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Post by ~`Hazel~ » Aug 31st, '06, 03:47

Hey, My name's Kayla. I live in the USA and is probably one of those few people who are not Asian who got into the Asian Drama thing. But hey, that doesn't really matter, does it. Since I'm a fan of Anime I thought "Why the hell not?". And I must say. . . .really addicting. Beats anything on TV over here. Hopefully I'll be around a bit :mrgreen:

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Post by angeizahoy » Aug 31st, '06, 03:53

~`Hazel~ wrote:Hey, My name's Kayla. I live in the USA and is probably one of those few people who are not Asian who got into the Asian Drama thing. But hey, that doesn't really matter, does it. Since I'm a fan of Anime I thought "Why the hell not?". And I must say. . . .really addicting. Beats anything on TV over here. Hopefully I'll be around a bit :mrgreen:
hiya, and welcome =) as you read through and around D-Addicts, you'll notice there are plenty of non-asians who enjoy watching these dramas as well. we come in all shapes and sizes. haha. i fit in the short and skinny category, LOL

~Coby Cow~
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Post by ~Coby Cow~ » Aug 31st, '06, 03:56

hi, im new here, so im still working this site out, add me as your friend!

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Post by parklong82 » Aug 31st, '06, 21:40

this sites was cool :cheers: let support :-)

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Post by douglas2k6 » Sep 3rd, '06, 06:17

Hi fellow drama addicts! I'm new here and read through some of the boards and thought it would be cool to sign up and join the community!

Anyways, me and a couple other people run a website,, where we basically just review movies, drama, anime, manga, and music. We are always looking for fellow reviewers to submit their reviews to our site, we will definitely put them up and give due credit!

Please check out the website and submit a review(s) if you like! Long live d-addicts!


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Post by Dudie » Sep 4th, '06, 19:15

Hi there, I'm new too :) I lurk around for a week or something but i just thought lets sign up :D I just LOVE this site :D

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Post by toomoko » Sep 7th, '06, 19:48

hi !!!! i'm new over here and i luv so much dramas ! I live in France and i've already seen some episodes of Full House, Brigh girl's success story, Dragonzakura, and Misa ^^
I've seen a lot of movies too ^^ like He was cool, Please teach me english, Married high school girl, My little bride... and i definitely like them.
and i'm definitely a D addict !

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Post by princess_shin » Sep 8th, '06, 07:12

hey guys!! i kinda new here .. is D- Addicts for free i mean the downloading ... how is it?? is it like P2P??

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Post by Astro_Boi » Sep 8th, '06, 08:23

hey! i'm new here too... and i got curious... how did everyone else find/stumble onto this site?

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Post by FanatiC_lol » Sep 9th, '06, 07:41

  • hi! im new here. im from philippines and im a fan of asiandramas esp. korean,chinese dramas & Jdorama. i hope that all of us will be united since we are the fans of asiandramas. :D

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Post by shirlwsk » Sep 10th, '06, 14:59

Hi, I'm Khim and have just found this site. I am a Malaysian staying in Canada and I LOVE this site. Lately my downloads have been returning a error messages reading 'get bad info file - path, tnplace' Can anyone help me? I am stuck because I cant dl the continiung episodes of the series I am watching...:(:( I have posted this same message on the torrent that I am trying to get...but no answer yet....please HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by animaniac7888 » Sep 11th, '06, 21:56

Hiya all! im jai and im new here and i love jdoramas!! but i dont know how to do anything so if anyones willin to help a lost soul it would be much much appreciated!

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Post by piggyLove » Sep 12th, '06, 08:15

Hello hello all! xD I'm new here haha! I simply love this site, it rocks! <33 And after 2 days of surfing, i decided to register here, lol xD! As you can see from my name, i love pigs very much! xD And gogogo D-addicts! xP :thumright: :wub:

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Post by Angel551 » Sep 12th, '06, 18:51

Hii me 2 im newbie

So plz takecare of me 2 :-)

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Post by Areane » Sep 16th, '06, 17:58

Ahww, hi all, take care of me aswell! I've been hanging around here for a few months now, but I never registered, but you all seem quite nice, so I finally took the courage to register! lol :P

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Post by megatotoro » Sep 17th, '06, 00:04

Well, I'm not very old in d-addicts, but just wanted to say Hi and welcome all the new people in here. Enjoy the site! :thumleft:

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Post by v13txhuniie » Sep 17th, '06, 02:18

Hi everyone ;]. new person here!

