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Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 12:53
by Issy
Ethlenn wrote:In case anyone wants to watch it streaming:
Click on KBS2
In our zone, it will be around 2 pm, Issy - a bit earlier.
Oh well, just check the world time... :whistling:
:lol Thanks dear but i don't do live watch anymore. i will wait till someone upload. :mrgreen:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:05
by Orion1986
Won't be watching it, but it's nice to know I can watch Korean tv. Can you watch these channels all day? That would rock.

Bwahaha! It's on right now. Lol. Nice timing. So, right at this moment, fangirls in Korea are squealing. I bet you can hear them if you concentrate...
Oh hell, first scene is not impressing me. It seems Tim Burton invaded her dreams. Without his style or humor... So, yes. Not good. XD

Can you hear them though? The fangirls... Shhh... They're watching...

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:13
by janajee
Wow, it's on right now? How enlightening. Hahahahah XD Well I'll have to wait till the there's a proper torrent for it and watch how it goes. Hahahha

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:15
by Orion1986
Oh my Gawd... Ok, saw what I needed. Now I can wait till tomorrow. Jae Wook, ladies. He's hot alright. :faint:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:19
by aility
Oh gawd... the crazy crazy baaah is now starting. the end is near, no i mean, the beginning is here!! :roll

:roll :roll

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:20
by Orion1986
Yes yes. We have to expect it... The Flood... of fangirls. Ahaha. Well, if they're willing to respect others' opinions and play nice, everyone's welcome.

And yes, Jae Wook is hot so that's something I will kyaa about. Damn.. He's looking so fine... Hope his character will be interesting.

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:23
by Issy
eemmmm, why it does not work for me? not that i want to watch it live. i just want to make sure the application works fine. :whistling:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:24
by Orion1986
The application works fine on Internet Explorer. So, you can check it for yourself. That it's working, I mean... :whistling:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:27
by Issy
umm, i get the window open but i don't know what to chose, need to know that application works fine :whistling:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:28
by Orion1986
Windows Media Player plugin. And you choose TV2. You know, to check if it is indeed working in the Uk and give your service provider some useful information...

....... Damn... "Service provider" just sounds so naughty to me... I think Yong Ha is rubbing off on me. I mean.... Oh damn... That sounded even naughtier...

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:40
by aility
Awww... Issy! you are allowed to wanting to watch it! :mrgreen:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:43
by Issy
Orion1986 wrote:Windows Media Player plugin. And you choose TV2. You know, to check if it is indeed working in the Uk and give your service provider some useful information...

....... Damn... "Service provider" just sounds so naughty to me... I think Yong Ha is rubbing off on me. I mean.... Oh damn... That sounded even naughtier...
I did checked my plugins and updated proxy too. still give me error message. may something to do with my service provider :mrgreen:
anyway, as i said, will wait for upload. thanks pervi-ori :P

@aili, I know dear. even though i know E-chan will be disappointed in me. but it's fine. i know she still will love me. :mrgreen:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 13:48
by Orion1986
You're welcome, love. I'm your perv-ice provider. Non stop feed from the Gutter.

OH HELL NO!!!! They're showing the S-line! Noooo! Not the S-liiiine! I just ate, damn it!
Please don't! No more "fan-service". Not unless you strip Jae Wook. You know, a MAN!

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 14:04
by aility
Hahaha ha, Orion! DONT EAT WHILE WATCHING JGS. There should be a warning with each episode :mrgreen:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 14:17
by Orion1986
Ok, I had the window on the background and was doing stuff, only seeing parts here and there. I don't know if it was just a fluke, but EVERY single Keun Suk scene I found was about fanservice. Which is scaring me.
First he's licking his hand. Then, he's turning on the "charm" in her fantasy, fresh from the shower. And then the S-line scene. He's hurt his girly waist and she puts ointment on. And a bubble gum scene. I mean, come on people...
I'm not that impressed from the first episode. Most of it was about watching the two characters wasted and acting "cute". And that fanservice thing. I mean, I know he's a selling point for the show, but I'm gonna puke.
If they want to make scenes for fangirls, at least make them in a way that won't yell "FANSERVICE" and offend anyone with half a brain. And at least only make a few of them and don't devote EVERY single one to kyaaing.

That said, I haven't watched it with subs and I only watched parts, so I can't be sure it was as bad as it looked. It's also only the first episode so let's be patient. Honestly, Jae Wook is worth it for me. Even if nothing else is.

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 14:49
by Issy
OH MY GOD, saw those s-line scenes pic you were talking about. not cool. NOT COOL AT ALL. :blink

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 14:53
by Orion1986
It's not enough they already look like brother and sister and not a couple, do they really want them to look like twin sisters?

My eyes are still burning. And the character seems interesting so why oh why do they ruin everything with this crap? Why?

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 14:58
by Issy
i am dling ep1 right now. will see and comment. but i really did not like those scenes when other fingirls were screaming high about it.
and yesss, They do look alike each other. twin sisters separated at birth and now want to get married. oh dear god no. :|

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 16:36
by Ethlenn
So now I have to refrain from my daily visits to DC. For about 2 months from now.

Just downloading the first episode, but if Orion says it's not good, and Issy (whom I love^^) says the S-line pics are... actually... I think I reached my critical mass. I'm gonna start the chain reaction of blood and poison...

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 16:59
by Orion1986
It's bad. For a first episode, it's bad. Mainly those fanservice moments cause it's so obvious they're doing it for the fangirls.
It's like they are spitting in our faces, assuming we need to see his S-line to be pleased, even if it's not needed for the plot.

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 17:52
by Issy
ok, i finished watching ep1. what can i say?
it's bad and not so bad at the same time. i still to see more to be able to use the word good if it really deserve it.
MG is not another TK to be honest. well, there is 10% TK in him but over all, two characters are different. but one thing i hated was the whole fan service issues. it's just too much. it's like MMM (Marry me Mary) is chosen specifically to highlights his whatever make fangilrs crazy aspects. did not like that at all. you need more than this to make us fall in love with MG character and just putting JKS in that role does not do it.
Mary is annoying. I knew it before watching drama that i will disliking her character and i do. but she is not as dumb (so far) as i thought.
Jae Wook is pretty and cool but we still don't know his character yet. so until we know, i just look at his face. :wub:
i need subs to understand everything but i don't think they will make much difference in how i see this drama. it's quiet straightforward story.
will be watching for now

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 17:58
by Orion1986
For me, all it took was seeing Jae Wook. I immediately thought "Ok... I'm watching this...". :P

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 18:14
by janajee
Downloading the first episode now.

Having mixed feelings now, will try it on viikii once it comes out there... because I'm too excited not to watch it... but I'm not sure... I think I'd want to put off watching it for a very long time....

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 18:50
by lovelybabe
@Orion: well, please don't expect too much girl . This is an idol drama, what do you expect from it ?
JKS becomes an idol right now, plus his assesses are only beautiful face, shoulders and waist
Please give him the right to show off his . Many actors have nice abs and bodies to show off , but JKS doesn't .
Kim Jea Wook is very handsome in the first episode.
I like Moon Geun young in this drama too . She's been doing serious roles for years, now it's time for her to play a rom-com . I love the girl .

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 18:59
by Orion1986
I know, I know. I might be tough on the fanservice, but I did like what I saw performance-wise. I'm not gonna judge the man's acting based on the fanservice thing, but I do judge the makers of the show for it.

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 19:01
by lovelybabe
Orion: hey , I miss you ...hehehe
Jea Wook is ...HOT right ? hahhahha
I like that dude, but he's so skinny right now .

