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Proud or embarrassed at your addiction to Drama?

Discuss about anything here that doesn't fit in the other categories. Just don't spam.
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Post by ackirom » Jun 20th, '08, 09:34

Not proud, but not embarassed either. I never lie about it though. Then again I don't encounter very many people who understand this kind of addiction, so when I tell 'em I really didn't study for a test cuz I watched 10 straight eps of whatever drama, I get this weird look from them and they think I'm lying. Still, I don't lie abt it, so I'd say I'm somewhere in between. :thumright:

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Post by Ruka707 » Jun 25th, '08, 18:43

Many people thinks I'm weird because of my addiction, but I'm kinda proud of it... :mrgreen:
(Because thanks to the dramas, I fell in love with Japan and the Japanese language, I started to learn it two years ago and now I can understand them without subs! ^^)

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Post by XrayZ » Jun 26th, '08, 12:44

half and half - dramas are cool and i love 'em, but its kind of geeky... or more than kind of, its pretty geek-tastic

for some reason people seem to think its weirder than my obsessions with, for example, inappropriate cover versions, religious and racist propaganda, Sun Ra, Wm. Burroughs...

see, i got a lot of non-mainstream interests, but somehow watching japanese tv shows with subs is WAY weirder than ANY of that in the eye of the average... well, stoner, i don't meet a lot of straight-straight type people :P

btw in the real world i only know four people who watch any j-drama, and that includes immediate friends and my daughter (who made me watch all of the live Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, mini-geek that she is!)

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Post by neokenzo » Jun 26th, '08, 12:56

Depends who I am talking to actually. So far whenever I tell any of my mates I watched asian dramas as well, they are shocked. I dont know why since I am asian :p :p :p

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Post by NatGeofanatic » Jun 26th, '08, 13:15

i should say that im really proud of my addiction to japanese dramas. i also watch korean and taiwanese dramas but im really into japanese dramas. i tell everyone i know that im really a drama fanatic. it's a little bit cheezy for a guy like me to tell my friends about this but i really dont care. i love japanese dramas for many reasons. first, i like the scripts. the way things are presented in the series i watch is very intelligent. it makes you think and relate to the stories. that's the reason why i cry when the actors cry, i laugh when they do and i feel their emotion. it feels like being in the story/situation itself. secondly, the characters are great. The actors play it really really well. third, i really like the choice of songs/music they play in the dramas. it suits the drama well and it adds more spice to the story. lastly, the story makes me temporarily forget about everything around me and it takes me to a different place where i could really feel the excitement, the joy, the love and the sorrow of every stories.

i'm really proud of my addiction to japanese dramas. i'm even learning japanese so i could relate more to the stories. and it made me consider to try living in japan.

i really appreciate all the subbers, the seeders and all the supporters of japanese/korean/taiwanese dramas!

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Post by cuteangelika » Jun 27th, '08, 12:29

not proud but definitely not embarrassed... even had it in my friendster profile.. :-)

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Post by kadetdawidow » Jul 12th, '08, 16:03

I used to be horribly obsessed with anime, and I was never embarrassed about it, because all of my friends were the same way. then I grew out of anime, sadly.
but I'm pretty cool with loving dramas. I actually got my mom addicted to them. whenever we find a series that we like, we download the whole thing and watch it over and over again.
she's especially fond of Gokusen, since she's a teacher and she's had those kind of students. although she doesn't take out her pigtails and throw her glasses off to the side and go into superhero mode like Yankumi (which is sad, because I'd pay to see that)
random observation: Yankumi must have killer health insurance to constantly be replacing all those pairs of glasses......

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Post by shakezit » Jul 14th, '08, 09:44

proud! :D i can always recommend ppl on which dramas to watch and all. (: best, i don't lack a common topic with friends since all of us are dramas crazy. XD

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Post by fifimimi » Jul 14th, '08, 10:04

I'm from UK and its rather unsually here..I mean I'm sure there are some people here just like me but it'snot something to talk about like in asian countries...but I make my friends and colleagues aware of my craze for anime and dramas (jap&korean)...people are fine with it and won't think weirdly of it..it's just like being addicted to the western (UK or US) dramas but in a different language...as for anime..I think most people know the difference between anime and cartoon.

So I'm a proud addict!

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jul 15th, '08, 19:09

Slightly embarrassed. I feel like a freak sometimes because I know more about Korean entertainment than my Korean friends do. And because I know more about Korean culture than I do my own.

But in online Asian communities where nobody knows who I am, I am a proud addict! :-)

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Post by Theara » Jul 17th, '08, 09:05

it's embarrassing when it feels like I'm losing my masculinity when talking about it with my friends. It's also kind of embarrassing because of how I'm watching/supporting entertainment outside of my ethnicity.

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Post by zcbml » Aug 7th, '08, 19:19

ha ha I used to be sooooo obssessed with Anime as well!!! Wow those days. I never thought of that or watching dramas as an addiction though, more just constant entertainment!!!

Definitely proud of it

So much that I wanted to learn all the important asian langauges!! Japanese, Korean, Cantonese.....

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Post by xAsianDramasx » Aug 7th, '08, 19:32

no lol, I made my friend who had never watched asian dramas b4 watch last friends and she was like o____O at like everything, lol, she wants to watch it agen though.. :S and omg, her fave character was sousuke looooooool

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Post by ikbenlief » Aug 7th, '08, 19:33

I think it's nothing to be proud of... but also nothing to be embarassed about it... it is just watching "TV"... and I just like Asian dramas instead of Western...

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Post by biniBningPunkista » Aug 7th, '08, 19:53

definitely proud of it. never embarrassed about this obsession... :cheers:
(not a lot of people can relate about this, and that's what separates me/us from the rest of the world who just work work work or study study study!)

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Post by Aiko_ » Aug 13th, '08, 08:15

proud :cheers: jdramas are my whole world, real passion and the thing which makes me happy. plus i can learn japanese from them! :mrgreen:

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Post by a2a » Aug 13th, '08, 11:46

There's nothing to be embarassed about, as far as I'm concerned. Compared to the crap the TV in my country is showing asian dramas are 10000x times better. And a lot of people who know how addicted I am are actually amazed at the quantity and quality of themes the dramas have. They find it cool. So no I'm not embarassed. Rather than proud I'd say I'm satisfied with my addiction! :lol

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Post by andromaque » Sep 2nd, '08, 16:07

I am generally rather embarassed to say that I love asian dramas... People around wouldn't really understand XD so I say I love japanese (which is totally true), then when I get to know them better I sometimes tell them and eventually convert them (and that's the best part :P )

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Post by hellokuromi » Sep 8th, '08, 18:04

I would never be embarrassed of my drama addiction~! Most everybody I associate with is Asian and I'm part Asian so its no big deal but even people who are not Asian I am not ashamed and will try to convert them to dramas if I can! Japanese and other Asian dramas are superior to American television IMO anyway!

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Post by gamercloud » Sep 9th, '08, 20:31

I am not ashame of like Asian Culture. I love anime, I love asian music and now I am falling in love with drama. I never though it could be THAT GOOD. I think real friends will always respect you.

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Post by .Silent. » Sep 9th, '08, 20:54

Of course I'm proud of it. Asian dramas are the best :lol far better than those on TV in my country.
Most of my friends don't watch asian dramas and we don't talk about it so I'm happy that I can talk about my fav dramas here :-)

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Post by xxxbakaxxx » Sep 9th, '08, 21:04

I'm Proud of Jdrama and Anime. Like Noone in my school watchs, Except My English teacher, who graduated a few years ago in my school. He watchs anime though. My brother and sister too. Another Person who graduated this year in may. That's like it , so pretty much just my older bro and sis. I go to a private school

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Post by getawayfrom » Sep 9th, '08, 21:26

I am proud that I can watch all that great Korean dramas out there but wish I kick the habit because I think it a bad thing when you wasted your whole life in front of a screen. I would love to stick my face to the screen everyday 24/7 as long as I have lots of money to live on. It too bad I'm doing it and live like a bum which made me feel bad.

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Post by xxemz19xx » Sep 9th, '08, 21:44

I'm proud, if someone asks what I like I'll tell them. People usually are intrested as its different from what they watch so its all good for me :mrgreen:

My friends on the other hand know I want to study Korean so me watching K-dramas isn't that wierd to them.

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Post by gokidora » Sep 9th, '08, 23:51

I'm not ashamed in any way, but... I'm not Asian and maybe it's me, but it feels a little weird to bring it up in conversation. There's no point in floating the topic with non-Asians since the chance they are fans is so small. And if I do so with someone who is Asian then it feels like I'm saying something like (using J-drama as an example), "Hi, you're Japanese and I like this Japanese thing." That's true, but it also seems to imply something else which isn't, namely that I wish I was the main character in "Shogun" or that given a chance I end my sentences with ne? or yo! or that I have a shrine to Suzuki Honami next to my tokonoma, none of which is true because that shrine is in my closet, man, and nowhere near my tokonoma, yo!

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Post by rezeero » Sep 10th, '08, 13:08

my friends usually give me that "she's a weirdo" look but I don't care, I think the same about them watching crap on tv or going to stupid hollywood blockbuster movies ehehe :P
I have never been ashamed of my taste, why be now? besides, I have my online friends to understand me and discuss :thumright:

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