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Anime or JDrama?

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 00:30
by ik0n
So you guys tell me, which do you prefer... anime or drama? and why?

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 01:32
by Cry5tal
Anime and Dorama are great. It's hard to choose between the two.

Anime are fun, you can find some really nice story and usually more episodes also than regular drama. I think I like Anime more for the "fun" part.

Dorama I usually watch these for the sad/love relations. But Bloody Monday for example I watch it cause it's great and has lot of actions.

After cause I'm learning Japanese, listening to Anime or Dorama are a good source of material, there are a LOT available. Of course learning from anime people might say is a bad idea but it's 90% or more of everyday japanese use ;) not just "I'm gonna kill you, you baka" or things like that lol

I hope that answers your question lol I'm not really good at writing reasons why I like something over another.

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 01:34
by ik0n
Haha, looks like we pretty much have the same thoughts. :) I agree with what your saying right there. Just made this topic to see how others look at these two type of things.

And yeah, Bloody Monday ftw! ^^

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 01:45
by astermorning
I personally prefer the dramas, but I've only watched a few animes, like Fruits Basket and some of Death Note. I love manga and anime art, so it's not like I dislike the style, but for some reason the animation is a little too choppy for me sometimes. It also might be I'm not used to it, but I have trouble seeing male characters with female voices coming out of their mouths...

I have to be in the right mood for anime, so most of the time I watch dramas. But I also agree that anime are lots of fun!

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 01:55
by Puppet Princess
You ask this at a drama site? Really?

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 02:14
by groink
Puppet Princess wrote:You ask this at a drama site? Really?
*BONK* I should've had a V-8.

I'll tell you people the difference between anime fans and drama fans:

Anime fans - they're more into the storylines and the characters. Some of them are into fan service. But for the most part, the show itself rivals over everything else.

Drama fans - it is all about idoling of the artists. At least for the majority of the people on D-Addicts. The various polls I've read here verify this.

--- groink

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 02:30
by tavon1
drama I think it is fun to watch and I like to ummmmm. .... How should i say this.
watch a lot of romance and school drama

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 02:39
by SusieQ
I dunno groink, there's a bit of both in either fandom, isn't there? I know anime fans that are die-hard fans of certain voice actors. I fangirl over certain actors and actresses, but when I'm picking and choosing what dramas to watch in the new season I look at the basic storyline first and not the cast list. I've dropped plenty of dramas with actors I LOVE because the story and characters were boring and predictable.

Basically, you're right, but there's always exceptions and anyone who likes one is bound to find something they like in the other, imo.

And I like both anime and drama. I couldn't live without the Nodame Cantabile anime OR the drama, for example.

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 02:49
by Puppet Princess
I agree that the majority of people who "post" on DA are shallow fangirls and boys most of the time. I mean, how many people said RH Plus was a good show? They are obviously warped by the fanservice.

I find it funny though that most often, my favorite characters end op being the ugly characters.

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 03:04
by ik0n
Puppet Princess wrote:You ask this at a drama site? Really?
Is that a bad thing? It is "General Discussions" after all. ;)

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 03:50
by Puppet Princess
No it's not bad. Just sort of silly.

Which people "prefer" is irrelevant because it's not like deciding which channel you would rather watch. Prefer means "if you can only choose one" and dramas are not readily available to most of the users here. That's why they come here. No one would make the effort to be here and download stuff if they didn't have more than a mild interest in dramas. So, watching dramas is a choice. If someone whole-heartedly preferred anime over dramas, they wouldn't watch dramas. They would be spending all their download on anime.

Posted: Dec 11th, '08, 04:20
by Egg-chan
I agree with SusieQ. I also look at the story line first. If I like a certain actor or actress I'll watch the show with them, but if it turns out it really isn't my thing I'll stop watching it.