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Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2 (OCN, 2011/2012)

Posted: Oct 6th, '11, 10:53
by Ethlenn
Title: 뱀파이어 검사 / Vampire Geumsa
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-02 to 2012-Feb-12
Air time: Sunday 23:00
Official Website

Synopsis: Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon (Yun Jung Hoon) is bitten by somebody and becomes a Vampire. Tae Yeon rejects the life of a vampire and he survives by drinking the blood of dead people and still lives as a righteous prosecutor .
Tae Yeon also uses his new founded abilities as a Vampire to prosecute powerful persons normally thought above the law. A mysterious case then occurs and the evidence points to a Vampire as the perpetrator. Tae Yeon now knows that he is not the only Vampire. He also ponders why he became a Vampire and what truths may lie behind their motives. ( (thanks, micehell^^)

DS Community - registration required
Drama is being uploaded in every resolution possible by micehell here.

If at my work know what I;m doing instead of working, I will have to pray for our vampire strength to deal with them.


First OST is out


Season 2:
Title: 뱀파이어 검사 2 / Vampire Geomsa 2
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-09 to TBA
Air time: Sunday 23:00

Min Tae Yeon (Yun Jung Hoon) isn’t your typical vampire or prosecutor. Rather than drinking blood from innocent strangers, he opts for blood sold on the black market in the posh bars of Seoul. He also has the uncanny ability to tell where the victim of his cases died, and how they died based on their blood’s smell and taste. The only person who knows his secret ability is Detective Hwang Soon Bum (Lee Won Jong), and both end up working together in a new joint department between police and prosecutors solving murder cases. Joining them are rookie prosecutor Yoo Jung In (Lee Young Ah) and intern Choi Dong Man (Kim Joo Young).

Together, they solve murder cases, and each time Tae Yeon uses his “powers” to find leads on cases that seem unsolvable. But the one thing he can’t solve is: who was the vampire/serial killer that turned him seven years ago? And what happens when Jung In becomes suspicious of Tae Yeon’s “questionable” tactics in solving cases… - Dramafever

Yun Jung Hoon as Min Tae Yeon
Lee Young Ah as Yoo Jung In
Lee Won Jong as Hwang Soon Bum
Lee Kyung Young as Cho Jung Hyun
Lee Ji Oh (이지오) as young Jung Hyun (ep 3)
Kim Joo Young as Choi Dong Man

Extended cast

Jung Hwan as Park Hoon / Kim Sung Hoon
??? as Joo Hyun Ah (Chief prosecutor)


Kim Jong Goo (김종구) as Heo Hak Bum (ep 1)
Yoshitaka Yuriko as Luna (ep 2)
Song Ji Hyun (송지현) as Oh Min Young (ep 2)
Kim In Seo as Bae Ji Yeon (ep 2)
Jun Hui Soo (전희수) as young Bae Ji Yeon (ep 2)
Park Jae Hoon as La Jae Wook (ep 4)
Kwon Hyun Sang (권현상) as L (ep 5, 7)
Hong Suk Chun as Gabriel Jang (ep 6)

Production Credits

Production company: CMG Chorok Stars
Director: Yoo Seon Dong (유선동)
Screenwriter: Han Jung Hoon (한정훈), Lee Seung Hoon (이승훈), Kang Eun Sun (강은선)

Posted: Oct 6th, '11, 15:14
by Orion1986
Oh yes...Yes! YEEEES! I haven't seen it yet, but by now, any vampire who doesn't sparkle makes me hot by default. :rofl: The bar has never been set so low. XD

Posted: Oct 7th, '11, 23:20
by Ethlenn
It's so cute I can't not steal and post:
Don't remember where I saved that, probably some fan board^^

Posted: Oct 8th, '11, 00:18
by Issy
:lol it's the evil minister from IBDS :mrgreen:

Posted: Oct 8th, '11, 09:57
by Ethlenn
He's not evil here. Yet. Or maybe never will be^^

Posted: Oct 8th, '11, 10:25
by Orion1986
I think he will just go through the "Am I good or bad" struggle which creates lovely angst, but I don't see him turning evil.
Everything he does and says so far, shows me a good person. Even little things, like how he reacts with the first victim.

This series started of extremely well. It's not too heavy on legal things, neither is it too much about science. Which is good.
There's also balance between the cases and the vampire element of the plot without keeping them separate from each other.

The CG is not overused and it is used well. The fight was lovely. Also, the angst is ok so far. He can laugh, be mad, be calm.
Expressions. He has dem. He's not some emoing mess who woes all the time about his luck and fate and the wicked world.

Also, the rest of the cast is nice and although the ajumma can get annoying, she does have her laughs, which I do like here.

What I also love about... I don't even know his name... Mr.VP, I call him. I love how lonely he looks without showing it all the time.
Meaning, we see him with other people, he interacts with them, but you can tell he is distant from them. Not really "there" in a way.
This is good writing, good direction and also very subtle acting on the actor's part. He is distant without being angsty-lonely and sad.

Also, charming man. VERY important in such a role. Vampire without charm is like good ice cream without calories. Just not possible.

Posted: Oct 9th, '11, 09:33
by Ethlenn
I started to watch Jejungwon... damn you Sham!! I'm lost, it only takes one honey-voiced guy and... and... :alcoholic:

And we were talking with Issy about the other guy, h plays the evil minister, or played, cause he was executed, 10 episodes too late. Damn this stupid series...

Posted: Oct 14th, '11, 19:48
by Ethlenn
Sorry, my pedo mode kicked in... I love the kid...
Hope they don't have such future for him like for teh cute cutie in Killer K. That was major WTF moment. And he was sooo sqeezable.

Is it only my PC or 720 ArigaTo is really crappy quality?

Posted: Oct 14th, '11, 20:07
by Orion1986
We'll take what we can get and yes, poor young and perky cutie. This coroner is very cruel. Ahaha. First the cleavage and then fondling him all over. Poor boy. XD

Also, good thing you said that. Now I will be prepared when I watch Killer K. Ahaha. I am not built to handle cuties going through rough or even tragic situations.

The only complaint I have from the series so far is the sameness. I mean, it is a bit too predictable in how the plot goes in each episode. Don't know if it's just me.
Like the club meeting. I mean, we get to know a bit more each time, but I don't think I want them to do it exactly the same in each episode and always at the end.
As interesting as the cases are, if the plot always goes the same way it can get tiring. But it's only two episodes in so I can't really say much with solid certainty yet.

Posted: Oct 14th, '11, 20:09
by Sham26
Ethlenn wrote:I started to watch Jejungwon... damn you Sham!! I'm lost, it only takes one honey-voiced guy and... and... :alcoholic:

And we were talking with Issy about the other guy, h plays the evil minister, or played, cause he was executed, 10 episodes too late. Damn this stupid series...
It's not on your watching list anymore, you didn't like it ?

Posted: Oct 14th, '11, 20:31
by Ethlenn
Sham, damn you woman, I watched it ALL!! And I don't watch medical dramas!

As for the club - it's the place where our vampire gets his blood (double shot) so i guess we will see it often. I didn't have the feeling of sameness. Of course there is another case in each episode, but all is connected with one thread, with one fine thread.
Only me who thinks that Jang Chul Oh is fishy? I hated his character in Gumiho and he's capabl of playing ruthless bastards with murky intentions.

Anyway, I'm fangirling over the cutie, that's it.
I found teh boy:
Name: 김주영 / Kim Joo Young (Kim Ju Yeong)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1987-Sep-27
In the episode 3 we will have some sex-crime, and in episode 4 case involving charity for unprivileged kids and attorney that can make anyone "not guilty"
And the Killer K cutie... :cry: :cry:

Official OCN naver cafe

Posted: Oct 14th, '11, 20:46
by Orion1986
I actually like his character. The fishy one, that is. Something about his eyes. I see a kindness. As if he's protecting Mr.VP. Or cares for him somehow. Can't place it.
As for the sameness, I meant in episode flow and scenes. End of the episode, walks through the same spaces, same camera angles, room, blood, flashbacks etc.

The actual way it is done could get a bit repetitive, not the plot itself. But still, it's intriguing and I like the cases too, besides the main plot. And we got Mr.Goblin from Woochi. :P

Also, the guy who gives him the blood almost looks like he wants to do him or something. Stop staring at the guy like that! You're creeping me out, man! XD

Posted: Oct 14th, '11, 20:57
by Ethlenn
Orion1986 wrote:
Also, the guy who gives him the blood almost looks like he wants to do him or something.
Who wouldn't? :scratch:
That's probably vampire allure...

