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So.. What was the first drama you watched??

Discuss about anything here that doesn't fit in the other categories. Just don't spam.
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Post by hamanokumko1212 » May 15th, '07, 02:16

Well, I haven't seen any K or J dramas yet...
but yeah, Lavender <3

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Post by Kuroyume » May 16th, '07, 02:09

first episode i watched? Densha Otoko 01...

forst full drama, beggining to end? GTO...

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Post by dreamerboy » May 19th, '07, 03:41

first asian drama i've seen was densha otoko
quite possibly THE best introduction to japanese dorama imho
i still recommend this show to my friends and family to this day and most of the people i've shown it to has been pretty hooked on it :lol

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Post by Profane » May 19th, '07, 04:03

First Drama for me was Full House. Then it was HYD/HYD 2

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Post by Whisper Softly » May 20th, '07, 03:27

The first one I watched was My Lovely Sam Soon, but I never finished it because the site I was watching it on deleted it. u.u''
The first full drama I watched was Nobuta wo Produce <3

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Post by itachi666 » May 20th, '07, 03:30

Onizuka.......... (GTO live action)

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Post by trinadizzo » May 21st, '07, 03:49

huan zhu ge ge counts right? i watched the viet dub like.. 10 years ago and fell in LOOVe with alec su hahah. i was so mad that they changed the characters in part 3 i didnt watch it.. the new xiaoyanzi was so ugly haha. first modernday drama.. stairway to heaven! i shouldnt have done it.. im hoookked.. through and through haha then MY GIRL.. which is one of my favs.. i watched full house after and it was ugh.. they kind of have a lot of things in common dont they? so watch full house first so you wont get disapointed! haha. rain bi.. theyre callin him korea's justin timberlake nowadays in PEOPLE magazine hahahha. and taiwanese drama.. peach girl cause i liked the anime.. n fell in love with vanness so i watched meteor garden haha. and then.. japanese.. i think was hana yori dango and then gokusen.. for fans of that girl watch SHINOBI heart under blade.. i watched this before gokusen.. and was amazed how uglier u could look with glasses and pigtails.. no offense haha. and animEE! naruto? like 10 years ago and still countin.. haha

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Post by Midori_Fairy09 » May 21st, '07, 07:09

My parents have been watching a lot of viet-dubbed dramas over the past several years. I can't recall the first drama I've seen, but the first drama I got into watching was a Chinese drama called Romance in the Rain with some of the cast of Huan Shu Ge Ge in it. First Korean drama was 4 Sisters. I've yet to watch a Japanese drama though.

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Post by khmai_kandi22 » May 21st, '07, 07:13

Hmm 1st ever drama....

kdrama: Tree of Heaven

jdrama: Taiyou no Uta

cdrama: I don't remember because too many :roll

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Post by ysabellej » May 21st, '07, 18:09

k-drama - winter sonata (dvd); my girl (d-addicts) :cheers:
j-drama- Kamisama, Mou Sukoshi Dake (heart breaking yet worth watching) :pale:
t-drama - lavender(dvd); devil beside you(d-addicts) :P
c-drama - still reading synopsis :whistling:
s-drama- still contemplating :roll

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Post by M'chelle » May 24th, '07, 11:03

Very first asian drama I ever watched was full house and i was hooked(on asian dramas and bi) :mrgreen:

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Post by lothlorien14 » May 30th, '07, 17:30

The first jdrama that i saw is Hana Yori Dango.

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Post by zooey » Jun 2nd, '07, 02:01

K-drama Bright Girl
Jdorama Beautiful Life
Taiwanese drama Lavender

All pretty decent dramas. :-)

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Post by rossier » Jun 2nd, '07, 02:17

I cant remember anymore coz i started watching since kindergarden hahaha..

jdorama - Suzuka The Ninja, Ultraman, Gaban, Black Masked Rider, Moero Attack (cant really remember which one first, but Suzuka The Ninja was really good back then and they make a remake of Moero Attack and called em Attack No.1 huhuhu... :roll ).

HKdrama - wow i cant remember the title at all but Leon Lai Ming was in it and he was very young still. Hehehe..

