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Dramas With Nice Guy Coupling

Posted: Oct 27th, '09, 07:54
by knee
Are there any dramas where the girl ends up with the nicer, sweeter (and sometimes more attractive-looking) guy? I used to enjoy watching the whole fighting couple dynamic, but that's practically all I see now in dramas and it's tiresome. I'm always rooting for the nice guy (even knowing that he won't be picked) and am disappointed when she chooses the mean, ****, arrogant guy.

Posted: Oct 27th, '09, 08:12
by ik0n
Uh... Buzzer Beat? I don't know, just throwing something in. You might get better answers from others. :)

Posted: Oct 27th, '09, 08:37
by Néa Vanille
LOL, sounds like you hail from KDrama land? ^^

Well, I'm afraid that for romance dramas, there really only is that type. This is because a nice girl/nice guy coupling creates no conflict, and you can't have a drama without conflict. In romance dramas in which the love story IS the plot, one of the two characters MUST be difficult and a bit of a jerk/**** in order for there to be enough plot for 16 hours of television. If you're tried of the GUY being the jerk and can take the female being the difficult character, there's dramas like That Fool, but - -romance dramas in which both leads start off as perfectly nice people are pretty hard to find. I can recomend Soulmate perhaps -- it follows a slightly different formula from your typical drama, it's fresh and innovatice and still my favorite drama of all time. And the male and female lead don't bicker like kids on the playground, either.

If you're tired of this formula, I suggest to watch dramas that focus on plot and not romance. There's quite a few JDramas who focus on other things, or if they ARE mainly romance dramas, try to create plot and pressure from external forces (like age and status differences in dramas like Anego or Kimi wa Petto -- when you have enough plot from external sources, the main couple itself gets away with fewer conflict points).

If it should be Korean, there are some dramas that do NOT focus on romance but instead on plot. I can recommend Story of a Man or Resurrection, both tightly written dramas in which the plot sets up the romance, not the other way around.

Hope that was helpful.

Posted: Oct 27th, '09, 09:00
by vikvik
Try Japanese doramas - Strawberry on the Shortcake and Overtime. They are not your typical Korean fare, and you won't figure out too soon who ends up with whom - at least, not during the first episode:)

Posted: Oct 27th, '09, 09:01
by xploring
I don't really watch Korean drama, but there is a nice guy in Fantasy Couple. There wasn't much of a choice though.

There are plenty of nice guys in Japanese dramas... Bara no nai Hanaya is a relatively recent drama with a nice guy as the lead.