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Where did all the Christmas week K dramas go?

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Where did all the Christmas week K dramas go?

Post by chanpuru » Dec 24th, '14, 02:57

As I suspected, the D-A K-Drama uploads on nyaa seem to have originated from the same “Anonymous” poster – or else all of them took Christmas week off. Well, everyone's worked hard, so have a Merry one.

I suspect there'll be a catch-up dump next week or next year. Interestingly, without a shoutbox here anymore, there's nowhere for the panics to post – though I did see a few lost souls attempting to inquire on the nyaa chatbox (that's painful to watch).

Anyway, so far, all K drama series that D-A uploaders have been following have continued to broadcast on-schedule with the exception of Birth of a Beauty that was preempted this past Sunday. Episode 16 and following should resume this Saturday.

Although it's currently Tuesday, I strongly suspect Mr.Back will air Wednesday and Thursday (after all, it's real-timed for a final episode on Christmas). The super-popular Misaeng completed last week, leaving only the very-popular Pinocchio to possibly surprise us with a postponement on Christmas Eve or Day.

However, there were a few glitches in the releases this week: For those following Dr.Frost on OCN, both iPOP and WITH seem to have missed episode 05. The earliest alternate HD torrents, however, had the wrong (XviD) content. These were fixed the next day, but the new torrents weren't labeled as “repack” so just watch for the release posted on 12/23 (infohash begins with d092 for the DreamT h264 encode). Also, for those (few) following Valid Love on tvN, a repack was issued for episode 06 originally released on 12/16, however, the streaming version of episode 04 is missing about 2 minutes after the last commercial break, so none of the subtitles currently match the torrent versions after minute 42.

Special thanks to VampireXxX that has continued to post the J-Drama episodes....

Merry Christmas,
The Invisible Cat.

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Post by cindy25 » Dec 24th, '14, 06:55

I noticed that also, had a really hard time finding them this week (but I did find them)

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Post by VampireXxX » Dec 24th, '14, 07:54

They need to take a break sometimes, don't you think? :lol

as for me...i'll take a break on february so i can still upload jdo atm :mrgreen:

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