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Post by gohan127 » Sep 17th, '06, 16:13

hmm why do people hestitate when they gotta register? i got so many accounts i dont use nemore on sites were i just wanted acces to 1 small thing that was members only :-P

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Post by rezen » Sep 19th, '06, 10:59

Hey there!

I wanted to get the Ping Pong OST and came across this site but theres alot more here as well :D Here for some DA loving ;)

*waves to all the DA members*

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Post by slider5 » Sep 19th, '06, 18:24

Hello everyone Im a noob waves :cheers:

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Post by kodou » Sep 21st, '06, 03:57

Helloooo :D
I'm not really newwww. I've kind of hung around the forum, but only recently signed up. ;] Nice to meet everyone!

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Post by Jovene » Sep 24th, '06, 09:57

Hi all sorta new.... Opened account ages ago but only just recently started to read the forum topics.... Great to be here !! :lol :lol

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Post by nezagie » Sep 26th, '06, 08:23

Chances upon this forum & totally luvs it here... I hv been here for a while and thought of dropping by to say Hi! to all the folks here :D

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Post by Haonan » Sep 26th, '06, 18:30

Yoos minna i'm new here too, pleased to meet everyone. ^ ^ kochira koso ne!

nezagie u're from Singapore too? *waves*

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Post by nezagie » Sep 28th, '06, 00:04

Haonan wrote:nezagie u're from Singapore too? *waves*
Yup :D and you too *waves*

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Post by jashinee » Sep 28th, '06, 01:47

i'm new! ^o^

are we supposed to post in here, or make a seperate topic? hum*

~I'm watching tokyo juliet @tm... anyone else? 8)

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Post by Mahkee » Sep 28th, '06, 22:20

I have been downloading a few series and thought it would be polite to register and say 'hi', to let people know im one of the mass leecher :roll

So HI!

My name is Wing Chueng Wong, im a 20 years old chinese boy. I live in the Netherlands. Love to watch tvb series. I can talk cantonese and listen and understand it, but i cant read chinese nor write it. Recently trying to understand manderin, but it isnt really helping. Anyway

I Love you all and thanks for the many series!


(continue leeching)

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Post by tresarai » Sep 28th, '06, 22:35

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Post by lilswtangel » Sep 28th, '06, 22:51

hi, sorry to be a party pooper and disrupt your party (I really don't mean to). but this thread will probably merge with this one.

we already have a thread for new members.

anyways, welcome to the D-Addicts and enjoy your stay here! :)

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Post by jholic » Sep 28th, '06, 23:49

thanks, angel!


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Post by atxtomtom » Sep 29th, '06, 22:14

hey folks, i'm tommyd.. THE tommyd

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Post by malibu400 » Sep 30th, '06, 05:46

hey im erica and i like umbrellas :-)

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Post by atxtomtom » Sep 30th, '06, 17:34

malibu400 wrote:hey im erica and i like umbrellas :-)
umbrellas are nice.. london fog ones??

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Post by ginkarasu » Oct 1st, '06, 16:51

Hi there, My name is michiel, and I love Downtown no gaki no tsukai ya arahende :lol


Tai Dinh
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Post by Tai Dinh » Oct 6th, '06, 00:49

Hey. I'm Anthony, but I prefer my vietnamese name Tai.
I will be 16 On Nov. 25.
I live in Phila, PA.

I'll seed the whole episode that i download. I only upload a max of 15 kb/s XD >.>.

I've leeched twice before. I'll give back now.

Hope to meet everyone! :D

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Post by Angel551 » Oct 14th, '06, 15:32

Me 2 im new her
.... since im korean drama fan i was looking for them & end up her ^_^

Hope to hav friends here .... Also hope to learn some korean language ^_^,,,

Anyway welcome to the newbis :


& for those who i missed ..

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Post by Ayakun79 » Oct 16th, '06, 12:09

Hi at everyone,i'm Antonio from italy!!!

Sunny Girl
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Post by Sunny Girl » Oct 16th, '06, 16:12

Hi, i'm liza from Mauritius!! :P, don't know if anyone heard about that place.

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Post by oshuwel » Oct 26th, '06, 17:53

Hello everyone~ I'm Kei from the Philippines. I love this site a lot! ^__^

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Post by sveta » Oct 27th, '06, 09:18

Hello, i'm Svetlana. I'm on this site everyday lol

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Post by hamzoo » Oct 29th, '06, 20:13


I'm up in the Great White North AKA Canada.

I found some asian dramas on You Tube, fell in love with them, and have wound up here. A BIG THANKS to all those wonderful subbers!!

So far I have watched all of "Lovers in Paris" and "It Started With a Kiss". I have watched half of "The Rose" and a few episodes of the "The Green Rose". Don't know if I will finish "The Green Rose" because I really like a bit more humour in my love stories. The others are two thumbs way up. Anyone have any suggestions as to what else I should watch?


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Post by `nicole` » Oct 31st, '06, 04:33

Hey everyone! :D Im nicole from the philippines =)
i love ISWAK! and alot more korean and taiwanese dramas :D

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Post by ks_fruits » Nov 12th, '06, 08:56

I am new here... i found this website when i was searching japanese drama series... n some of my frens recognize me this web too.... so i am glad to be here

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Post by HikaruGenji » Nov 12th, '06, 21:20

Greetings All!
My wife (Japanese) and I have been watching Koumyou ga Tsuji on VHS that my father-in-law sends to us. While looking for info on the drama, I found this site. If I can learn how to use this stuff, It will really make the wife happy! Her dad is getting pretty old... the VHS recorder is a challenge... :-)

We both do translation work, so If I learn enough... maybe we can contribute some subs.

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Post by purple73 » Nov 15th, '06, 13:14

Hello everyone!

I chanced upon this forum when I started on Kdrama this year and have been surfing here for awhile. Didn't realise there's this thread for newbies, so thought that I should drop by and say Hi! :salut:

Simply love this site! :thumright:

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Post by bluebyul34 » Nov 17th, '06, 15:56

HikaruGenji wrote:Greetings All!
My wife (Japanese) and I have been watching Koumyou ga Tsuji on VHS that my father-in-law sends to us. While looking for info on the drama, I found this site. If I can learn how to use this stuff, It will really make the wife happy! Her dad is getting pretty old... the VHS recorder is a challenge... :-)

We both do translation work, so If I learn enough... maybe we can contribute some subs.
just curious.. what kind of translation work do you do? and how did you get into that field? I'm an int'l studies major and i'm interested in languages.. i always wondered how ppl got translating jobs..

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Post by dancing_baka » Nov 20th, '06, 03:31

Hello! Newbie here and am very glad to have found this site! I'm actually a student from Japan studying in the States right now, so this site is heaven-sent for me as I, when I was deciding whether to move here or not, kind of didn't want to go because I'll be missing a lot of dramas (and a bunch of other stuff) but then, I still went for my studies...^^ ; Anyway, looking forward to many great dramas to come!

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Post by buberrie » Nov 20th, '06, 04:02

Hi ! ! ! !

i'm Blue , i'm thai

nice to meet everybody :-)

i'm new here, i know this site coz my friend tell me ^^

but i've some problem, i try to use BitComet to downlaod torrent

but i always still at 0%

can anyone help me pls :cry: :cry:

Kai Lien
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Post by Kai Lien » Nov 20th, '06, 04:10

Hello! To all the new members. We are really happy to have you here.

HikaruGenji Really? That's good news.

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Post by LanaStar68 » Nov 20th, '06, 04:19

hey guys i'm new is there a a specific niumber of post before i can download stuff?

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Post by Keyaki » Nov 20th, '06, 04:21

Hi, I am so happy to have found this site! I have been watching Japanese dramas on a local broadcast station for a few years (subtitled in English). I noticed Tokugawa Yoshinobu is not on your completed list - does this mean it has never been uploaded anywhere? I have episodes 21-49 on video tape but I would love to get the first 20.
I have been thinking about digitizing the ones I have but this would be a lot of work - has somebody already done it? Would anybody want an incomplete set?
Thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing things I can't get on TV.

