Am I the Only Boy Watching Drama?

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Post by shadowrep » Sep 1st, '08, 03:53

guy here lol ive been watching these for a good 4 years never botherd posting XD

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Post by Sikono » Sep 2nd, '08, 01:46

Hurray for guys watching Dramas. I'm a guy too. =)

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Post by tavon1 » Sep 2nd, '08, 02:03

Me to I love to watch dramas.

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Post by moomooray » Sep 7th, '08, 04:45

Lmao.. Your Not The Only Boy Who Watch's Drama.. I Watch It Myself And Im A Boy Also.. =D Im Pretty Sure There's Alot More Other Boys Watching Drama Out There Too.

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Post by Coldblood » Sep 14th, '08, 19:18

Hi! I am a boy as well and I love drama! Here is a picture of me enjoying a good drama episode:

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Post by BlaqNumbr9 » Sep 14th, '08, 19:49

I'm a guy...and I just finished crying my eyes out over Hana Kimi (Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e). There's nothing wrong with that!!!.

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Post by little_deviI » Sep 14th, '08, 21:11

you all aint alone......i watch drama too!

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Post by lynchmob72 » Sep 14th, '08, 21:20


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Post by Yurawa » Sep 14th, '08, 21:38

My boyfriend is a worse drama addict than me lol :roll XD

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Post by Forkboy » Sep 14th, '08, 21:44

I was thinking the same thing..... I'm happy that I found this forum! :)

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Post by ManUTD4ever » Oct 7th, '08, 11:57

I'm a guy........just watched Kurosagi jdrama OMFG that main character is hot!!!! I swear he could turn me gay............. HURRAY for guys that watch dramas!!

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Post by nelo » Oct 7th, '08, 12:11

count me in
a boy that likes jdramas :salut:

the first and ever jdorama that made me cry is 1 Litre of Tears :cry:
your heart made of stone if you didnt cry on this drama

anyway i'll support jdoramas :-)

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Post by Fantasio » Oct 7th, '08, 12:46

Im a boy
and also kdrama addict :)

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Post by helsorcer » Oct 7th, '08, 13:08

GUY HERE! ahaha

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Post by kuro570 » Oct 7th, '08, 13:14

After watching Hana kimi, i think I'm still a guy ; ;

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Post by Ivanavi » Oct 7th, '08, 13:40

Even young men watch dramas too. Yes sir! JDrama fan here. :salut:

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Post by aimlesswanderer » Oct 10th, '08, 14:37

That's right, us blokes are loitering in the vicinity, beware!

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Post by dawgxmaster » Oct 14th, '08, 01:52

im a boy! lol

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Post by ayaseharukaftw » Oct 14th, '08, 02:01

Guy here, I was really into anime before but then I moved on to "real" people. But I only watch dramas with idols or cute girls in them otherwise its just weird, good ol dramawiki makes that quite easy to do :D I like romance/comedy or school stuff and I'm not ashamed at all lol (not like there is anything to be ashamed about in the first place)

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Post by Xandal » Oct 14th, '08, 10:28

I'm a guy as well. My friends think I'm a giant faggot, although I can tell they're messing around. I don't really mind though. I started with anime and was then added doramas once some of my girl friends asked me to watch 'em. No shame in it! Romance/Comedy for the win BTW :D

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Post by jace1884 » Oct 14th, '08, 10:43

Im a guy that watches doramas as well. There are many series out there that curtails to both men and women. Pride, H2, Kurosagi, etc has all the recipe for a good guy show. Doesn't hurt they threw in some romance in there for the females demographics.

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Post by Yoshiko » Oct 14th, '08, 12:11

Hello guys. I recommened for You drama:
- ENGINE about car raccer and little romance with Kimura takuya (Pride).
- Double Score - about 2 detective , funny drama with Sorimachi takashi (GTO) & Manabu Oshio
- Taiyou no kiesetsu - romance but interesting
- Rookies - baseball oh yeah cool drama
- Time Between dog and wolf (Korean) but gansgta, police, romance - cool drama

This is J-drama I think for boys

and Movie sports like PRINCE OF TENNIS, TOUCH!, Gangster High (Korean)nor sport.

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Post by silencio » Oct 14th, '08, 12:28

only real men watch jdramas!

i started with anime.

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Post by hikkichan » Oct 14th, '08, 12:45

No! Everyone in here is lying to you to make you feel better...

Nah, honestly, lots of men watch these things.

It's the equivalent of watching something like CSI, NCIS, Smallville, etc in the U.S.

Hell, I've been watching these things for 14 years... and, now-a-days, I'm as masculine as you can get without becoming a prick. :P

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Post by insyte » Oct 14th, '08, 13:13

Started from anime then Sailor Moon Live Action then saw GTO and watched the top 3 doramas listed in Jdorama.... and then got addicted.

Yup guy here and I've influenced several friends to watch dorama regularly :)

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Post by zerch » Oct 18th, '08, 03:25

LOL! You'd usually find girls screaming for hot male actors. Usually it's not the other way around.

