Who was your first celebrity crush?

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Post by Magalamb » Aug 31st, '07, 04:22

prince eric from the little mermaid
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Post by dirujjj » Aug 31st, '07, 04:27

Sadly....Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. Those were sad days....

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Post by eegybur » Aug 31st, '07, 04:30

My first Asian celebrity crush was Jimmy Lin (hk/c/tw dramas & movie actor) :wub: I think I was still in elementary school at the time.
I saw him in an HKmovie and I thought he was adorable! Surprisingly he still is really good looking , despite his age and all.

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Post by kobe23 » Aug 31st, '07, 12:45

Magalamb wrote:First celebrity crush? Jason Donovan... if you're British or Australian you know who I mean... he was on Neighbours with Kylie Minogue and was a popular singer for a while. I saw him in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat when I was four and fell in love...
You're only 19 and you remember Jason Donovan?! He was popular no less than 20 years ago! You must have started watching TV at a very young age :)

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Post by Jeshka » Aug 31st, '07, 13:23

Namasta wrote:
I think it was Gale Hansen from Dead Poets Society.

How crushy was he! ALL my friends liked him, but I was an early Ethan Hawke fan. He was artfully plastered all over my locker in ...th grade.

Star Candy wrote:
I remember I wanted Gilbert from "Anne of Green Gables"
Didn't we all.

applebear wrote:
It was a toss up between the three hot guys on 21 Jump Street (Richard Grieco, Johnny Depp, & Dustin Nguyen).
Dustin Nguyen! Dustin Nguyen! There's another Dustin Nguyen fan out there! ? Wow! I remember when he made his "comeback" on "VIP." Actually, the DVD collection is being released in Japan. I want to rent it (if only to see him)...but I can't quite allow myself to be in any way responsible for supplying Pamela Anderson with the funds to do...what she does...to herself. Damn you, Pam Anderson, for getting between me and my eye candy. :cussing:

Peggy wrote:
Colin Firth as Mr.D'arcy...expecially in that swimming in the lake scene.
I swoon just thinking about that scene...give me a second...wait...hold on...Alright. Took me a second to regain my composure.

I posted my first non-asian crushes way back on the first or second page. As for Asian crushes, once again, I gotta agree with Peggy. Takuya Kimura, oh, yeah. Rhythm in his eyelashes.

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Post by mondphasen » Aug 31st, '07, 13:43

I started to watch asian dramas at a young age so for me the one who put me in such a twist was KIMURA TAKUYA. I`ll say he was my fisrt crush, and was for over 3 or 4 years ^^ until MATSUMOTO JUN took his throne >_< :P

And then the second one would be Kame from KAT-TUN!!!

Man.. and the list keep on going and going!!!!

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Post by applebear » Sep 1st, '07, 08:06

Jeshka wrote:
applebear wrote:
It was a toss up between the three hot guys on 21 Jump Street (Richard Grieco, Johnny Depp, & Dustin Nguyen).
Dustin Nguyen! Dustin Nguyen! There's another Dustin Nguyen fan out there! ? Wow! I remember when he made his "comeback" on "VIP." Actually, the DVD collection is being released in Japan. I want to rent it (if only to see him)...but I can't quite allow myself to be in any way responsible for supplying Pamela Anderson with the funds to do...what she does...to herself. Damn you, Pam Anderson, for getting between me and my eye candy. :cussing:

He was the coolest of the cool on the show. I really didn't understand why they didn't give him more lines or bigger roles in the plots. I haven't followed him much (I'm the worlds crappiest fangirl), but he was recently featured in Giant Robot (magazine) and well, he's still really awesome! He's aged really well, too. :wub:
I agree about the Pam Anderson thing! :cussing: But, if you are renting, hasn't the DVD been paid for and you are just paying to "borrow" it from the renter? right? maybe?

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Post by foxtoast » Sep 5th, '07, 01:49

I use the term "crush" loosely -- mainly just people I find hot and in a fictitious way boyfriend-worthy -- but I started with Han Solo and Indiana Jones (couldn't decide which incarnation of Harrison Ford was better :P) back when I was about 10 and now I'm smitten with guys my age or slightly younger -- Wu Chun, Joe Cheng, Sho Sakurai, Oguri Shun... I have a soft spot for MatsuJun, but he comes off a little too jerky to be "crush" material.

