Most hours straight you've watched a drama?

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Most hours straight you've watched a drama?

1-5 hours
5-10 hours
15-20 hours
20-25 hours
25-30 hours
30+ hours
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Most hours straight you've watched a drama?

Post by whatever0024 » Feb 9th, '09, 19:49

The most I've watched is slightly over19 straight hours of What Happened in Bali because I believe each episode is a little over an hour long. I know there are 20 episodes, but the DVD that contained the other two episodes was misplaced and no matter how hard I tried looking for it, I just couldn't find it. So, I went online to find out what happened at the end. Of course, I was beyond disappointed because I invested so much time and then to find out that that happened?! Grr!

If I'm including bathroom breaks and making snacks, it'd probably be close to 20 hours. Who needs sleep when it's absolutely imperative to find out what happens next, right?

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Post by cookiesncream » Feb 9th, '09, 20:04

for me...probably 6-7 hours. Some dramas....i really can't wait to see what happens next. I get soooo into it...I end up watching like 3 or more episodes in 1 day.... Then I have stay up late to study and cram for all those hours I wasted during the day watching

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Post by mizark33 » Feb 10th, '09, 17:41

Oh my goodness... One day during the summer I woke up and watched an entire series in one day.. I think I was watching Hana Yori Dango. I was up for around 10 - 15 hours straight watching it and I couldn't stop.

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Post by melonyhappy » Feb 10th, '09, 19:02

10 hours? that was when i watched my first kdrama.... now i don't think i can do more than 4 episodes at a time.

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Post by kuro570 » Feb 10th, '09, 19:10

Longest drama was this TW drama bull fighting i think it was called, each episode over 1 hr long with about 18 episodes so about 18 hrs one saturday

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Post by Lucille » Feb 10th, '09, 23:59

I was so in love with MNIKSS and the Tdrama MARS that I watched the entire dramas non-stop. I was a mess the next day. I sat in front of my computer and watched every single episode. Then I was angry when they ended. I truly believe that if those dramas would have been 30 episodes long, I would have taken a 30 min nap and started all over again. Is there a self help group for that?

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Post by jojodellis » Feb 11th, '09, 00:10

I watched Pride in one sitting. Usually I can only handle a couple of episodes a day of whatever drama I'm watching. If it's several I do an episode of each - about three.

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Post by Cry5tal » Feb 11th, '09, 19:21

Around 16 hours when I watched "crazy for you"

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Post by miacarlax » May 17th, '09, 18:34

about 22 hours?!
I started watching HYD, and ended up watching all of series 1, and more of HYD 2
and the film! ..

It was pretty intense!

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Post by Elitist Grammarian » May 19th, '09, 01:23

I've never marathoned a series. I tend to watch one episode per day, two at most. I've always been like this.

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Post by MikeNolan » May 22nd, '09, 21:58

jojodellis wrote:I watched Pride in one sitting. Usually I can only handle a couple of episodes a day of whatever drama I'm watching. If it's several I do an episode of each - about three.
Lol i've seen 5 hours of pride. Thats 6 episodes :lol

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Post by Ladymercury » May 22nd, '09, 22:02

Watched all of Boukenger, Kabuto, and Faiz on one sit down. --- 49 episodes each, 30 minutes.

Yeah, I had nothing else better to do.

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Post by moonprincess98 » May 22nd, '09, 22:26

I watched the entire Fated to Love You series in one sitting. Including food and potty breaks, it took about 27 hours. Fortunately it was a long weekend for me so I had nothing better to do! ^_^

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Post by coldheat » Jun 7th, '09, 22:22

I really can't say what my longest marathon is. I think it may be 17 episodes of I Really Really Like You. Weekends are for me only. If I am not volunteering and the weather is bad (this means rain or cook an egg on the sidewalk hot) Then I will gather my snacks and a huge water bottle slip into my pj's and I dont move. Sometimes I have a problem of not having a whole series to watch. I am trying to keep something ready for when a lazy weekend comes up. Right now I have Fated to Love You for my next weekend. Come on let it rain rain rain :)

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Post by Modvind » Jun 7th, '09, 23:07

More often than not I can't even get through a one hour episode without a break! Most drama tend to be very long-winded, especially Korean and Chinese ones (actually I can't even watch Chinese drama, it's way too corny!) Usually after half an hour or so, something pops into my mind I'd rather be doing, and I'll finish the episode later that day.

