Which Drama do you like best? Korean Chinese or Japanese?

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Which Drama do you like best? Korean Chinese or Japanese?

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Post by Wuzixi » Jan 14th, '07, 06:52

I like chinese drama in the year of 1990 to 2000 love Rotch95,Journey to the west,dgsm96 and country spirit seven sisters ...only the Ancient costumes.
I like Japanese drama because is funny and their story line is deep.
Korean drama are okay is a bit like thai-drama.
i love 30%Cdrama and 50% Jdrama and 20% to K-drama. maybe for me not everything is about love but also friendship.

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Post by JooJiHoons_Luvr » Jan 14th, '07, 07:02

I started watching Taiwanese dramas first then i found out about the Korean Dramas. Yes they are like soap operas but I actually like them. If they can cry and act well then kudoos for them because a lot of actors can't cry well. I haven't seen a lot of Chinese and Japanese dramas though. Could somebody suggest any?

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Definitely Japanese.

Post by DJhozy » Jan 14th, '07, 07:22

I watch only tw-dramas, hk-dramas, jdrama and kdrama.

J-dramas are short and sweet, without time-filling scenes, that's why i like it.
Japanese girls are the prettiest too!! :P (because I'm a guy.)

K-drama is good too especially Goong. Romantic stories that make people cry.

PS: I guess that for people who compare jdrama and kdrama should at least watch more than 5 dramas of each language in order to be fair about their opinions. You can't compare 20 dramas you've watched with 1 drama of another language. In a country, there are good and bad dramas too.

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Post by omoiyou » Jan 14th, '07, 07:39

well you cant really compare dramas by country. If you compare them individually it might be easier, but comparing dramas by country just isn't right and stirs some race issues. This is really nothing more than a fanboy/fangirl opinion. So far all the post i read you guys generalized each pretty correctly. I have to say i watched alot of different ones from all 3, but the ones that changed my life are jdramas, it really makes you reflect on your life. I still enjoying watching all 3 equally though. O and whoever said jdramas had bad technical effects & mostly ancient stuff should stop living under a rock.

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Post by peachy-sama » Jan 14th, '07, 08:09


common theme: luv story between a commoner and rich/ceo/superstar steoreotypes
it takes soooo long, 1 hr in all 16 eps.. it sooooooo dragging and overly thrilling... it just circles around until the 16th ep..hehe

but funny too..

i lyk the versatility of the stories.. they're not only luv stories but also about the struggles of an ordinary person
wat i lyk about it is that they're realistic (well some of them)
they're short and very straight to the point..
i have shared lots tearjerkinf moments

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Post by chckboy5 » Jan 14th, '07, 08:11

jdramas for me, but i havent seen as many kdramas

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Post by starryeyed » Jan 14th, '07, 08:16

Hmm... i was a big fan of those TVB series way back in the 90's. But i did watch the occasional J-dramas like 101'st marriage proposal. A few years later i became hooked on K-dramas thanks to Winter Sonata which was huge hit in my country. From then on, it was Korean dramas all the way. :D. I think ive watched more Korean dramas then the rest. I also stopped watching chinese dramas until last years' ROCH

But i never stopped watching my J-dramas. I think as a whole, i prefer J-Drama's even though ive watched more Korean dramas.

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Post by chellex » Jan 14th, '07, 08:29

I, too, love Kdrama's, as well as TWDrama's. Romance is just <3able. Though the reason I like them is because all that I have seen has seemed to be well written and most well acted.

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Post by NADZ » Jan 14th, '07, 08:34

i like korean dramaz but totally LOVE tw dramaz
they r both good but the tw stories r amazing!!!

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Post by sapphire44 » Jan 14th, '07, 08:39

i choose k-dramas b'cause they are cute and funny
but i prefer period chinese dramas aswell
why not j-dramas b'cause i only like j-music

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Post by leenabecks » Jan 14th, '07, 08:42

I more prefer this korean drama..... it's not complicated to understand the whole story... for me some japanese drama too hard to understand. But i like Kimura takuya, in Good Luck. So cute... :lol :lol :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wub:

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Post by sveta » Jan 14th, '07, 08:51

J-drama. Japanese Dramas have more variety to them and not every single drama is focused on romance. When one is single and dreading the future, watching romantic K-Drama which are basically same thing, is quiete dull and depressing. I watched one C-Drama, Chinese Paladin, very sad, made me almost cry. I always choke up when i think about that last episode...no disrespect to those that like K-Dramas, but i want to watch something that is unpredictable rather than predictable (i only watched Bad Family one time, and right off the bat knew that Oh Dal Gun and the sister girl would end up together...)