Top spot has always been Mr Darcy, though. I named my cat Fitzwilliam because he's my perfect man :)

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Post by atire » Sep 5th, '07, 19:47

I like this topic :-)
Well, I can't remember my first crush... but Mr. Darcy sure is among the firsts
First asian crush... I'm cheating and choose different from countries :whistling:
Taiwan: Mike He Jun Xiang (of course :wub: ) and then Vic Zhou
Japanase: Oguri Shun

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Post by Magalamb » Sep 5th, '07, 19:58

kobe23 wrote:You're only 19 and you remember Jason Donovan?! He was popular no less than 20 years ago! You must have started watching TV at a very young age :)
Haha, no. I had a crush on him from seeing him on the West End as Joseph. :wub: If you've ever heard a recording of the show, you'll see what I mean. He sings the part like an angel... too bad his career went down the tubes because of his excessive substance abuse.

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Post by gelmar » Sep 9th, '07, 13:24

My first crush was Michihiro Kuroda, the singer. He is so great looking, and spent a lot of time searching about him ( especially pics). Now my crush is definetivelly Mizushima Hiro. He is very sweeet, cute, hot, charizmatic, and I melt from his smile. I would like a bf like him.

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Post by maakopla » Sep 18th, '07, 13:18

I liked some celebs before but Rain was my first so called crush. He was just so great! I loved his acting, after watching Full House I watched Sang Doo and Love to Kill right away. I never liked his music that much but his acting was great. And the way he climbed up to his fame it was interesting just like from a drama. He is such a great person (at least I hope so) and I look up to him a lot. Just where did he get that courage? Didn't ever give up and look at him now. He is such a famous person.

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Post by Trisix » Sep 18th, '07, 13:47

Huahaha. Do you guys only consider tv celebrities? :X But I'd probably say..............................Takizawa Hideaki. :3 Since I fancy japs with blonde hair alot. =p If not, jrockers wise, the answers is all over this post. XD

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Post by brolly_san » Sep 18th, '07, 14:08

Wow people are being really honest here

Hmm i guess Al (Christine Lakin) from Step by Step and Jessica Alba from f4\sin city is really hot (she was nominated #1 in 2005 i think)

As for asians Horikita Maki since Nobuta all the way :wub: and Sawajiri erika is kinda cute 2

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Post by atskv9 » Sep 19th, '07, 01:53

Hmm, hard to remember back that far, but I do remember having a crush on Anna Faris from "The Hot Chick" movie. Haha.
As for asians for me, it would have to be Ito Misaki, which was not too long ago actually. Lately, however, I've been all about Horikita Maki. She's a bit more fitting for me since she's closer to my age :D (no offense to Misaki!)

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Post by Lesus » Sep 19th, '07, 17:56

lol...Magalamb: Jason Donovan I was waiting for someone to say that... Him or Peter stupid Andre.

First crush as a kid... I'm going with dude that said Katie Holmes. Although now I feel sorry for her for ending up with Tom Cruise.

As for first Asian crush: After seeing NANA I kind of liked Miyazaki Aoi, but Inoue Mao was my first real crush. I only have eyes for my Inoue-san :wub:

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Post by lolliepopsickle » Sep 20th, '07, 11:45

kaoru amane aka sawajiri erika ^^

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Post by Ayulyn » Sep 20th, '07, 11:58

First American crush..

Probably Freddie Prince Jr. I use to be obsessed with him omg

First Japanese would be Jun Matsumoto, and first Korean would be Song Seung Hun.

Out of all those now, I'd definitely choose Song Seung Hun. Geesh he's hot.

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Post by Yoshimi[FIN] » Sep 21st, '07, 13:48

I really can't remember o.o I wonder who it was... I really can't remember x_x But My first Japanese actor was Jun Matsumoto ;D I watched Gokusen and I was totally in love with him... Or actually in Shin. Now he's not my favorite anymore though, but he's ok ^^

Now I'm really bothered because I don't remember my first celeb crush. Probably from some band.. I really can't remember it. x__x

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Post by georgeyklee » Sep 23rd, '07, 18:50

Ayumi - sugar

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Post by Karate-ka » Sep 24th, '07, 13:08

Celebertiy crush? Well let see i think it was AYA UETO.

