So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by mashiso » Mar 27th, '05, 07:19

The first k-drama that I watch was "Winter Sonata"... I fell in love with Korean drama after, even though I cried so much in this drama... :P

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Post by Sakado » Mar 27th, '05, 07:24

the first kdrama i watched was Summer Scents: That was a really good serie and still one of my favorites :-) I did not cry but many tears :cry:
Ok., then my jdrama, i think it was Beautiful Life, it's a classic :roll

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Post by scott12199 » Mar 27th, '05, 07:41

first chinese - condor hero
first korean - summer scent
first japanese - friends

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Post by ramenshop » Mar 27th, '05, 11:30

I watch in this order:

first jdrama (GTO)
then hkdrama (duke)
then kdrama (romance)

So far, I found KDrama is my favorite of all.
At first, I thought Kdrama is bad...but..
Of all jdrama/hkdrama/twdrama/kdrama, lately I love Kdrama more.
When I watch jdrama/hkdrama/twdrama again, I get bored with their story line.
the latest kdrama i watch ohpilseung-bongsongyoung and i love it very much.
I NEVER watch drama (jdrama/twdrama/hkdrama) that will make me LAUGH and CRY as much as ohpilseung-bongsongyoung.


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Post by vtt » Mar 29th, '05, 03:19

first Kdrama for me was "What Happened in Bali". Quite good and quite shocking!!!! :w00t:

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Post by Lynn0419 » Mar 29th, '05, 11:40

My First was Autumn Tales :D

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Post by chckboy5 » Mar 29th, '05, 11:49


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Post by bbsvr6vento » Mar 30th, '05, 09:31

While growing up my mom watched a lot of dramas... Chinese O-P-E-R-A dramas :crazy: . Didn't care for all that high pitch whine. Happy was the first JDrama I watched followed by To Heart. Happy was a cute drama series. Anyone out there besides me watch Happy?

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Post by chant71 » Mar 30th, '05, 12:17

my first kdrama was full house, so good :D

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Post by delightful » Mar 31st, '05, 01:08

my first kdrama was autumn tale... i watched quite a few of shk drama after that one ^_^

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Post by karakeru » Mar 31st, '05, 04:49

haven't watched any K-dramas yet, but the first J-drama I started watching was "Virgin Road" (never got to finish it until I found the torrent on this site, though). I can't remember the name of the first J-drama I watched in its entirety, but it starred both KinKi Kids and had "Aisareru yori mo" as it's op.

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Post by Karo » Mar 31st, '05, 13:03

Haven't watched a K-Drama yet...
The first J-Drama I was watching was Pride. Only about 3 episoed and I didn't understand a word, but I really fell in love with it... :wub:

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Post by Yuzuki » Mar 31st, '05, 13:30

I think I watched Long Vacation. :mrgreen:

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Post by mutinous » Mar 31st, '05, 13:37

WInter Sonata

from there i got addicted :P

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Post by Pale-MuN » Mar 31st, '05, 19:48

My first drama was Stairway to Heaven. But my first drama where I watched the whole thing was Summer Scent. :)

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Post by chitato_80 » Apr 1st, '05, 01:15

First ever Jdrama was "Oshin" :) But I was very young (probably 8 years old ?) and did not really understand. I don't remember the story either. So the real first one for me was "Tokyo Love Story" which I really loved that time. I think I was in 7th or 8th grade that time.

First Kdrama was "Autumn Story" . I watched it around 3 years ago.

And I started watching Cdrama since I was very young too so I don't have recollection of those early ones. But then in 5th grade I started watching dramas on my own. I followed Malaysia's TV-3's daily 5pm drama :D

The memorable ones that I still remembered are "Rain in The Heart" & "The Breaking Point"

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Post by snow_drops » Apr 1st, '05, 01:19

Oshin, when I was a little kid.. Must say I didn't understand it though...

I am back in the jdorama world after watching "Beauty or Beast" [jem], and hooked ever since. :roll

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Post by carbonis » Apr 1st, '05, 15:26

The first cdrama I watched was "Meteor garden", because I was fond of the manga.
Then I tried a jdrama: "Kimi wa petto".
For now I'm not interested in kdrama.