But have no fear! You're not the only guy interested in dramas. I'm not a guy, but I can assure you that a couple of my male friends are quite informed when I talk to them about dramas

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Post by Jas0n » Oct 29th, '08, 22:55

Lols pretty stupid question for me since i know loads of boys who watches dramas... its like asian t.v =D

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Post by eomot » Oct 29th, '08, 23:05

No, a good friend of mine (male) watched dorama way before I even knew what it was and he especially loves romance dorama ..
Well he also likes Taiga, but so do I ..

We're both not asians.

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Post by culdameteora » Oct 29th, '08, 23:31

Fan of Jdrama...not alone as a boy...

Reason :
1.Jdrama show suggestions about the course of action to someone
4.Nihon culture
5.Each drama got a lot of message...

i'm also fan of anime...more2...sad moment, amusing, n the best...

haha...thumbs up :idea:

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Post by Hitorijime » Nov 11th, '08, 19:00

I suppose I'll join in! Long time (going on five years) Jdrama fan. GTO was my first drama (big surprise, huh?) and I never turned back. I can't remember what other Jdrama I moved onto, but I've seen a good 30-50 since then. Here's to another five years as a (male) Jdrama fan!

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Post by noisia » Nov 15th, '08, 22:01

Yeah there will be fewer boys than girls watching dramas. Even fewer that watch romance dramas. I happen to be one of those soppy guys haha.

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Post by ParadiseLost » Dec 3rd, '08, 03:51

Im a guy here. I am too busy watching drama's that I really don't post much :D . But yeah i get that feeling too.

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Post by lokiofasgard » Dec 3rd, '08, 04:17

nope, same here, guy who watches jdramas...altho lately i've even picked up k-drama and c-dramas

definitely a change from the normal ones i watch

i just can't get enough of the comedies because they are so over-exaggerated..haha...i really bust out laughing sometimes

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Post by tkah » Dec 3rd, '08, 04:27

I am a girl but I was introduced to J-Dramas by a male co-worker and have been hooked ever since. You are not alone.

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Post by ashleybynes » Dec 5th, '08, 10:10

hey dude you're not alone haha..i stopped playing online games just to watch jdramas haha =)

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Post by moomooray » Dec 5th, '08, 18:59

Not Really.. Alot Of Guys Watch Tvb.

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Post by tarumpaw » Dec 5th, '08, 19:27

The more tragic the better for me.

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Post by PocketKiriyama » Dec 5th, '08, 19:42

I'm a guy here. Started out watching thai drama since...I was born there. Then as i grew older I started to watch TVB and such. Then to Chinese and Taiwanese. The interest of Japanese drama came from watching animes and reading mangas at a very young age. My dad was a Dragon Ball Z fan. :lol :lol :lol
I got into Japanese drama after I started Japanese language class back in 2001. Then I moved on to Korean drama since my sister's boyfriend is korean and also I was introduce to it when i watched My Sassy Girl.
I don't really like the sad ending ones. I love happy endings and more into love comedy most of all.
I was traumatized when I watched an anime that was so sad that i cried. I was upset for 2 frickin' weeks! :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Post by BDxCrazyazian » Dec 11th, '08, 16:10

im a guy but i grew up with four sisters and a mom.... so i kind of grew up watching these "chick flick" but hey, i say if the story is good then ill watch it regardless of the type of drama/movie/ show it is

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Post by ik0n » Dec 11th, '08, 16:16

I'm a guy and I watch Jdrama, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. :)

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Post by ihatelag » Dec 11th, '08, 19:02

noisia wrote:Yeah there will be fewer boys than girls watching dramas. Even fewer that watch romance dramas. I happen to be one of those soppy guys haha.
+1 for me too :lol

I love watching dorama's a lot and I watch a hell of a lot of shows every week. Thanks to D Addicts for helping me select the good/popular shows to watch

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Post by br4nd0n » Dec 18th, '08, 05:56

Guy here.
I watch alot of drama's. Chinese, Japanese, Korean you name it.
I also read mangas, and manhwas.
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Post by kuno2011 » Dec 21st, '08, 12:58

I'm male and i watch dorama, but was introduced by a girl friend
i didn't watch alot of them though :lol

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Post by -YiJern- » Dec 21st, '08, 17:08

lol...of course not!!

My brother and guy friends too watches dramas, mainly TVB dramas...
even my dad watches!! xD

Heck my dad even watches Korean dramas!

Don't worry, you're not the only one.!!

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Post by BlueIce84 » Dec 24th, '08, 11:43

I'm a guy. I just recently got into Jdramas, but I've really enjoyed the ones I've seen so far. :)

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Post by EienPrelude » Jan 26th, '09, 07:32

I'm a guy and been watching dramas for awhile. Started with Chinese to Korean, and now I'm more into Japanese dramas. It's kind of funny though that all my guy friends watch too. Imagine 7-8 guys in a room watching a drama. lol

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Post by lilvinni3 » Jan 26th, '09, 07:54

Boy Here
I started watching drama
My current and First Drama is: Brown Sugar Macchiato

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Post by acidbristle » Jan 26th, '09, 08:31

i'm a guy too

currently very addicted to jdoramas..

especially the romance and comedy type..