Kdrama - The successful story of a bright girl

Tdrama - dunno but the one i can remember right now is The Legend Of Condor Hero

Sgdrama - Pua Chu Kang hahahahahahahahaha :P

MDrama - Tragedi Sri Mersing (my neighbour blow up her tv and come to watch this series at our home everyday, i really hate it at first coz i cant watch my HKdrama but eventually i began to watch it together... :P )

Wow these list make me appear older... :pale:

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Post by Shadow Hexagram » Jun 3rd, '07, 21:03

The very first drama I watched was Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. It was so kitsch and gay that I tried to find other shows like this one. But I honestly hooked up to dramas when a Japanese friend of mine showed me a bad VHS of Ikebukuro West Gate Park.

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Post by pepprmint » Jun 11th, '07, 04:22

first drama ever, was Meteor Garden!! then after that was Meteor Garden II, then Meteor Rain, then anything else the F4 boys came out with hahaa, i got so hooked

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Post by KidD34TH » Jun 14th, '07, 23:05

My first drama series was.. Orange Days.

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Post by durrellie » Jun 18th, '07, 00:28


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Post by Lalami » Jun 22nd, '07, 16:52

Hana yori dango!

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Post by chumpdero » Jun 24th, '07, 03:46

The first drama series I watched was an old one called "Second Chance." Then I stopped for a bit but, "Nanisama!" got me back into it.

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Post by FireFlower » Jun 24th, '07, 14:40

The first drama I have watched was Water Boys

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Post by Dega Kima » Jun 26th, '07, 05:31

Denchi ga Kirerumade

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Post by Katemonster » Jun 28th, '07, 20:18

Heh. I watched the first five minutes of the first episode of Full House, freaked out at the file size and deleted it. (I didn't have my own computer.)

Hm. But the first one I downloaded and kept watching? Lunch Queen. Heck. I'm still watching it. (New Asian Drama-er here. :3)

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Post by Ainariel » Jun 28th, '07, 20:26

The first for me was probably Densha Otoko. Right after it came Nobuta wo Produce.

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Post by JaYbLeS » Jun 30th, '07, 07:52

Well my friends told me about Great Teacher Onizuka....After seeing this drama i definitely became addicted and started to watch dramas

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Post by ~ Phantom ~ » Jun 30th, '07, 08:19

I watched Anego, then i became D-addicts ^^

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Post by Orbity » Jun 30th, '07, 08:27

Movie: Swing Girls (Japanese)

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Post by shyme » Jun 30th, '07, 08:40

First Kdrama was Endless Love (Autumn in my heart) but I got hooked to Winter Sonata.
First Jdrama was Hana Yori Dango (1&2).

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Post by Kazuya_ » Jun 30th, '07, 11:33

Either Long Vacation or Virgin Road. Whichever one aired first.

"Can You Celebrate?" was a huge hit, so I think it was Virgin Road.

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Post by mazerius1st » Jun 30th, '07, 11:55

I think it was H2. But after that I have watched pretty much all the available J/K/C-dramas that have English subtitles.

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Post by Dagorlad » Jul 1st, '07, 10:50

My first drama series was "Sorry, I Love You". the one that got me hooked was "The Secret Lovers", and my 3rd and favorite by far was "Crazy For You".

My first Drama movie was "Mr. Handy", but the first one I saw that totally blew my mind and tore my heart out was "...ing". My favorite drama movie was "A Millionaire's First Love", one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Can someone PLEASE tell me what GTO stands for so I can start watching it?!?!?!?!

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Post by thirstygirl » Jul 1st, '07, 10:59

Dagorlad wrote: Can someone PLEASE tell me what GTO stands for so I can start watching it?!?!?!?!
'Great Teacher Onizuka' and it's probably the funniest school drama I've seen.

My first dorama was Kimi Wa Petto and I was *hooked*

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Post by angel333 » Jul 1st, '07, 20:47

The first drama i watched was Mars. After that I did not stop watching them.
My favorite dramas are Devil beside you, Dal's Spring and Liar Game

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Post by amirvero » Jul 1st, '07, 20:59

My Girl...well at least concerning Asian dramas

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Post by sabriyahm » Jul 1st, '07, 21:10

Kdrama-It's tough to recall. I think Bright Girl's Success or maybe Goong.
Tdrama-Mars which is my fav manga and drama of all time

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Post by usurpname » Jul 3rd, '07, 06:22

the live-action GTO after watching most of the anime version.

which reminds me... i never did finish the series... time to start downloading ^_^

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Hana Kimi!

Post by devillicious » Jul 3rd, '07, 20:16

Mine would have to be the Taiwanese Drama, Hana Kimi that I first watched last year or the beginning of this year. I felt kind of stupid at first for deciding to download and watch a live-action Asian Drama since I'm already always getting teased by my family for watching Anime in their original Japanese language (with subtitles, of course) and reading manga. Actually, due to the retardedness of Hana Kimi, I wanted to watch more. It was so funny!

After that I just kept watching and downloading Asian Dramas. I believe that Corner With Love was my second drama that I watched. I then became hooked on Japanese Dramas as well after watching Hana Yori Dango (which happens to be my all time favorite drama!! Inoue Mao is absolutely brilliant!

And that's about it. Thank goodness I never listen to my family or else I wouldn't have watched all of the wonderful dramas on D-Addicts and I wouldn't be completely obsessed!

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Post by crescent » Jul 3rd, '07, 20:35

mine was 'Devil beside you'... I discovered it by accident... :D but... I got really carried away... I couldn't eat, sleap, study, work etc XD haha
I really liked Mike He there... and wanted to know more about asian dramas (I'm from Europe - Estonia!)
so... I drew a conclusion... that dramawiki is wonderful!!!!!
and then I found out more about mike he's dramas etc...
the second.. was Love Contract :D and then I saw ariel lin... and then... I discovered 'it started with a kiss'... then I liked joe cheng etc.........
so... at the beginning I thought that only taiwanese dramas were good.. and only taiwan makes so many dramas (out of asia) haha... that's silly :D ok... but I saw a bit from Nobuta Wo Produce... and I started liking Yamapi... actually... I started LOVING Yamapi!!! haha... and now... my favourite dramas are j-dramas :D haha I've see so many dramas that I can't count them... I don't even remember most of them :D ... welll... I watched a bit of 'I'm sorry, I love you' but didn't finish... and I thonught k-dramas are not for me... but I'm sure there are genious k-dramas too.. I just haven't discovered them yet.. but I'm watching days and nights.. and we have a whole summer ahead... so... I will definitely going to watch'em!!! :D:D and I wanted to say that I LOVE Crunchyroll!!! and.. I love the person who made that site!!.. wow.. haha... again... I wrote a novel:D

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Post by cluelessyf » Jul 3rd, '07, 20:51

kdrama-stairways to heaven but didn't get hooked cuz i watchd it w/ my krn fob friends and i'm chinese so i didn't understand much!! full house is wat made me love kdramas :) that and kim sam soon and my girl are my favs.

cdrama- meteor garden . meteor garden was soooo goood. well to me. now it seems kinda slow but i really wanted to be the girl in there and be with lei hehehe. i think cdramas aren't the best out of the asian drama genres since they tend to be slow paced w/ long eps and have pretty bad directing/sound effects. but devil beside you 's my favorite and mike he's so hot :)

jdrama- hana yori dango! i wasn't interested in dorama at all-but since everyone said hana yori dango's good, i gave it a try and finished the first season in like a DAY. it's so gooooood go watch it! better than meteor garden i would say (based on same manga). then after my second drama-nobuta wo produce-i became a huge yamaPi fan :D

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Post by namedx » Jul 7th, '07, 00:49

Autumn Tale was my first ever drama-period. Lol then believe it or not-just when I thought all Kdramas were that melodramatic, I found a link that took me to my first ever Jdrama-SLOW DANCE (lol of all dramas to be found) then I started searching frantically for all other types of Jdoramas having found something that would keep me away from depressing myself ever again with another sob Kdrama, having watched HYD a year after its release, I was rather hyped having watched such a cool Jdorama (having never heard of manga adaptations) after which I got caught into an online debate over which HYD was the better 'version', Taiwanese or Japanese. Soooo this this then led me into researching more into Taiwanese dramas-after which I became addicted to all three types of dramas: Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean-to put it simply, and so my obsession continues having discoved D-addicts alongside thousands of other d-addicts around the globe (hehe no pun intended, honest!)

Lol quite a nice little story don't you think guys, hee hee

PeAce out =)

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Post by namedx » Jul 7th, '07, 00:51

1st Kdrama = Autumn Tale
1st Jdrama = Slow Dance
1st Tdrama = Meteor Garden

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Post by mybossmyhero » Jul 7th, '07, 00:53

my fist kdrama was Autumn tale ( i loved it)
first jdrama was 1 litre of tears (it was okay for me)
first tdrama was Meteor Garden ( absolutely loved it, one of the best)

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Post by Shinigami » Jul 7th, '07, 01:00

My first Drama : GTO :wub:
My first Kdrama : Autumn Tale *this drama made me stop to watch another korean drama until I watched Full House ^_^*

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Post by Demongoddess0991 » Jul 7th, '07, 01:16

I think it was...Gokusen.I don't remember exactly,but I think so.

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Post by herachan » Jul 8th, '07, 17:35

Olga_2005 wrote: So, the first J Drama I saw and likes was.. well the first one I ever saw and from the point got ADDICTED, it was GTO! Really amazing!! Couldn't get my eyes off the monitor!
same here! it was GTO!!! it was truly greaatooo!!! i love the actor delivers imself as onizuka sensei!. then the 2nd dorama ive watched is Gokusen 1st season. Yukie Nakama is funny but i never thought she is so calm when she speaks IRL, i saw her host Kouhaku Uta Gassen, she was quite calm when speaking. then Densha Otoko, then Gokusen 2, then 1 litre of tears then Gal Circle, then Nobuta wo Produce!

hahah well all of them are great!

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Post by Star Candy » Jul 8th, '07, 22:10

1st one: Liar Game (now I'm ashamed I discovered J dramas so late)
2nd: Biscuit Teacher
3rd: Gokusen
4th: Prince Turns to frog
5th Hana Yori Dango
6th: watching Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

EDIT: "now how can I be so forgetful, the first jdrama I've ever seen was Chakushin ari (one missed call 10 eps), then I saw Satorare... I guess I must've been asleep)
Last edited by Star Candy on Jul 9th, '07, 15:26, edited 1 time in total.

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Post by rinchan089 » Jul 9th, '07, 01:39

My first was technically the Taiwanese HanaKimi, but it wasn't exciting enough to finish (I got to, like, episode 8). The first series I really enjoyed and finished was Nobuta wo Produce. I'd love to read the novel version!

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Post by mina04 » Jul 14th, '07, 20:24

1.klin kaew klang jai (orange jasmine scent) thai drama
2.khun por rub jang ( daddy for hire) thai drama
3.kaew tha pee -thai drama
4.luerd kattiya (the royal blood/the princess) thai drama
5.hua jai chocolate ( heart chocolate) thai drama
6.duang jai patiharn ( the miracle of the heart) thai drama

you can watch these series with eng subbs either on youtube.com or veoh.com

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Post by chickenruns » Jul 14th, '07, 20:34

I've watched so far more than 150 dramas not including kdramas since kdramas leave me no impression of having watched them (sorry kdramas fans, i mean no offense here)

i don't really remember my first, but it should be Hoshi no Kinka (1995) 8) I was very very young back then to understand the plot :roll

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Post by punjaban85 » Jul 14th, '07, 20:36

It was winter sonata..they were showing it on TV here like a couple of years ago..but i only saw a couple of episodes of it and fell in love with the main lead (BJ) then a couple of months later i found the drama online..and watched it all... it was slow but it had its moments..and to this day its one of my favourites :-) :wub:

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Post by xKyandi » Jul 14th, '07, 20:51

not that anyone would really actually notice this post!

my first was nodame cantabile
under recommendation of my japanese friend
and then she kept feeding more and more dramas for me to watch to the point i cant stop anymore x_x

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Post by Noale » Jul 14th, '07, 21:29

Hehe, I'm sure almost no post here goes unnoticed.
The first drama I ever saw was Goong, which I watched probably two or three months ago. Uptil now I haven't been able to find a drama half as good as Goong though, so actually for me a good drama feeding friend would come in hand XD

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Post by xKyandi » Jul 14th, '07, 21:32

hmm i didnt slip unnoticed!
yay XP

goong is a kdrama right?
or i dont know?

haha drama feeding friends are the best!
its a great way to burn the summer!

but then again
everyone in the forums is our drama feeding friend :D

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Post by Aru-girl » Jul 14th, '07, 21:41

mine was hana yori dano 1
and im proud of it cos its my fave drama of all times ^_^

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Post by xKyandi » Jul 14th, '07, 21:43

hyd ownedd :D

too bad!
i like tatta hitotsu no koi and proposal daisakusen better!

but then
hana yori dango was one of my firsts too :D

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Post by Kiyo » Jul 14th, '07, 23:40

my first drama was autum fairy tale! haha! after that i got into the whole AZN DRAMA THING! lol!

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Post by hpete » Jul 15th, '07, 02:08

me?? i cant remember cause i watched jdrama/series since 10 years agooo... :cheers: :cheers:

check this out

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Post by spokeydokey00 » Jul 15th, '07, 02:17

my first drama was Sapuri. I was googling itoh misaki and i found d-addicts. Sapuri was my first jdrama download. thanks to d-addicts and other sites I was able to watch a lot more dramas, old and new. My external hard drive has about 275GB worth of jdramas and jmovies.

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Post by scaturan » Jul 15th, '07, 02:32

Overtime, back in high school. resumed my interest this year.

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Post by xKyandi » Jul 15th, '07, 04:09

spokeydokey00 wrote:my first drama was Sapuri. I was googling itoh misaki and i found d-addicts. Sapuri was my first jdrama download. thanks to d-addicts and other sites I was able to watch a lot more dramas, old and new. My external hard drive has about 275GB worth of jdramas and jmovies.
dude maybe i should stop buring my dramas on dvd data discs and buy a external :/

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Post by Noale » Jul 15th, '07, 14:45

xKyandi wrote:hmm i didnt slip unnoticed!
yay XP

goong is a kdrama right?
or i dont know?

haha drama feeding friends are the best!
its a great way to burn the summer!

but then again
everyone in the forums is our drama feeding friend :D
Yes, it's kdrama and very cool. Have you seen it? I like how they imitate everything with teddybears ^^
Ah, and you're right, this might even be considered a drama feeding website. Love it. I only just found out about the recommended asian dramas topic :w00t:

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Hanazawa Rui
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Post by Hanazawa Rui » Jul 15th, '07, 14:53

my first waz jdrama queen of class room

and kdrama goong

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Post by sgb79 » Jul 15th, '07, 14:55

meteor garden was my first twdrama and the last dance is with me in kdrama.

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Post by ojouprincess » Jul 17th, '07, 00:35

i wasn't into dramas before... hana yori dango got me hooked!

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Post by charming_khalela » Jul 17th, '07, 04:01

my first k-drama hmmmm i can't remember maybe Irene (it was shown here in our loacal station) I don't know if you're familiar with that. But My Girl got me hooked :D

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Post by kmila » Jul 17th, '07, 04:08

ojouprincess wrote:i wasn't into dramas before... hana yori dango got me hooked!
actually that is the same what happen to me .......before i was only interested in anime, but now i only see doramas :roll

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Post by kamiru000 » Jul 17th, '07, 04:34

my veryy first drama was Meteor Garden... i liked it when i was watching it.. but after watching other j/k/tw dramas.. i realized that it wasnt the best... no offense to meteor garden lovers... but i still like it now... i just dont LOVE it as much as before....

first twdrama=meteor garden; jdrama=hana yori dango(so much better and shorter than meteor garden...love it; kdrama=fullhouse(ajaaja fighting-i feel like watching it again now)

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Post by trapnest » Jul 18th, '07, 20:19

my first was summersnow although it was totally forgotten after i watche Densha Otoko.. -_____-

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Post by krazichuk » Jul 18th, '07, 20:37

first drama was jdrama Gokusen, totally got me hooked. then the first kdrama i watched was Only You. Apparently no one else likes this show, but I totally loved it. It's the only one (and now I've watched like every other one available) that I got really really hooked on and actually watched twice. (although, I admit, it was like six or seven episodes too long).

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Post by devotee » Jul 18th, '07, 20:40

somehow I feel like I've posted here b4, but anyway - Lets go to School, Sangdoo (or however it goes).

I stopped after about 3 or 4 eps of it though.

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Post by itzmichellee » Jul 19th, '07, 21:01

full house :]

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Post by Hanakurosu » Jul 20th, '07, 14:43

its Long Vacation!

ei guys btw, anyone knows how tp sign up at kioku fan subs? thanks!

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Post by YaGaMi82 » Jul 21st, '07, 04:15

Full House

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Post by dgirl92 » Jul 21st, '07, 21:13

my first would be
hana yori dango(best thing ever)...
and i havnt stopped since!!:D

i guess you could say it changed my life! ahah now im more losery than ever!
i prefer staying up late to watch unfinished dramas then to sleep
but ehh i cant help it ok?! i have a problem...im a d-addict D:


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Post by mokyomi » Jul 24th, '07, 08:55

For me.
I can't really remember but i think it was GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), a friend of my sister mailed it to her and we stayed up watching it one... By one... *good times*.
Funniest thing ever, after that i didnt really watch doramas because of school and stuff, and it was pretty hard to get a hold of back then for us.
BUT lately... Damn that crunchyroll and good speed utorrent. I can never get enough of them! And now because of holidays.

I'm going all out @__@.

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