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 19:10
by Orion1986
He is a bit on the over-skinny side, but he still looks good. And I missed you too. Nice to be talkin' again. :D

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 19:19
by lovelybabe
Orion, the thing about Jea Wook is that he's never looked feminine to me no matter what he wears, the weird clothes .
He has been a model for years, so I think he got influence from that.
I just want to be a silent reader ...haahhah ..
But my opinion is epi 1 is OK .
Kim Jea wook will shine later definitely
Wait and see .
Moon Geun young will shine too .

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 19:22
by Orion1986
I think they will as well. I hear so many good things about Moon so I do expect a whole lot from her.

And yes, Jae Wook has soft features, but he's never looked girly. He's a charming and handsome man.

Btw, no movement on Viikii yet, but I'm checking all the time. As soon as the episode is posted, I'll inform.
And we know WithS2 will be subbing this, but it's still only listed as a future project so we'll have to wait a bit.

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 19:25
by Ethlenn
lovelybabe wrote: Kim Jea wook will shine later definitely
If it's a JGS-style shining then better not.
Ep 1 in 720 version HANrel is available in the download thread^^

Be back in an hour with a report.

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 19:26
by Orion1986
Maybe I should watch without subs too then? Hmm... Could try...

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 19:27
by lovelybabe
yeah , I like Jae Wook's acting in coffee prince, I didn't watch bad guy yet
But I put my excitment in Moon GY and Jea Wook .
They have an attitude that will charm the audience .
Talk to you later girl
Good day !

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 19:29
by Orion1986
G'day and happy viewing. ^^

30 minutes into the episode. He tries to hug her and she rejects it saying "No need for the fanservice". Took the word right out of my mouth, she did. We don't want any more fanservice!

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 20:05
by Ethlenn
OK, I watched, I'm out. :salut:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 20:12
by Orion1986
I came, I saw, I puked? You're out as in, you won't be watching the series? Too bad. I was looking forward to your critique. :roll
Oh come ooon. Keep watching! For me and Jana and Issy? For our B*tch Squad? Pretty please? Jebaaaaal! :wub:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 20:31
by Ethlenn
I came, I saw, I puked. Exactly.

I have enough of torture with my lazy students, I don't think I can take any more crap. But if this series takes any unseen as for now turn in the future, do let me know. Other turn than just a bending of JGS, or wave of his perfect hair.

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 20:33
by Orion1986
I'm at the S-line scene right now and trying hard not to look at his waist. But yes, if it gets good, we'll let you know. Of course "good" is relative. :P

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 21:23
by aility
i just want to express my worry over you Orion :salut:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 22:24
by Orion1986
Don't worry. I can take it. I'm immune to anything Keun Suk has to show by now. :rofl:

Posted: Nov 8th, '10, 23:50
by Jav_sol
In case anyone wants DDLs for the 720p version:

mod edit: DDL of the dramas available on D-A are not allowed. 720 version is also on D-A.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 04:11
by micehell
WITH S2 announced they are subbing this one, so for those who were wondering if they should wait for the sub, shouldn't be all that long now. ;)

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 05:52
by JiveTalkinRobot
so many posts for a drama that just came out...crazy.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 06:04
by janajee
It's about JKS, of course it's going to have a lot of posts. Hahahah, now you read to see whether that's a good thing or a bad thing? Hehehehhe

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 08:28
by Ethlenn
You know... I think it's my last time here. And if you have problems with my points of view, please bear in minds that I was very, very gentle on this one: ... 5343896827

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 09:35
by Orion1986
We understand, my thorn. :D

Dramabeans Recap of Episode 1

Nothing on Viikii yet, but their page for it seems to be gone, so I'm guessing they're changing the name and structure to fit the series. So, we should have something soon.

And indeed, WithS2 already picked it up. It's official now. I don't know how long it will take them and in what priority they've placed the series, but we'll know soon enough.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 10:05
by Ethlenn
Another part of the OST:

And I see a lot of new VIA members on WITH S2 website for Mary... ohoho....

