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Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 13:07
by Orion1986
Vote for Darksmurf subs to sub this. Cause I'll go crazy if I have to wait months for a group... XD

Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 18:57
by esmer86
Ohhh....Orion....I already did indeed. Nothing is going to stop me from watching this show! :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 19:32
by Sham26
Idid too...for u Orion ! :cheers:

Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 19:34
by Orion1986
Thanks, loves. Do post anything new if you find it. I over-worked myself and got carpal tunnel syndrome.
I can't use my right hand much till it heals, so posting and typing will have to come in small doses. XD

Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 19:48
by Ethlenn
Oh poor Ori...
Here, something for you love:

Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 20:14
by janajee
That is a really hot picture.

I think it makes me look forward to more hot asian men. Aaaaaah :)

(I'm not supposed to be awake at this hour, but I am. *sssshhhh*)

Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 20:26
by Ethlenn
JANAAAA!! Where have you been?
We need to gather to drool... I mean to watch this drama properly. Ekhem... :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 20:47
by Orion1986
A hot man handling a big sword... It's always a pretty sight... Unfortunately, it made me think of Sad Eyes and I'm in too much pain to gutter. XD

Thanks for that, hon. Love that pic! Let's get ready for the droo... I mean, proper appreciation of the drama.

Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 21:20
I voted for it too ^^

Posted: May 1st, '11, 02:04
by esmer86
More goodies from Dramabeans and dialogue from the pictures that Orion posted. Lie To Me's Kiss scene!

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 03:13
by Orion1986
Ji Hwan in golf gear.

I hate golf, but if the players all looked like that, I'd show up alright.

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 15:01
by Ethlenn

Brand new cut from today's Good Morning show:
Good Morning 2011-05-02 - Lie To Me cut^^

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 16:51
by Orion1986
Oppaaaa! Running to get it! :heart:

Edit: Aawwww! He's so calm and pleasant. Such a non-threatening personality. Calm, shy, adorkable men with the capacity for being real psychos in their work. Love that...

New Teaser!

<iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Oh God. Sexy younger bro, sexy hyung... We're gonna overload our fangirl senses with this one. Some healthy distraction while my creep is away and all. Love it! :twisted:

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 07:37
by Ethlenn
Po..po...posters and wallpapers are released:
I have some use for a wall, Jih... I mean, wallpaper, yes...

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 12:02
by Orion1986
What a damn fine man and what a damn fine woman. And good actors. If the story and director and all are good, we're gonna have a blast, we will. :thumright:

Ok, apparently, they held the press conference. Lots of pics in the last two pages of DC.

I'll just post 2-3 here, cause they're adorable. ... age=1&bbs= ... age=1&bbs= ... age=2&bbs= ... age=2&bbs= ... age=1&bbs=

Ok, so 5 of em. But how cute is thaaaat? Let's enjoy him being so cheery in the fashion of the character, cause I bet Ki Joon himself won't be as cute for quite a while. Lol.

P.S: Sorry I can't pretty-up the links. Both hands hurt. XD

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 15:15
by Ethlenn
Press conference pics from SBS website:

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 17:17
by Orion1986
Teaser #4!

Oh my. Is it me or is the dongsaeng a very hot guy? Oh dear us...

<iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 17:19
Thanks for posting the teasers ^^
I love when Kang Ji Hwan yells lol.

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 17:26
by Orion1986
My pleasure. He's so funny. Ahaha. He makes freaking out an art form, this man.

The younger bro looks like a sly one. Did he say he'd help her? Ohohohoh. So the young bro started the whole thing. The naughty little hottie...
He probably took advantage of her weakness cause he's got something else in mind. He looks benevolently evil. Or malevolently nice. XD

Also, Ji Hwan's laugh at the end killed me. I laughed so hard. That's the "I can't believe she just said that" laugh. Poor poor Ki Joon.

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 17:26
by Ethlenn
I love when he laughs.

So scary... :faint:
Oh, poor us. My fangirl heart will have to handle one more talented, hot guy that can switch from chaebol to psycho in 0.000001 seconds.

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 17:32
by Orion1986
See? TWO hot psychos! Oh dear... I can hardly handle 1 hot psycho at a time. And the voice on that kid. I'm a sucker for voices too, damn me...

I need some creep... He makes all other men fall short at this point so he'll keep the fangirlness focused and controlled.

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 17:37
by Ethlenn
거짓말!! 거짓말!!
:lol :lol

No one says no to Jihwan. No one.

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 18:18
by Orion1986
Who'd want to though? Unless in a more.. ahem.. playful situation :roll

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 21:41
by esmer86
Ethlenn wrote:거짓말!! 거짓말!!
:lol :lol

No one says no to Jihwan. No one.
YES Jihwan YES!!!!! :lol

you know what. I was watching Personal Taste again and noticed that Eun Hye had a small part in there! I forgot she came in this one but then It got me thinking, " she's been with Min Ho....and before that with Sang Hyun, Aka "Oska", and before that Gong Yoo and now Ji Hwan! Unacceptable! Eun Hye...share the handsomeness with the rest of us please!!!!

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 21:44
by Orion1986
Well, she's stunning and a good enough actress to deserve such leading guys. I don't think we're worth as much, hon. XD

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 21:45
by Ethlenn
Don't forget the full 24 episodes of Goong with Ju Jihun!!!

Yes, she got nice men as the leads... eh, lucky girl.

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 21:55
by esmer86
Orion...why you wanna make me cry :cry: Cant I dream alittle :unsure:

I havent watched Goong yet but now that I know Eun Hye's pretty sure im going to be saying, "damn.....luckyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 22:01
by Orion1986
Aww. Sowwy to ruin your dreams, hon. I'm just depressed and in pain so I'm emo-ing a bit. :P

I'll have a more positive view of things tomorrow, I'm sure. Ahaha. I'll fix it then! Probably with more Ji Hwan.

Posted: May 4th, '11, 18:08
by Orion1986
17-minute Preview is up! Go seee!!! KYYAAAAAA!!!!

Ok... I'm fine... Found my sanity again...

Posted: May 4th, '11, 18:09
Where is the 17minute preview?

Posted: May 4th, '11, 18:18
by Ethlenn
The first page, first page!!

Posted: May 4th, '11, 18:20
oh silly me tt , thanks ^^

Posted: May 5th, '11, 12:23
by Orion1986
Since we're close to THE date, I won't post new pics and stuff at the main post. You can find them in the links I've provided at the top end of the post. Will still post anything of value though.
I'll also remove the news as soon as the series starts airing. Of course, we'll still be posting fun stuff here, but it will just be in posts. The main post will have info/links, trailers and images.

I caught the press conference video on DC. A short video of them preparing for it. I gotta say, Mr. Dongsaeng if FREAKISHLY tall!!! I mean, Ji Hwan is 184 and he was like half a head taller!
Maybe even more! Very tall, handsome, deep voice... If he has nice hands and mostly, if he can act, there shall be lots of kyaaing. So much kyaaing. Devilishly hot brothers. We'll enjoy em...

Posted: May 5th, '11, 20:38
by Ethlenn
He's barely legal, Ori...
I just wonder what do Koreans eat to grow such tall? And he's not the only one. Jo Insung and Ju Jihun, as well as Kim Junsu's twin brother are all around 187 cm... Damn fine men...

And some kyaa!!
Yeobo!! Yeogi-e Midnight Entertainment 2011-05-05 - Lie To Me cast^^-i isseoyo!!

Not only for Ori:
Update: May 07:
What the chaebol bastard did to her??

Posted: May 9th, '11, 17:03
by Ethlenn
It starteeeed!!

Posted: May 9th, '11, 18:10
by Orion1986
Finally! It's here! I'll erase/sort the news and stuff a bit later. Have a veeeery rough week ahead. So, probably this weekend or so. Will pretty it aaall up for you.
And damn, that kid... He's got nice hands too. He's really ticking every box. But I'm still only gaga for my current guy. My type of fangirlness is quite stubborn. XD

Posted: May 9th, '11, 18:19
by Ethlenn
Stubborn, stupid, both start with "stu". Stud too... oh snap...
Orion1986 wrote:He's really ticking every box.
I read "licking". My poor eyes...

Posted: May 9th, '11, 20:30
by Orion1986
The episode was reeeal good!!!! It's promising to be as epic as we thought it would be.
And from the preview I can see that Ah Jung is really asking for it. She's really waving that flag in front of the bull.

The little bro is nice too. Not too much of a gentleman, but not too much of a brat either. Easygoing and sociable indeed.

As for Ki Joon, well, he's what you'd expect him to be. An anal jerk. With boring hobbies. Who shocks people by casual dressing.
But this is the "before". He's gonna get crazier and crazier. It's Ji Hwan after all. And it's Eun Hye. She's gonna mess him up good.

And of course we have the usual b*tch. Who has absolutely no sane reason for being competitive other than her inferiority complex.
And the oblivious husband she reeled in but doesn't really love. The clueless idiot who married the first woman to wag her tail at him.

I like Ah Jung's father too. He did something my mother does sometimes. Couldn't will himself to go check up on his daughter. Ahaha!
You KNOW you should check and you KNOW there's something wrong with your kid, but you can't will your body to not go back to sleep.

Also, LOVED the awesome and utterly professional and well thought out resignation on the high quality club napkin!

Posted: May 10th, '11, 21:21
by esmer86
I havent seen the WHOLE first episode yet but I was checking out how the subs were doing earlier (meaning a couple of hours ago) and well surprisingly... I expected it.... the subs for episode 1 in DarkSmurf were edited and QC above 90% so Im thinking that the subs for episode 2 should be understandable a little bit after the release. :w00t:

Posted: May 10th, '11, 21:24
by Myxale
Time to get me-self the first eppy.
Been such along time I had YEH on my screen and I can barely wait. Feel all excited.

But I loath to get hooked on YET another new drama...

Posted: May 10th, '11, 22:19
by JiveTalkinRobot
Oh sh*t, 8 pages on this already? Where have I been?! ...and wtf Yoon Eun Hye is in it?!

Posted: May 11th, '11, 16:11
by middlefour
First ep's already subbed in dramacrazy and I think for the first time, I'm gonna follow a k-drama as it's being shown in Korea. I usually wait for a drama to be subbed fully before considering watching, but this just pulled me in right away.

Really promising! :D

Posted: May 11th, '11, 17:48
by Myxale
I started too, Just now. And It went off great. Missed YEH

Posted: May 11th, '11, 18:41
by Orion1986
I have been SO busy with projects and have not updated this page. Tomorrow or Friday, I'll do it. I'll erase all the news and only keep the important stuff.
Will add a character chart and some stills and posters and all. Also, add information on subtitles and other good-to-know stuffs. Sorry for the delay. ^^

Posted: May 11th, '11, 18:46
by Ethlenn
Take your time, lof^^

I didn't have time to watch it properly even, sorry, life... and no booze...

Posted: May 11th, '11, 20:37
by esmer86
yeah havent watched it either.....yet. :glare: Over the weekend I will. Ethlenn...really no booze, really... :scratchchin: :lol Orion, I dont think anyone is going to stop you from taking anything down that involves Ji Hwan XD

Posted: May 11th, '11, 20:40
by Ethlenn
Well, putting words "down" and Jihwan together ain't that safe for Ori's mental health...

I'm after 1st episode (cause I got some booze, haha!), and I love it!
Jihwan is made of AWESOME!
Plus the music was also good.

Posted: May 11th, '11, 20:47
by esmer86
haha! Damn! I forgot Ori's health....sorry Ori :goggle:

Posted: May 11th, '11, 21:03
by freack
ep1 was so good ..I already downloaded ep 2 ..and had a look while waiting for the subs..

I love this drama:)

Posted: May 11th, '11, 22:43
by JiveTalkinRobot
I actually find it a bit cliche thus far.

Not liking the super cheesy music either.

But all is forgiven because Yoon Eun Hye is in it.

Posted: May 11th, '11, 22:50
by kandieloli
whom ever is subbing this THANX its really interesting and i cant wait to watch more :cheers: :w00t: :thumleft: :mrgreen:

Posted: May 12th, '11, 09:04
by Myxale
JiveTalkinRobot wrote:I actually find it a bit cliche thus far.

Not liking the super cheesy music either.

But all is forgiven because Yoon Eun Hye is in it.
Yeah, same here.
Although I can't help but seeing Eun Chan, in her every move. But i realized that those goofy moves and quirky behavior are reallly part of YEH. Which is sweet.

Zee downside, most of the other females in the show are unsettlingly fake looking!

But all-in-all I liked it thus far.

Go Chan!

Posted: May 12th, '11, 12:22
by janajee

The coffee shop I'm at right now is uber fast. Also ATES I MISS YOU. INTERNET CONNECTION OF MY OWN IS NON EXISTENT. I have to go out and ride a bus miles away from home just to get any form of proper internet that doesn't die every few seconds on me. But I managed to download both episodes of this and I'm totally looking forward to it when I get home to my non-internet providing house.

I'm so happy and looking forward to watching Ji Hwan. Somehow I've grown a fondness for the man. And how can I ever not love anything that has Yoon Eun Hye in it?

Posted: May 12th, '11, 15:58
by Ethlenn
JANA!! I guess you will be busy both with your studies and with May dramas, love^^

To all that are interested - both eps are done on DSC.

Posted: May 14th, '11, 00:24
by Viande
Watched the first two episodes and loving it. Ah how much I missed Yoon Eun Hye and her silly characters. And having Kang Ji Hwan going crazy with her is just perfect. I can already see how "horrible" match they will be. :lol

The plot seems quite predictable but I don't care. I didn't even notice the music so I guess it was ok.

Posted: May 14th, '11, 01:07
by Orion1986
I will update the thread later today. I swears. DarmSmurfSubs are subbing this and they're quite quick with it.

JANA, wuuuuuv! We miss you! Get back on a good connection soon. We have to have a group chat sometime. ^^

Posted: May 14th, '11, 08:34
by arakira
JANA love!! Been missing you. Keke May drama will draw the busy ones out again, huh?!

Loved first eps, story is so-so but Jihwan, as Ecchan said is made of AWSOME indeed. Haha I just wanna see him get more angry or awkward, he's too "sane" for now :rofl:
Btw, viki's releasing softsubs, too.

Posted: May 14th, '11, 09:38
by Orion1986
:O ....

Soooftsuuuubs! The DSS ones are nice, but let's try Viki as well. I'll go update the post now. Ehehe. But I still haven't made the character chart so you'll get that later. Maybe.

Posted: May 14th, '11, 16:28
by janajee
I better post something up while my internet is still sane.

This drama is exactly what I've been missing so much these pass few busy days. I miss Ji Hwan so so so muchos. He's so funny and awkward. I love it.

The two episodes were awesome because:
Well Ji Hwan is just amazingly SHMEXY. Ladies and gents, and my beloved ates, I think I might be in love. Thankfully my fangirl fake relationships with my celebrities are polygamous in nature, because I have added Ji Hwan to my watch anything by him list. He's so cute and awesome and I love him completely. Yoon Eun Hye as well is just so so so so so cute.

As for the story, admittedly, it's predictable. But for me, that isn't really a bad thing. I enjoy the predictable as much as the unpredictable. I cannot wait for episodes.

When she called him honey, and his face changed from smiling hi face to WTF did you just call me face of his? That was priceless. Also I want to make that girl who used to be friends with Eun Hye to be embarrassed completely. I'm also wondering just how they will play this whole fake marriage thing. I wish they'd do something creative, and not just go with the whole Guy feels sorry for girl and fine let's pretend we're married because she seems different from all the other girls his ever met OR the Let's make the girl I like really jealous, so I'll pretend to be married to you deal.

But, a disclaimer, even if that happens, I'll still like it. Shallow and predictable and easily pleased are three things I'm proud to be

Posted: May 14th, '11, 16:48
by Orion1986
Mr.Writer doesn't leave any woman unaffected it seems. How could he? He's Ji Hwan after all. :heart:

So my older ex husband will be leaving me for a girl younger than me? That is SO typical. But wait... She's my friend too! We have a kdrama plot here, ladies and gentlemen!!! :rofl:

Where's Dong Won when I need him, damn it. We need the good cute guy who will be liking me while I b*tch and moan about the rivals.
Although it's me here. Not them drama leads. If my perfect guy was here, screw rivalries! I'd grab him and go do another kind of moaning!

Posted: May 14th, '11, 16:50
by Ethlenn
And here comes an evil girl to mess up with the rest, for the sake of messing up! Muwahaha!!

Jihwan's face when Jana described, was indeed priceless...

Posted: May 14th, '11, 16:52
by Orion1986
I updated my crazy story. Couldn't leave my creep out. But yeah. Ji Hwan's face was priceless. The smile just faaaaded away. The eyes started glaring. :lol

Posted: May 14th, '11, 16:53
by janajee
He says he loves you still. How could he not? But he really just prefers the polygamous relationship, and I know ate ori you're not the type to cheat. So he decided to just be with me instead. I shall try to make him just as happy as you did!

I shall take whatever notes you give me on... satisfying a fake husband in a polygamous relationship! *wink*

Posted: May 14th, '11, 16:58
by Ethlenn
Jana?? Is it you?? You sound so naughty!!

Posted: May 14th, '11, 17:04
by janajee
I think it comes from the whole getting older and out of college and......... and.... and......
I'm ENGAGED! But it's a long 4-year engagement, until I finish lawschool, but it is official, I'm officially engaged. I just don't update my facebook, because it's kind of hard to explain to people that NO I WILL NOT BE MARRYING NEXT MONTH, OR EVEN NEXT YEAR, I JUST LIKE WEARING MY RING AROUND.

I think my naughtiness is building up from the expectation, even if it is still a very long while.
Also, I think Ji Hwan might just be my sexy [not]ahjusshi[/not] oppa. hehehehhe

Posted: May 14th, '11, 17:07
by Orion1986
Congrats, love! And good to see ze naughty you. :twisted:

But don't call my ex ahjusshi. The man's an oppa. :P

Posted: May 14th, '11, 17:09
by janajee
Yes, but he's much older than me.

Ah well, you always know better. It shall be oppa then :)

Posted: May 14th, '11, 23:11
by superswift
perhaps a stupid question but i am unable to load the subtitles from darksmurfsubs and the HANrel version of the episodes? can anyone please help? Using VLC, tried loading subtitles but they dont work for some reason.

Posted: May 14th, '11, 23:31
by Ethlenn
Uhm, maybe a stupid question, but do you have actual .avi file around 700 Mb of the drama? Because lot of people download only torrent file (around 60 Kb) and then complain they can't play the episode. I find them stu... I mean challenged.
If you do, then play the file, and drag onto the screen the subtitles. Or, play the file, and click on VIDEO in VLC upper bar. Then a list appears. Click on subtitles. Load subtitles from the place you saved them. Done.
DarkSmurfs subs play just well, tested by all of us here.
If they don't play - check your pc.

Posted: May 14th, '11, 23:36
by Orion1986
Never used VLC much, but the subtitles work fine with the video.

Posted: May 14th, '11, 23:58
by Viande
Or change the name of the subtittle file into same as the video file. Then it should work right away.

For me darksmurfsubs' subtittles worked just fine.

Anyway, good old mplayer classic (+codecs) is all you need. :)

Posted: May 15th, '11, 00:57
by sansain
I have to watch this because of Yoon Eun Hye =)
Waiting for withs2 subtitles...

Posted: May 15th, '11, 10:33
by superswift
cheers for the help. on a mac so dont have mplayer classic. yes its the full video and subtitles. tried changing the name, tried a lot of things. even playing the file using advanced options and selecting the subtitles but it simply doesnt show up. i guess i want for withs2 subtitles.

Posted: May 15th, '11, 11:33
by Ethlenn
Here is your problem: You see, drama thread is not the best place for it. Tech section is better.

Posted: May 15th, '11, 11:58
by Orion1986
Sansain, Viki and DarkSmurSub are subbing this. No need to wait if you really want to see it. In my opinion, the quality of those is fine.
I've personally found errors in group subs, like WithS2, as well. Even in simple expressions. So waiting isn't that crucial, me thinks.

I went over to tech support as well. Excuse the condition of the trailers, people. For some reason, they got all messed up. Probably Youtube's fault. Damn them. They mess everything up for us users...

Edit: It seems to happen on all the forums I'm at. Do you guys see this or is it just me? It could be my Firefox. I use an older version cause some things work better for me. Do you see it?