Watching dramas on the bus/train

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Watching dramas on the bus/train

Post by knuckles » Jan 14th, '09, 09:46

What do you think of watching dramas on the bus/train, for example while commuting to work/university? I think it may be a better use of time than just sitting doing nothing or listening to music, but I don't have a portable video player so I haven't tried it yet. Is there a downside to watching drama on public transport?

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Post by nogo » Jan 14th, '09, 18:25

I watch various things while sitting in the train when the way takes longer than.. let's say 3 houres...
but sometimes I also use the time to read or learn various things (which mostly dont have anything to do with school or such LoL)

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Post by jholic » Jan 15th, '09, 03:46

watch 'densha otoko' while you're on the train.

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Post by ImL0st » Jan 15th, '09, 04:34

Hmm...You might not wanna get off the bus/train once you reach yr destination, LOL

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Post by itsukiD » Jan 15th, '09, 04:50

umm... i caught up on some 30 rock eps on my itouch on the bart in SF, luckily i was with family or else i would've been goin back n forth watchin episodes. as far as dramas, i need the subtitles so i usually hardsub them with a nice size font.

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Post by Ginto-gin » Jan 15th, '09, 05:08

Downside? Forgetting there are people around that can hear you laugh out loud at a funny scene, or gasp at a suspenseful one. LOL!!

Watching shows on a portable device is a great way to pass the time on short or long travel. I've watched anime on my trusty iPod while on a ferry, and have yet to try dramas on it; subtitles can appear small though.

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Post by ImL0st » Jan 15th, '09, 05:46

Actually, that's how I kill time when waiting, in the dr. office, when traveling, even while waiting on jury duty, lol. This's also why I prefer soft sub, then I can hard sub them in nice font size for my iphone and psp-never leave home without them, lol. Subbed series r great since there's no need to turn up the volume, therefore, not bothering ppl around.

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Post by skirara » Jan 15th, '09, 06:31

yeah, I take the public bus to and from school everyday, hour and a half ride both ways, so its great to have a psp.

great for conversations starters, if you sit beside someone you would be interested in talking to that is. (find/make drama lovers =D )
great way to past the time, and its fast and easy to convert most anything.
long lasting battery too ^_^ headphones good too.
And subtitles are a pretty good size too =D

cons: Making sure you dont offend someone if youre watching something that could have nudity or sex or just something bad. >__> i watch shounen-ai sometimes, so this is hard.
make sure you watch your bags and all, its easy to get distracted. Also, watch for your stop too XD learn to time how long a drama is and compare it to how long itll take you to get to your destination.
You also miss out on stuff...I was watching a japanese drama, and this really cute guy sat in front of me and i didnt even notice til later and I felt weird....XD;;

3 awkward situations ive had::

1)I was watching a harem anime, and this weird guy kept asking questions...I had to explain the concept and all, and this asian guy across from me, looked like a nerdy type, totally seemed to give me a knowing smile...
2)I was watching a taiwanese drama and this guy next to me was so blatantly watching it, or looking down my shirt, but either way. And he asked if the subtitles came in spanish.
3)I was watching a ninja anime, and noticed the guy beside me starting to jerk off.

So, carry pepperspray, and make friends =D
ps. watching ANYTHING johnny's entertainment on the bus will give you the weiiiirdest looks. One, for the outfits, and two, for the little boys. So many little boys....

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Post by makuii » Jan 15th, '09, 07:41

Watching dramas is a good way to shorten the loooong ride to or from your destination...
- You can catch up on drama watching and not really be "wasting" time...^_^
- You can start a convo with the person nxt to you about drama...
- Subs mean you don't need sound...

- Eats up iPod battery
- Headaches from the motion of the bus/train and you staring at a small screen
- Awkwardness if you ask the person next to you: "Hey, have you watched the latest episode of _____ (fill in the blank) drama?" and they look at you if you've come from another planet...
or if you randomly crack up laughing or have a fanboy/girl moment...
- Forgetting about the people around you...Beware of pervs and the like...
- Forgetting to get off...

so, yeah. have fun!

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Post by liebe911 » Feb 4th, '09, 05:27

I wont be able to concentrate on a noisy place, If my journey is long I will carry my Ipod with me, to see if movies, drama or music.

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Post by Zealousy » Feb 4th, '09, 05:33

I'd be too embarrassed to watch dramas on the train. ;o

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Post by Hanazawa Rui » Feb 4th, '09, 06:01

i watch dramas in the car when i return from uni >>> siso drives :P

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Post by mizark33 » Feb 10th, '09, 17:47

During the summer, my cousins and I would go on fishing trips. The drive was about 2 hours from our house so it was always a nice way to kill some time. Then I would also be able to watch probably one more episode after we got there because my laptop's battery doesn't last too long. But yeah, definitely a great way to kill some time!

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Post by ayaseharukaftw » Feb 18th, '09, 02:49

I have a PSP and watch anything (Dramas, PVs, Variety , Performaces) on the bus and subway. Do I care? No, I'm not ashamed of what I like. Though I hate it when people watch what I'm watching, irritates me, sometimes I'll put on The Machine Girl and fastfoward to the gory screnes just to turn them off and I let out a little smirk while it plays. hehehe

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