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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Post by XiaoPauli » Jan 26th, '09, 08:35

As a dude, I watch dramas too. I do it to hit on girls, especially on my fobby female classmates in grad school. They totally dig guys who watch the same thing they do.

It's true. I'm awesome like that.


Seriously, though. Too many girls in D-Addicts. The guys need to revolt and start a coup. We could form even form a rebel group with an awesome name like Guys Loving Asian Dramas (G.L.A.D.) or Bros Really Entertained by Asian Dramas (B.R.E.A.D.).

And I already have the perfect candidate to be the leader for our rebel force:


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Post by fjnoheart » Feb 1st, '09, 07:23

minna konnichiwa :-)

watching jdoramas here dont worry you're not alone :P
this could be a way to get close to girls...if they talk about some dramas we can interact with them hahahaha

ja ne

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Post by athene121 » Feb 1st, '09, 07:37

Omg. I'm a girl here and even I was wondering the same Q: can guys actually stomach the sappy, romantic dramas that we women here on d-addicts watch? Here's my answer!
Guys, if you watch dramas - that is like a MAJOR plus for a girlfriend who's into asian dramas. Kudos to all of you for coming out and saying so!
If you're a guy and you prefer action/thriller type dramas, I highly recommend Time Between Dog and Wolf. The female is actually secondary to the male for once, but she has a pretty good role in it. I personally, even as a girl, I LOVED it was a change of pace and more testosterone-fueled. Such as dramas are scarce - with the exception of the upcoming "Black and White" (2009).

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Post by garnet07 » Feb 1st, '09, 08:07

Really, the population of Daddicts has drastically changed. When it was new, it was mostly guys here in D-addicts. Where has all the years gone :scratch:

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Post by gamercloud » Feb 1st, '09, 16:19

You' aren't alone. I love doramas, Hana Dori Dango, Tokyo Friends, One litre of Tears, Life *-*. I never notice how many girls are here...

japanese emo
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Post by japanese emo » Feb 2nd, '09, 11:50

nope, i don't think so. I'm also a guy and i can say that i'm addicted to it especially the japanese ones. i think because of their diversity, the way they portray it, that got me hooked. Not to mention that japanese actresses kawaiiness is also a joy to watch :)

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Post by Dragonic » Feb 3rd, '09, 23:23

Another guy here as well ^^

Just finished watching 'Innocent Love' just yesterday, my macho'ness is at almost 0 lol

Haha nah seriously I love Dramas, particualrly the Japanese ones, I can't get enough of them. (it totally bemuses my friends though, they just go "Oh, it's Japanese? 'Nuff said" lol. But that's probably because i'm a bit OTT with my Japan love with them ^^.

Not really encountered anyone who lives near me who watches these kind of shows as of yet either.

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Post by mizark33 » Feb 10th, '09, 18:01

I love JDramas so much... It doesn't matter what kind of drama it is whether it ranges from Romance, Action, Thriller, or Mystery... I love watching Romance ones more though for some reason... haha. I don't really know anyone besides me that watches dramas though. I go to college and basically the only people I hang out with are asian but... I don't know if they watch them either 0_o

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Post by ericparo » Aug 25th, '12, 06:11

according to Youtube stats
interested in my subs:
75% female viewers for Rich Man, Poor Woman
75% male viewers for GTO

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dude look like a lady...

Post by BukHooKee » Aug 26th, '12, 19:09

Hi, my name is buk hoo kee and I'm a guy, and I also watch asian drama. Sounds like a rehab group or something. I started watching drama back in 2004 when I became a hikikomori. I have probably watched more drama than most girls, not that I'm proud of that but it's probably true, just have a lot of time on my hands. I don't really have a favorite drama, just a yearning to find the next one to watch.

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Post by Raziel_Avernus » Aug 27th, '12, 03:54

i`m a guy too, i like dramas but i cannot stomach does dramas overly dramatic, no problem with romantic ones as long as they are not completely and uterly romantic

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Post by Arekkusu » Aug 29th, '12, 16:15

Yup Yup. Not the only boy who watches Dramas, Cause I do ^^ Alot of the time!

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Post by aliensporebomb » Nov 7th, '12, 00:05

I'm not a boy but am male and yes I watch them.

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Post by VampireXxX » Nov 8th, '12, 10:27

i also am male, my first dorama was my boss my hero and was addicted since then. But i only watch japanese and not korean....

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Post by spaydi14 » Nov 8th, '12, 12:03

guy here. the first jdorama i've watched is densha otoko and shimokita glory days. after that,
i have seen so many jdoramas and eventually kdramas because its quite addicting. don't worry dude, it's normal for a guy to watch dramas. i love dramas with good story and beautiful female casts.

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