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 10:25
by janajee
I want to read it but then again, I don't because I don't want to get it to the point that I don't want to watch it anymore... Hahahah, I'm still giving the dude the best shot possible before I could give up, so yeah.

Yay, Withs2 are really good and fast subbers :)

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 10:39
by Issy
janajee wrote:I want to read it but then again, I don't because I don't want to get it to the point that I don't want to watch it anymore... Hahahah, I'm still giving the dude the best shot possible before I could give up, so yeah.

Yay, Withs2 are really good and fast subbers :)
jana luv, dramabeans re-cap/review is actually quit on positive side and no bashing at all. so you can read it with your mind at rest that is not going to change your mind on watching it.

will continue watching for now. but i don't have that goosebumps about JKS in here anymore and him trying to be cute and loveable or producers/directors want to constantly remind us of JKS charm/beauty might have apposite effect on me.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 11:19
by Orion1986
Viikii post on Facebook, which makes me kinda mad actually, if it's true...

Episode 1 of Mary stayed out all night is subbed! if u cant access this link ... utallnight# then that means the channel is only available for 'qualified contributors'
...that means u need to translate other dramas in ur native language to become a QC.. sorry folks! I recommend watching it on another site -huma xoxo

And that helps us how? Why the hell make a public channel for it beforehand, if you're gonna make it private later? Heh.
Anyway, we'll wait for WithS2 then. Hopefully THEY won't have the same kind of crazy demands for the subs as well.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 11:23
by janajee
Hahahahhaha, there are times when spoilers do well for me, like make me want to watch it as soon as I possibly can
And when they just make me bored to watch it anymore
Playful Kiss
And I have a bad feeling that this would definitely fall under the too bored to watch it now. Hahahahaha, so unless viikii suddenly decides not to sub this, I'm going to patiently wait for withs2. Hahahahhaha XD

But I am watching this thing till the end. Maybe even liking it :)

Edited: well looks like I'm going to watch it when Withs2 subs come out XD

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 11:53
by Orion1986
The Viikii people are just irrational. They don't request for donations or something that would make sense. They request for subs in your own language.
Trust me, people, if any greeks even know about Viikii and are into dramas, they KNOW english better than you and watch everything with english subs.

I think this "in all languages" deal is plain useless. Some languages, especially from countries in Asia who know about drama anyway, yes. Useful.
But why the hell have languages from Europe when any European who can use the net well enough to FIND Asian dramas uses English subs anyway?

I mean, a korean series might be sold to countries in Asia. So the people who will even know it exists, need subs in their own language. Cause it's Asia.
But in Europe, anyone who's already into asian drama and has worked hard to find stuff on them (since they're not "sold" here) can understand english well.

Anyway, I'm just rambling here. Fact of the matter is, fangirls can go ahead and do anything to get to the channel. I'm sane and patient enough to wait.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 12:05
by janajee
Well most people here in the Philippines really would rather watch it with English subs, than Filipino subs.

I've never really liked viikii anyway. *shrugs*

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 12:07
by Orion1986
Me neither, but they had a good idea in their hands since subbing groups are often very slow due to the small number of members and their tight schedule.
When you have a good idea, try and make it better and functional. And don't take away the very things that made people come to you. Speed and availability!

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 12:22
by janajee

Have they always been doing that though? Or was this the first time? And also why didn't they do this with MGIAG, or PK? What makes Marry Me Mary so special???

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 12:22
by Ethlenn
You don't get it, girls. It's not about the popularization, it's about the cult.

Kind of gnosis, where the true understanding is achieved not by a rational way, but through an inner epiphany. They want to understand this drama not by a constructive support and critique of various fans, but by their inner extasy and maybe even a Teophany.

That is just stupid, viikii behaves weird.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 12:27
by Orion1986
Ahahaha! That was a lovely explanation, with a lot of Greek terms, might I add. Now it's all perfectly clear. I have SEEEEEEN the light!!!! :rofl:

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 12:33
by Ethlenn
Well, maybe I should add few links to explain all those hard, incomprehensible words.