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Post by pete12chu » Apr 2nd, '05, 03:31

my first drama i saw was GTO... the anime was when i heard they made a drama out of it, i had to watch it!!!

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Post by petejunk97 » Apr 3rd, '05, 00:25

winter sonata

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Post by Lucreshia » Apr 3rd, '05, 02:15

The first kdrama I ever saw had Choi Soo Jung and Chae Si Ra in it as supporting characters. I think it came out in 1999 or 2000. The story involved Chae Si Ra's character's mother and her fued with another woman from her past. If anyone knows the name of this drama, please let me know. Thanks.

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Post by Lucreshia » Apr 3rd, '05, 02:18

I think my first Cdrama was Wen Jing. My ping ying might be off there. Wen Jing is the name of the title character. It was an interesting story about a girl who was married into a rich family at the age of 9. She grew up like a sister to the three brothers in the family but was officially married to the eldest. All three brothers fell in love with her and the family broke apart due the fact. She wasn't at fault but she was kicked out of the family and had to endure a lot of hardship. Oldie but a goodie. Highly recommended.

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Post by rinimeatballs » Apr 3rd, '05, 02:19

live action sailor moon....... :pale:
then i tried to watch stand up...but i got bored....
soo...sweet 18 is my first korean drama! im kinda new to this

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Post by dr34ming_jb » Apr 4th, '05, 06:57

First drama I watched was Meteor Garden, since I heard about it's popularity from my friends and all of that. I liked it, but MG2 was really disappointing and horrible :P (like what everyone has said, I've seen)

Then I borrowed a Jdrama from a friend called "It started with a kiss", liked it as well but thought it was a bit crazy...

The first kdrama I watched was Autumn Tale. That's what got me into the whole asian drama scene after watching that...

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Post by Cardone » Apr 4th, '05, 07:06

I started by watching You're Under Arrest, which is one of the funniest shows I've ever personally seen. But the first series I watched completely was Heaven's Coins. I watched it mainly because of Noriko Sakai, but I liked it so much that it kind of got me hooked on the whole genre. :unsure:

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Post by greatdeft » Apr 4th, '05, 07:16

The first drama series I watch was Friends and it was only 4 episodes so I don't really consider it the first series I watched. I'm gonna say my mvp valentines since it's basketball and drama. Can't beat that. I was attracted to anything that has to do with basketball so I watched that series. :-)

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Post by mimmi » Apr 4th, '05, 09:08

First j-drama, "musashi" (the black and white series)...made me cried...first k-drama, "hopilseung".....lots of laughter and cried with this one...was also watching "what happen in Bali" at the time too....totally shocked at the end...C-dramas, I watched too many...I can't remember the first one...though I'm hooked on "return of the condor hero" now, good story and fighting action...

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Post by Tika » Apr 8th, '05, 00:39

My first drama was Peach Girl :D

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Post by Gir » Apr 8th, '05, 01:01

My first drama was "Where Is Love" that I picked up off a newsgroup. Then I discovered torrents.

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Myfirst Drama

Post by kjamc » Apr 9th, '05, 15:03

My first hkdrama was "The Dragon Sword" it is an old one from like '80s. The first Jdrama was "Love Generation" loved the story.

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Post by yuishope » Apr 9th, '05, 18:24

The very first drama I saw was Good Luck was about year ago and I just fall in love with Kimura Takuya that time. For me it was excellent beginning, that made me download anything I could find.

PS: still loving Kimtaku...

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Post by Jules » Apr 9th, '05, 21:46

first one was winter sonata thingie with my mom

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Post by ASIAN UNDEFINED » Apr 10th, '05, 19:39

sup, my first drama was Romance in the Rain, watched it with my mom :cry:

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Post by Saki>^.^< » Apr 10th, '05, 20:31

ASIAN UNDEFINED wrote:sup, my first drama was Romance in the Rain, watched it with my mom :cry:
OH OH!!!!! Mine too :D Back then my mom was still all against watching dramas. She said,"They're a waste of time!" But now she's watched wayyyyyy more dramas than I have. I think I watched Meteor Garden at the same time too because my grandma brought it from Indonesia cuz it was THE MOST POPULAR DRAMA over there at the time. I didn't like MG though...

Hmmm... I think my first sort of korean drama was Friends with Won Bin and Kyoko Fukada. That was like 3 or 4 years ago :crazy: But the one that got me really hooked was Endless Love, like lots of people.

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Post by ErickDM » Apr 11th, '05, 02:21

Oh!!! I´m kinda new in this... hee hee

My very first drama I watched was GTO!!! :w00t:

After watched the drama, I started searching for more!!! :D

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Post by mii-chan » Apr 11th, '05, 16:52

The first Jdrama was Kamisama mou sukoshi dake. It didnt have any subtitles, I didnt understand what all the crying was about, but what can I say, Kaneshiro Takeshi was reason enough to keep on watching.

The first Kdrama was Winter sonata. Its the first and so far only korean drama I watched, but I'll be working on that...

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Post by fantasydream3 » Apr 11th, '05, 20:22

My very first K-drama was Autumn in My Heart. My first J-drama was Long Vacation. My first Taiwan drama was Meteor Garden. I'm just an Asian drama addict, lol :D!!!

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Post by Takkie » Apr 13th, '05, 23:23

:blush: i havent visit here in along...along time... :embarrass:

but my 1st k-drama was 'Full House' with Bi...and i luv it...
it was so awesome
be4 i use to watch Thai-lakorn aka Thai-drama...
so when i 1st started to watch FH...i was like wat...this is so different for at 1st i skip eps cuz i was able to only dl some eps...
but when i watch the part when he cried and the endin<kinda...i had to dl all the eps and i watched it in a matter of like 2days...
and i was so surprised on how good of an actor Bi was...(fiy thats when i started to be obsess him) and the other actors also...they were all good...

Now im just lookin for a drama kinda like FH but also diff cuz i'm still very new to the k-drama world...and i would luv to watch a drama and get hook on it like i did with FH...but idk wats good...i tried to dl 9fox-tail...but the mbs was 700...and it was like 2hrs for my comp to i was kinda like hmm...idk if the drama was worth i stop...but plz do give me suggestions on wats really good to watch plz...

ok im gonna stop now cuz im like spammin now...and i when off topic...way..way off sorry... :Embarrass:

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Post by bere » Apr 16th, '05, 05:02

The first kdrama I ever saw was Sandglass when it first came out. I was really young then though so I didn't understand anything.

I got hooked on kdramas with Misa even though I saw Full House, Winter Sonata, Lovers in Paris, and Rooftop Alleycat before that. Wow I didn't realize that I've seen so many kdramas until now

Takkie, I would recommend Bi's other drama "Sang-Doo, Let's Go to School" Its slightly different than Full House because it has a bit more drama to it, but its very light hearted and even my little sister likes this drama. Plus the kid that comes in this drama is a cutie. Also the new drama, "18:29" is funny. I haven't seen all of it though so I'm not quite sure yet.

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first drama

Post by wickedlycute » Apr 17th, '05, 08:54

first drama was pride. im also watching orange days and SOS.

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Post by square » Apr 18th, '05, 11:18

first j-drama was [summer snow] ... poor tsuyoshi-kun :cry:

and [bright girl's success] was the first k-drama i watched... i'm really hooked to comedy since then :blink

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Post by sofee » Apr 19th, '05, 00:50

First Korean Drama Winter Sonata got me hooked on Korean; First Chinese Drama Meteor Garden got me hooked on Chinese; carefully selecting my first Japanese! I like both sad and funny like MG; Winter Sonata was very nice but heavy.

