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Asian Haircuts ~

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Post by StealthGnome » Mar 13th, '08, 07:11


Subtotal: $17.27
Discount: ($0.00)
Freight Charge: $7.09
Tax: $1.77
Total Amount: $26.13

Arriving Friday. Before and After picture for my hair. I still need to pick a look. Wish me luck!

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Post by StealthGnome » Mar 15th, '08, 02:03

Lame. They shipped in a box. I thought buying less items, they would ship in a bag. A box can't slide under the gate. Now I have to wait until Monday AND I still don't have someone home to pick it up.

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Post by synysterroy » Apr 9th, '08, 08:35

pet wrote:
synysterroy wrote:Hi there! While looking for a neat style from watching j-dramas, I stumbled upon this forum. I'm very impressed with all the neat pictures everyone's posting and all the helpful advice everyone's giving. I was wondering if I could do the same. I'm trying to get a neat j-actor or singer look but I'm not sure really what would match my face and stuff. I'm half chinese half white so I kinda have straight hair that falls flat (like pretty much all asians), but for some reason, it's all wavy in the back (like sort of a white guy would)? Really hard for me to explain it. Anyway here are some pictures.

Me just out of the shower with my hair wet.
Me with some Gatsby stuff in it. I really have no idea what I'm doing.
Oh yeah, don't mind my eyebrows. They're huge and in your face but give me character. :P But um, yeah, I could use some suggestions on what styles or actors I could steal looks from. I really dig Yamashita Tomohisa from Proposal Daisakusen, Ikuta Toma from Hana Kimi, Oguri Shun from Hana Yori Dango 2 (with the longer hair), as well as Kimura Takuya from Pride (specifically the last episode with the longer hair). So yeah, suggestions onegaishimasu! :)
Ok bro. This some suggestion that might can be use for you hair type. 1st make sure before you put something on your hair (wax, oils, clay, hair spray and ect) you hair must be dry out. Don't left any wet spot. U may use hair dryer or hair iron. I think you hair easy to dry up because it kindly soft & thin. 2nd, you can try follow up your favorite actor/singer, but cant 100% get the actual look. Just be ur self. Is more easy and comfortable. 3rd, try to do some research or by some magazine that have the hair look that you wanted, so it will easy for you to compare when the time you setup ur hair. For me myself, i cant really get that perfect hair, but at least I know how to setup hair just like the japanese. Hope this will be useful for you. :mrgreen:
Well, I got a new girlfriend, who likes playing with my hair. :) I now use a hot iron, moving rubber (green one), and a hairdryer. She also slightly layered my hair, though not much because I'm trying to grow it out. Here's the updated look!
This picture might be better since it shows my little mullet I'm trying to grow out! XD

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Post by aznguy808 » Apr 11th, '08, 03:33

how are you supposed to cut the back of the hair so that it isnt flat against the back the neck?

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Post by synysterroy » Apr 12th, '08, 00:08

aznguy808 wrote:how are you supposed to cut the back of the hair so that it isnt flat against the back the neck?
I'm not sure about that. I think it's just the way certain people's hair grows. My girlfriend's hair does that when she cuts it shorter. It's currently about 5 inches long and the bottom part curls out and then towards the ground. The bottom of the back of her hair hangs over her jackets and stuff easily because of it. For me, it falls flat so I have to use some sort of product to make it shoot out backwards. I've heard that if you cut the absolute bottom half inch of your head pretty short (like an inch or something), it'll make what's above it stick out since the absolute bottom of your hair will poke straight out and push the above hair out. I'm not too sure how well it works though.

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Post by tenten.18 » Apr 13th, '08, 19:21

Hello :0 i thought i'd post mine. I used to use gatsby and uno back in the day but now i'm using nakano lvl 3 =)

side profile:
puffy thicker strands (i think my hair was drier that day lol):

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Post by kazuto2000 » Apr 18th, '08, 21:52


Whoa! Such cool hair... even better than drama actors' hair, IMHO. :thumright:

This kind of stuff makes me want to buy hair products... eheheh

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Post by leo008 » Apr 20th, '08, 17:26

outcast wrote:hiiii all
I found few of emo hair style, got my attention , I hope u enjoy them
@ Outcast: The photos remind of a Japanese street fashion magazine called "FRUiTS". Is that you in the photos?

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Post by crescent » Jul 20th, '08, 21:20

Heyy.. well..
I was kinda thinking... which hairstyle I should try this time...
I'll show some of my previous haircuts' Which one suits me the best?
and.. I was really searching a LOT.. but I couldn't find a picture with a haircut about in the middle of the first and the second pic... in the first pic.. I have too short half-fringe.. and the second haircut... well.. has too drastic transition from fringe over to the side-hair... I don't know how to express myself really xD I have really long hair right now..
maybe they should stay long in the back...
(gomen.. I'm not too good in english) -.- :D
OH.. and.. maybe you could suggest a haircolour? my eyes are light blue (some pics have photoshopped eyes).

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Post by Yash » Jul 24th, '08, 02:17


My Virgin Post here....

Lots of Gatsby clay & hairspray...


This is how I usually look...


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Re: Asian Haircuts ~

Post by Shawnick » Aug 3rd, '08, 15:25

Mochi? wrote:i have to admit that i really like the way trendy people cut their hair in east asia

so please post pics of cool haircuts! (doesn't matter if the person is an actor or not)

Hello, is she an actress?

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Post by inFesT3D » Aug 18th, '08, 17:33

Hmmm, i always wondered how my hair should be...
should i grow it longer... or what.
replies are appreciated:]

This is how i look with wax, and i use gatsby and straighten my hair.




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Post by fRiedriCe » Nov 2nd, '08, 01:38

holy ****...
those girls are gorgeous!!!

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Post by nogo » Nov 3rd, '08, 19:33

i know i'm going offtopic now but..
inFesT3D.. u look cute ;)

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Post by shadowxp » Nov 5th, '08, 19:16

bored, guess I'll post too


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Post by xrevealx » Nov 17th, '08, 23:14

can anyone tell me a program where i can upload my picture and, like, play with it? or like if i want to see how i look with brown hair, or a different hair style? it has to be free, lol thanks

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Post by mzs_aliya » Nov 24th, '08, 00:50

i love these hair cuts... mine is just too long. what should i do with it?

http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/imag ... 0ccc74.jpg

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Post by MooCow » Nov 24th, '08, 01:19

i tried to dye my hair a dark brown color using light brown hair dye.
(my natural hair is black) and it turn out black...toooooo black indeed...now it looks like a wig.

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asian cute cuts

Post by amyynicole » Apr 9th, '09, 22:50

I wanna cut my hair something cute. I don't want it like this anymore.

http://c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/imag ... 2f01cb.jpg

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Post by ayeshun » Mar 3rd, '10, 12:04

to yash;
that is seriously lame...
what a waste of gatsby, i mean, on a scale of 1 to 10,
its like... 2.

no offence.

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Post by bigbigcat » Mar 19th, '10, 03:12

I like this girs's haircut, looks so pretty and pure.


d-addicts website value

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Post by HongKongChick » Mar 21st, '10, 17:32

<----------- my hair

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Post by murokeksi » Mar 22nd, '10, 04:00

mzs_aliya: Just cut it! I know so many girls just wanna have extreme long hair and think with just that it`s beautiful, but what they don`t think is the whole pict. U are so beautiful girl, so just cut hair a bit shorter(it`s long even then) and you look even more beautiful! Too long hair looks always only untidy and funny, not beautiful... :salut:

MooCow: when natural hair color is black, to make it lighter u have to first take the dark color away and then color it again! always when you color ur hair remember, U can always ONLY color it darker, never lighter! (so if u want lighter color Black-->brown
I strongly recommed to go to real salon.. because taking color away treatment is really hard to do by urself..) Hope this helps! :thumright:

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Post by LaLaLaDRAMA » Mar 22nd, '10, 04:27

xrevealx wrote:can anyone tell me a program where i can upload my picture and, like, play with it? or like if i want to see how i look with brown hair, or a different hair style? it has to be free, lol thanks
you can go here http://beauty.ivillage.com/hair/virtual ... list/start

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