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Post by daisylya » Nov 28th, '06, 12:34

hai..i'm new here..since i love korean drama, i sign up for d-addicts..and it's a cool website.. :wub:

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Post by XianYi422 » Nov 29th, '06, 16:38

helloo i found this when i was looking for stuff that wasnt blocked on my school laptop xD i love it here, but i'm still discovering more things. i dont kno what program to use to watch downloads..oh well. my names connie =]

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Post by [..Kimmi..] » Dec 3rd, '06, 23:04

Hey, I'm not really new here, but just didn't get around to being active, now that I have free time. I'm coming back lol but hi to everyone! I really love this site. Aslo read the FAQ lots of the answer are in there! bye bye

The Duke of Deer Mountain
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Post by The Duke of Deer Mountain » Dec 5th, '06, 00:10

Hey ya'll, I am Xu, just joined this forum today. I am a big fan of Asian TV shows, especially those TVB shows. Hopefully i can make some friends here.

Check out myspace:

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Post by heun » Dec 7th, '06, 03:31

hi, i am new ^.^; nice meeting you all.

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Post by Chakl » Dec 7th, '06, 17:26

hey everyone
new here:)

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Post by boxedlove » Dec 8th, '06, 05:05

Hey I'm new!
I've known about this board a long time, but just never joined.
My name is Mary :D

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Post by TrevorGod » Dec 10th, '06, 13:44

Hi everyone,

I've known about d-addicts for a couple of months now and decided it's time to join.
I started watching k-dramas with my wife to help me learn korean and I unexpectedly got hooked on this stuff.

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Post by hakuharu » Dec 10th, '06, 18:12

Funny Ava :lol
Welcome to all new members, have a great stay here ^_^

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Post by thefinalword » Dec 11th, '06, 15:15

guess I'm new. knew about it for sometime, just never registered.

kinda regret registering now.
first thought a lot of people here are cool and still are I guess.
but seems to be a lot of "annoyed" people at the noobs,
like they weren't new at one time.

but whatever.

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Post by 8MDV8 » Dec 20th, '06, 12:26

I'm new, been using the torrents for a while now and decided to join.

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Post by Hachiko-chan » Dec 23rd, '06, 11:37

I'm new here :-)
I thought I better join because of my obsession in doramas :lol
So nice to meet you all, yoroshiku.

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Post by ChaoSpectre » Dec 24th, '06, 13:20

gomen kudasai! daremo imasen ka?

Hey all. I've been watching drama for a while now, Japanese and Korean. I'm studying both languages, taking AP Japanese at school, and self studying Korean, which is impossible because of the preciseness of Korean pronunciation and the shifting consonant sounds and the extra vowel sounds and the... yeah.

I'm joining because I want to see if I can't get into subbing and the like.

douzo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu

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Post by dirtypeach » Dec 26th, '06, 03:33

Hello. I'm new as well.
Still not sure that I'm downloading right but I'll figure this out eventually.

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Post by k3nji » Dec 26th, '06, 06:53

Hello guys and girls. *waves with both hands fanatically*
Been a long time observer and have finally decided to participate in the writing aspect of the forum.

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Post by STR8UPGSTATUS » Dec 26th, '06, 11:07

Not really new, but haven't really posted much..
Just like k3nji, I've been a long time observer/BTer.. But now I will begin my posting! ^^

Eziya Minamoto
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Post by Eziya Minamoto » Dec 28th, '06, 06:52

I'm not quite as new here...I've been a long time observer as well. I mainly joined so I could watch more dramas. Sadly, all this torrent stuff confuses me like crazy.

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Post by Moenyc2000 » Dec 29th, '06, 02:05

Just wanted to post, since its been like over 7 or 8 months since my last post. Also HI TO all the newcomers.

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Post by recrutcom » Dec 29th, '06, 03:05

I am Recrut.
I hope I welcome here...
I am new to this...

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Post by 8thSin » Dec 29th, '06, 03:08

If you are new, you should read the Rules and FAQ thread,
and post your introduction in here

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Post by azn540 » Dec 30th, '06, 03:03

I am new member here, i really wanna watch asian drama but dont know how to download asian drama in this site so if neone who can help me pls pls, reply me bk thanks.

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Post by elyess » Dec 30th, '06, 23:20

Hey !
just passed to say hi and thank you all who are helping on seed/sub !!

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Post by akamaru » Dec 31st, '06, 05:44

hello there!i'm new here...i've been active in the jdrama forum.i'm frequently visiting this website until i decided to join... :D

Oyabun Of Kyoto
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Post by Oyabun Of Kyoto » Jan 2nd, '07, 08:44

Helloo!! I'm neeew!! I'm looking for some people to re-seed the Majo no Jouken series and I would also like to help out with re-seeding and helping people Download their favorite doramas! =)

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