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If you were to be Best Friends With...

Posted: Mar 24th, '06, 00:16
by Sunshine_36
If you were to choose to be best buddies with 3 actresse / actor or a singer who would it be? :D

For me males would be:

1)Dennis O'Neil from Sweet Spy
2)Won Bin from Friends
3)Lee Wan from Heaven's Tree [That would include his sister so I don't have to say it :P]

Females would be:

1)Lee Da-Hae from My Girl
2)Park Shin Hye from Heaven's Tree because she's around my age :D.
3)Kim SO Yeon from All About Eve because I would like to know how to act evil :P [Jokes :D

What about you guys?

Posted: Mar 24th, '06, 00:23
by kanmurikurisumasu


1. Ninomiya Kazunari (Which gives me 4 extra buddies from Arashi hehehe)
2. Jo In Seong
3. Gackt


1. Nakama Yukie
2. Shinohara Ryoko
3. Koyuki

EDITED: I didn't see it was in the Korean Entertainment section... but I have In Seong, lol

Posted: Mar 24th, '06, 00:28
by sejabin

1. Matsumoto Jun - Hana Yori Dango (Tsukasa)
2. Lee Yong Joo - Goong (Kyung)
3. Ito Atsushi - Densha Otoko (Densha/Yamada-san)


1. Lee Da Hae - My Girl (Yoo Rin)
2. