen Of Enka - so funny, too
A Million Stars Falling From The Sky - so dramatic an touching
Love Story - ahhh, Nakayama Miho :wub:

I think all drama of Kitagawa Eriko are great!

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Post by nagikokiyohara » Oct 15th, '09, 16:00

I'm rewatching Hana Yori Dango now and I'm amazed at how good it is the second time -- I truly love everything about it, and I'm so happy to "see" the characters again. :)

I would also love to rewatch Hana Kimi, Zettai Kareshi and Nodame Cantabile. But I love goofy comedy/romance dramas, so I may be a bit biased.....

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Post by piatos » Oct 17th, '09, 15:30

Coffee Prince - Can't even begin to describe how wonderful this drama is. I've watched it three times and it gets better and better. The story is great, the characters are wow, they're just so real! The soundtrack is just awesome and the feelings, the emotion, its just so raw and so REAL. I don't know, I'm not good at this obviously. Anyway, it's one of the dramas that I swear I'll watch every year of my waking life, okay maybe I'm not so sure about that. XD

Hana Yori Dango 1&2 - Great drama! Everytime you watch it you learn another quirk, you feel something new, you notice new awesome things! By quirks and things what I mean is the... cinematography of it... is that the right term? IDK. But yeah, it's just great! And you know it's cheesy and corny but wow you know, there's just real story development, and the feelings are so real!

Stand Up!!! - Funny funny drama, after my first time watching it, I watched it again the next month. I love everything about this drama, the comedy, the characters, the setting, everything! And then there's this story about first love and you know that just really got me... I love Shohei! Haha, and Chie!

Wow typing all these makes me wanna watch them all right now!

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Post by Bulykin » Oct 17th, '09, 15:55

Buzzer Beat and Bloody Monday

Both are very exciting, especially the Bloody Monday...with a lot of action!
Buzzer Beat is very simple, but very veeeery good

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Post by el_canuck » Oct 17th, '09, 16:37

1, Nodame Cantible--The Perfect JDrama
2. Pride--Love Ice Hockey and Yuko
3. Kimi wa Petto--Good Story, Good Actors
4. Boku Dake no Madonna--Just Because
5.Long Vacation--The Classic

1.The First Shop of Coffee Prince--The perfect KDrama
2. City Hall--Kim Sun Ah is one lean mean machine, love her
3. That Fool--Pure Fun
4. Stars Lover--Another Fun One
5. Iljimae--Great Cast and action

If you are feeling down, watch any of these and you will feel better

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Post by lailoken » Oct 18th, '09, 20:01

Korean Dramas:

Soulmate - Just how everything was set up, from sitcom to a true romance story. The chemistry of the main couple, the great writing to the music. Watched it probably 20x.

Love Story in Harvard - Even though the bad English made me cringe at times, the chemistry between Kim Rae Won and Kim Tae Hee was just stellar, a truly romantic story even with the Korean cliche storyline near the end.

Goong - I love the alternate universe they created, the glamour and the tradition all meld into one. My only qualm of it was that It should of been 8 episodes shorter.

There are many others that I wouldn't mind rewatching, but they didn't leave me with a longing for them as these 3 did...

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Post by Ochibi-san » Oct 18th, '09, 20:38

You're Beautiful
it's still airing but i can't get enough of it i watched the first 2 eps already 2 or 3 times and 4 and 5 raw and with weird subs and now i'm waiting for the withs2 subs haha

TW drama devil beside you - too cute haha

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Post by ginjizx » Oct 28th, '09, 15:35


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Post by Shindou-Kun » Oct 28th, '09, 17:07

These are drama series that I've seen more than one time.

Coffee Prince

Full House

The Man Who Can't Get Married

Shining Inheritance

Nobuta wo Produce
Good Luck
Great Teacher Onizuka

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Post by Sephiroth » Oct 28th, '09, 18:17

1. Long Vacation - Excellent story, characters, music - my all time favorite
2. Great Teacher Onizuka - Funny, heartwarming, Sorimachi Takashi and Matsushima Nanako
3. My Boss, My Hero - Funny with tender and serious moments.
4. Moto Kare - Just felt like it, but then I like Hirosue Ryoko, Uchiyama Rina and Sonim ^_^ The ending theme song is awesome.

