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So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by hell-o » Aug 11th, '05, 02:18

for korean drama..it was Endless Love but i couldnt understand anything!!
for japaneseeee dorama its GTO !! still one of my favorites =)

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Post by riyokiru » Aug 13th, '05, 19:09

My first was ehhh winter sonata..which i never finished.. just a little slowpaced for me.

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Post by Bahamut619 » Aug 14th, '05, 01:59

I watched a few dorama when I was in elementary school in Japan, but I can't remember their titles because of lack of interest (Didn't pay too much attention, got bored and stopped watching etc).
The first drama that I clearly remember watching is Japanese dorama: 「Coach」 in 1996. I was still in grade 6, but it really moved me. I was hooked on dorama since then, and I probably won't be watching dorama now if it wasn't for this series.

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Post by bukhrin » Aug 16th, '05, 17:15

My first korean drama is Autumn in my heart (a.k.a Autumn Story), My first japanese one is the classic Oshin (that was a good 20 years ago). But I think the weirdest one is Moero Attack, about a bunch of japanese volleyball team with killer spike attack techniques (spinning triple sommersault, kaleidoscopic-splitting volley ball). I wonder if anyone watched it also ?

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Post by ahweigor » Aug 16th, '05, 19:10

my very first J-Drama was Great Teacher Onizuka!!! (aka. GTO)

This is where i first saw Matsushima Nanako! i think this may be the reason she's me favourate actress! =P

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Post by kurono-kun » Aug 16th, '05, 21:15

My first jdrama was Summer Snow. Fantastic, splendid, excellent ... I finished crying a lot :cry: I saw it 5 times... Marvelous

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Post by nezumi » Aug 16th, '05, 21:34

im a newbie to kdramas, but my my korean friend made me d/l my name is kim samsoon and said autumn tale was a must!
since i've only watched 2 kdramas to date, i prefer samsoon only cos the lead girl cracks me up.
my first jdrama was beautiful life...strangely hooked to it even tho i watched it in japanese not understanding a single word.
just as oddly when i watched my first hkdrama dubbed in vietnamese ^^;

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Post by azra » Aug 17th, '05, 03:58

My first kdrama is Winter Sonata. They run it in my Country but dubbed the whole series in Chinese. But I bought the CDs to hear the original language.
My only jdrama is Son-in-law. About a macho singer but a nerd in reality. So funny.
I prefer kdrama.

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first dramas

Post by azndgn26 » Aug 17th, '05, 04:20

In the US:
Chinese - Hua Mu Lan (I Think)
Korean - Invitation
These were released in 1999

In China:
The Legend of White Snake (original version)
Journey To The West (original version)
Justice Bao (original version)
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Post by hyolee » Aug 17th, '05, 04:26

Loving You

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Post by fuddleduddle » Aug 18th, '05, 04:52

the first i've ever seen was some chinese martial arts drama when i was about 5 years old. it was a rerun, and was made in the early 1980s. ever since, i've been watching hong kong dramas :).

the first jdrama i've ever seen was Shota no sushi. it was dubbed in cantonese.

the first kdrama i've ever seen was hotelier. i never finished watching it, and i've never watched a kdrama since.

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Post by P0KEY » Aug 18th, '05, 04:56

fuddleduddle wrote: the first kdrama i've ever seen was hotelier. i never finished watching it, and i've never watched a kdrama since.
ouch, that sucks, to start off your kdramas with a sucky one

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Post by tanflora » Aug 20th, '05, 14:48

The 1st Korean drama that i watched was Autumn in my Heart. That was then i hook to the tv whenever there's a korean drama. I've just finished watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Great series. Must watch. Highly recommended.

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Post by missnoy » Aug 22nd, '05, 05:28

first k-drama was autumn love story - cried myself a river...
first j-drama was great teacher onizuka - such great acting, very heart warming
first t-drama was meteor garden - i enjoyed it :D

addicted to kdrama mostly now. especially the romantic comedy ones. Halarious! :lol

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Post by cloud78 » Aug 22nd, '05, 05:34

first K-Drama: Hotelier
first J-Dorama: Anything for you / Kimi no tame ni dekiru koto - very touching story.

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Post by cheerio_888 » Aug 23rd, '05, 09:34

Autumn in My Heart... fantastic! It left me crying from the start up to the last episode. :cry:

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Post by Dhenshu » Aug 24th, '05, 00:32

My first was GTO: Live Action. Most recent have been Orange Days, Yasha, Garasu no Kamen and H2.

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Post by Bi's girl » Aug 24th, '05, 05:50

guccietro wrote:Mine was All About Eve :roll
yup!! mine too!! :D
All About Eve4.jpg
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Post by pow155 » Aug 24th, '05, 06:14

first drama i remember: bright girl success story.
i started watching drama since i was 4 or 5. i forgot the name of those drama.

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Post by hyori6739 » Aug 24th, '05, 18:55


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Post by k2sky » Aug 24th, '05, 20:27

Hmm... I think mine was Food Fight :lol
It was fun watching them cram food into their mouth, and some of the dishes looked amazingly delicious :P

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Post by nyako » Aug 24th, '05, 23:13

my first jdorama was gto and i merely watched it by chance... after that i wanted to watch more :lol

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Post by Eria » Aug 27th, '05, 18:01

My first would be Meteor Garden then Autumn Fairy Tale.
I haven't seen any Jdorama but will get there when time permits.
I wish they would just put out all of them on dvd (w/ English subtitle).
I think downloading is such an incovenience for me but I don't have a choice.
I'm still grateful..
But I feel bad for making fun of my friends and cousins who got me into this.
Now, I would flip California state upside-down just to find dvd's.
Hah! such a hypocrite.

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Post by HUAY » Aug 28th, '05, 08:40

Japanese - Summer Snow
Korean - Full House

XD; And, although im Taiwanese.. ive never completed a chinese series;; T_T; gg, me. But ive watched parts of Meteor Garden, Secret Garden, Mars, & At The Dolphin Bay

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Post by wrongun » Aug 29th, '05, 00:07

My first drama was Good Luck. I watched all 10 eps over a few days last week. Since then, I watched 2 other complete series, Orange Days and Pride. I'm waiting for more Lunch Queen eps to be uploaded, as I've already watched the first five that are here at D-Addicts.

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Post by Moomin » Aug 29th, '05, 01:46

My first drama was probably Love Generation. Japanese dramas were so popular in Asia years ago (still popular but not as popular as it used to be, I guess) and lots of people bought JDrama VCDs back then. Someone told me part of the reasons why they were so popular was because they had realistic settings (ie. messy rooms). Haha...

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Post by bbyblue » Aug 29th, '05, 01:56

kdrama - my love, patzzi

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Post by Omega601 » Aug 29th, '05, 23:11

First k-drama i watched was winter sonata
No wonder i ended up a k-drama fanatic

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Post by max_phrozen » Aug 30th, '05, 08:31

The first drama I watched was Beautiful Life sub by Japan-tv. Getting addicted after that :)

Followed by GTO, Long Vacation :D

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Post by kaosrave » Aug 30th, '05, 17:13

My first drama i watched was gokusen, i thought it was the anime it ended up beign better, then i got addicted to jdrama. LOl

By the way, does anyone know who this is? shes really pretty.

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Post by Lena83 » Sep 1st, '05, 08:22

My first drama was a Jdrama, Orange Days. My first Kdrama was Full House. That's what hooked me in. Its been about two months since FH. Then I went on to Delightful Girl, Sam Soon I'm Sorry I Love You, and now The Last Dance Is With Me. Can't seem to stop this addiction. :D

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Post by ThangDiengXD » Sep 1st, '05, 08:26

i guess the martial arts movies?..:P they have drama 2..right right?!
my parents used 2 have LOTS of those stuff..i can remember the older series of "co gai do long" there is a newer deries of it..slightly different called"Return of the condor heroes" i mean..besides all thoes fighting..theres some drama>.>

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Post by Kssk » Sep 2nd, '05, 21:36

To heart. Was a break from anmation at that moment. Now it's the perfect contrary. Became a drama addict, but i still think that there's a lot of shitty dramas too ( but less than shitty animes :) )

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Post by CamCam » Sep 2nd, '05, 22:40

Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon.........rofl......yeah, i know. cheeze.

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Lynn Minmei
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Post by Lynn Minmei » Sep 2nd, '05, 23:12

Jdorama: GTO

Kdrama: Autumn Tale(i never watched all episodes not until i finally got all episodes this year) that was shown here in the Philippines a couple of years back.

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Post by d-rock » Sep 3rd, '05, 02:43

I'm pretty sure it was Kimpachi/Kinpachi sensei. About a teacher at a school with events surrounding the students. I think it was more serious than the GTO and Gokusen types. Good stuff, used to watch it with my grandma. >_>'''

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Post by Kyusaku » Sep 3rd, '05, 02:56

First Jdrama I think was Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake saw it back in 98. Saw it on a local station, I still remember it well. Been a Jdrama addict ever since then. First Kdrama...Sweet 18 I think.

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Post by bawkchoii » Sep 5th, '05, 21:39

first drama I watched wus summer scent ...back in 2003, when I was goin to like...junior high haha

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Post by yumechan » Sep 6th, '05, 09:38

Well, I think my first one was Sailor Moon, but I didn't actually get hooked on jdorama until I watched Gokusen, followed by Kimi wa petto without translations >.< and I barely understand a word XD

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Post by kelfon » Sep 6th, '05, 09:46

H2 was mine. Some reason I liked it a lot. I like the sport ones. I wish they have more of those kind, I bet they do but I'm pretty much a banana and wouldn't know much. Any recommendations? Msg me please. =)

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Post by Lolli » Sep 6th, '05, 21:38

The first drama I watched was Summer Snow and I still love this series although it's so sad ;_; But every actor was so great in his role and the whole story was just heart touching... yeah when it comes to series I'm really sentimental XD

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Post by Athaclena42 » Sep 6th, '05, 21:51

The first kdrama I watched was Bright Girl's Success Story. I downloaded the first 4 episodes off of jtv, and then I got the DVD's. I thought it was cool and cute, and that's what got me into asian dramas in general. Now I've watched tons of them...so much more entertaining than watching some of the stuff that cable has to offer in the US!

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Post by orionredwing » Sep 6th, '05, 22:10

My first drama that gotted me started was Legend of the Condor Heroes (Golden Edition) back in the 80s! The most recent remake from China is The Legend of the Arching Hero released in 2004 (quite a good remake).

That led to the various sequels in the novels, including The Return of the Condor Heroes (Golden Edition) starring Andy Lau. This was the series with Hsiao Long Nu (Little Dragon Girl). I watched it all in Mandarin, so I'm still getting used to the English names.

I still believe this series was what rocketed Andy Lau's career, cuz he was relatively unknown prior to that.

Ok, that's dating me a bit. =)

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Post by usyagitntn » Sep 7th, '05, 00:30

My first Jdrama was Hoshi No kinka ( heaven's coin), the first Kdrama that I watched from the beginning to the end was Prince's First Love ( I highly recommend for anyone who likes the comedy/romantic type of thing :wub: ). I really enjoyed those 2 dramas and for Chinese drama I watched so many that I can't even remember what their names are......

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Post by NiikuraKaoru » Sep 7th, '05, 04:39

i first watched...... Winter Sonata :o bae blahblah isnt that hot :S stop sayin hes hot....

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Post by Gyopo » Sep 8th, '05, 09:29

First, Korean Drama I watched was...well I don't recall it...something about Blue Bird? The name isn't coming to mind at the moment.

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Post by kinki » Sep 8th, '05, 10:17


first j-drama was Majo no jouken aka forbidden love (watched it in 2001)
first Tw-drama Meteor Garden (watched it in 2002)
first k-drama Winter sonatas (watched it in spring 2003)

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Post by muss69 » Sep 9th, '05, 16:47

my first jdorama is...i forgot the title :P ?

kyoko fukada was in it...it was about mother and daughter :roll

if you know please tell me....i wanna watch it back! it was between 5-8 years ago

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Post by IceThy » Sep 10th, '05, 00:49

I also can't remember..... I think I have been watching these since I couldn't even speak.... but it must've been something chinese
the first kdrama I watched conscious was.... Stairway to heaven.