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Post by taur3n » Oct 5th, '07, 12:24

Sung Yu Ri .. ex member of FinKL from Korea

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Post by SP1CA » Oct 5th, '07, 12:52

it was Keanu Reeves, i even like his mother XD

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Post by NeverWas » Oct 5th, '07, 14:11

Mine was Horikita Maki, first when I saw a bit of her in Densha Otoko and thought that she was pretty cute, and then when I saw her in Nobuta wo Produce and Kurosagi, I fell in love.

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Post by giggle weed » Oct 8th, '07, 03:24

LOL aaron carter. D;

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Post by scaturan » Oct 8th, '07, 03:30

Misaki Itou

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Post by 0015_jaja_1500 » Oct 8th, '07, 04:12

First American crush: Brendan Fraser and Matt O'leary and Adam Sandler. Yes, all three heehee i liked them when i was a kid, dunno who was first.. i still love adam sandler heehee he's so funny


First British crush: Hugh Grant and Jude law


First Asian crush: Jerry Yan from meteor garden


First Filipino crush: the late Rico Yan


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Post by -ai_mi- » Oct 15th, '07, 17:17

i think yamapi cuz i never be a fan girl like this b4..first time i saw him in nobuta..oh my gosh..he juz sooo kawaiii *__*.. then i started to watch his dramas n listen to his songs.. n NewS's songs.. <3.. he even made me fell in love with all the NewS's members XD

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Post by babyviolet » Oct 15th, '07, 17:35

Namida Iro wrote:My very first and only crush is YamaPi!!! :wub:
He's the very first one to make me fangirl over someone!
agree :wub:

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Post by yingaling84 » Oct 15th, '07, 17:54

First celebrity crush? Devon Sawa. Back when I was in elementary school and he was in Casper.

First Asian celebrity crush? Vic Zhou from F4. When I first got into Asian entertainment couple years back.

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Post by dazzle520 » Oct 18th, '07, 02:09

First American Crush: JOHNNY DEPP.
First Asian Crush: Joe Cheng (he was the male lead in my first drama, ISWAK)

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Post by namedx » Nov 6th, '07, 14:49

Woo hoo, i'm liking this thread, lol. :wub:

My first crush was actor Song Seung heun from the Korean movie He Was Cool (sooo FIT)

....and Satoshi Tsumabuki from my first Jdorama Slow Dance!! hehe

PeAce out :D

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Post by Maryvel » Nov 6th, '07, 15:07

First American Crush was probably Tom Cruise, or Brad Bitt, or maybe both. :glare: I don't really remember...

First Asian Crush was Takizawa Hideaki when I saw him in Majo no Jouken, my first Asian Drama, and Strawberry on the Shortcake later on.

But I've never been so fangirl about anyone as I'm about Ikuta Toma right now. :wub:

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Post by Maryvel » Nov 6th, '07, 15:46

georgeyklee wrote:Ayumi - sugar
Do Singers count too? Because the very first Asian that caught my eye was Hyde from L'Arc en Ciel. :roll

Yamapi's haniz
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Post by Yamapi's haniz » Nov 8th, '07, 22:25

Maryvel wrote:
georgeyklee wrote:Ayumi - sugar
Do Singers count too? Because the very first Asian that caught my eye was Hyde from L'Arc en Ciel. :roll
Hyde is an actor too...he have been acting in Kagen no tsuki...and with Gackt in Moon Child...

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Post by 8thSin » Nov 9th, '07, 06:29

My first celebrity crush was definitely Amuro Namie.

I was only 9 or 10 years old, but when I first saw her perform "Chase the Chance" on HEYx3 and Music Station... :shocked:

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Post by xmoonprincessx » Nov 9th, '07, 06:32

My first was yamapi XD
I was 8
now im 17
and i still love him more than life XD

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Post by Yukumushio » Nov 9th, '07, 23:31

Prolly Eun Hye, cuz she was in CP, my first k-Drama, She's cute, no?

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Post by Beecubed » Feb 29th, '08, 12:32

First crush ever was Freddie Prinze Jr. He was SUCH a heartthrob.

First Asian crush was Won Bin. Still love him to bits.

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Post by Ivanavi » Mar 8th, '08, 14:46

First Hollywood crush was Nicole Kidman.
First Asian crush was Inamori Izumi. (now I have a full-blown crush on Koyuki)

Me and older women.. haha :whistling:

Woosie woo
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Post by Woosie woo » Mar 10th, '08, 09:34


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Post by SSpiegel » Mar 10th, '08, 10:27

I laughed out loud at Spock and Michael Jackson! I used to be a big fan of both, but never found them particularly crush-worthy.

