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any site similar to jpopsuki?

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any site similar to jpopsuki?

Post by chiggazred » Jun 4th, '10, 04:58

i can not get an account in jpopsuki so I'm wondering if there are any sites out there similar to it and also any site for korean song downloads... im looking for lena park's albums ty.

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Post by Manatsu » Jun 5th, '10, 01:23

Um, no. JPOPSUKI is pretty much the biggest international J-Music tracker. And pretty much the only one I know. I only know lots of chinese and some japanese sites but registration there is closed. However, if you are looking for Korean Music, try this:


There was another site for K-Pop, but I forgot. I'll add it later if I happen to recall it.

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Post by shinri » Jun 5th, '10, 01:37

this isn't exactly a solve all, but i don't bother with forums and sites for music anymore. i just type site:megaupload.com or site:mediafire.com into google and i can download whatever i want. por ejemple, if you are looking up angela aki's Ai no Kisetsu, you would just google:
site:megaupload.com Angela Aki Ai no Kisetsu
or you can just play around with keywords till you get hits. i have only once been unable to find something i was looking for. hope this helps

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Post by unique001 » Jun 25th, '10, 19:46

well i do not have much idea but using the player which is in my signature and alot of Korean channels are available.

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