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Post by shilah » Sep 11th, '05, 06:21

My 1st Kdrama is All About Eve
My 1st Jdrama is The Innocent Witch
My 1st Tdrama is Mars

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Post by babai » Sep 11th, '05, 06:29

first asian drama - Meteor Garden
first kdrama - Winter Sonata - this is what got me hooked on Asian dramas
first jdrama - Summer Snow - started it, was really bored so I couldn't finish it
first completed jdrama - Beautiful Life

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Post by Katsandrya » Sep 11th, '05, 06:36

Well, it's difficult to recall, though I just started to watch drama this year... anime were not enough ;) Lol

for K-drama : it was the nine tail fox : a supplementary tale
for J-drama : sleeping forest

Then.. I got addicted and watch many more since then :)

Still looking for good titles to download, but don't have enough time to watch all I would like to watch.. got several waiting on my HD....... :-(


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Post by Rhocake » Sep 14th, '05, 02:02

The first jdrama I can remember watching was Great Teacher Onizuka.

It was back during my first semester of college. I always kinda wanted to be a teacher but thought it would be stupid. HOWEVER, once I finished GTO, I found a new respect for good teachers.

Strangely enough, that following semester I ended up declaring my major in history education. Weird huh.

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Post by vietchic » Sep 14th, '05, 16:02

Hmm...this is a hard one :unsure:

I've been watching dramas forever...but mainly Hong Kong dramas...and they were all dubbed in Vietnamese also. So, I'm not sure what would be my very first Chinese drama...so I think I'll pass on that.

I know for sure that my first kdrama was Attic Cat...although I saw the Vietnamese dubbed version. It wasn't the greatest series..but I enjoyed the ending. I've been watching English subbed kdramas now since they are so hard to come by dubbed and I'm thinking I prefer subbed over dubbed now. I drives me crazy when the lips don't sync with the words!!!

My first Tdrama was Love at the Dolphin Bay...and I LOVED it!!

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Post by BoX » Sep 14th, '05, 18:30

My first j-dorama was Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003, which I watched about a month ago.

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Post by (-Oni-Kazuki-) » Sep 14th, '05, 18:37

hrm... i cant remember the title of the one i watched...
it was in '98 when i saw it... sumtin to do bought these teens... who fell inlove grew up but
the guy had to join the army... and they both married other people... (the girl lied and said she was married.... stupid girl) but the guy wasnt married when they met... but just said the same thing since the girl said she was... (the guy was blinded in war due to a grenade) and they each had kids 1 girl the other had a boy.. and the love between the 2 teens grew in their kids.. and their souls found eachother and the kids instantly fell inlove... thats the story :P (i wonder if anyone could figuer it out? lol)

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Post by meiohsetsuna » Sep 15th, '05, 05:08

My first Jdrama was GTO. That was almost a year ago. Now I'm a drama otaku.. :) Before I was only into anime. But after watching GTO I discovered more dramas and the wonderful world that revolves around them. I claim that I am aiding my Japanese language skills while watching... as much as a joke as it sounds, its probably true.. my first Kdrama was Stairway to Heaven. I watched that after watching my first Korean Movie, My Tutor Friend. That was probably all 5 months ago or so. I still like Jdorama more simply because I am an avid Japanese language learner.. but I am always open to good entertainment.


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Post by wacko » Sep 17th, '05, 01:24

Great Teacher Onizuka.
That was when I just got into watching anime, and loved the anime of GTO. I stumbled on the drama on a bittorrent tracker I think, got curious and watched it.
Then I got interested in more drama series, and began with Summer Snow. Surprisingly, I got bored with it quickly and stopped watching after a few episodes. After that I didn't watch any drama for a long while, thinking it was too boring, but I left it with a feeling like "hm you know, I won't be surprised if one day I'll be watching dramas again".

So recently in an anime thread on a computers-related forum there was this guy who said "you guys should check out the drama Densha Otoko, it's awesome and funny, you guys will like it too". I thought the synopsis was interesting and it sounded great. He posted a link to d-addicts too, but since almost any type of 'grey' legal activity is taboo there the link got edited out by a moderator. Fortunately I saw the link before that. So I ended up here, with Densha Otoko video raws and fansubs available. I've been following it so obsessively that I once again got interested in dramas, so I had a look around and saw a picture of Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang. It had a great appeal to me or something, I don't know, but I downloaded a few episodes and had a good time. I downloaded the rest and now I'm up to episode 11. I love it.

As we speak, I'm downloading Summer Snow again. Picking up where I left off, I don't know how long ago that was...

I went a bit overboard seeing the purpose of this thread, but I just wanted to have this rant somewhere :lol

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Post by ~Adam~ » Sep 17th, '05, 04:32


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Post by koolmangtx » Sep 17th, '05, 04:34

To Love Again/Ex Lover

Tae Hui
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Post by Tae Hui » Sep 17th, '05, 04:47

Paper Crane

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Post by ghostdoctor » Sep 17th, '05, 12:24

I started not too long ago with Densha.(yeah, I just found out there is something call jdramas). Densha is really good.

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Post by srabone » Sep 17th, '05, 23:29

im so new to this...i 1st started wit "she is back" (aka ice girl) that is currently on KBS.

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Post by kishine1o » Sep 18th, '05, 00:07

Love Generation, It's the best.

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Post by 0_liceyy » Sep 18th, '05, 00:26

my first korean drama was "autumn in my heart" ^.^

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Post by Anrui » Sep 18th, '05, 00:28

The first drama I watched was....Love Talks :lol I never did see the end of that show...

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Post by raspb3rry » Sep 18th, '05, 00:59

Jannah wrote:First K-drama I ever watched was Autumn Tale when it was shown on a tv station here 4 years ago. At that time I was still immune to K-drama cliches, and I got so taken in by the story. And the beautiful scenery, great acting & fitting music really got to me as well. So it got me hooked to K-dramas & my craze has lasted till now. :D
Hey thats the case with me too! Autumn Tale was my very first K-drama, and then I watched Winter Sonata which got me hooked even more. Now I'm just purely addicted :P. My mum got addicted after watching Stairway to Heaven hehe, she missed out on so much good k-dramas. But she totally loves Dae Jang Geum~!

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Post by Celestial_Maiden » Sep 18th, '05, 17:09

First drama I watched was Long Vacation. My flatmate at the time got her hands on it ans was hooked on it so i decided to watch with her and find out why she was so excited. lol in the end I was more hooked than her. Now she comes to me for her drama fix XD.

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Post by albertoavena » Sep 19th, '05, 20:52

ghostdoctor wrote:I started not too long ago with Densha.(yeah, I just found out there is something call jdramas). Densha is really good.
Same here, I started out with Densha Otoko and also found out about Jdoramas. Densha Otoko is the funniest Jdorama to me...

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Post by ht5 » Sep 20th, '05, 00:13

Yah the first k drama i watched was autum tale then i started getting interested to other k dramas

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Post by ml_heart » Sep 20th, '05, 12:59

My first one was autumn tale. I thought it was so good...i got hooked!

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Post by ladym » Sep 20th, '05, 13:17

well...i dont know what kind of drama was...but i guess it was chinese and that is "wind and cloud". this happened like last winter, and since then i started saying that i like asian tv series (i did not knew they were called dramas), but after i found u guys (the d-addicts) and i took my next asian drama (japanese to be more exact), that is TRICK and definitelly felt in love with asian dramas :wub: :w00t: (now i'm on the last series of trick and the next one will be...hm....probably another one with abe san :wub: :mrgreen: ...i've read good things about "at home dad"LOL)

PS: because of the d-addicts my computer did not had a single minute of rest since the last 3 0r 4 weeks... :w00t: :mrgreen:

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Post by kishine1o » Sep 20th, '05, 13:32

Love Generation.

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Post by K.T.Tran » Sep 23rd, '05, 18:56

My Little Chef. Loved Aya's and Akiko's acting after watching this serie :mrgreen:

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the first drama i watched was a korean drama,i think it was called "snow White"?? well i dont kno the the exact title but it had Kim Tae Hee's brother in it and Kim Junghwa?

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