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Post by Néa Vanille » Jan 14th, '07, 11:12

Hm, I do agree that KDramas are more predictable on average, but I personally don't exactly find most JDramas unpredictable, either. 14 Sai no Haha, My Boss My Hero, Kurosagi and Taiyou no Uta this year and it was pretty obvious in all 4 dramas what the end would be like. There is still more variety in JDrama on average, but in essence, I think most modern romance and even many comedy dramas, regardless of origin, are predictable. The difference between KDrama and JDrama is that in KDrama, it's usually easy to tell that the girl will end up with one of the guys (or dead), while in JDrama they often either end up single (when there's a love triangle) or with the person they've been set up with from the start. There are of course always exceptions - Nobuta wo Produce, Over the Rainbow and What Happened in Bali all had nice endings that weren't obvious from the start. However, I don't really mind predictable dramas and will watch dramas even if I've read spoilers beforehand and know the end already. I don't know, it just doesn't bother me so much - the way to the resolution seems to be more important to me than the resolution itself.

I preferred JDramas in 2005, but in 2006, I preferred KDramas. I thought 2006's JDramas were pretty meh overall (except for a handful I loved - I really dislike most of these idol dramas...) while there were lots of innovative KDramas (Coma, the horror drama; Hyena, the cable TV Sex in the City drama; Soulmate, the smartest little sitcom I've ever seen etc...). I have no real preference, though, so let's see which I'll prefer in 2007.

Oh, and an honourable mention needs to go to Taiwanese dramas. Though their budget can't keep up with Japanese and Korean dramas and most of what they produce seems to be rather average, they do produce the occassional gem. Mars is still my most favourite drama ever, beating all the quality Japanese and Korean dramas I've since seen.

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Post by soulstar » Jan 14th, '07, 11:44

i chose kdrama.

to be fair, though, i have only seen one jdrama and no chinese drama`s. for the dramas i have seen (jdrama and kdramas), i love to fall into the cultural nuances. i`m fascinated by other cultures of the world and how they compare to my own (fijian-indian/american).

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Post by korean_foreva » Jan 14th, '07, 11:51

i picked chinese....well ive been into chinese for sum time now..i loved watchin it started with a kiss and now im watchin hana kimi ...n i also think chinese is funnier ^____^

but i do love korean dramas....and im not realli a fan on jap

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Post by sveta » Jan 14th, '07, 13:44

To be honest, i hadn't watched 2006 J-Dramas and only 2006 K-Drama that i watched was Bad Family. I was comparing some K-Drama summaries that i read to old J-Dramas i've seen (GTO; Seikei Bijin; Shota no Sushi...etc) I didn't mean to sound harsh. One day if i ever will be happily married <---(big laughs) i'm sure i'll appreciate K-Dramas. But because i'm single i do not like to be reminded of what i don't have. That's why i have distaste for anything with romance in it

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Post by rayasunshine » Jan 14th, '07, 14:56

I'm going to have to go with K-dramas. The first drama I watched was Korean and i've watched a bajillion more since then. I find the men to be really attractive and the womens fashion is adorable as well, in this sense it seems more modern to me than j-drama's and I like that. The storylines are very redundant...but I enjoy them anyway(although I wish people would stop ending up with a terminal illness) The funny thing is i've actually reached the point with korean dramas where i'm like have i seen this before??!!( I really should have kept a list of all the dramas i've seen already :scratch: Anyways I like J-dramas too. Love theeee variety, and honestly wish that some more K-dramas like Soulmate with a new and fresh outlook/storyline would come out.. just something new and fresh. I've only watched one Chinese drama.. and actually haven't even finished it yet..... I haven't watch enough to really have an opinion,but the one that I can't seem to get through is Xian Jian and its a little too cheesy/goofy for my taste.

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Post by Kanin » Jan 14th, '07, 16:39

I have to say JDramas.