OK, I'm out.

Posted: Oct 14th, '11, 21:00
by Orion1986
I wouldn't. :P

Although, if I was a vampire, any hot Korean man who crossed paths with me would have back problems for a few days...

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 01:42
by Viande
Started this finally, and love it so far. ^^

Haha, I agree about the blood donor man, he looks suspicious! I thought that man was his living donor but he just ended up giving blood bags without sucking (blood!!) involved. :lol

I'm trying help with editing the subs but I feel so useless when translated lines sound really strange and I don't understand neither Korean nor Chinese to fix them. :-(

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 02:06
by Orion1986
It's just not as fun without the sucking...

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 04:28
by micehell
Ethlenn wrote:Is it only my PC or 720 ArigaTo is really crappy quality?
It's not just you sadly. arigaTo is not my favorite capper -- too large a file size (especially for the quality), various sound issues, kind of fuzzy -- but then they're one of the few who are doing the cable programs consistently. *sigh* The alternate cap, the one that was 450p, was better in some ways (especially file size), but then it had reencode shakiness both times, which, when combined with 'shaky camera' the director's using effect (like they did with Secret Investigation Record, which, oi, is annoying though you stop noticing it after a while), makes my eyes hurt a little, so... we take what we can get, alas. *sighs again*

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 04:31
by Orion1986
Indeed. Good enough. Livable. As for the shaky camera, does its job in Joseon X-Files. It makes me even more disoriented and susceptible to the mysteries. XD

Posted: Oct 16th, '11, 19:44
by Orion1986
Ahaha! This episode is hilarious so far!
I love how he took care of those thugs. That was awesome action and so damn hot. And then he goes to the boss and gives him some "for-pussies" moves. Ahaha. He didn't need to do much to him! XD
Also, they actually showed a woman's ass. And a pervert who does something more than groping in public.
I love cable... Have I said I love cable? Because I really love cable. Now it's time to strip some men too. :whistling:

Posted: Oct 17th, '11, 20:47
by Ethlenn
This perverted nuna approves of this amount of teh cutie, although wouldn't mind more.
Yep, I'm a rotten pedo queen. :whistling:

Posted: Oct 17th, '11, 20:56
by krmnkno
thank you so much im waiiting this drama!!

Posted: Oct 23rd, '11, 21:54
by Ethlenn
I am not satisfied with the amount of teh cutie. Will write a letter of complaints!

Looky look, an old acquaintance from The Princess' Man. Looks like whole deceased cast of two sageuks is here, mehehe.
The series starts to be more dense. And Jang Yeong Nam can nail the role of some cold b*tch.

And yes, ONE version is better than Taple.

The making of Ep 3

Posted: Oct 23rd, '11, 22:48
by Orion1986
I was so happy to see Jang. She always rocks. Solid actress. I also loved this episode. It was intense and has a lot in it. Also, some real nice acting when Mr. Prosecutie gets pissed.
It still gets a biiiit repetitive with how it shows the "drinks the blood and sees things" scene, which is always the same scene sequence, but hey, they did change the ending at least.

Me likey. Me also likey the idea of this new Ten 10 series. Will have to check it out. Well, actually, Kim ajussi is in it so I have to check it for that as well. The style and Mr. Teddy Bear.

Cable. Cable really needs to expand. They need to tackle more than crime genres as well. Romance in cable. Rom-coms with cable quality. Now that could be potentially awesome.
I think they have the means to do really great shows and offer something different to audiences. Also, it's lovely to see what well-rested and prepared actors can do in these series.

Posted: Oct 23rd, '11, 22:57
by Ethlenn
If the main lady didn't go back to the cheater, I would worship I Need Romance for eva! For the sex scenes, kisses, friendship and skinship. Some other -ships too.
I really need to go to sleep. Bai bai^^

Posted: Oct 26th, '11, 14:53
by xxicingxx

I love this drama a lot!!

But does anyone have links to the k-tv happy together with vampire prosecutor crew?

Thanks in advance.

Posted: Nov 8th, '11, 12:36
by Ethlenn
Fierce cutie is fierce

What this episode was about anyway?

450 BangSuk is, for me, better choice than taple and arigato, I'm sticking to this cutie... I mean, cap, cap...

Posted: Nov 9th, '11, 00:32
by Ojou_Belle
Hey, guys! I'm back after a long break! I'm glad Vampire Prosecutor is here. I love how he manages to smile and laugh despite his dark vampiry nature.

Posted: Nov 10th, '11, 09:01
by Pantheria
Can someone tell me which version has the best quality to nab if I'm watching on a TV & not a computer? There's so many versions I don't know where to start. Thanks.

Posted: Nov 12th, '11, 12:22
by Ethlenn
Oh, Ojou_Belle, long time no see^^

So, after 3rd rewatch my thoughts are: don't-really-care-if-it's-not-cutie, maybe our Vampire Pro was bitten by his supervisor, but recent killings are committed by this bar owner? He's iffy and he wasn't there when judge was killed. And he was really off when our VP said to do math - 7 years, one people every two days.

Posted: Nov 12th, '11, 20:48
by Orion1986
Prosecutor Jang killed his sis, but I don't know about the rest. Could be many things.

Maybe the bar guy turned Jang. Maybe the bar guy is killing off baddies. Who knows.
He does run a business of providing blood. Does the blood come with "humane" means?

Either he is really good and is trying to keep the people that deserve it safe or he has "his own nested crapped", as we say in Greece. As in, he is guilty of and hiding something.

Posted: Nov 12th, '11, 23:47
by Ojou_Belle
Yeah, Orion, I think him killing the sis is highly probable. That's so sad, though.

Posted: Nov 21st, '11, 08:36
by Sakari
I watched the first five minutes of E01 and got dizzy from the camera shaking all the time. Then I jumped here and there in the episode, and it looked like the camera kept shaking all the time. I mean, the shake was not used for effect in some scenes, which I have seen before (and not minded.) It shook ALL THE TIME.

Does this continue in the other episodes? Does the director think he has hit upon a new, revolutionary mode of visual creativity?

Posted: Nov 30th, '11, 00:04
by esmer86
I love it how this show brought back my faith in Vampires again...well atleast hawt vampires..(I love them when they are badass)

I've been catching up with VP on DramaFever since the subs comes out pretty fast but it seems that the quality is somewere along the lines of the arigaTo cap and I am NOT a fan of that capper. I'll take what I can get but I will get another version if its available. Also gotta say thanks to Micehell for uploading all the versions.

Awwwww the cutie. Yes are teh pedo queen :P
Just an old GIF I had lying around somewhere :whistling:
Yes, like you said, I demand more time damn it!
Orion1986 wrote:It's just not as fun without the sucking...
About that last episode, so close...really come on. I would have given him atleast one delicious bite but thats just me :mrgreen:

Not sure how close I want our characters to be but im loving the Tae Yeon and Jung In relationship. Hell, Im loving the Detective and Vamp boy together. :cheers: Jung In is my kinda girl being street wise, attitude kinda girl. There should really be more characters out there like her.

Never thought about it: Prosecutor Jang killing the girl but it makes sense on how hes character is mysteries like.

2 GIFs of the Guy Liner Vamp:

Posted: Dec 5th, '11, 00:36
by Orion1986
The sh*t is royally hitting the fan here. I have a feeling things are about to get serious. There was an ad in the episode about some Part 1 of something.
Will the two final episodes be specials? Or will they be just a double episode with the same plot? Still, I would absolutely love a Season 2 of this show.

I mean, even if we find out the "who killed sis" thing, they could play it so that the serial vampire killer was not the same person. We could have a bigger mystery on our hands for Season 2.
I do feel the main plot went too slowly sometimes and I don't know if it's because they didn't have much to say and stalled or if they have a lot to say and are leaving a lot for a Season 2 later on.

I hope it's the latter, because I didn't get enough "juice" out of the main plot as I would have liked. And it is OCN. They might go the God's Quiz way, since this was a successful show too.

Posted: Dec 5th, '11, 16:31
by Ethlenn
Orion1986 wrote:
I mean, even if we find out the "who killed sis" thing, they could play it so that the serial vampire killer was not the same person.
That's my original thought from the beginning and I'm sucking up to this... I mean sticking up... both sound just wrong.

Anyway, I'm all for Season 2 if (no surprise) they will have teh cutie. The rest, yeah, yeah.
Esmer, you biyatch, dat first episode... damn...

Posted: Dec 6th, '11, 22:37
by micehell
The episode of Happy Together in DevilSlob's last KBS World batch is the one with the cast of VP, so if anyone's looking for the subbed version of that ep, it's out.

Posted: Dec 16th, '11, 04:34
by Orion1986
So, major happenings here and a Season 2 coming up. Woo hoo! I also have a funny feeling about something, so tell me what you think.
So it turns out we have two people working together for the murders and cover up. I have an alarming feeling the second one might be Dong Man, for some reason.
Which is why I am wondering, have we ever seen Dong Man alone? We've seen Jung In and Soon Bum, but have we seen Dong Man without anyone else around?
He stopped talking to Jung In when she arrived at the place and had time to go kill the prosecutor. Plus, he was in a mighty hurry to leave throughout this episode.

Posted: Dec 16th, '11, 10:58
by Ethlenn
I was wondering why he didn't have some small episode throughout the series. We pretty much got to know everyone but him.
Now I curse my full day apart from my lappy so I could watch ep 11.
Damn my life!

Posted: Dec 16th, '11, 11:44
by Orion1986
And this isn't a regular public TV series where they just add characters as decoration and don't develop them. There has to be a good reason for why we never got to know him at all.

Posted: Dec 17th, '11, 20:02
by Ethlenn
And maybe Prosecutor Jang's accomplice is the other Prosecutor? The one that our vampire chased 7 years ago? That would be my guess. Teh cutie wouldn't have time to change his lovely panties during the chase in ep 11.

Anyway, last couple of episodes are tense. Only Detective Hwang and Dong Man bring some light into it.
I refuse to acknowledge Dong Man as a bad guy. If he was, that would shake my drama beliefs. But that would mean no cutie in season 2, if it happens.

Posted: Dec 18th, '11, 22:02
by Orion1986
F*ck me... F*UCK ME... F*CK MEEEEEE!!!! That... that was... I... MAH HART!!!! I maek no sense nao... I.. Too good... I want to marry cable and have its children!!! :goggle:

So much to talk about. My mental and emotional state not good for anything right nao. So much happened. All hell broke lose. I'm still not clear on many things. I diez now, k thanx bai.

Posted: Dec 18th, '11, 22:56
by Ethlenn
Oh wow, thanks for f*cking up my night love. Thanks a lot.
Who needs sleep anyway? :cussing: :alcoholic:

Posted: Dec 18th, '11, 23:04
by Orion1986
U no need sleep. No sleep for teh wicked!!!

Although I have to go to bed nao. XD

Posted: Dec 19th, '11, 06:32
by Ethlenn
OH FFFFFFFFF*****************CK!!

Oh damn, I love this series. They managed to twist it 180 degrees!!
And cutie putting up the fight!! Oh gods, oh gods...

Posted: Dec 19th, '11, 06:52
by Orion1986
Also, the last peekaboo-I'm-still-here scene and all the bromance in this episode... I MEEEEELTEEEEDD!!! :alcoholic: So now he's hot AND a vamp? Or was he one to begin with? Who cares, he's still with us! YAAAAY!!!!

I can't believe I actually got surprised by a korean drama! A proper twist in a DRAMA!!! Which did not involve a birth secret! Ahahahah! Man, good acting on those, gooood gooood quality production all around. And the B*TCH SLAP was so welcome!

Cable! I love you, cable! If you were a man, I'd go all "OPPAAAAAAAAA!!!" over you!

And may I just say, I was so wowed by the quality of the file's image. Taple is proper awesome crystal clear 720p. I mean, compared to some "other" releases out there.
It did have a couple of weird line thingies at some point, but nothing like the crappy arigato. I will re-time the subs for it, when they're out, if I have to. Frankly, it's worth it.

Posted: Dec 19th, '11, 19:15
by Ethlenn
I remember I saw the girl in a vehicle in a crash during the preview in ep 11, and I even stopped the video to check if it's not our lovely lady. Then I thought it's maybe the autopsy busty lady, but...
Oh man... oh man (Dong Man??)... what a twist!!

