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Your top 5 romantic-comedy Kdrama

Discuss Korean drama series here.
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Post by nangelique » Dec 23rd, '12, 18:25

My top 5 (in no particular order):
1. You're Beautiful (waaahhh, fangirl ~ is all I can say)
2. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (adorable!)
3. Playful Kiss (another adorable but really fun one. never dragged for me )
4. Coffee Prince (I will never get tired of watching this)
5. Reply 1997 (one of my favourite kdramas ever)

I LOOOOOOVE these kdramas! If I probably had to pick only five romcoms to watch over and over again for the rest of my life it would be these!
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Post by el_canuck » Dec 23rd, '12, 19:38

I do not know if I have already answered this one, but here is the updated version:

1. Coffee Prince (greatest KDrama ever)
2. The Man Who Can't Get Married (laughed like crazy)
3. Prosecutor Princess (great cast, great writing, great drama)
4. Harvest Villa (scary murder, then laugh. laugh some more, they get married, different)
5 That Fool (feel good drama)
6. Gentleman's Dignity (ya I know I can't count)

There are others, but these were my favorites leaning more on comedy.

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Post by jubiilee » Dec 27th, '12, 02:21

1. Me too, Flower.
2. Coffee Prince
3. Ojakgyo Family
4. Secret Garden
5.You're beautiful

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Post by DragonSpikeXIII » Dec 27th, '12, 02:36

I haven't watched many k-dramas, but I really liked watching Me too, flower (aka Flower Too, or whatever the right translation is)

It was just a nice little drama with fun characters and situations. Recommended.

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Post by dramalover_realityhater » Feb 5th, '13, 21:45

1. shut up! flower boy band
2. marry me mary
3. you are beautiful
4. coffee prince
5. me too flower

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Post by kathia_sophia » Feb 5th, '13, 22:53

1. Secret Garden
2. Mischievous Kiss
3. To the Beautiful You
4. You're Beautiful
5. Boys Over Flowers

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