Need help finding j-movie--Backwater

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Need help finding j-movie--Backwater

Post by doram » Jan 20th, '19, 03:22

Hello everyone. I'm looking for 2013 movie called The Backwater or Tomogui. I've searched everywhere to no avail--from local forum, nyaa, streaming sites, anywhere. I'm wondering if there is someone here who can help me find the raw files... or telling me where to find it--to look for it.
I really want to watch this movie. It's the movie Suda Masaki got awarded with Newcomer of The Year. I think it's worth to watch.

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Re: Need help finding j-movie--Backwater

Post by Wilcoxs » Sep 27th, '19, 09:33

Sorry I Find Some times your movie but not find

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Re: Need help finding j-movie--Backwater

Post by Gir » Sep 27th, '19, 19:24

It's on avistaz.
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