What is so special?

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What is so special?

Post by Dudie » Apr 21st, '09, 19:51

At april 10 i came home from my trip to China. I loved it accept for the way to annoying streetvendors. I will go to China again someday for sure. Anyway along the way we came acros lots of Chinese and also Japanese and Korean people wanting thier picture taken with me or someone else from our group. On the great wall it was really crazy and hillarious. First one Korean woman tried to ask me to have her pic taken with me. Then her travel group saw and then there was an other group who saw that aswell. 3 groups later i finally had time for some rest and to enjoy the view. On the way back to the meeting point some people also asked to have a pic taken but allthough it was fun after 3 groups i had enough. And sometimes as soon as i saw someone wanting to ask for a pic i just took my camera and walked away.. how mean LOL. And i was not the only one from my group, everyone in my group had this but not as much as me on the great wall. My dad had young girl hugging him just out of nowhere.. hahaha. And one time a cute guy was strugling with to ask or not to ask. In the end he didn't dare. Poor him coz i wanted to help him a bit after a while.

None of the group where celebrities or anything but i felt that way a bit on the great wall :lol But that also made me wonder whats so special about us, western people :blink In my country i don't even look up if someone is Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish or whatever.

I really hope i don't bump into one of those pics which where taken since i look horrible in them for sure.

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Post by ssih » Apr 21st, '09, 21:30

Is there something you're not telling us, like you're a group of 6'-5" professional wrestlers, or perhaps the finalists from a Swedish beauty pageant? :D :D :D

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Post by kaguya » Apr 22nd, '09, 00:52

One of my friends was in kinda the same situation, except it was an Asian tour group that came to the US, and they hounded her to take pictures with them. Her best guess was that it was because she was tall and white.

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Post by Dudie » Apr 22nd, '09, 16:41

Well the only reason i can think of is coz i have blue eyes and i have a pale skin. And i know that in China (and other asian countries i think) it's the beauty ideal to be as pale as possible.

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Post by Averroes » Apr 22nd, '09, 17:53

So its because you're a vampire or a zombie.

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Post by Ivanavi » Apr 24th, '09, 03:33

I experienced that too. Was in China with my pals in '06 but I think the people who posed with us were Korean and Chinese. No Japanese. We were a group of 6 ft guys and two of my friends are blond. I have brown hair and green eyes. So embarrassing. I dunno about the pale skin. Those Chinese and Korean folks were pale too. Maybe the eye color. and the hair. Or the height?

I worked for a few years in Singapore and now the Philippines but I never got mobbed for pictures.

We were also in Japan for a few days and people stared at us but thats it.

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Post by Dudie » Apr 24th, '09, 16:51

I think it was your hight and green eyes. In our group there where also a few tall people. And specially Chinese men tried to compare the hight with thiers a few times. That was really fun to see. They just walked to someone of the group.. and put thier hand high next to the guy to measure the difference. :lol

Ohh i had fun with Japanese people aswell on the Great Wall. Some groups where passing us including a few Japanese groups and one time i said in dutch to my mom "Ohh lucky those Japanese people don't want a pic". Then they looked at me like "what the hell are you talking about :blink " Coz Japanese was the only word they did understand i guess and they are Japanese :lol

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Post by ghabarkhaz » Apr 29th, '09, 22:32

Averroes wrote:So its because you're a vampire or a zombie.

ha ha ha ha

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