I wonder why I watch it at all; it must be an addiction... Guess I do belong on this site after all then? :P

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Post by x_XJules » Jun 9th, '09, 00:40

oooohh maaaaan~ When I first started watching doramas, I went crazy. I could watch an entire series in one sitting without a problem. Not even a slight discomfort. Now-a-days though I really only watch an episode or two a day (and that's only if I have something to watch LoL).
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Post by 143dOrKy » Jun 11th, '09, 06:01

I did a 24 hr with breaks in between

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Post by Ender's Girl » Jun 15th, '09, 11:29

Goong. May 2006. All 24 eps, just hit pause for quickie bathroom breaks and mad dashes to the kitchen. Good times, good times.

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Post by a2a » Jun 15th, '09, 11:43

For me the longest had to be Densha Otoko & Iljimae. From the 1st I watched 7 episodes in one go, then waited for my sister to catch up before we finished it together. And for Iljimae I watched 5-6 episodes in one day.
Because I tend to watch a lot of dramas at the same time, I don't marathon anything anymore lest it's very addicting (like Iljimae). Nowadays I just watch 3-4 eps a day from different dramas.

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Post by KaiKai23 » Jun 16th, '09, 00:08

15-20 hours

i watched the whole series all in one go, because it was a scary one, and i didnt want to go to sleep until i finished it, because i was scared =-=

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Post by riceavocado » Jun 19th, '09, 13:11

Sometimes when I get addicted to a drama, I'll marathon the whole thing and miss sleep.

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Post by vietxmikey » Jun 25th, '09, 07:11

Before, 5 - 10 hours. Now, I like to savor the moment. Unless, they are new episodes. That's a different story.

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Post by Yurga » Jun 25th, '09, 07:56

Usually i watching 1-3 episodes in day~
But one time - i watched one drama whole day~
Since 9 in the morning till 9 in the evening~
That was HYD 1 and 2 seasons~~~
My eyes were red~ hi hi hi~

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Post by TianMoXing » Jun 25th, '09, 08:14

my longest marathon? I have a couple marathons.including breaks:

devil beside you: +/- 23-24 hours
hana yori dango 1: +/- 10 hours
hana yori dango 2: +/- 11 hours
why why love: +/- 20 hours
my lucky star: +/- 24-25 hours
shibatora: +/- 13 hours
smiling pasta: +/- 18 hours
bloody monday: +/- 11 hours
Pi Li MIT: +/- 19 hours
fated to love you: I took a while longer to finish that. I did take me a weekend since I had to get up ever day of the week at 5 so I was dead tired and couldn't finish it without a good nights rest.

all of my marathons that I watched are also all of my favorites. :w00t: next marathon coming up will be black and white once it's been completely subbed. :cheers: damn I really am a freak ain't I? :blink not that I care anymore. :P hehe. I admit it. I am an addict to taiwanese and japanese drama's. and damn proud of it. :P

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Post by maverick89 » Jun 25th, '09, 09:08

well, i can't really get off the monitor till i finish a series if it's interesting..i watched kurosagi and kekkon dekinai otoko straight on for about 20-25 hours,other than that i think i watch pride in one sitting.

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Post by hydeaway » Jun 29th, '09, 08:45

sadly, i can only watch not more than 3 hours long...

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Post by Rozenrot » Jun 29th, '09, 22:32

I spend five hours today watching Kuitan, I am honestly addicted to that show. :)

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