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Japanese dubs of Western movies

Posted: Oct 3rd, '10, 10:37
by louis89
Does anyone know of a place (torrent site etc.) where I can get English-language movies dubbed in Japanese?

Posted: Oct 14th, '10, 16:42
by never2muchcoffee
I was actually wondering whether or not American TV shows were fansubbed into Asian languages. I know quite a few movies are distributed internationally, but dunno about TV shows. So I was curious as to whether there were "reverse fansubbing" groups (for lack of a better term) that sub English-speaking shows into Asian languages. Not looking to download or anything, just curious to know if if happens and if it's as popular as Asian-to-English fansubbing.

Posted: Oct 31st, '10, 14:12
by kiramethyst
I have watched some American movies in Japanese on TV before while in Japan. I have heard of American movies dubbed in English being shown in cinemas in Japan too, not just on TV. Not too sure if there is any place to get them online. Might not be very readily available since the demand for it outside of Japan would probably be rather insignificant. Japanese living overseas tend to have a higher command of English so American movies shouldn't be a problem for them.

Posted: Dec 1st, '10, 08:07
by devils2l
Actually, I see a lot more movies and TV series fansubbed into European languages (Russian, Czech, etc.),as well as French, German, Hindi, Turkish, etc. than anything else. Depends on whether the fansubber is doing anything popular or else has the capability to get the subs done in their language. I don't know about Japanese fansubbers though. I have seen J-Dramas, Chinese movies and series in languages like Vietnamese but again it's a toss-up for what is popular and what is not...

Posted: Dec 1st, '10, 08:54
by 1100
I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday and just happened to stumble upon this a minute ago:

You can use You Tube Downloader to save the videos.

Posted: Dec 7th, '10, 14:27
by Muside
I'd love to watch Western movies with Japanese dub / subtitles, too. I got a couple of DVDs of Western movies from Japan like The War of the Worlds or the Matrix series and enjoy them immensely. If anybody knows a place where to download such stuff, that'd be great. For quite some while now I've tried finding the Japanese version of Star Trek, for example... but not lucky yet ;)

Posted: Dec 7th, '10, 14:43
by kuro570
Actually if you hop on share or PD you'll find tons of american tv shows dubbed/subbed in japanese. Same goes for cartoons, dramas like 24 or house and not to mention the many British tv shows that are up as well. As for Russian and other European shows I haven't seen many. There is also a lot of chinese, korean, Thai, and other asian shows too.

Beware though in American dubbed/subbed tv shows/movies some of the dialogues just doesn't sit right sometimes and many nuances in speech are present that aren't really called for in their subbed work.