Ancient Greeks ruled! And one modern kicks asses!! :whistling:

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 12:35
by Orion1986
Awww. :heart:

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 13:07
by Issy
I gave up on viikii since they stopped subbing SKKS the time I got really hooked on it. I never watch my dramas om there in the first place. I always prefer watching them in my big laptop screen with best of qualities. But with SKKS I got desperate.

And Yess. If you are an obsessed J/K or any other Asian drama addicts you have got used to English subs by now so it really does not make much different.

Anyway, MMM is not kind of drama that makes me loose sleep over it. I can wait for sub while watching it raw. And it happened so many times that I never went back to watch it again with subs when they were out for different reasons. The drama that actually did make me loose sleep over its sub was Chuno. :mrgreen: :whistling:

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 13:17
by Orion1986
Well, one can tell why, when you look at the guy in your sig. Told you. Club and cave. :whistling:

New pictures btw. Got them from a Viikii thread while trying to find out if more people complained about this stupid private channel there.
Apparently, they haven't. Well, fine by me. Like Issy says, I ain't exactly glued to my chair and waiting for it anyway. Still, do hope WithS2 is fast.


And get ready for it... It's Jae Wook. Lookin' fine.




Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 13:37
by Issy
:lol ok I admit why I could Not sleep on Wednesdays and Thursdays when Chuno was on air and for so many nights after it actually ended. :whistling:

This is funny but I read that JKS look and character reminded some people of Johnny Depp as captain Sparrow. Umm, HOW???????
And is it a good thing to remind viewers as TK when they are watching MMM? Someone should tell them that even their darling JKS won't be happy with this comments.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 13:42
by Orion1986
He reminds them of Sparrow cause he's drunk and fumbling about during most of the episode. That's about as much "resemblance" as I can find.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 13:55
by Issy
Orion1986 wrote:He reminds them of Sparrow cause he's drunk and fumbling about during most of the episode. That's about as much "resemblance" as I can find.
:lol naah. Appearantly from they way he looks. :scratch:

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 14:02
by Orion1986
Eyeliner? :whistling:

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 14:06
by janajee
I'm sorry, Johnny Depp?

I refuse! I REFUSE!!! Not my beloved Johnny Depp of awesomeness. He wishes, but believe me, JKS is not even at the very tip of what Johnny Depp was, is and will be XD

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 14:14
by Orion1986
Ahaha! Fangirls. They even managed to make our Jana angry and bitter! XD

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 16:20
by arakira
Ok, I'm gonna watch the first ep. couldn't be bothered to do so yesterday but I will now, with an open but tired mind ;)

Just one thing about viikii. They don't do it to get more subbers. It's part of their licence deals with korean broadcasters. If they're in negotiations there won't be vids, like with SKKS and if the license deal is not finished yet or if it the broadcaster set strict conditons, it is for QC only. Like dramafever is for US only. There is no such thing with japanese series.

And for the English-not everybody speaks English fluently- other subs are manly east asian languages, arabic and french...

Nuff said...I'll stuff myself with Kimchi Ramyun and Mary...

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 17:32
by Orion1986
Oh, so they're forced to do it then? Well, then it's understandable, even if we don't like it.

Episode 2 is ready. Will watch it later and give my opinions. Just remember spoiler tags everyone.
Since no subs are even out yet and most people who come here won't have seen it. Hurry up, WithS2. :-)

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 17:46
by Nykychan
Sorry for the stupid question, but then... who would sub this drama? WithS2?
I'm really looking forward this drama, and I can't wait to see :D

Re: Marry me, Mary! (KBS2 2010-2011)

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 17:49
by Ethlenn
Orion1986 wrote:
It will be subbed by WithS2
micehell wrote:WITH S2 announced they are subbing this one, so for those who were wondering if they should wait for the sub, shouldn't be all that long now. ;)
It's all over the thread.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 18:02
by Nykychan
Okay! ^^ Thank you for the answer :cheers:

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 18:36
by aility
arakira wrote:
Nuff said...I'll stuff myself with Kimchi Ramyun and Mary...
Omo love, dont stuff yourself with Mary, that doesnt sound too healthy :whistling:

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 18:36
by arakira
Ok, watched.