But I admit, I can only speak for JDrama at the moment.

So I realise it's an unfair opinion due to the fact I've seen about 70 (lol) JDramas and 1 KDrama. Heck, I'm not even a qualified JDrama expert either cause I know there are tons of old as well as new dramas and taiga dramas that I haven't even started to watch yet. Actually just saw that nana Aoi will star in a taiga 2008. So if I ditched JDramas because of what 2005 produces I'm not really fair either.

It seems that the JDrama industry is really big. I assume it's much bigger than in most countries and I can definately say it has a much bigger impact on me than most countries.

I like how they seem to interact with other industries like the vast Manga platform. It just seems like a great symbiosis for both. The other symbiosis is how they systematically use singers for dramas. Obviously singing is a performance fit for a stage, and from there it's no big step to a movie or a drama. Of course not always a hit, but I think it's a good idea in securing new talents.

Last year they produced about 60-75 JDramas, I'm just making an amateurish counting from Wiki. So if people only have seen JDramas from 2005-2006 it is no real platform or reference. Especially since the genres of JDrama seems to be so big. And rightly so, the 'Best JDrama survey' at the moment has 61 distinctive drama titles. Of course it's due to many factors, but it does say something about the range.

I don't think good looking guys or cute girls make a good drama alone, although they can ignite an interest. So I'm not buying Korean girls cuter than Japanese girls. Actually as a fact I don't buy that at all. Even If I was from Korea (which I am) I wouldn't buy that. And I'm not buying how fancier cars could make a better drama. :lol

I like romantic dramas like 'Love Generation'. IMO the much praised 'My sassy girl' doesn't even come near that score. But if it is what most of you say, KDramas is all about love, then I might try some.

I kinda appreciate that JDramas are only 10-11 episodes. It's not short iMO. It's still about 10 hours of storytelling. In fact it helps keeping up the pace. So if you think they are slow in how they talk and act I think it's a bit unfair. Adding another 5 episodes to fill 16 should really make things worse at least for JDrama. I think it's hard enough to fill 11 good episodes as it is today.

The only KDrama reference I have is, 'loving you'. It was ok.

Further praise I will save for my reviews. :-)

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Post by nophankh » Jan 14th, '07, 19:56

Like someone stated earlier, it's difficult to compare dramas by country. They have their pros and cons. I can't really choose which is better, it would all depend on my mood. If I want variety and off-the wall dramas to lighten my mood, I would definitely go for JDoramas.

Kdramas is for romance and being overly melodramatic. The cons of k-dramas is that they are so predictable, I've watched several k-dramas and they seem have the same plots and events. I swear, I'm so annoyed by love contracts( Wonderful life, My name is Sam Soon, Full house, and etc.), long lost siblings, step-siblings hooking up, love-squares (full house and Goong), average poor person falling for a very rich guy/girl and the family is totally against it, and childhood hook-ups that you can't seem to forget. Gag! But why to I continue to watch them?

Like someone said earlier, K-dramas are like thai- dramas without rape, the fat or gay sidekicks (god, I love them. They offer comic relief) and crazy girl-on-girl cat-fights.

On a unrelated topic:
Am I the only person who has noticed this, but K-dramas don't have rapes or homosexuals in their dramas. Personally, I don't enjoy viewing these topics, but Thai dramas sure love to explore them. I'm so annoyed on how in several Thai dramas, they have the leading man rape the leading girl to show his love. That's kinda sick in my opinion.

C-dramas. I don't usually watch them. I watched a few episodes of meteor moon or something and was fairly disgusted when Si slapped Shan-chai when she lost faith in their relationship. Devil beside you was kinda whack, thank god for the fast-forward scroll-bar on google player. Maybe it's the translation, but their dialogue is really corny. In devil beside you, "we'll be dangerous siblings" or something like that. What is up with the corny dialogue and what does that actually mean? Dude! ?