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Post by TNF » Apr 19th, '05, 00:59

hmm...i've been watching hk dramas for as long as i could remember, probaby the earlies one was before kindergarten.....that i remember. after all my family speaks cantonese.

the first kdrama i watched was 3-4 years ago, it was either hotelier or all about eve.

the first jdrama i watched was when i first joined d-addicts back in january...a million stars fall from the sky XD yeah i'ma noobie in this area lol

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Post by :bunny: » Apr 19th, '05, 08:07

the very very very first drama that i watched is Tokyo Love Story
it was airing on tv when i was in elementary :wub:

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Post by larry_e_smith » Apr 20th, '05, 04:49

Village of Haze, and korean film drama...which after I saw it on opening night got banned by the goverment for 6 months because of the "sex" scenes. (yeah right). But it was a first...Japanese...I am not sure at all. I just remember that one because of it getting banned, and I was on my first date with korean girl :) hehe


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Post by 168chOttO » Apr 20th, '05, 05:07

first one? hmmm....i think it was tokyo love story then after a few years, i started on kdrama think it was all about eve :P

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Post by rangals » Apr 20th, '05, 21:34

First jdrama - Sailor Moon
First kdrama - Full House
First tdrama - Peach Girl
hm.. all based on comics...

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Post by me!!! » Apr 25th, '05, 04:23

1st jdrama---GTO i think... but not too sure.
1st kdrama---autumn tale i think... i remember i was watching another kdrama concurrently too, but i dont remember the title
1st cdrama--- legend of white snake... this was when i was really young. maybe 8 or 9. I remembered they used a girl to act the main male character act as bai su zhen's lover and son... lol... now thinking back, it was such stupid show. wonder why i continued watching...
but well, I've been growing up watching drama. It's like another part of me. :P

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Post by crazylazy_chief » Apr 25th, '05, 07:04

K-Drama: All About Eve <3 Loved that series
J-Drama: Tokyo Love Story or GTO...either it was those two or it was Under the Same Roof...can't remember... :unsure:

As for C-drama...LOL, I really have no idea... :P

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Post by babai » Apr 25th, '05, 07:31

1st Korean drama: Winter Sonata! - got me hooked for life
1st Japanese drama: Beautiful Life
1st Chinese drama: Meteor Garden I

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Post by damarikomu » Apr 25th, '05, 10:41

I've only watched J-drama H2 and I wub it XD

Can't wait to see my first C and K-dramas XD

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Post by keii_san » Apr 28th, '05, 19:27

I' ve been watching kdramas since I was in kindergarten...ever since I could remember..but the first one I really started to watch was..."What about love" 사랑이 뭐길래

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Post by stella_83 » Apr 29th, '05, 06:46

Hello! I'm new here. For me, the first Korean Drama dat i'd watched was Winter Sonata n the first Chinese Drama dat i'd watched was Meteor Garden. :-)

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Post by stupoh » Apr 29th, '05, 07:12

First JDrama: Oshin
It's dubbed, and it's a long long time ago, didnt finished it though

First CDrama: Meteor Garden I
My labmate couldnt stop laughing while watching it, that made me join and watch too. Not because the drama was really funny anyway, but because my friends laughing was really funny :roll

First JDrama (not dubbed): Friends
Well at that time i was more into animes and mangas

First KDrama: Attic Cat
My friend gave me, knowing that i was planning to study in korea. Really like it even though it's low quality WMV version. But the one that really made me hook to drama is Stairway to Heaven, because soon after i found that drama in, i found d-addicts and start to watch lots more kdramas, and then some jdramas too, and now thinking to watch cdrama too :idea:

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Post by hikarisennin » May 2nd, '05, 04:49

First J-drama: Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake

First K-drama: Beautiful Days

I didn't even notice...both have a lot to do with the music world...

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Post by Evil_kuroro » May 2nd, '05, 17:23

My first J-drama : GTO
My first K-drama : bright girl's success
after Gto i watch Long vacation (Onizuka love this drama :P )

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Post by n_lotus » May 3rd, '05, 12:36

First JDrama: Oshin
It's a looooooooooooong time ago, and it was really great one :-)

First KDrama: Tale of Autumn
It's a good one as a start.

