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Are you a "Burnt-out" D-Addict?

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 06:05
by pn0yb0i
Okay, so you've been watching Asian dramas for months now, if not years.
You've downloaded hundreds of gigabytes of content (assuming you downloaded original RAW caps and not streamed).

When you started this hobby, you had plenty options and may have marathon'd a series in a matter of less than a week. Eventually you will run out of options right? But that may take a while.

I have hit a stage where i just stare at my computer screen mindlessly... waiting for something to happen, like a new release or something. Now that I think about it, I've been doing that quite alot after a few months into it. Sometimes I feel like I've spoiled myself waaaay to much by watching too much at one time - and there is nothing left to watch. This is what I call a "Burnt-out" stage.

Then I start to limit myself - 1 ~ 2 episodes a day per series (if competed). And I'm slowly recovering from this mindless idle at the computer monitor.

Now I'm really sounding like a true D-Addict. Is like a drug you cannot do without, once your supply is cut, you just don't feel the same and want more, more, and more (not that Iv'e had experince with that stuff... drugs and all).

Maybe I should get out more? :D Kinda hard to do... Since I'm pretty much alone.

Note 2 Self: I'll regret posting this one day... PM me about it in 2 weeks if your reading this...

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 06:12
by Puppet Princess
No, I've got more to watch then I have time. And I've already watched... A LOT.
Maybe you need to spread out into older shows or some other countries.

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 06:39
by biniBningPunkista
posted by an otaku? :blink or an otaku in the making? hmmm... i think its the latter since you have mentioned you've been doing this for years... but i do quite feel your pain.

take your own advice. get out more. let not global warming stop you.

pn0yb0i btw, i was wondering if that gif you have there is part of osen?

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 07:34
by chokubi
Being "burnt out", to my knowledge, actually means to be exhausted or sick of doing something repetitive over a long period of time. In which, in our case (or your case for the matter) would be to stop watching dramas altogether.

Don't mean to sound like I'm nitpicking but the title was a bit misleading. :sweat:

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 07:55
by neokenzo
I dont get "burn out" but sometimes I just stop watching it altogether. I stopped watching asian drama's for a year one time and then I got the interest to watch it again. It comes and goes :)

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 09:06
by j_halo7
biniBningPunkista wrote: pn0yb0i btw, i was wondering if that gif you have there is part of osen?
the gif is from Hachi-One Diver.

anyway i've not come to the point where i don't have any more dramas to watch. it happened for taiwanese and korean dramas for me cuz the older ones didn't interest me which is why i'm currently watching japanese dramas only. and they have TONS. at least 10 per season gurantees at least 40 dramas a year and that's excluding specials and movies. but of course if you need subtitles to be able to watch the dramas, you will be majorly limited if you want to venture into the older dramas.

but still, have you watched that many subbed dramas? or is it because you only watch those that interest you and not many interest you?

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 09:20
by Zealousy
It sort of happened to me. I was finishing up "Wonderful Life", the kdrama, and I got a little bored with dramas for that period, then I discovered the wonderful world of Taiwanese dramas and they've become my favourite.

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 09:45
by akiko-chico
Yea at times it happens to me and then I'll be like now what? watch normal aussie tv? its soo borin!!

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 10:40
by ryoruki
:< yeah it's happened before. I've run out of all suggested shows and haven't been able to find any others that really catch my eye. Usually i go into the 'glazed donut' stage for a little bit before kicking myself into getting up and doing something else. After a few weeks I've got some new recommendations from people and/or have found some interesting looking shows on the wiki.

sometimes i do feel like i've spoiled myself from watching entire seasons in a day or two D: but then again i can always share with others and re-watch them :3

Posted: Jun 26th, '08, 10:46
by iynn512
dun wory pn0yb0i, ur not alone. i always check whether there's new drama's or series airing. Download it, and marathon it. pretty normal for a d-addict i guess. But fortunately, i'm not burnt out yet, since my watching genre is so broad from kdrama, jdrama, tw-drama, sometime thai-drama and also movies, english movies, english series, all sort of movies, basically any story that plots might interest me, i'll be watching. so i got a helll lott of drama to watch and finish (although i've downloaded a lot and stil haven't got time to watch it)

so maybe you should broaden up your genre as well. watch all sortsa movies and series. there, won't be a single boring moment where u stare and doing nothing (unless of course the story is boring itself)

yeah, perhaps u should go out more, see the real world. (although i'm pretty much the same, i prefer staying home, much more comfortable)

Posted: Jun 27th, '08, 12:31
by cuteangelika
i make sure i dont get burned out by watching a variety of dramas... tw,jap, kr, then switch to anime then back to dramas..

Posted: Jun 27th, '08, 12:55
by XrayZ
yo pn0yb0i, if u wanna see a real D-addict u oughta watch the movie "A Scanner Darkly"... the burnout phase there is well scary!

btw i pulled thru my burnout phase and i actually think the "casually obsessed" stage is most fun, where u can look back on the madness and the hangover and think "wow! intense.... now do i rock the new Gokusen or get some sleep?"

and the decision is yours, not automatic....

i also agree with cuteangelika, watch other stuff sometimes specifically to contrast, it can make all the different things more interesting

personally i also like real-world activities like taking drugs :P

Posted: Jun 29th, '08, 14:51
by ackirom
I've been watching asian dramas since 2005 but didn't get addicted 'til last year. But I'm not burned out yet cuz my bandwidth sucks and it takes me forever to get anything, so there's still plenty of stuff I wanna see and get. I'd like to know what it feels like to be @ ur level though, cuz I do have other things I wanna watch besides dramas, like documentaries and asian movies and in addition I wish I had more time set aside to read my stacks of magazines that have been piling up un-read :(

I don't know how burned out you are, but maybe you just haven't tried other genres. If all else fails, try YouTube :blink

Posted: Jun 29th, '08, 14:59
by Fathiya
Up to unitl now, I've only watched J-drama... and at the moment i consider myself to be in the "burnt-out" stage!! I decided to try and watch K-drama .....

Posted: Jul 2nd, '08, 21:47
by garnet07
Hey addiction comes in phases. Try something new and different from what you've been watching. I particularly watched A LOT of dramas already, but I also keep downloading everyday. This comes out to more downloading = less time watching. So pretty much I need to catch up on so many shows.

It also comes in seasons, like sometimes I prefer watching only Jdoramas or Kdramas or Chinese dramas (this is rare by the way). If there is no drama at all for that season, then I just watch anime (also behind on this one) or read mangas. The internet is a massive world of media. I'm sure you can find something to do.

Posted: Jul 4th, '08, 19:49
by mimmi
To the writer define of "burn out", yeah maybe I am in someways ....I just stared at the new dramas' titles and Have no idea what to download to watch, nothing seems interesting to now I'm in the "should I phase", should I finally do my avatar and sig., should I go blogging away, should I upload pictures on this computer, should I, should I, should I....goodness gracious, ok I'm what do to next lol, I kind a want to watch "code blue" but yet not rally appealing to me either, you deal with that in life, then you really don't feel like seeing it in shows too for goodness shakes....ok, I'm nut's better go outside and soak up the sun rays for while :P....

Posted: Jul 6th, '08, 17:26
by mimmi
Ok, now I'm not in the "burn out D-addicts" phase anymore....just found two dramas to watch....thanks to the uploaders :-)....

Posted: Oct 28th, '08, 20:08
by KaliC007
I know what you mean. I don't have very much time to watch dramas but when I do I think that I go overboard. I watch more than just one episode at a time. LOL I guess that is what I get for being greedy LOL.

I am still trying to find that happy medium. he he he

Posted: Oct 28th, '08, 20:42
by jica
Actually no. There are too many good dramas and I have no time. XDDDD

The dramas are waiting for me, not the other way round. Of course I'm waiting for this seasons jdramas, but I need to wait until I have free time.

pn0yb0i, maybe you should try to get away from the monitor some time...? ^^;

Posted: Oct 28th, '08, 23:07
by nozomi05

not yet.. i still have a lot of older drams that i want to check out and since for the past few months i have been unemployed, i can stop with my i jdorama series a day marathon (10-11 eps a day). i usually download whole series and then watch it at one go, thats why i usually watch the older ones and pass up the new ones until there are enough episodes to watch. now that i am employed, i'll probably limit to watching during the weekends.

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 01:26
by kuro570
I don't think I'm in the burned out phase just yet but nothing good seems to be out this season compared to last season. The only thing I look forward is Voice and maybe some Q.E.D. Oh well I hope next season will be better for jdramas >.<

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 01:34
by melonyhappy
lol maybe.
I just switch languages. At the beginning it was Korean. Then I had the Japanese phase. Now I'm watching more mandarin/twdramas. Heck I might go to HK dramas when I run out of things to watch... then I would probably back to American shows :lol
I learn to fast forward cuz everything's getting so predictable (well except japanese shows - that's why I still love them)

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 01:40
by kuro570
I would try other dramas like TWdramas but most of them don't have what I really want in a drama or even the genre. I'm mostly all about mystery/action... Well everything but love dramas really lol

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 01:51
by sumire_chan
I'm burnt-out too. The solution: watching lots of Kdramas and trying out some TWdramas in addition to a few currently airing Jdramas, some old Jdramas, and also rewatching some of my favorite Jdramas raw with the help of the Japanese script so that I actually understand everything that is being said/can look up slang and words I don't know. Also halfheartedly attempting to get out more and have a real life occasionally. But I'm kind of failing at that right now.

