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[Game] What Movie is This?

Posted: Jun 18th, '11, 10:20
by Orion1986
So, there is a What Drama is This thread already and I'll get my inspiration and rules from that. This is a game about guessing on an Asian movie, based on a picture a user gives us.



1. Post a picture from a movie. Make sure it's not obvious where it's from and that the file name doesn't give it away.
2. Use spoiler tags to put the pictures in and try to make them a reasonable size. Let's not overload the place.
3. The rest of the users try to guess which movie it is. Only 3 guesses can be posted before we pause for a hint!
4. After 3 wrong guesses, the rest pause the answering and the user who posted it gives a little hint. Not too helpful one!
5. When the answer is found, the user who answered correctly gets to post his/her own picture for everyone else to guess.
6. If the winner does not post a picture within 24 hours, the last winner continues with another one and so on and so forth.

After the answer has been found, if you want to erase the picture from your account, you can do so. Maybe wait a few weeks though.

Let's play! ^^

First up.

Posted: Jun 18th, '11, 16:01
by iluvasiandrama
Glad this game is up now but I really think 2 days to post is way too long it should be 24 hours to keep the game moving. oh well I might be alone on this? :unsure: Should we say what kind of drama? Tai, Jap, Kor, Thai ?

Posted: Jun 18th, '11, 16:38
by Orion1986
I was thinking about that. I felt that there are less movies than dramas so 2 days was ok. But if people find it too long, we can change it. I did, for now.

Also, I guess if the picture is confusing enough, we could mention the country. We'll have to wait and see how people feel about it, so thanks for your input. Mine is Korean, btw.

Re: [Game] What Movie is This?

Posted: Jun 18th, '11, 21:32
by Evenik
Hi Orion1986! :-)

I think it's Virgin Snow.

Posted: Jun 18th, '11, 23:09
by Orion1986
Hiya there. :D

Loving your avatar/signature set, but the picture is not Virgin Snow. ^^

Posted: Jun 20th, '11, 11:09
by Ethlenn
Any more hints? :mrgreen:

Posted: Jun 20th, '11, 18:39
by Orion1986
It stars one of the people on the first post banner. A korean movie...

Posted: Jun 20th, '11, 23:27
by arakira
Just a blind guess...the Beast and the Beauty?

Posted: Jun 20th, '11, 23:34
by Orion1986
Nope. Ok, I'll basically give it away with this, but it's a Hwang Jung Min movie.

Also, love to have you back, hon! :wub:

Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 10:55
by Ethlenn
Is it sageuk? It looks a bit like Blades of Blood...

Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 11:02
by arakira
Or maybe the Unjust?

Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 11:24
by Orion1986
Ahaha. Neither. Ok, this seemed to be tough so let I'll reveal it.

Private Eye. With teh cutie! Ahaha. It's quite a "big" movie so I thought more would have seen it. And the hidden compartment scene with the morphine pouch was quite important.
Ok, one of you can try now. I'll try and make the next one easier, if I guess anything and it's my turn again.

Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 12:16
by arakira
LOL, thanks for telling. Haven't seen that one yet...gonna put it on my list.
Well i'll be off again in an leaving it to ecchan or whoever wants to^^

Posted: Jun 21st, '11, 17:11
by Ethlenn
I've seen it, but totally skipped my memory. But I sensed "period" movie in a way, *bitter smile*

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 09:21
by Orion1986
Will you continue then, Ecchan or should I hit you guys with another one?

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 09:48
by Ethlenn
Go with another one.

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 10:50
by Orion1986
Ok, this should be easier. Memorable moment from the movie.

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 11:31
by \( -o _ o- )/
Hi! Can I play? Is it Jeon Woo Chi?

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 11:37
by Orion1986
Of course you can play, but it's not Jeon Woochi. Good guess though. It could be it. ^^

I can give a little hint that an actor from that is also starring in this though. Hee hee.

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 11:45
by Issy
Hunters with KDW :P

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 12:23
by Orion1986
Nope. Ok, another hint then. It stars TWO actors from the topic banner on the first post. Now, along with the previous hint, this should be easy.

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 20:52
by arakira
You're confusing me...Waikiki Brothers?

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 21:08
by Orion1986
No. XD Ok, hmm... Two more clues then. The scene shown contains an elevator and the movie is about corruption.
It stars someone from Woochi, two actors from the banner and what I said above too.You honestly haven't seen this?