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Post by laure_choc » May 8th, '05, 14:49

the 1st ep of a jdrama was orange days, but it was still on going
so the 1st seen from the beginning to the end was konna koi no hanashi and i just loved it :wub:
(i liked OD a lot too but less)

kdrama: have seen at the same time full house and my love patzzi
i will certainly watch full house again, not so sure about my love patzzi

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Post by Emiko-chan » May 9th, '05, 13:42

The first k-drama was:
Autumn in my heart

First J-drama was:
Majo no Jouken

I loved them both so much!

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Post by MissCli » May 13th, '05, 23:14

1st one of mine was : STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.. :-)

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Post by kei » May 16th, '05, 18:24

The first drama I ever watched was Summer Snow. It's still my favourite.

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Post by Hana_Alice » May 16th, '05, 20:27

1st Jdrama--too long ago.. cant remember..
1st Kdrama--still too long ago.. cant remember..
1st Cdrama--toooooo long ago.. impossible to remember..
i guess i'm just agin a bit too fast.. *sniff sniff*

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Post by jainah » May 16th, '05, 20:29

My first j-drama was GTO :D

My first k-drama was The attic cat...

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first drama

Post by truong.michelle » May 18th, '05, 01:58

if korean, then Winter Sonata. it was so good! thank god i got the best one as the first thing i watched. i started watching korean stuff religiously ever since

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Post by XxenTric » May 19th, '05, 03:57

First J-Drama was Summer Proposal. Loved it!
First K-Drama ... it was raw so I had no idea what the title was XP

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Post by EpiKz » May 19th, '05, 04:27

First Jdrama - GTO
First Kdrama - Stairway to Heaven
First Cdrama - i dunno i sorta grew up watchin em wit my parents on TV hahaha i never knew what they were called cuhz they was in CHINESE

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Post by Pasko » May 19th, '05, 17:26

1st j-drama :virgin road
1st j-drama that really made me like dramas : beautiful life

1st k-drama :sorry i love you

still, my top 3 dramas are love generation, orange days and beautiful life

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Post by swaichia » May 20th, '05, 23:50

Here's my:
1st JDrama: Beach Boy
1st KDrama: StairWay to Heaven
1st HKDrama: Forget already

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Post by Haime » May 22nd, '05, 02:34

My first drama (of 3 =P) was Full House :-)

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Post by andycjw » May 22nd, '05, 18:03

well, my first jdorama is 'meguri ai' by takako tokiwa, it's just the first japanese drama that is shown on local tv the place i live

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Post by kimmie_ai_ni4 » May 27th, '05, 13:48

well im asian... so i dont actually remember wat 1st asian movie or drama ive watched.. hehe

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first kdrama

Post by solitaire » May 28th, '05, 11:54

My first Kdrama is 'Lovers in Paris'
I watched this first on TV (Channel 2 ABS CBN -tagalog dubbed)
And have watched it again and again in DVD (korean audio, english subs)
And watched it on Sundays rerun on channel 2.

I may say "Lovers in Paris" started my addiction to kdramas.

After that, I've watched "Stairways to Heaven" (again on TV and in VCD)
Next, watched "All In"(dvd), " Hotelier"(DL), "Sweet 18"(DL), "Memories in Bali"(DL), " Sorry, I Love You"(DL).

Now, trying to follow Stained Glass episodes on TV.

Now, I have blurry eyes :tv:

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Post by Shindou-Kun » May 28th, '05, 12:06

First drama show I saw was Summer Snow subbed by Japan-TV. A friend sent it to me and told me that I had to watch it. The second show I saw was Great Teacher Onizuka and third show was God Luck!!.

My first Korean drama show was Country Princess. I saw episode 1, but since there was nobody willing to seed it, I never got to finish watching it. Second Korean show was Sweet 18.

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Post by okumasama » May 28th, '05, 12:07

Beautiful Life (the old TV rip version)

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Post by harmonyLGS » May 29th, '05, 01:57

First Kdrama- Hotelier (sadly, it was with Chinese dubs..)
First Cdrama- Meteor Garden (haven't finished it either!)
First Jdrama- none yet!

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