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Post by SlightlyTempted » Jan 14th, '07, 21:06

In order Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese the on thing that sometimes turns me away from Taiwanese drama's is the fact they are so long, and they don't get to the point to quickly, or sometimes it's just way way cheesy. They would have I think the best drama's if they fine tune their drama's and made it I guess somewhat more realistic and not so dragging :crazy: with Korean sometimes just over the board melodramatic and Japanese, they can have a lil bit more emotions that don't seem fake.

but overall I think if all the directors didn't rush the drama's to be made so quickly, they would be better cuz they would see what shouldn't be in the drama and how to improve their drama's :mrgreen:

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Post by FruitChaat » Jan 14th, '07, 22:59

i watch all three, but majority of that dramas i watch are jdramas
i think jdramas have more storyline variety, better acting, and they don't drag on for too many episodes like k and c dramas.

the thing that turns me off about kdramas is that most of them have the same storyline, i've watched so many with the typical 4 person cast and the two leads in some sort of contract relationship. that and way too many car accidents/ amnesia cases. lol.

i watch taiwan dramas but i guess the main turn off is the acting, theres only a select few actors/actresses who i can actually stand to watch for 20+ episodes.

not that jdramas dont have their flaws, but i guess the main reason i was them so much is that the are short and they get subbed a lot more frequently than the other two

Néa Vanille
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Post by Néa Vanille » Jan 15th, '07, 16:15

FruitChaat wrote:i think jdramas have better acting
JDramas and good acting? Good one. :alcoholic:

Edit: no offense, I just find it funny because the acting is actually the one thing that I always read people **** about in JDrama threads. :lol Especially regarding the acting of so-called idols.
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Post by wnndy » Jan 15th, '07, 16:28

i like korean drama's the best, then tw drama and then j-drama
because i like it when there is romance, and most korean drama's are about loverelationships. the twdrama's i've seen are also about love.
i like drama's when the actor is hot/sexy/cute/pretty/handsome whatever and the actress is pretty..:P haha
i don't mind the fact that most drama's are quite predictable:P

Love Angel
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Post by Love Angel » Jan 15th, '07, 17:22

I didn't watch a chinees drama but between J & K dramas I'll go for j-dramas because

the variety of the storylines
the drama is about 10 or 11 episodes and 45 minutes
I like the acting in j-dramas more
when I watch a j-drama I can understand few words but in K-dramas I can't pick up a single word XD

what I equally like in both j & k drama is the OST which I think they are great in both ^^

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Post by Auty » Jan 16th, '07, 07:08

I like kdramas the best. twdramas closely follow. I haven't seen enough jdramas to really rate it though, but they kick ass from what I've seen.

I like kdramas the best though because the romance and angst. I like to cry when I watch, and kdramas never let me down. 8)

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Post by Arion » Jan 16th, '07, 11:11

i'll go with c-dramas. especially hk-dramas (TVB/ATV). i must admit that i haven't seen any k- or j-dramas complete yet. but i've seen enough movies. and most of the time, the japanese acting doesn't appeal to me. i fully understand their culture about not showing emotions and stuff. and maybe this is reflected in their movies till a certain degree. (not that it is in overall like that) the newer ones are much better though. and i'm not saying it's cause the japanese lacks in acting skill, there are some excellent actors out there like Sonny Chiba or Takeshi Kaneshiro (he is half Chinese half Japanese though).
i don't watch korean dramas right now cause i have no need for heartbreaking love stories at the moment ;)

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Post by HaJoSa » Jan 16th, '07, 14:44


I enjoy watching J drama because it is more interesting *^*

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Post by kobe23 » Jan 16th, '07, 15:16

I haven't seen J-drama as yet so I can't comment on that, but as far as K-dramas and C/T-dramas are concerned, I find the former vastly superior. The overall package of a korean drama just seems more refined and polished than a chinese/taiwanese drama. The acting in C/T-dramas are typically sub-standard and the actors/actresses are nowhere near as good looking.

I have to try J-drama some day, since I've heard it's not as draggy as K-dramas.

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Post by ohcrapimonfire » Jan 16th, '07, 15:36

I have seen a fair amount of all three types (except for Chinese Dramas, but I have seen Tw-Dramas so for the sake of ranking I'll include them here), and I'd have to say that I like K-Dramas the best, then J-Dramas, and Tw-Dramas at a distant third. Tough call between K-Dramas and J-Dramas, though.

While I admire the creativity of storylines for J-Dramas, I find Korean actors and actresses to be, on the whole, better. I also like that many Korean Dramas have strong female characters, though the double love triangle thing does get old sometimes. Male and female relationships feel stiff in Japanese dramas, whereas in Korean dramas they are less hesitant to do basic relationship markers, like kiss. (I understand that this is a cultural thing, but I am just saying I prefer K-Dramas in this respect). I also think that Korean Dramas are in general produced much better, and I tend to like the music more.

In my opinion, Tw-Dramas, while cute, are poorly produced, usually have bad to mediocre music, drag on FOREVER, and often have irritatingly bad actors and actresses. There are a bunch that I liked (Silence, ISWAK), but even they share these qualities... I just looked past them because the plot kept me into it.

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Post by Pekana » Jan 17th, '07, 01:01

I'd have to go with Jdrama as my number one choice, but Kdrama is a close second.

Like a lot of others have stated, Jdrama wins over Kdarma when it comes to the storyline. I find that Jdramas just offer more variety and they aren't as draggy as Kdramas. On the other hand, I prefer watching Kdramas when I'm in the mood for something romantic. Their plots may be repetitive and they use and re-use cliches, but I just think couples in Kdramas have a more dynamic, more natural interraction while the chemistry between the leads in some Jdramas I've watched has been rather lukewarm.

All in all both have their good and bad points and it depends on my mood which I prefer at the moment. As for Chinese dramas, I can't really be much of a judge there since I've only tried watching two or maybe three, but haven't finished watching any.

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Post by Enki » Jan 18th, '07, 04:51

Though I'm studying Korean, and should be watching kdramas for studying...I can't, I just can't orz (well OK I did like Kim Sam Soon, the first few episodes of Hello My Teahcer [before they stopped focusing on the students] and Soul Mates) At least there's awesome kmovies, ksitcoms and kvariaty shows to remedy that ^^;;

So, since I haven't seen any cdramas, I have to say jdramas for me. Better, NON ROMANTIC (this is really the point for me! It's like one of the only countries where the dramas are not always love love love. The originality and change of pace is extremely refreshing and welcome) themes and storylines.

And two words: Kudo Kankuro :heart: :heart: everything the man writes is gold!
marvelous wrote: I know lot of Korean dramas are based on love but there are other dramas out there. My mom watches lot of Adult dramas not based on teen boppy love stories. But these teen boppy drama sells to more international peeps.
Oh man, if you could tell me any non-romantic non-teeny bopper Kdramas I'd be eternally grateful :lol I really wanna find some kdramas I can get into :lol

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Post by eternal_dragon_666 » Jan 18th, '07, 06:57

Lol, good luck there Enki.
I voted for Korean cuz it's the one that I could connect to more. Jdramas are too hyper for me and cdramas tends to drag on too much.

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Post by Midnight » Jan 18th, '07, 20:45

Voted for Japanese dramas because out of the three, those are the only dramas that I can watch from beginning to end (not all in one sitting mind you), without having to skim through some of the episodes. With Korean and Chinese dramas there always comes a point where the story goes in a direction that doesn't interest me or I start to dislike the lead characters.

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Post by Liantasse » Jan 19th, '07, 15:05

I prefer Japanese dramas because the story develops at a quicker pace, and there seems to be a good balance between sad and happy/funny moments.

Also, I do like "Guys Who Look Like Girls" a lot XD :lol and there don't seem to be too many delicate-looking / sensitive / vulnerable guys in the kdramas... I may be plain wrong -- and if I am, could someone please let me know about some good kdramas with guys who are more on the feminine side? -- I didn't watch too many, because one of my early choices was Sang-doo, Let's Go to School, and I cried so many bucketfuls of tears that I decided to take a break from kdramas for a while....

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Post by 41nano » Jan 30th, '07, 12:34

Japanese because I will like Japanese language and also because I don't have time for chinese/korean dramas

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Post by LemonDrive » Feb 2nd, '07, 17:46

they say that what you hate most is what you love the most... well then i Hate kDramas.

too much love, struggling then victory and all that mushy feelings causes death scenario is mostly the theme..

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Post by HaJoSa » Feb 2nd, '07, 17:52

Japanese and korean Drama

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Post by nikochanr3 » Feb 2nd, '07, 18:04

Japanese, korean are just too long. I like the quicker wrap ups. Although i watched MY GIRL, and that was just brilliant, so i see why its like that, but id say 80% of the time, japanese.

chinese ive never seen.

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Post by pokute » Feb 2nd, '07, 18:21

Japanese, because the shows are just more original... Haken no Hinkaku is just amazing right now! After that, Chinese, because I like the historical (Three Kingdoms!!) (and prehistorical - like Monkey King) shows. And lastly, Korean, just for the sappy melodramatic sentimentality of it all... Full House is a milestone in television regardless of country... EVERYBODY cries!

Stalking niko again today... You've never seen Chinese?!

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Post by franchosa » Feb 2nd, '07, 18:44

I like Japanese dramas the best because they have more profound stories and most of their plots are unique.

I only like Korean dramas if they are romantic comedies. I think they are pretty good about those. I don't like their melodramatic stuff.

As for Chinese dramas, I don't care so much for them. Their series are too long such that the main point of the story sometimes gets lost.

I've only liked one Taiwanese drama and that's Meteor Garden 1. Although I enjoyed Prince Turns to Frog because of Ming Dao.

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Post by pokute » Feb 2nd, '07, 18:50

Maybe we have slightly different definitions of melodrama. I get the feeling that mine is somewhat less clearly defined than other peoples... For me it's only necessary for the music to swell and people to look pensive for a few seconds for me to call it melodrama ;^)

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Post by Moondy » Feb 2nd, '07, 19:04

japanese ;)

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Post by thtlam » Feb 2nd, '07, 19:23

I like Japanese dramas more than Korean and Chinese dramas but I watch all :D

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Post by maiita » Feb 2nd, '07, 19:24

Umm... I like J-Dramas best.
Mainly because they're short :P I tend to lose interest after 10 to 12 episodes so I've had some trouble sitting through 24 episode dramas :whistling: I don't like to watch movies because there's so little characterization and it feels like they're just rushing to finish the story, but I don't have the attention span for a drama with more than 15 episodes. One of the reasons I lose interest in some American shows :lol
I haven't watched a lot of Korean dramas, but I like Taiwanese dramas. K-Dramas are a bit too "dramatic" sometimes, but I love some of the romantic storylines :-)

short cake
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Post by short cake » Feb 2nd, '07, 19:30

I prefer Korean ..

they have the emotion and the romance look and Of course the actor and the actoress are moooooore cuter

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Post by nikochanr3 » Feb 2nd, '07, 19:34

pokute wrote:Japanese, because the shows are just more original... Haken no Hinkaku is just amazing right now! After that, Chinese, because I like the historical (Three Kingdoms!!) (and prehistorical - like Monkey King) shows. And lastly, Korean, just for the sappy melodramatic sentimentality of it all... Full House is a milestone in television regardless of country... EVERYBODY cries!

Stalking niko again today... You've never seen Chinese?!
:salut: nope, i have never seen even 1 minute of a chinese drama.

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Post by EleKYAH » Feb 2nd, '07, 21:57

Japanese. They have more intensity, more different histories, more shocking of feelings, more passional, more interesting, more addicting, they really shock me (well, the most). I like Korean dramas, but they're another world, theyre for me extreeeeemely long, boring sometimes, only thinking in love (its nice sometimes, but not practically at all kdramas). I haven't seen chinese dramas, but i dont like the historical thingy, so i dont believe that ill like them. So definitively, japanese dramas.

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Post by Annessa » Feb 2nd, '07, 23:44

it depends on my mood, i guess. i watch kdramas more than any others, though.

i love Japanese dramas because they are shorter, interesting storylines, and better pacing... sometimes Korean dramas drag far too much (they're usually at least 16+ episodes). but i'll admit i love how sappy kdramas can get... plus they're very "wholesome" and PG compared to American television shows in general.

i liked older HK dramas from the 80s/90s, since that is what i grew up watching. i haven't watched many Taiwanese dramas... some are good, but generally do not attract much of my attention. my parents watch a lot of Thai dramas these days, but i rarely watch with them... i get bored after 10 minutes of any given episode.

but overall, i might have to say kdramas... because that is what got me addicted to Asian dramas again. i was a big fan of kpop culture in the late 90's (mostly music from HOT, Sechskies, FinKL, SES, Diva, Turbo, etc)... and i started watching dramas later on. i even started learning the language and hopefully won't have to rely on English or Chinese subs someday!

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Post by meeko » Feb 3rd, '07, 00:13

korean korean KOREAN cause the boys are cute ( YOUNG HOT ones i meant) :wub: but i also perfer them cause of plot lines . my second choice is jap same reason as korean . :P

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Post by mimmi » Feb 3rd, '07, 09:46

I voted for Japanese dorama, then Chinese come in second and Korean come in third, eventhough I really like the Jumong saga :-)....

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Post by wallflower » Feb 3rd, '07, 09:54

Chinese.. maybe because 99% of dramas I've watched are chinese dramas.. and 1% were Japanese. I haven't watched any Korean dramas yet, although I plan to.. soon.. whenever.. I.. um. Get unlazy.

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Post by CreaMy_StarBucKs » Feb 4th, '07, 11:02

I say Chinese and I voted Chinese!

I grew up watching wuxia series and I love them most. The fightings are cool! :D

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Post by StarDust » Feb 4th, '07, 11:12

I'd say Korean coz Jeon Ji-Hyun ROCKS!! :wub:

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Post by MitsukaiKuroi » Feb 12th, '07, 19:51

I prefer Japanese Dramas because :

1. More original storylines.

2. The romance is not over the top ; just people falling for each other and their up and downs.

3. Deals with more realistic subjects. - Like death and loss, family issues that aren't just because it might "bring shame" to them, handicaps and acceptance, etc.

4. Open to controversial subjects. - Like teachers falling for a student, infidelity, etc.

5. I find the humor is always on target!

6. Acting is very natural and not "soap opera" like.

7. Unpredictable plots on most of them and the ones that are predictable tend to have a lot of twist in the show itself.

8. Characters tend to be more defined. - The dramas present very unique (and sometimes not very flattering!) people. Hard to confuse them with others in another drama! It makes the show more realistic IMO. Like people you see in everyday life.

9. Plots tend to move faster and get to the point but slower JDrama shows really make you walk away thinking.

I am open to watching all types of dramas and I will give any a try but so far JDramas are my hands down favorite!!! :-)

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Post by veracious » Feb 12th, '07, 19:55

Korean - they seem to have the best cinematography, music and comedy. I'm a newbie, though... I'm also keen on Taiwanese. There's yet to be a Japanese one that has really grabbed me - my biggest faves are Korean & Taiwanese.

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Post by Quadrono » Feb 13th, '07, 21:43

Here are my two cents :-) :

I prefer k-dramas. I like the long spiral down into romance, whether its done in an intense (someone dies or is tragically blinded) or comical manner. The soundtracks have good variety to them compared to j-dramas. Nicer cinematography too. Conversations are more real, doesn't sound scripted like j-dramas. I'm a romance junkie :P.

For me, J-drama's are usually too short for me, it just seems like the character development is kind of lacking and they get together too fast... they're also too deep, lots of conversations about life and purpose of being, happiness... sometimes they sound like speeches. Of course they have this in k-dramas but its not as bad. I haven't watched one that has made me j-enthusiastic. But one thing, J-drama's rule when it comes to good endings. There's total closure in most cases, unlike k-dramas, where I'm left going "Is that it?? 16+ episodes, and that's it?!".

I haven't seen enough Chinese dramas to give an opinion :scratch:

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Post by oberon21 » Feb 13th, '07, 22:05

since i love so much romance i prefer by far the korean ones ,but i dont dislike at all the japanese dramas ,at the moment the chinese ones dont satisfy my tastes

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Post by DMPA » Feb 13th, '07, 22:08

i just love all dramas in general. i also like taiwanese dramas

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Post by AzNightDreams » Feb 13th, '07, 22:14

First is Japanese then Chinese and Korean

I luv all dramas originally because it realli depends on the story..

I switch most of the time so its more like a pattern ><

First Japanese then Korean then Chinese and then now back to Japanese^^

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Post by [sweet.surrender] » Feb 14th, '07, 05:44

i prefer korean dramas... they seem so much more interesting oh and also taiwanes dramas... and SPANISH NOVELAS but most of them are boring (for me )well thats just my opinion Gotta Love the DRAMA!!!!

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Post by SevereSuffering » Mar 20th, '07, 12:39

JDramas. I've been watching Chinese(mainly HK + some Taiwanese) dramas 3/4 of my life and its really getting to me. The actors and storylines are so... recycled. Kdramas.. are just too draggy

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Post by surrealistic-destiny » Mar 21st, '07, 09:25

Hmmmm, does watching Viet dub Chinese dramas count? ^^;;

Anyhoo, I haven't seen much Korean Drama, apart from Goong but I seen alot of Korean films. Often its depressing..or maybe its just me.

Personally I prefer Japanese since, it helps build up my Japanese :3 And its got interesting storylines. ^_______^

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Post by smiley6yrl » Mar 21st, '07, 09:39

At first i was more of a korean fans.. but then i got bored of the same storyline/plot.. so i switch to J Drama, saw one that i really liked (14 sai no haha) then i tried watching a few more, but then for some reason, it didnt attracts me so much.. then i started watching TW drama... and thats all i ever watch now.. so i guess my vote goes to TW DRAMAS/CHINESE for light and pure entertainments...

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Post by Willow » Mar 21st, '07, 09:52

I like both Korean and Taiwanese series, but between the two...I have more favorites Korean dramas. I have nothing against Japanese dramas, but I don't know why I don't enjoy them as much.

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Post by Rasckita » Mar 22nd, '07, 17:23

I havent seen any korean drama yet but i like the japanese and the taiwanese. I think Japanese drama was good production and it's good because it's only 10 episodes per serie most of the time. Although i love taiwanese dramas sometimes it's hard to watch them because my connection is slow and they're very long (aound 20 episodes).

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Post by Neji-sama » Mar 22nd, '07, 19:09

Japanese all the way :-)

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Post by kihi » Mar 24th, '07, 15:59

i like the variety story lines and the story usually short.

why not korean?
coz most of the story focus on love.

why not chinese?
way too many eps.

LaSt HoPe
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Post by LaSt HoPe » Mar 24th, '07, 16:27

boniface wrote:K-dramas because I'm really into romantic things like that.

Japanese has more storyline variety, so it's actually more interesting, but I've yet to see enough K-drama for me to want to puke at the melodrama
same here 8)

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Post by QueenOfRice » Mar 24th, '07, 16:29

<3 japanese dramas! unlike korean ones which seem to have 1-3 kinds of plots, japanese has many differnt kinds to keep u interested xD i used to like chinese ones but now they have bad actors or too many fake (really fake!) things in it (CG, rainbow explosions, etc.) and i only have a few GBs on my HD to spare T_T
only downer of jdramas are that they are sooo short!

<3 all dramas

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Post by kezsh » May 3rd, '07, 11:21

Im a big fan of Korean series then i tried Taiwanese dramas and it was also good, the problem is just too many episodes but the story is also quite unique. then now, im in the point of watching Japanese dramas. Between the three, there are a lot of differences. esp, the values that they imply. I think it just depends of your character, which one suits you best. all of them have their own ways of attracting the viewers and capturing their hearts. but overall, each of these three gives us the addiction of watching drama series. :D

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Post by kezsh » May 3rd, '07, 11:30

Moenyc2000 wrote:Cant really stand K-Dramas. All of them are really the same (someone has a deadly disease, and dies, etc. ) And they make me feel so down and depressed lol. I prefer C-Dramas.
actually, the ones you mentioned are the sad ones. but there are a lot of "feel good" dramas. the romance/ comedy dramas.

Try watching these:
1) My Girl --> (must watch)
2) Full House
3) Goong
4) What's up fox
5) Delightful Girl chun Hyang
6) Fantasy Couple
7) My lovely Kim Sam Soon


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Post by skachild » May 3rd, '07, 11:32

hhmmnnn... what did i vote for already..??? i think i vote bfore but cannot seem to find my post here... :scratchchin:

for now... i prefer k-drama. :mrgreen:

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Post by nijokeem » May 3rd, '07, 19:02

k-drama most, I really like the language.
Then C-drama's since they make alot based on some of my favorite manga

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Post by albertoavena » May 5th, '07, 06:58

Since I've only seen J-dramas, I guess J-dramas. but I've heard some really great things from K-dramas so I might give those a look.

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Post by vilma42 » May 6th, '07, 22:30

I like Japanese drama coz they have short episode but full.

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