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 21:17
by arakira
Dunno, my brain just doesn't tend to remember scenes well ;)
Apart from that I got loads of un-watched/ half-watched movies on my HD...but nuff excuses...Another guess...The Unjust?
haha and I still only watched like 10 min of that one...

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 21:46
by Orion1986
Good guess. Ahaha. Yoo Hae Jin from Woochi, Hwang Jung Min and Ryu Seong Beom. Hee hee. So, your turn now. :-)

Posted: Jun 23rd, '11, 22:27
by arakira
YAY!! LOL I remembered us talking about this movie some time ago :P
Ok here's the next one...if you saw the movie I guess this is a piece of cake:

Posted: Jun 25th, '11, 11:26
by Orion1986
It felt vaguely familiar, but no clue. XD

Posted: Jun 25th, '11, 14:40
by arakira
Hint No 1: the movie plays in Seoul but not in Seoul ;)

Posted: Jun 25th, '11, 15:08
by Orion1986
The hand itself is really weird. Black fingers, orange color. Covered in a black goo or something... But I may have just been reading Metro 2033 a bit too frequently...
And add that the "Seoul but not in Seoul"... Something imaginary, futuristic, post-apocalyptic... But so many options. Argh. XD I'm still not getting it, even if I might know it.

Posted: Jun 25th, '11, 15:31
by Ethlenn
Castaway on the Moon.

Posted: Jun 25th, '11, 16:04
by arakira
LOL Ecchan, I knew it was WAAAY to easy for you ;)
Your turn!

Posted: Jun 25th, '11, 16:26
by Ethlenn
It's a famous jajjangmyeon pack, yeah... Plus, true, I saw that movie 4 times... eh...

I planned to give a Korean movie still, but haters would eat me alive (and I need to survive to July 15th 2012), so a Japanese movie.

Posted: Jun 26th, '11, 08:41
by arakira
Hmm...who'd those haters be in this thread?!? LOL
Thanks to you I hardly watch jmovie anymore cause you kept feeding me with good korean ones.

Is it gohatto? ;)
Need some hints here.

Posted: Jun 26th, '11, 09:08
by Ethlenn
I will feed you more good korean ones, keke.

Hint 1: it's a classic movie (meaning - old).

Posted: Jun 27th, '11, 16:24
by $in
mmmmm where is the pic

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 05:54
by arakira
Haha guess that's too hard for's been ages since I watched a few jclassics...hints please?

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 20:26
by Ethlenn
To all idiots that can't read- I mentioned it's japanese movie, right? Plus, oh damn, read.

Hint 2: this is a firs japanese color film (now that is a give-away).

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 20:47
by Sham26
Couldnt resist but comment , haters gonna make a new thread for movies :D haha !
Carmen Comes Home ???

Ethlenn please feed me too ! (T_T)

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 21:40
by Ethlenn

Hint 3: It has something taken from Dante's Inferno in the title.

Oh, Sham, anything you want^^

Posted: Jun 29th, '11, 03:50
by Schwefelhexafluorid

Posted: Jun 29th, '11, 07:28
by Ethlenn
Schwefelhexafluorid, you're right!
Your turn!

Posted: Jun 29th, '11, 14:48
by Schwefelhexafluorid
Next round.

Posted: Jun 30th, '11, 15:08
by Schwefelhexafluorid
Another screenshot.

Posted: Jul 2nd, '11, 12:52
by Schwefelhexafluorid
Hint: Winner of two awards from the Japanese Academy.

Posted: Jul 3rd, '11, 09:38
by arakira
Hm no idea...LOL I guess I should watch more German telly since it obviously was on 3-sat ;)


Posted: Jul 3rd, '11, 11:19
by Ethlenn
Shall We Dance?

Posted: Jul 3rd, '11, 12:50
by Schwefelhexafluorid

Hint: The girl in the first screenshot is Matsushima Nanako.

Posted: Jul 4th, '11, 16:28
by Schwefelhexafluorid
Hint: Terrorists take over a dam and hold hostages.

Posted: Jul 5th, '11, 19:10
by arakira
Wow is that Sato Koichi in the last shot? LOL
So d-addicts says it should be Whiteout? Is it a good movie? Dunno but I never saw a good Japanese movie about terrorists or the like I think ;)

Posted: Jul 5th, '11, 19:21
by Orion1986
MW would have been nice but the bit boring plot ruined things.Quite good actors and premise, not so well executed.
And the usual bad english-speaking cast and english lines, but I could have lived with those if the movie otherwise rocked.

Posted: Jul 5th, '11, 20:22
by Schwefelhexafluorid
Your turn, arakira. Yes, it's Satō Kōichi.

Posted: Jul 10th, '11, 07:36
by complexfest
It's been many days since the last time anyone posted.

Schwefelhexafluorid do you want to continue?or anyone else.It's a nice game,let's continue it!

Posted: Jul 10th, '11, 08:52
by arakira
Oh, excuse me, I somehow didn't check back here.
The next one should be pretty easy:
And Ori I so agree with you. MW had the best premisses, good actors, money, a rather special original story but they managed to ruin it all and deliver a boring flick.

Posted: Jul 11th, '11, 17:00
by complexfest

I certainly want to know which movie this is from... :w00t:

Posted: Jul 12th, '11, 06:42
by arakira
no, sorry. It's a more recent one :)

Posted: Aug 13th, '11, 19:52
by complexfest
Is it from a japanese movie?

Posted: Aug 14th, '11, 16:31
by JaJe
Is it "Party is over" / "Party wa Owatta" ?
I haven´t seen it myself, but it has the same atmosphere.

Posted: Sep 2nd, '11, 09:21
by Sham26
Any hint Ara-chan ? :mrgreen:

Posted: Sep 2nd, '11, 16:51
by arakira's another pic from the initial scenes... those who seen it should remember i think...

Posted: Sep 2nd, '11, 17:17
by SSpiegel
Norwegian Wood. ^^

Posted: Sep 2nd, '11, 21:05
by arakira
Yep, knew it was too easy now...your turn SSpiegel

Posted: Sep 2nd, '11, 23:04
by SSpiegel
I have to admit, the first pic wasn't familiar at all, and I saw that thing, like, two weeks ago. I have a super crappy memory.

Ok, now mine. Might be way too easy, tho.

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 05:08
by iLLusiOnEr
Chonmage Purin ?

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 05:57
by SSpiegel
Haha, yeah. I thought this might be a case of "look at me trying to give a hint about the only movie Ryo's ever been in while having a huge, flashing Ryo sig under it"! ^^
Thanks for taking the responsibility out of my hands so quickly! I try to refrain from guessing these, cause I don't want to do the asking!

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 08:20
by iLLusiOnEr
Yeah..when I saw the delicious pic..I'm still puzzled but that 'bad-ass' Ryo's pic gives the extra clue. Why stop guessing? Personally I think movies' guessing a lot harder 'coz there are way many possibilities than dramas especially since it didn't specifically mentioned from which country it must be based on. Having said that, this is my pick - its fairly popular and from the picture you know which country it comes from:

Uploaded with

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 08:30
by Ethlenn
Villon's Wife?

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 08:36
by iLLusiOnEr
I've yet to see Villon's Wife but the time-set on my pic is before Meiji's Restoration. Villon's Wife I think after WWII, correct?

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 08:41
by Ethlenn
Yes, but the kimonos were pretty similar (ragged I mean) and I didn't notice the middle guy, blind me...

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 08:58
by complexfest
13 assassins?

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 09:51
by iLLusiOnEr
I've also yet to see the remake. I still can remember the original. It was a great classic.

the movie in question won unprecedented a number of awards in Japan Academy Prize. Like 13 Assasins, it also won Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography; in Lighting Direction; in Art Direction; and in Sound Recording among others.

One of its actor also won Rookie of the Year..quite funny given he's 50-something when the film was screened.

Posted: Sep 4th, '11, 11:18
by arakira
Hmm pic looks like the old man from Tasogare Seibei.

Posted: Sep 4th, '11, 13:57
by iLLusiOnEr aren't sure with your answer, but...

sekai..its Tasogare Seibei or The Twilight Samurai :cheers:

That old man is Tanba Tetsuro.

Posted: Sep 4th, '11, 14:50
by arakira
I see...never knew his name. thanks for the info.
Well nuff japanese movies for's a korean one: