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Ruthless dramas ratings

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Ruthless dramas ratings

Post by Soannie » Jul 12th, '10, 16:17

Hi everyone !

The Tsuki No koibito ratings issue reminds me of "Strike Love" a 2009 Korean drama
that was abruptly stopped after the 16th episode despite the fact that 20 episodes had planned and already been shot.

Think about the consequences of these ruthless ratings on all of those who worked in the drama, not mention the TV viewers who loved "their" drama (they did not even get a final episode)!.

This case shocked me.
And it made me want to know your opinion.
What do you think, guys, about the fact how come that good or excellent dramas fail to find their audience and so why are they not able to get respectable ratings ?

"Strike Love" is a drama about baseball.
I personally do like sports but I am not sure if sports dramas are catchy enough to get
high ratings.

And what do you think about the consequences of these ruthless ratings on all of those involved in the drama ?

Of course, ratings are important ( for example good ratings can help to sell a drama overseas, increase actor's popularity...)
And what about you ? Do ratings help or influence you when choosing a new drama to watch ?

Finally, do you know any other good dramas that also were stopped because of poor ratings ?
And what happened later ?
Sometimes though a drama can get a second chance despite of low ratings.
Indeed, I heard that "Strike Love" is currently aired on Fuji TV Two.
Probable "second chance " thanks to Japan?
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Post by XrayMind » Jul 13th, '10, 06:50

I think 'Kami no Shizuku' had an early end of 9 episodes because it started with 10 rating for episode 1 then slowly went down to 5 by episode 4 and stay there for rest of series.

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Post by Soannie » Jul 16th, '10, 15:37

You're probably right about kami No Shizuku.
Some dramas might have been shortened without we knowing.
And we only find out about by watching the drama (a story getting desultory, a weird ending...)

Then I'm wondering about "Running Gu" the drama I've just started to watch.
It has four episodes ( unusual format, but why not after all ? ) and ratings : average 4.5%, ouch !!!
but it's a sport drama, so ...

And nothing about a possible cut.
I like the drama and I find the story interesting, so never mind the ratings I intend to carry on watching it.
But hoping it's a real four-episode drama with a real ending.

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Post by SSpiegel » Jul 16th, '10, 15:49

I think I read somewhere Running Gu is only a special of some sort, so it's meant to have only 4 episodes.

But this stuff seems to happen all the time. If it's not good, they shorten it, if it's really popular, they extend it. I'm not sure about Japan, but at least in Korea they pretty much film the episode a week or two before it airs, so they can be pretty flexible about the amount of episodes.
Personally I hate it when they change the amount of episodes in any way. I have more experience from American series, tho, in this matter, as pretty much every series I've ever like has been cancelled or cut, so that it ends in a really stupid way. Or doesn't really end at all. It's equally annoying if they extend it, too. Then the plot just drags on without real substance. My opinion is that they should write a story and stick with it. Whatever happens.

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Post by XrayZ » Jul 16th, '10, 16:31

Ah, i totally agree with SSpiegel, the story should be the number one concern! The stars and the sponsors and the network (and even the production values) all fade into insignificance if the story is handled right...

And what u said about American shows... yeah, all those never-ending sitcoms and soaps with "floating timelines" (abomination!)... then something cool or fun comes along and gets the plug pulled just as it gets interesting.

It's a shame that TV the world over is run by EVIL (also called money!)...

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Post by kuro570 » Jul 16th, '10, 17:27

If a drama or show gets very low ratings pull the plug on it and hope for something better in that time slot I say.

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Post by RB » Jul 21st, '10, 05:34

Ratings issue? Haven't been in touch with the site, so I am not sure what you are talking about. However, I know many predicted 20 points of average, and apparently it went lower than that. In any case, Tsuki no Koibito was supposed to last less because it started late in the season, right?

Also, it was a pretty expensive dorama, with such important stars (for example, Keiko Kitagawa earns around USD 10,000 per episode, and Lin Chi-ling 25,000. So, expectatives for this dorama were really high compared to others. There are very few actors/actresses that can ensure a high rating lately.

I believe TV in every country in the world is ruled by rating. I am sure any of us can name at least one serie or TV program from our own countries that was lifted due bad ratings, without ending the season. Not every dorama can be like Women of the Sun, that ended with 4x the first episode rating.

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Post by hw777 » Aug 27th, '10, 05:25

Dunno bout d rest but Tsuki no Koibito was planned from the beginning to be a drama shorter than the usual 11/12 eps. That's why it started late in the season. It was extremely big budget. It was still the 2nd highest rated drama of the season (not counting taiga) and the highest rated original series (the highest rated drama for that season was Rinjo Season 2). That's hardly low-rated even if it din meet the expected 20% average.

Personally, I dun really care bout ratings cause my favs are all single digits :P . Do agree that its ruthless though. But ratings also depend on timeslots. Low rated in unpopular timeslots might have no effect but low rated in prime time timeslots, that's when the drama is threatened.

Just some thoughts. :)

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