My first celebrity crush must've been Take That's Mark Owen. And I'm really shocked I'm the first one to mention him! :O

My first Asian crush was Kaneshiro Takeshi. Since then I've moved on to Oguri Shun and Matsuda Shota.
Right now I'm obsessing over DBSK's Hero JaeJoong :heart: :wub: , and honestly, I'm getting a bit ashamed/worried that I'm getting older, but my fan girl tendencies aren't showing any signs of fading.

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Post by Kallista » Mar 10th, '08, 18:22

Very interesting topic, lol!
I've had thousands crushes, but the first ones...

Non asian: John Belushi (LOL! Don't laugh! :P )
Asian: Tomoya Nagase and Takuya Kimura. I love everything about the first, but Kimura gave me literally *thrills* since the first time I saw him! Sooo charming and sexy!

They're my most favourite actors even now! :thumright:

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Post by Takekaze » Mar 11th, '08, 13:51

I'm not sure if this counts as celebrity, because... I never had a crush on actors. Never.

My first was in 1992, Meredith Michaels ( http://www.michaels-beerbaum.de ). I was 16, she was 22 I think. American showjumper in Europe. Ah memories... As life moved on I eventually lost interest, and today it's the other way around. I can't stand her anymore. There were some "discrepancies" with one of the horses she was riding a few years ago (doping and stuff) and she was like "I have no idea", which I didn't and still don't believe her. Ok, I never took part in international tournaments, but those national events I was at... I always knew what was happening with the horse under my saddle, thus I didn't buy her "I have no idea" routine.

Kallista, nothing wrong with John Belushi. I really liked him Blues Brothers. Those were different days, where actors were chosen on talent, not looks.

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Post by alcozar » Mar 11th, '08, 15:01

Liked the woman in Wierd Science (was it Kelly Le Brook?)

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Post by wlben » Mar 13th, '08, 11:51

Madhuri Dixit when I was 15 years

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Post by co0o0ol » Mar 16th, '08, 05:31

my first Asian celebrity crush was Oguri Shun
but in general my first celebrity crush was Nick Carter ^^
but now all that had changed

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Post by Illanair » Mar 23rd, '08, 18:35

Hmm...I think my first real "idol" (Didn't do much of that thing as a kid) was Tomiko Van from the japanese J-Pop band D.A.I - ofcourse me being such a dope only just realised last week that they'd parted ways (Just goes to show how serious my idol'ism is -.-)

Right now I'd have to say Angela Zhang. She's got a cute smile and her voice is like an angels in my ears :wub:

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Mar 25th, '08, 22:55

Hmm...I thought I'd posted here already, but maybe not.

My first celebrity crush was Matsumoto Jun. Sawada Shin in Gokusen was just LOVE.
But my first love was definitely So Ji Sub. Ever since then I've been obsessed with Korean celebrities. MatsuJun ain't got nothin' on them.

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Post by meme-sama » Mar 28th, '08, 09:01

matsu jun....but now se7en :D

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Post by Ruka707 » Jun 25th, '08, 20:04

My first crush was Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, in Lord of the Rings XD
Now I'm in love with Kame :wub:

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Post by harlequeen » Jun 25th, '08, 20:12

my first celeb crush was jake gyllenhaal from october sky

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Post by nozomi05 » Jun 25th, '08, 20:19

My first celeb crush was a Filipino Actor named Jericho Rosales. But as I remember going gaga over Matsumoto Jun in Gokusen and Won Bin in Autumn in my Heart

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Post by Gia86 » Jun 25th, '08, 20:34

Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton lol :wub: And for Asian...I feel such a pedo ...Fukuda Saki. Thank god she's soon 18! :rofl:

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Post by akiko-chico » Jun 26th, '08, 02:57

I had a crush on Nick Carter too :lol they were so popular then. As for asian actors the first one I think would have to be Jet Li, I don't think I had a crush on him as such but more of I luved his movies hehe :D
Riee109 wrote:Omg... That was probably Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys :crazy: At that time I was about 9 years old and almost all my friends had a crush on him :whistling:
First asian celebrity crush: Takizawa Hideaki

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Post by kgobea » Jun 26th, '08, 03:02

my first asian crush would be Matsumoto Jun
but my first ever...um...Lance Bass when i was in elementary school lol....now im in college ^_^

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Post by ackirom » Jul 1st, '08, 06:15

My first celeb crush was Mark-Paul Gosselaar, the guy who played Zack from Saved By The Bell :whistling: (I think I was like 11 yrs old then)

And for my first asian celeb crush, it would have to be Dennis Oh as Han Yoo-il in Sweet Spy. :wub:

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Post by tepaj » Jul 1st, '08, 06:58

Ummm...first Asian (more so Korean) actor crush that I can remember drooling over was Jang Dong-Gun, first from "Springtime" then "All About Eve". But didn't really follow much of his career after that point.

Bollywood...the "king" SHAH RUKH KHAN!

Hollywood...ummm...there were many and besides, they are all old now. Just to name one, I would have to say Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones and Han Solo were just hot!

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Post by lushx » Jul 14th, '08, 00:23

Jesse McCartney.

If we're talking about Asians, Vic Zhou.
I've probably have tons of Asian crushes because Vic, but I didn't bother looking up their name x]

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Post by Genesiis » Jul 14th, '08, 23:37

My first in general? Um Probably when I was like 8 or 9, Brian from backstreet boys lol~
Or britney spears haha

First asian? Minwoo from Shinhwa. aHe's still sexy ;-)

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Post by Basuha » Jul 15th, '08, 00:21

Hyun Bin was my first Asia crush, right now it Hwan Hee from the duo group FTTS.

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Post by MiniMoniHime » Jul 15th, '08, 10:01

my first first celeb crush was Nick Carter :wub: im not that interested in him anymore though :whistling: :mrgreen:

my first asian celeb crush was Gackt *_* i LOVEE HIMM :heart:

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Post by AsianPlayer » Jul 17th, '08, 01:57

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Post by XrayZ » Jul 17th, '08, 02:20

First ever:

Floella Benjamin (circa 1976!)

First in asian entertainment:

Maria Yi (in "The Big Boss")

... showin' my age ...

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Post by core2quadcore » Sep 21st, '08, 06:22

Tara Reid and Liv Tyler

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Post by xxemz19xx » Sep 25th, '08, 11:52

My First celeb crush was Keanu Reeves when I was 7. I saw Bill and Ted's bogus journey and was a fan ever since ^^

Asian celeb would be Eric from Shinhwa :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by konaxis » Sep 28th, '08, 17:38

I reslly love F4! they are so handsome!

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Post by caprisun » Sep 29th, '08, 01:38

my first asian celeb crush is steven ma =]
my first american celeb crush is channing tatummm!

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Post by tavon1 » Sep 29th, '08, 01:53

ella chen and now it is maki horikita

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Post by wintergal » Sep 29th, '08, 02:53

my first asian celeb crush... i think it was yutaka takenouchi. lol. from the drama "with love". and that was like when i was 10 or 11.

first western celeb crush... Lee from 911 (disbanded) and Nick Carter from BSB.

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Post by sabbysyc » Sep 29th, '08, 03:33

Asian celeb - Louis Koo (koo tien lok). I miss him =(. Ever since I watched him in "At the Threshold of an Era"

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Post by 4everU » Sep 29th, '08, 03:59

I always looked at a celeb based on there acting skills and offcourse their looks...if i were to say my first star crush ever was a bollywood star shahrukh Khan...I still like himnow, however after discovering asian dramas I was like Holly CRAp these are some hotties...my first asian star crush was J rock star :GACKT! It was when i saw Moon child....I still love him now...but now i have even more after watching korean and japanese dramas. Especially LEE JUNKI ...welll I wouldn't say crush, but i love him because of his awsome acting skills and offcourse because of his beautiful face.... :w00t:

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Post by counterfeitdreamer » Sep 29th, '08, 04:26

Yamashita Tomohisa, he still stands as my biggest asian crush besides jun ki<3

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Post by ms_shady » Sep 29th, '08, 04:35

oddly enough it was brian littrell of BSB back then.. if asian wise...the very 1st would have to be takeshi kaneshiro or better known wayyyy back then as aniki jin. he was like THE hot stuff. :) crush would be an understatement. more of obsession/infatuation. wahahahahahaha :p

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Post by hazelkenro » Sep 29th, '08, 05:00

My First Celeb Crush Is DEVON SAWA!!


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