I do intend to see Good Luck, Hana Yori Dango 1&2, Boku no Madonna, and Buzzer Beat again.

1. Hotelier - Song Hye Kyo
2. Full House - Song Hye Kyo

Did I mention I like Song Hye Kyo? I'd watch Autumn Tale a second time, if not for the difficulty in watching that series. It's a good series, but at least for me, the story became so upsetting during the second half of the series, it was difficult to watch. Will probably watch I Am Sam again as well.

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Post by Keiko1981 » Oct 28th, '09, 20:31

Will try to re-watch these sometime when I don't have anything special that I'm watching.
No specific order
Byakuyako: Wonderful cast, plot, music!
Last Friends: Drama about very important subjects.
Asunaro Hakusho: Remember your school days. :)
Koukou Kyoushi 1993 & 2003: Two other dramas with good music.
Kono yo no Hate
Ichi Rittoru no Namida (1 Litre of Tears)
Hakusen Nagashi: Another good school drama
Kamisama mou Sukoshi dake
Beautiful Life
Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi (A Thousand Stars Falling from the Sky)

Sorry if I got a little off topic.

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Post by OnlyWish » Oct 28th, '09, 21:53

Alone in Love...

I watched it a year ago and I'm about to watch it again soon. It has its sad and funny moments. There are things I've forgotten from a year ago that I want to see again. :]

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Post by raider73 » Oct 28th, '09, 22:33

For me, there isn't any drama worth watching a 2nd time. That's why I stopped burning them to DVD. Now, I just watch them and then delete them. It's just not dramas, though, I started selling off my DVD collection because of the same reason--never watch them a 2nd time, some I never even opened because I saw it at the theater. I guess I don't have the patience to go through a whole series again and again. W/ that said, I could watch sit-coms over and over again--like Friends and Seinfeld.

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Post by fleng » Oct 29th, '09, 06:18

Drama's that I've watched twiced or more are those which are burnt onto DVDS.

Jdrama list

Nobuta wo produce,
Proposal Dai
My Hero My Boss
Hana Kimi


That Fool / Accidental Couple (from episode 8 - 16, just very touching fun and warm)
Coffee Prince
Witch Hoo Yee

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Post by Tendou_90 » Nov 5th, '09, 10:14

Nodame Cantabile.......coz the music arrangement are so great.......

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Post by justiceannep » Dec 22nd, '09, 14:46

you're beautiful - it was soo funny, sweet, and all three lead actors are hot♥ (especially jang geun suk:D)

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Post by avieamber » Dec 22nd, '09, 14:55

Nodame Cantabile ----> one of the funniest and entertaining Jdramas I've ever watched. Juri was just too adorable.

Last Friends-----> not the entire drama, just certain scenes which I'd repeat.. :lol

Triangle ----> total suspense! :blink

Hana Kimi ----> hate to admit this but I find it enjoyable, especially Toma-kun!!!~ :wub:

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Post by Tendou_90 » Dec 23rd, '09, 14:01

Nodame Cantabile - i have watch it more than 20 times!!!!
Simply the best drama with perfect combination of classical music..i'm now a fan of classical music!!!!

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Post by JaJe » Dec 23rd, '09, 14:51

Definitely Proposal Daisakusen - I just love that story! Whenever I´m home alone I feel like watching it - so I watch! As my friend said: You´ll never get enough of it, ne? The answer is: YES! I could watch it hundreds of times and still feel the same feelings as the first time.

Other what I would watch hundreds of times is not a drama, it´s a Taiwanese movie "Secret" (starring Jay Chou). It´s amazing movie.

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Post by klon22 » Dec 29th, '09, 05:46


GTO Great Teacher Onizuka (May be more 10 times)
My Boss My Hero
Densha Otoko
Gokusen1&2 (3 Times)
Nodame (Its Classic)
Attention Please (Love Ueto Aya)
Beautiful Life (Love this)
Haken No Hinkaku (i like it)
Kurosagi (more than 4 times)
Hero (Kimura 5 times)
The Queen's Classroom (really good Mira Shidai)
Nobuta wo produce

Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru
Swing Girls
Waterboys (same director swing girls)


My girl (really funny)

Millionaire's First Love

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Post by nicha89 » Dec 29th, '09, 06:11

there are very few dramas that i had to rewatch because there are so many that i haven't seen yet. so the ones i rewatched were some of the dramas that i really liked:

Ryuusei no Kizuna
Koukou Kyoushi 2003
1 Litre of Tears
Majo no Jouken

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Post by iYayz » Dec 29th, '09, 06:50

i've always watch 2 times for my every favorite dorama

the reason i've watch it for 2 times is just simply because i love those dorama
but, it's a rare to me, to watch one dorama more than 2 times. I think twice is enough,n im affraid if i watch it too many times, i will get bored and i'll dislike it anymore

List of dorama that i like:
1. Nodame Cantabile
2. Gokusen 1, 2, 3
3. Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
4. Tiger and Dragon
5. Kisarazu Cat's Eye
6. My Boss My Hero
7. and manY more...

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Post by Kathstandsalone » Dec 29th, '09, 07:45

Jdrama: Pride (Seen about 3 times), Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and HYD 2

Tho' when i watch THnK the 2nd time, the emotion of the drama was already gone. It's only good for first watching.

I watched HYD 2 twice was 'cause I started off with HYD 2. After a few years, I started to watch HYD 1 then re-watch HYD 2 to refresh my memory and as a completion.

I'll re-watch Jin! :wub:

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Post by isuzu » Dec 29th, '09, 09:42

-HYD 1&D
-Hana Kimi

-Full House
-My Name is Kim Sam soon
-My Girl

-It started with a kiss

Oh and reasons, is that they are either (or both), that great or they put me in a good mood when im feeling low

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Post by lunargen » Dec 29th, '09, 10:10

Nodame Cantabile: I've seen this way too many times I stopped counting, and yet each time I watch it, it's still wonderfully fresh! It seriously never gets old.

You're Beautiful: Same as my reasons for Nodame.

Coffee Prince: In contrast to Nodame and YAB, I rewatch this for the heavy scenes. The acting is so beautiful, most times I'm too mesmerized to even remember to cry hahaha!

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Post by PyoDi » Jan 13th, '10, 18:18

Still full house!!! even since 2004... Hahaha...

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Post by The Chaos » Jan 15th, '10, 19:01

I saw hana yori dango both season more than 5 times O_O because the story is awesome and I love Jun-kun in it :)
and Goong twice since I loved the story as well ...i need to see it again :p

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Post by kuro570 » Jan 15th, '10, 20:04

Byakuyakou- Watched about 4-5 times, I just couldn't get over the story and how the musical score elevated the tension/sadness of the drama or just overall suit the mood of the moment in it.

Hana Yori dango- Was an interesting drama for me, after a while though I mainly just had it running while doing other things. I think I watched this about 3 times over

Hana Kimi- Another good one but I had to stop before I realized Oguri Shun was being such an emo asshat who's depressed over something incredibly stupid. watched about 4-5 times

Iryu & Iryu2- I've watched it so many times I've actually lost count, I even used to go to sleep with it playing and getting ready for work while playing, the only word I can say why I loved it so much it was EPIC! great music score too. Probably the best I heard overall in any other drama next to Byakuyakou.

My Boss My Hero- about 5-6 times, mainly cause its funny yet holds some drama/tension.

IWGP- Funny as hell but lots of drama and I miss this type of drama. Funny, dark, music decent but most of all it wasn't predictable like many dramas are nowadays. Watched about 6-7 times.

Liar Game- Just love it, the scams were creative and the story was very very creative and well made imho. It also doesn't hurt that Toda Erika is so freaking cute!

Watashitachi no kyokasho- Very interesting and sad drama and helps that Shida Mirai was so adorable. Saw this for the first time a few years ago, and then downloaded it, probably watched it about 3-6 times.

One thing is I try to not watch dramas too much nowadays since I have this problem about it getting too boring or I start nit picking every scene until its no longer as great as I thought it was the first 2-3 times.

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Post by The Chaos » Jan 15th, '10, 20:22

I remembered I saw Delightful Girl Choon Hyang 2 times ..Great Drama :D

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Post by chrysanthemum » Jan 15th, '10, 20:28

A Sleeping Forest (Nemureru Mori)

Without getting into too much detail (no spoilers)... I once read a long forum of people arguing about how that series actually ended, and I just wanted to shout out "Watch it again!" There were somewhat obvious indications of the final outcome within the last few episodes.

A Sleeping Forest is also one of my favorite series because it's in the "murder mystery" genre, and plus... it has Kimura Takuya!! :D

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Post by Ethlenn » Jan 15th, '10, 21:27

Coffee Prince (7 times), :mrgreen:
Hong Gil Dong
Chuno (I know, 4 episodes as for now, but I'm hooked)
My Lovely Kim Sam Soon
-great story
-superb acting
-extraordinary soundtrack
-nice interactions
-(damn me) good-looking actors8)

And dramas one shouldn't watch even once:
-mediocre plot
-sugary OSTs
-bad acting

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Post by PyoDi » Jan 16th, '10, 11:44

Ethlenn wrote:Coffee Prince (7 times), :mrgreen:
Hong Gil Dong
Chuno (I know, 4 episodes as for now, but I'm hooked)
My Lovely Kim Sam Soon
-great story
-superb acting
-extraordinary soundtrack
-nice interactions
-(damn me) good-looking actors8)

And dramas one shouldn't watch even once:
-mediocre plot
-sugary OSTs
-bad acting
Ha?!! BOF has bad acting??!!! Weird opinion i think... :D

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Post by Issy » Jan 16th, '10, 14:29

You're Beautiful
Beethoven Virus
Hong Gil Dong

why? i repeat all the reasons given by Ethlenn.

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Post by Ethlenn » Jan 16th, '10, 19:12

Only Lee Min Ho was really watchable. And his mother (I can't remember name of the actress, but I remember her from other movies, so...) But it's my opinion, don't throw rotten tomatoes, and if so, toss some pasta and cheese, I will make spaghetti^^

Oh, and What Happened on Bali, it is a good drama, worth watching twice (Jo In Sung, come back from the army!!)

Issy, we have the same thought if there is JGS involved, jo? :mrgreen:

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Post by kdramatier » Feb 1st, '10, 07:11

Full House (I just can't get over with Bi and Song Hye Kyo)
Princess Hours (I love the mix of romance, humor, and Korean tradition)

and you may say it crazy but i did watch the whole show over night.. so i was like 2 days with barely sleep, that's how addicting these shows to me. super!!!

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Post by Tendou_90 » Feb 1st, '10, 08:33

that's easy.....nodame cantabile......no matter how many times u watch it.....it's still a great drama with large compilation of classical music

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Post by Neliets » Feb 1st, '10, 17:55

While I was watching Full House, I had desire to watch Goong and My girl for the 3rd time, lol. Probably I`ll be watching them again soon. :D

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Post by thootshe_roll » Feb 11th, '10, 20:29

The City Hall
Fantasy Couple
Jewel In the Palace
Lovers in Praque
Capital Scandal
Thirty Thousand Miles In Search of My Son
My Girl
Alone In Love
Dal Ja's Spring
Full House
Lovers in Paris
Autumn in my heart

Why? I simply love all those series, and don't mind re-watching them :lol .

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Post by farzen » Feb 24th, '10, 14:17

You're Beautiful

Coffee Prince

My Name is Kim Sam Soon

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Post by france » Feb 25th, '10, 17:40

Kim Sam Soon


You're Beautiful

Boys over Flower

My Girl

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Post by Sorvaseven » Feb 26th, '10, 08:55

Densha Otoko and GTO. There are many details in Densha to discover at a second time and GTO just because i'ts really enjoyable :D

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Post by Endroine » Mar 2nd, '10, 22:58

You're Beautiful and Coffee Prince
Maybe Boys Over Flowers too but if you saw Hana Yori Dango it gets boring..

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