I am speechless at the S-line...that's something I really don't wanna see. I find it rather disturbing to see a womanly waist on a man...but well, that's just my personal preference...

Apart from that I don't have much to say. Jumping from clichee to clichee and rather boring, but I'm a 2nd episode girl - it's not a complete failure like PK at least. I might give it a 2nd chance cause I wanna see how they introduce Jae Wook. From the preview I don't expect much again though...

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 19:20
by Issy
i thought ep2 was much better. well, i only seen 20 mins of it and it was mostly KJW scenes. :P but have the feeling that it would not be as bad as ep1 in term using JKS as their main attraction point. but i might be wrong. :P
will be back once i finish the ep.
and yess. I am a 2nd ep girl too. or maybe 3rd or 4th? :scratch: well, it depends. :mrgreen: but i think i will watch this drama to the end.

Posted: Nov 9th, '10, 19:57
by Orion1986
Ok. I'm done with Episode 2. I also have to admit it's much better than the first. Still a bit boring, but things are falling into place for the main plot.

I think Jae Wook's character is a bit too cold so I do hope we see more of who he is later on. He does seem to also be bothered by this whole thing as well though.
Mae Ri is still annoying and very loud (got that from her dad since most of their scenes almost drove me deaf), but I can't blame the girl for being hysteric with what's happening.
Mr.Singer is still looking a bit too bored with his life, but he does have his laid back moments. Mostly when he's drunk out of his mind. He's too shallow of a character so far.

All in all though, it's slowly getting interesting. It still feels as if things haven't begun yet and they haven't, so I hope we get more action and happenings soon cause I'm bored.
The new song Keun Suk sang is also quite nice and relaxing and I have to admit, I closed my eyes and listened with a smile. Love the voice, even if it's coming from a dummy.
The visual factor of the drama is also quite blah. It's too typical and only very few scenes show some creativity in directing and techniques. Hope they do more stuff soon.

As for the fanservice, barking aside (you don't wanna know...), it's been toned down.
Although wanting us to believe this skinny dude beat two grown thugs up is kinda stupid. He'd be dead before even touching them. Also, did they ask him if he was a guy or a girl?!!? AHAHAHA! Thugs 1 - Curly 0!
And of course. The star of the episode. The one and only. Our latest pain in the...eyes... The LEOPRIIIIINT is back! Yes, it's there alright. A dress-length leoprint thing.
And let's not forget the heavy eyeliner. On the inside of the lower lashline this time. Please stop it. Just stop. The curl is bad enough. Why would a laid back guy have eyeliner?

Edit: My mom came by to see a couple of scenes. She sees one with Keun Suk and her and then with Jae Wook.
I tell her "This is the rich dude whom she doesn't seem to want. She prefers Keun Suk with his curl, eyeliner and lack of money and all".
She answers: "I think that because she has so much hair, her brain isn't getting any oxygen. It explains why she wants the guy who's a prettier girl than her".
Ahahahaha. Go, mom! She also said she's sick of watching kdrama in which the guy is wearing more make-up and has fancier hair than the main girl.
I have to agree with that. Either make them all seem natural, or have the girl be more normal. ALL young women take care of themselves, more or less.
To show a guy with eyeliner, lip balm and even foundation and then have a girl who's not even wearing some mascara, even if she is "pure", is just annoying.

As for the preview for Episode 3
Nooooo! Are you letting the rich guy go out drinking with Curly? Hell, HE is a prettier woman than you! He'll steal the guy away!
Especially dangerous situation if they're drunk to boot! He even ends up carrying the guy! Are you sure this is safe, Mae Ri? I'm worried, myself. :rofl: