So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by kyosak » Jul 25th, '07, 00:02

mokyomi wrote:For me.
I can't really remember but i think it was GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), a friend of my sister mailed it to her and we stayed up watching it one... By one... *good times*.
Funniest thing ever, after that i didnt really watch doramas because of school and stuff, and it was pretty hard to get a hold of back then for us.
BUT lately... Damn that crunchyroll and good speed utorrent. I can never get enough of them! And now because of holidays.

I'm going all out @__@.
Yup, my first drama was GTO too. :D

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Post by Bibianne » Jul 25th, '07, 00:27

Ours was Hana Youri Dango (1st serie)
Which lead to Kimi wa Petto... and then the floodgates opened! :lol

Presently downloading:
Stand Up! (complete:vostfr)
Nodame Cantabile (live action; complete: vostfr)
For those 2 awesome series I have to say :
Milles fois merci Mononoke! (bizou) :wub: :wub:

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Post by Bell12 » Jul 26th, '07, 00:26

If I can still remember correctly it was Hana Yori Dango as well....then came Hana Yori Dango II but thats only because I started watching dramas just recently. Some dramas are just really good sometimes.

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Post by Egg-chan » Jul 26th, '07, 00:44

My first was Winter Sonata. My boyfriend actually said "I found a show you might like". lol.. well, watched the 1st 10 eps of it, then went on to Mars and the rest is history :lol: (I ended up finishing Winter Sonata eventually.. but it took a while :lol:)

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Post by prxsjewel » Jul 31st, '07, 06:25

The first drama I watched was Stairway to Heaven. The first couple of episodes made me pissed off so much that I almost didn't watch it but I continued and I cried a river. One of my all time favorites. Love Kwon Sang Woo!!

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Post by Maeks » Aug 1st, '07, 19:13

Hrmm...Let me try to remember (as if I've watched so many that I can't even remember the first :glare: )

Probably...Ruler of Your Own World/As You Wish (Whatever it's called, AZN called it As You Wish)

And it sent me down a long, lonesome path towards Asian dramas.

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Post by haywon » Aug 2nd, '07, 19:39

My first one was Stairway to heaven aswell. It was translated from the korean language straight to mandarian. I think this was the most saddest ever dramas i've ever watched.

asobi seksu
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Post by asobi seksu » Aug 3rd, '07, 05:08

the first drama i ever watched was 'beautiful life' which my ex-girlfriend insisted i watch. i got hooked and watched most, if not all, of the jtv releases soon after that.

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Post by gglibertine » Aug 6th, '07, 21:11

Mine was Three Grown Men. My friend Yong-Mi and I were channel-surfing and she paused on the show because she wanted to see if she could remember enough Japanese to follow it. The subtitles were what grabbed me, though -- a woman was standing in a window, speaking into a cellphone to a man downstairs in the parking lot. She was begging him to "make me into a fog!" Which was so weird, I just had to keep watching. I think my next two were Kira Kira Hikaru and With Love.

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Post by shiwa » Aug 7th, '07, 17:58

Umm. My Lovely Samsoon. :D My friend Sarah linked me to it and I got addicted, weird enough I never finished the last 3 episodes..

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Post by Admeta » Aug 7th, '07, 18:51

Mine was Gokusen. I was sorta life WTF?! the first ep., but I finished it and started watching
other dramas. I was sort of reverse Jun-baited: found Arashi before dramas. I've now
seen completely 17 Jdramas, and I am currently watching 6 with like 8 more in wait. I just
started watching in May too. :sweat: Addicted much?

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Post by Wongo » Aug 7th, '07, 18:54

I believe it was 1LOT...not sure if I've posted here beofre......

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Post by angle forever » Aug 7th, '07, 19:06


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Post by Medulina » Aug 10th, '07, 09:48

The first of all was certainly Densha Otoko and after that I fall in love with the drama,especially Taiwanese.That's why the second drama have seen was: Meteor Garden

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Post by fly_main » Aug 10th, '07, 10:07

Mine was Gokusen!
and i fall in love with doramas!! ^-^

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Post by ellas » Aug 12th, '07, 12:23


My first drama was Devil Beside You (it was fate :P ) because i was searching for new american tvshows and wasn't finding any interesting so i thought of looking somewhere else : what about asian dramas ?

Then i went into many blogs and i always noticed DBY mentioned everywhere (at that time) so i decided to watch and well... beginning of the love story between dramas and me :wub: .

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Post by simply_simple87 » Aug 12th, '07, 12:31

hurm.. i dun remember what was the first drama i watched.. but i started with chinese dramas--> the good old days, fei mao n soo many more.. then, started with japanese dramas-->beach boys, long vacation, with love... i do remember the first korean drama i watched-->winter sonata & autumn in my heart! n my first heart throb was WONBIN!!! hehhehe..

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Post by maiykee » Aug 15th, '07, 14:20

First drama I ever watched was Meteor Garden (can you believe it?). It was all the hype in the Philippines back then so I just watched it out of curiosity and I was hooked. Though I ditched Meteor Garden 2 because it was just too much drama for me. I don't like the crying involved in dramas very much. :roll

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Post by avincenna » Aug 15th, '07, 16:52

I was introduced to japanese drama only few months ago. My first one was Hana Yori Dango and I totally loved it. Now I'm totally hooked on Hanazakari no kimitachi e and few others. ^^

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Post by Richter » Aug 27th, '07, 10:54

It began with "Summer Snow", few years ago.

And now, sometimes, I'm kinda afraid about aaaaall the stuff that I won't be able to watch cause of the lack of time :lol

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Post by dokidoki.00021 » Aug 28th, '07, 12:49

My first drama I can remember was 黎明의 눈동자--Eye of Dawn, 1991.
I remember it so clearly because I kept asking my mom why it was so boring, I was 10 years old mind you. Everytime I would interupt her watching it she would fuss at me and tell me I was going to grow up a Japanese supremist if I didn't understand it. To this day, I still don't understand that drama. =((
The first drama I loved that got me hooked was ロングバケーション--Long Vacation, 1996. We moved back to Japan for a few years, so I started watching it and that's how I became a fan of Kimura Takuya. Best-drama-ever.

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Post by lynchmob72 » Aug 31st, '07, 20:40

I just started watching jdorama's a few months ago.Ive always been a fan of the movies/anime/culture, but i had never seen any dorama's.Then i saw 1 Litre of Tears.That was my first.Now i can't get enough lol.

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Post by Ponice » Sep 3rd, '07, 21:17

i don't remember which one was my first.
however, my first drama that i reaaaally liked was Nobuta wo Produce <33

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Post by gelmar » Sep 9th, '07, 12:28

I'm currently watching Hana Kimi, and it's my first asian drama. I look forward seeing more. Like Kamen Rider Kabuto.

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Post by itsukiD » Sep 12th, '07, 02:43

i was devirginized with the jdrama S.O.S. (Strawberry on the Shortcake). mmm, kyoko fukada and rina uchiyama... so yummy.

i think from there, it was winter sonata, summer snow, bodyguard and it snowballed from there. my first tw drama, hana kimi ( was waiting for ne

so many dramas to download, find, encode into divx. i need to buy more blank dvds. need to buy an old xbox and mod it with xbox media center. so many girls to do, so little time, strike that... reverse it.

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Post by bitt3r--sweet » Sep 12th, '07, 03:02

My first drama was the Kdrama "Autumn Tale". I watched it years ago... and I was too young to appreciate the awesome qualities of Wonbin. I just remembered crying a lot :lol

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Post by lolofay » Sep 12th, '07, 03:11

the drama that popped my cherry? well "Only you" was my first.. he he he :P ... but the first drama that got me hooked was "delightful girl choon hyang"... i've been in love since

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Post by [sweet.surrender] » Sep 12th, '07, 03:12

My first drama ever was It Started with a Kiss
and ii found it by accident on youtube ^_^
and from then on ii got addicted to Asian dramas

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Post by sakr0 » Sep 12th, '07, 16:02

The very first drama that I ever watched was Majo no Jouken aka "Forbidden Love" (jdrama) with Matsushima Nanako and Takizawa Hideaki. It was kind of funny how I came across it. I was bored of American tv one night, so I started flipping the channels when I came across the jdrama on ch. 18 (KCSI - Los Angeles) and to my surprise it came with English subtitles! I have always had some kind of interest for Asian dramas and shows, but sadly most of them aren't subtitled in English.

Having been hooked by the jdrama, Utada Hikaru's singing for the opening "First Love", and developing a crush for Takizawa Hideaki, I decided to go online and find out about more dramas out there. Being a long-time anime fan, I figured that if anime from Japan could be fansubbed, why not dramas? That's when I eventually came across D-Addicts.

Thank goodness for D-Addicts! :cheers: I even managed to convert my skeptical bf into liking dramas and now we often watch them together! :wub:

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Post by miyukigrg » Sep 13th, '07, 06:46

mine was boys & girls,non-stop

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Post by psych0chic27 » Sep 13th, '07, 07:18

mine was meteor garden when it was first shown here years ago.. switched to kdramas then now i'm into jdoramas, liked the flow of story better than kdramas. gokusen was my first jdrama, but hana yori dango really got me addicted to jdramas.. i even liked it tons more than meteor garden.. :-)

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Post by Nosferatu07 » Sep 24th, '07, 14:23

My first drama was Gokusen (1 season) and i got hooked since then :wub: . Now i've seen many others and can't stop :-)
Right now i'm watching Hanazakari no kimitachi e, Stand up and first kiss.

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Post by frashdi87 » Sep 24th, '07, 14:29

mine was kamisama, mou sukoshi dake(god, give me more time)..
taught by my teacher..
great drama...

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Post by sahansah » Sep 24th, '07, 15:22

Mine was densha otaku but it was only this year I got more into them after wo produce and the common thread between the two which I found out later..Maki.. :D

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Post by Karate-ka » Sep 24th, '07, 15:27

sahansah wrote:Mine was densha otaku but it was only this year I got more into them after wo produce and the common thread between the two which I found out later..Maki.. :D
its Densha Otoko.

mine was Akihabara@deep

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Post by nechbet » Sep 24th, '07, 15:45

Mine was "Peach girl" After that one, i just can't get enough of j/k/tw-dramas :cheers:

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Post by julicar23 » Sep 24th, '07, 15:54

First TW drama I've watched is Meteor Garden year 2002 :)
1st Korean Drama I think is EndlessLove 1
1st JDorama is Gokusen :)
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Post by Reivilo » Sep 24th, '07, 15:56

Mine was densha otoko too, but kekkon dekinai otoko and my boss my boss are the dramas which made me addicted.

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Post by sahansah » Sep 24th, '07, 16:03

Karate-ka wrote:
sahansah wrote:Mine was densha otaku but it was only this year I got more into them after wo produce and the common thread between the two which I found out later..Maki.. :D
its Densha Otoko.

mine was Akihabara@deep
My bad, lol...Densha Otoko.

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Post by ceehgeeh » Sep 24th, '07, 23:13

FULL HOUSE and it's still at the top of my list!

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Post by amdpc » Sep 30th, '07, 02:28

I dont even know the title of it now. But it was a samurai era drama, about a blind swordsman who is travelling japan along with his son Daigoru.

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Post by NeverWas » Oct 5th, '07, 14:14

Mine was either Densha Otoko or GTO, I think it was Densha Otoko...

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Post by 0015_jaja_1500 » Oct 8th, '07, 03:56

first C-DRAMA was Meteor garden
first K-DRAMA was Endless Love
first J-DRAMA was Hana Yori Dango unless Slam dunk counts heehee

Raspberry Latte
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Post by Raspberry Latte » Oct 8th, '07, 04:22

My first J-dorama was "GTO", followed by "Beautiful Life' and "Long Vacation"
TW-drama "Meteor Garden" I and II, "Peach Girl", "Mars"
and K-Drama "Thousand Years of Love" (I didn't really like it, because I don't understand Korean, and the translation on a version I've got was really bad), but after that I watched "Full House" and "Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang" and these two got me hooked :D

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Post by SillyKitty » Oct 8th, '07, 04:32

Hana Yori Dango. I had just joined crunchyroll for the anime. Someone told me I should watch this drama and I had watched the anime so I thought I would try the drama. I loved it. Hana Yori Dango is what got me hooked on dramas and Arashi.

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Post by theflavoroflife » Oct 8th, '07, 04:42

18 vs 29 kdrama :lol
Hana Yori Dango Jdrama :wub:
Devil beside you wdrama :glare:

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Post by -ai_mi- » Oct 13th, '07, 17:28

4 kdrama- hello my teacher
4 jdorama..-duh..i dun remember.. :scratch: ... um..maybe gokusen..

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Post by YaYas » Oct 16th, '07, 05:35

Gokusen 8) and I got addicted to something called a Japanese thing since that time :wub:

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Post by madelinepoh » Oct 17th, '07, 21:52

My first ever drama???? Hmmm......... :unsure: Cant remember anymore..... I started to watch drama eversince I was very very young so I have no idea which one was my first. :P I think it must be one of those tvb dramas bcoz I remembered watching a lot of tvb dramas a long long time ago. HAHAHA!!!!!! :whistling:

However, I do remember my first Kdrama, It was Winter Sonata. :lol Eversince then, I love kdrama :wub: :wub: I started to watch korean drama at the time where the Korean wave hit South-East Asia countries. (around 2001-2002 I think). Other than that, I cant remember any of my first jdrama, twdrama, tvb, or cdrama. 8)

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Post by Cersia » Oct 20th, '07, 12:04

my first drama was Hana Yori Dango <333
I had read the manga and I wanted to watch the drama =)

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Post by Ceckthx » Oct 22nd, '07, 23:01

I only started watching these dramas really recently, but now I'm in love with them.
My very first is ISWAK - And I never had even heard or looked into these dramas at all,
my friend posted about how she *hated* the boy in the show, so I checked it out, and I fell in love!

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Post by nerwen » Oct 23rd, '07, 01:39

Well, my first one was DEVIL BESIDE YOU...that was the beginning of my end! XD
Since then I became a total addict to doramas, and I enjoy every moment of it :D

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Post by pontiac007 » Oct 26th, '07, 00:42

as 4 me, winter sonata had glued me to the screen. It also my 1st n last original cd i buy for kdramas. then, i had never buy anything original but still enjoying the fun with not only kdrama, but tdrama n jdrama. also, i enjoy singaporean drama on the tv.

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Post by senakun » Oct 26th, '07, 00:54

itsuka mata aeru (1995)

~fukuyama masaharu
~sakurai sachiko
~shiina kippei
~otsuka nene
~imada koji

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Post by AzhyenTiger02 » Oct 28th, '07, 02:23

i don't think it was my first, but it was definitely the one that got me hooked!

Full House.

Its just sooo good!
~ja mata... :D

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Post by bleach4ichigo » Oct 28th, '07, 02:59

my first drama was
nobuta wo produce

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Post by Athemyst » Oct 28th, '07, 03:03

First k-drama was Goong
First j-drama was hana yori dango
As for chinese dramas, I've always watched them ^_^

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Post by yap1412 » Oct 31st, '07, 01:42

1st kdrama = bad family
1st jdrama = shotgun marriange (which drama make fall in luv with hirosue ryoko..:P..b4 she married aa..rite now..huhu..put aside..haha)

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Post by linni » Oct 31st, '07, 02:18

First K-drama: Full House/I'm sorry I love you (I was watching them both at the same time so I'm not exactly sure which was my actual first)
First J-drama: 1 Litre of Tears (so sad...) :cry:
First T-drama: ISWAK (loved it....can't wait till season 2 starts) :P

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Post by pongalong » Oct 31st, '07, 02:57

first kdrama- Autumn in my Heart or Autumn Tale
first jdrama- Hana Yori Dango
first twdrama- It Started With a Kiss

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Post by arvin_sf » Nov 1st, '07, 08:19

i've only gotten a taste of japanese drama so far, though i'm no stranger to chinese and korean cinema.

my first j-drama is: hanazakari no kimitachi e

i feel pretty ashamed that i'm just getting into this just now haha.

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Post by hana~jk » Nov 1st, '07, 08:57

My 1st Kdrama was all about eve but the one that made me really into Kdrama was My Girl... Now, I'm soooooooo addicted to Kdrama........
i only started watching Jdrama last few weeks and my first one was orange days.. It was a good intro for Jdrama...

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Post by asyrafss » Nov 1st, '07, 09:07

Hmm.. my first j-dorama was Dekichatta Kekkon. Watched it in 2000 or 2001. cant remember. There was another j dorama that i watched earlier about volleyball during 1993 where the players(ladies) have some sorts of skill and power(e.g ball has images) that confuse the opponents.

NOw about my first K dorama, i watched attic cat and successful story of a bright girl by Jang Nara before in my TV program but was not interested. They was dubbed into mandarin and i like it to be the origin cause it s syncronizing the lips movement.

But the k dorama that me fall in love is Full House!! Watched in 2005. Like the Rain-Kyo Combination!!

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Post by staubfinger » Nov 1st, '07, 09:17

my first drama was iryu - team medical dragon. i watched it in november 2006 with my friend who is deeply in love with teppei^^ and i completly fell in love with it and j dramas in general :)

later my first k drama was, i think, full house, and my first tai drama was devil beside - the two of them were SO GOOD too

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Post by m1tch13 » Nov 16th, '07, 18:00

My first was Save the Last Dance with Me
I wasn't addicted yet 'till I wateched Goong
Those two got me into Kdramas :D

Hana Yori Dango got me into Jdramas :p

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Post by Karate-ka » Nov 16th, '07, 18:17

My First was akihabara@deep, but it was not until i saw hanazakari no kimitachi e that i became addicted.

So far ive seen: Akihabara@deep, Hanazakari No kimitachi e, Yamada taro Monogatari, Hana Yori dango + returns, Nobuta Wo Produce, Standup, Kurosagi, Detective Conan sp, and Proposal Daisakusen.

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Post by RevRuby » Nov 21st, '07, 13:05

gokusen2 was my first. then i watched the first season and hana yori dango.... it's been a strong addiction ever since.

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Post by LukiaWhitney » Nov 26th, '07, 05:05

So many jdramas. What happened to twdramas? DBY got me hooked onto this whole drama scene--

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Post by Shichikou » Dec 10th, '07, 08:40

MY first ever Drama was Gokusen! I fell In love! hahahhaa

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Post by mingming96 » Dec 13th, '07, 14:51

i can't remember my first jdorama.i watched it in tv years ago.but one of my first is beach boys,gto,kindaichi and many more.takashi sorimachi used to be my fav idol. :D oh yeah,did sentai included?then the first i watch is choujin sentai flashman when i was 2 or 3. :lol

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Post by a_petite_azn » Dec 13th, '07, 21:37

I don't remember my first one, since I watched cantonese TVB dramas ever since I was little. Then I got back into dramas 2 years ago, when I watched Meteor Garden :D Bad acting but hot guys. My first kdrama was My Lovely Sam Soon, and Japanese drama 1 Litre of Tears.

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Post by magincia » Dec 30th, '07, 01:21

Mine was Last Christmas... guess people don't talk about it that much X'D which is normal, since it's almost a copy of Tokyo Love Story (that later, also saw XD) A friend of mine gave me dvds with Last Xmas on them for my birthday 2 years ago and when I started watching I just couldn't stop. It has been a 'disease' ever since =D

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Post by Nevelle8921 » Jan 3rd, '08, 03:36

Hey there... everyone XD... hehe, new member here ^^... about my first Dorama... A Korean Movie... it was My Sassy Girl, i think that the story is very good and it's funny. There are really good lines in that movie too. I wasn't hook to asian dorama's till i saw Great Teacher Onizuka and Hana Yori Dango...

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Post by OneMore » Jan 5th, '08, 05:47

A friend give me Yamato Nadeshiko. I liked it so started looking by myself to see if there was any other good ones. Came across one called Great Teacher Onizuka. Started watchin the first few episodes and got addicted rite away and watched the whole series, 12 in a row. Have been addicted ever since.

I would like to thank that friend and those who help me continue this addiction. :salut:

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Post by ReBeLa » Jan 11th, '08, 19:29

My first kdrama it's "1% of Anything" with Kang Dong Won; at that time i enjoyed it so much that i wanted to watch more kdramas, but after i've seen more.. now i can sadly say it's the worst kdrama from all i've seen; i don't find it that interesting anymore.

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