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 01:52
by colyn7
there are lots of Asian dramas.. I think I wouldn't be able to finish them all even if I download everyday and watch them... hahaha..

I've been hooked up with it since 2002 I guess.. since the time of Meteor Garden fever.. then comes FuLL House.. I just jump from Taiwan to Korean then Korean to Japan.. or mixed them aLL..

Like now, I'm watching new series of Boys Before Flowers (Kdrama) , Mei-chan no shitsuji (Jdorama), and Akai Ito(Jdorama).. as for Taiwan series.. hmmm...

oh well.. for these years.. Taiyou no Uta has been my favorite eversince but then when "Fated To Love You" (Tdrama) arrives.. oh well.. it becomes my 3rd after watching Koizora.. and heck.. now I'm Loving Akai Ito.. It will probably be ranked as my 4th favorite.. ahahha...

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 01:57
by kuro570
sumire_chan wrote: Also halfheartedly attempting to get out more and have a real life occasionally. But I'm kind of failing at that right now.
That sounds harsh lol ><;;

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 02:22
by chrono.trigger
I just started watching asian dramas recently, but I have been downloading / watching other series & anime from the net for years now and I can't say that I feel burned out spending my (entire) weekend just watching my downloaded stuffs in front of my pc.

There are even times where I sit back and just watch the progress bar of my download move while waiting for it to finish if I'm bored and have nothing else better to do. I guess I just got accustomed to doing it like that.

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 15:51
by liebe911
I have voted it guys

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 21:49
by sumire_chan
kuro570 wrote:That sounds harsh lol ><;;
Haha I'm not very positive am I! I do get out sometimes, but I still prefer staying in, even if I'm bored and can't find a drama I want to watch.

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 22:03
by x_XJules

I totally know how you feel. I think my burned out phase is more due to lack of good shows lately. I was a fangirl for awhile but I've grown out of that (not to be offensive to fangirls. LoL, I still love a good looking man :D ) But unfortunately shows directed toward fangirls don't interest me anmore... And those seem to be the the vast majority of shows these days. And I'm not liking the whole japanese version of CSI :/

I still watch ai nori religiously though. :lol

Posted: Feb 15th, '09, 22:11
by Kakijun
I just limit it to the weekends. I've pretty much watched all the past dramas that seem any good so I have to wait until Saturdays for new releases.

Posted: Feb 20th, '09, 20:16
by ryoko11
I go through periods of burn out then something catches my interest and sucks me back into watching. I've seen enough dramas now (certainly over a hundred) that I sometimes get tired with some of the more recycled stuff. Most Jdramas recycle plots, character types, ideas, etc... so I try to go with the flow on them. Much of the time it works, but now when a drama fails for me in some fashion I get more critical and faster to drop it.

Also, when you get too much of the same kind of drama popping up around the same time it starts to get boring. Or if several series disappoint me at once, I'll get the urge to walk away. Well, except mysteries... for some reason even the most repetitive mysteries are still watchable for me.

Anyhow, when I start to burn out, I just walk away from the dramas concentrate on some other hobby and other forms of entertainment until something brings me back to Jdramas.

Posted: Feb 22nd, '09, 07:13
by garnet07
Back to this topic :lol I've been finding older dramas interesting (not that old actually but the ones I've skipped in the past years). For Japanese, I found watching Bara no nai Hanaiya pretty good, though I ignored that when it came out. For Korean, Capital Scandal and Resurrection caught my attention and recommended for mystery and action lovers. For Chinese, eeehh, The Four, Fated to Love You are good. Really still not that many Chinese dramas.

I'm sure if you go searching for something that is related to your favorite actor/actress, you'll find a drama you missed when it came out and are much more interesting than the new ones out right now. That's how I find the older dramas nowadays. and of course check out ppl's recommendations.

If you don't feel like watching dramas, watch animes. Skip Beat and Natsume Yuujinchou are my favorites this season.

Posted: Feb 22nd, '09, 08:13
by Phillykat
Your avi is hilarious.
I'm too lazy to PM so I hope you remembered to regret posting this.
To answer your question, I never get burnt out. Overloaded, but not burnt out. I have a list. A list that keeps growing. Everytime I watch a drama that has an actor that I like I start checking out their dramas and so on. Outside? Who needs outside! ;)