Posted: Dec 20th, '11, 07:25
by Orion1986
Also, I love the touch lead ladies in these series, which actually know how to be tough AND feminine AND cute AND proper women instead of acting like a lesbian truck driver (how every girl in rom-com starts out) and then turn pathetic future abused wife (what they are by the end of them).
But teh bromance was sooo cuuuute! I love that friendship. We're shown the fact that he knows Tae Yeon is a vampire so early on that it may not occur to us just how kick ass of a person Soon Bum is and how good a friend to Tae Yeon. Bromance there, bromance with Bar Vamp, gah!

So much nice bromance! And even some subtle romance! AND HOTNESS and CUTENESS and FUNNY parts and SAD parts and... mah hart... :faint:

Posted: Dec 20th, '11, 23:29
by Ethlenn
This is what keeps me going^^

One question though, the last scene with our lovely vampire on the street. It''s the beginning of the story (seeing yummy bartender), or what happened after the drowning and all (yummy bartender is alive??).
I'm more inclined to the first option though.

Posted: Dec 20th, '11, 23:57
by Issy
Orion1986 wrote:So much nice bromance! And even some subtle romance! AND HOTNESS and CUTENESS and FUNNY parts and SAD parts and... mah hart... :faint:
watched ep1 last night. will watch more tonight. but the SAD parts were really :cry:

Posted: Dec 21st, '11, 04:54
by Orion1986
Ecchan, I don't think it's the beginning. The whole "bro connection" smile deal did not seem like that. I mean, they weren't too friendly or at "smiling" state the first time we saw them meet.
Somehow, I feel it would be weird for Tae Yeon to be all smiles and charm when he first met the man who would provide him with blood. I think it would be a horrible time for a person.

Plus, showing his first meeting with the "bloog donor" does not make sense. It wasn't some kind of defining moment for him and there is no good reason to show it for an intro into Season 2.
But if the doc is now back and kicking and will be working with Tae Yeon even more closely in Season 2, it makes sense to show them that way. He won forgiveness, a life and it's time to work.

They were too "Yay, let's start over" for it to have been the beginning and the whole staring into the camera and walking away and bye bye felt very much like "We're here, we rock, we keep going".
I did not understand some of what was said then, but that's the vibe I got from the scene itself, the looks, the happenings. Just think about it. Tae Yeon was badly injured, but was bitten and turned.

Posted: Dec 27th, '11, 23:05
by arakira
Finally managed to finish this...and wow, I sure changed my mind about this series. The finale was furioso, totally kick-ass and I'm glad I picked this one up again. Hopefully they'll keep going at the same pace in season 2.
I'm with Ori on the bartender question...think that last scene showed em pretty close and up for whatever comes their way next afrer all that mess...yeah and I like the idea of mr bartender as a vampire companion for the prosecutor. Also wondering about Yoo's father...did I miss what happened to him or did they just never mention that? LOL and I was almost disappointed that Ecchan's cutie didn't turn out one of the bad guys ;))

Posted: Jan 2nd, '12, 18:18
by Ethlenn
My cutie can be fierce, don't forget his "fighting" and "interrogation", pfff

They left many loose ends that will make splendid season 2^^

Posted: Apr 24th, '12, 00:32
by Lludara
This was not normally a drama I'd pick up and watch. However, i *loved* it and can't wait for season two!

Posted: Jul 27th, '12, 09:18
by Viande
Vampire Prosecutor 2 begins filming
Vampire Prosecutor 2 began filming last week and will premiere on OCN in September.
It seems that the director is different for the second season. I hope it won't affect too much, although it probably will.

Posted: Jul 27th, '12, 09:25
by Ethlenn
No cutie in the cast. I already condemned them to hell. :cussing: :evil:

Posted: Jul 27th, '12, 17:42
by Viande
No cute? Aw. Do you happen to know the extended cast? Dramawiki and Hancinema show only main cast.

Edit: Wait, isn't he there: Kim Joo Young as Choi Dong Man? (according to dramawiki)

Posted: Jul 27th, '12, 17:50
by Ethlenn
Believe me, yesterday he wasn't there.

:lol :cheers: :alcoholic: :wub: :dance:

Posted: Jul 27th, '12, 17:55
by Viande
Hehe, lets hope his name stays there. ^^

Nice that all of the main cast stayed for the second season.

Posted: Aug 18th, '12, 07:32
by Viande

Posted: Sep 1st, '12, 22:07
by Ethlenn
And even they made a joke about Gangnam Style, calling drama VamPro Style via official drama twitter^^ :salut:

Posted: Sep 1st, '12, 22:56
by BloomingDesire87
Ahhh!! I can't wait for the 2nd season to start!!! XD XD

Posted: Sep 8th, '12, 07:49
by Ethlenn

Posted: Sep 12th, '12, 14:36
by jubies33
Nice ^^ waiting for the subs is killing me right now :crazy:

Posted: Sep 12th, '12, 16:17
by Viande
First behind the scene:

BTS Episode 01

Posted: Sep 14th, '12, 20:49
by Ethlenn
Fair warning, first episode was disturbing, bloody, violent.

And had screaming cutie. I'm sold. :alcoholic:

Posted: Sep 14th, '12, 22:13
by micehell
Ethlenn wrote:And had screaming cutie. I'm sold.:
And with the whole 'having the cutie take a more active part of the investigation' scenario they had going there, it did seem that they might be setting it up to give him more screen time this season, so yays if that works out, too. ;)

Posted: Sep 14th, '12, 22:31
by Issy
who is the "cutie" you keep referring to?
I have not watched S1 but want to watch this one. hope I get what's happening.

your ava and sigi always makes me giggle when I see it. brings back so many old memories...tomobaby :wub:

Posted: Sep 14th, '12, 22:36
by Ethlenn
Issy, watch it and I bet you won't miss this pervi nuna's cutie :D

And I hope you're righ micehell, I really do^^

Posted: Sep 14th, '12, 22:55
by micehell
Issy wrote:who is the "cutie" you keep referring to?
He'll be easy to spot, don't you worry. ;) The fact that he's a cutie, though, is just an added bonus as far as what makes the show worth watching, so by all means give it a try.
Issy wrote:your ava and sigi always makes me giggle when I see it. brings back so many old memories...tomobaby
So very pretty! Not that I don't like TOKIO as a whole, anyway, but Nagase is definitely of the good. ;)

Ethlenn, I have (metaphorical, since actual ones would get awkward after a while ;) fingers crossed for more screen time, so we shall see!

Posted: Sep 15th, '12, 00:17
by Issy
micehell wrote:He'll be easy to spot, don't you worry. ;) The fact that he's a cutie, though, is just an added bonus as far as what makes the show worth watching, so by all means give it a try.
I will, for sure.
micehell wrote:So very pretty! Not that I don't like TOKIO as a whole, anyway, but Nagase is definitely of the good. ;)

Ethlenn, I have (metaphorical, since actual ones would get awkward after a while ;) fingers crossed for more screen time, so we shall see!
Where have you been in my 3 years of mad obsession about him here in TNT thread on DA? :mrgreen:

will look for teh Cutie then 8)

Posted: Sep 16th, '12, 08:04
by Viande
The first episode defiently wasn't for those with weak heart. :mrgreen: But! It was full of action, even that kind of action that me, who hates action genre, liked! Especially the cutie in action was priceless addition. :rofl: That whimp. ^^

I was a bit worried since the director & writers changed but since the cast is same, charaters are pretty much same as in the first season. Only cutie got more lines and more comedic role in this season, which I like. Only minus is about the feeling, which changed from "mysterious cool" to normal "action cool". (yeah, I suck at explaing) But I still enoyed the first episode.

Posted: Sep 26th, '12, 02:00
by jackieb
@Ethlenn, I love your signature. Do you know when KNG will star in another movie or drama?

Posted: Sep 26th, '12, 07:54
by Ethlenn
jackieb wrote:@Ethlenn, I love your signature. Do you know when KNG will star in another movie or drama?
Oh, he's casted in the movie Backwards Running Man. Filming starts this week^^

Aww teh cutie and his whining about contracts!! I'm also uneasy about ep 4 preview... like, really uneasy.

hi everyone

Posted: Sep 26th, '12, 17:26
by analovedrama
I need to watch this drama cuz @jackieb talks so much about it ^^ Im newbie here, hi everyone

Posted: Sep 26th, '12, 18:21
by Viande
Welcome ana. ^^ These two seasons are great if you don't mind blood and missing romance. Detective and mystery series are rare and nice change to all those romance series. Not that I don't like them, I do, everything from melo to romcom.

About that preview, after your comments I'm not going to even watch it. I hate waiting after uneasy previews!