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Most Romantic Movies You've Seen

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Post by skachild » Dec 31st, '05, 10:30

How about Para Para Sakura... i think its quit romantic. :lol
Fly Me To Polaris (cast by richie ren & cecilia cheung) :cry:


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Post by crazylazy_chief » Dec 31st, '05, 10:38

The Princess Bride-- Love this movie to bits and pieces, I squeal when Wesley is saying 'as you wish' to Buttercup with his eyes staring intently at her. :wub:

While You Were Sleeping-- haha, this is actually my mom's favourite movie too, lol, but I absolutely love the sarcasm in it, and the quotes area absolutely hilarious.

Hmm, haven't watched any movies really for some time now. haha. -.-;;

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Post by reiayanami451 » Jan 1st, '06, 12:28

For me the most rommantic film is "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" by Michel Gondry! This film is so great!
I also loved "princess bride", I think it's the first romantic film I ever watch and each I watch it makes me think about when I was a little girl (weasley... :wub: )

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Post by genki_guy » Jan 7th, '06, 07:53

Amelie, Amelie, Amelie.

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Post by Super_Nerd » Jan 7th, '06, 09:10


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Post by Snowy » Jan 7th, '06, 14:36

My Sassy Girl [Korean]
Windstruck [Korean]

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Post by kinki » Jan 7th, '06, 14:48

i watched a lot to remember..right now, comes to my mind:

- Love Letter (starring Nakayama Miho)
- Ima ai ni yukimasu (be with you) (starring Takeuchi Yuko)
- My Sassy Girl (im not good with korean names..sorry)

those were very romantic.....:wub:

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Post by tlina069 » Jan 7th, '06, 17:22

reiayanami451 wrote:For me the most rommantic film is "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" by Michel Gondry! This film is so great!
I also loved "princess bride", I think it's the first romantic film I ever watch and each I watch it makes me think about when I was a little girl (weasley... :wub: )
Of course! "Eternal..." is such a good movie! I also find it very well done and artistic.
"Princess Bride" is cute and funny, I guess. :)

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Post by 6502inside » Jan 8th, '06, 09:27

I just looked up a usenet post (written by me) from 5 yrs ago and these were my recommendations:
Made in Heaven
Say Anything
Why would I lie?
The Slipper and the Rose
Forget Paris
Before Sunrise

To be honest I can't remember what all of these movies were about at this point, but I guess they must have been good ^_^ The Princess Bride is my absolute favorite movie, although not so much because of the romatic aspect.

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Post by TiteSriz » Jan 8th, '06, 09:41

My Sassy Girl ( so funny and cute)
Neverland ( Sooooo Beautifull !!! Johnny *_______*)
Xin Yuan (or Wish i guess , it's chinese or HK or TW lol , but it's soo sad , but i like it a lot ><)
Love Actually :)


and i think a lot of other i don't remember now :)

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Post by HaPpYfAcE » Jan 12th, '06, 16:56

some kind of wonderfull, Full House (kdrama), Mr. Wonderful, Buddy 18-80 ( thai movie), springtime (kdrama), and th0se were the days (chinese) with louis koo and some other girl.

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Post by cikaba2 » Jan 18th, '06, 14:08

Lover is Paris is the best romantic funny korean drama that I like the most. I watch it over and over. All About Eve is also romantic, Jang Dong Gun is always there for Chae Rim. He is look so perfect as a man in that drama. Almost impossible in real world.

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Post by Gny » Jan 22nd, '06, 22:58

I loved The Notebook. :wub:

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Post by ali-chan » Jan 24th, '06, 10:10

I really love A Moment to Remember :wub: , such a cute and sad love story.. and also My Sassy Girl, both of them korean movies.

But I think one of my favorite ones are Moulin Rouge and Splendor in the grass :wub: :wub:

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Post by alysha » Feb 3rd, '06, 10:53

I dunno how you ppl can say Notebook was good???....that was one pretty bad movie...

Here is my List!!

- My Sassy Girl (all time favourite)
- Il Mare (2nd all time favourite)
- Comrades: Almost a Love Story (this happens to be IMO that best ever HK film made....)

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Post by non-angelical » Feb 5th, '06, 07:59

mine are...

pride [jdorama]
fly me to polaris
mars [twdrama]
the rose [tw/chdrama?]
just like heaven
sixteen candles

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Post by milleu87 » Feb 5th, '06, 08:02

a moment to remember
windstruck( man i fell for this like crazy even though at the end i don't like it that much)
french kiss
forest gump ( i think it's romantic that forest loves jenny so much)

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Post by kitkatcake1988 » Feb 5th, '06, 08:21

Definitely agree about Eternal Sunshine, especially the last scene in his memory of the beach house crumbling.

I'm old school when it comes to romantic movies. I go for the Casablanca, Splendor in the Grass, Ninochtka, Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, The Philadelphia Story and Hitchcock films.

Most recently.. Brokeback Mountain.

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Post by ali-chan » Feb 5th, '06, 15:25

milleu87 wrote:forest gump ( i think it's romantic that forest loves jenny so much)
I´m soooooooooo agree with you :wub:

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Post by flcia » Feb 5th, '06, 15:30

Pride n prejudice...
i've watched that for like the millionth times

oh...and for asian movies The Classic (korean)...
its like the ultimate romantic movie...it is (like its name) classic, but so warm and fuzzy :D

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Post by pRincEton giRL » Feb 6th, '06, 04:43

Serendipity is one good enough :D

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Post by adindabeckham » Jan 2nd, '07, 21:41

my fave romantic movies are
50firstdate= i just love the idea to make someone fall in love with you every day
notting hill = makes me hoping that someday i could date with a superstar( am just a girl standing in front of the boy asking him to love her :wub:
romeo and juliet= what can i say about this movie just a masterpiece
my girl =nothing gonna beats first love story
Love actually =my fave scene is when kiera knightly got marry Christmas message..such a romantic scene i think one of the best romantic scene ever made :wub:
a moment to remember (korea)

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Post by bestletdown » Jan 2nd, '07, 22:10

kind of romantic..
ima ai ni ukimasu

and of course the notebook :-)

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Post by outcast » Jan 2nd, '07, 22:39

My best friends wedding
a wedding date
the notebook
Cat on hot tin roof
Kate & leopold
titanic "of course"
what else???
Most of Je LO movies r fine like:
Maid in manhatten,angel eyes & the wedding planner.
[img]http://www.customermotivators.com/Wedding%20Planner.jpg[/img][img]http://images-eu.amazon.com/images/P/B0 ... ZZZZZZ.jpg[/img]
indian movie "Devdas"
It will make u cry.
I can mention many more, but i gotta shut up now l0o0o0ol

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Post by Shimmer ' » Jan 6th, '07, 05:29

My Sassy Girl!

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Post by SlightlyTempted » Jan 6th, '07, 23:37

ALLLLLLLLLLLLL time favorite movie/drama I would have to say the British Exxon Mobile Masterpiece:
it's a mini drama 6 hours long
I absolutely love it and have seen it sooooooooo
many times and never get sick of it, and of course
it's almost exactly like the Book by
Jane Austen. and the stars are superb but I found the
new Pride & Prejudice movie just lacking.

[img]http://www.sullivanboutique.com/Anne/st ... judice.gif[/img]

as far as asian dramas or movies go I practically almost love all of the ones Ive watched. :cheers:

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Post by bria333 » Apr 10th, '07, 13:34

A Room With a View
Say Anything
Splendor in the Grass
Now Voyager
Valley Girl
Romeo + Juliet
The Way we Were
West Side Story
True Romance
Brokeback Mountain
Bonnie and Clyde
Bull Duram
Wuthering Heights
Magnificant Obsession

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Post by arabian » Apr 10th, '07, 13:46

there is only two movies..
a moment to remember.. korean
a walk to remember.. American..

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Post by Rasckita » Apr 10th, '07, 13:52

TNF wrote:I thought 10 things I Hate about you was really good. It's funny and stuff. Heath Ledger ain't bad to look at either.
I loved that movie!!

I think "A walk to remember" is very beautiful and romantic movie, just like "the notebook". :-)

ahhhh yeah and someone mentioned MARS..........I Love it!

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Post by kawaiimomo » Apr 10th, '07, 21:43

My Sassy Girl- such a cute, funny, and touching movie!
10 Things I hate About You- heath leger is HOT in this movie!
Il Mare- cried so much watching the end!!!
Crying Out Love at the Center of the world- kinda like a walk to remember but much more touching and beautiful in my opioion
A Walk to Remember-very good! a sweet movie
Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru- ok so it wasn't too romantic but it was so sweet and cute how much Shizuru luved Makoto!

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Post by irwinc » Apr 10th, '07, 22:06

I quite like Debbie does Dallas. So romantic. I love Debbie. :wub:

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Post by Arion » Apr 17th, '07, 09:14

Chungking Express - in a very special way

i still haven't watched In The Mood of Love and 2046.... :-(

and i usually like Bollywood movies for romance:

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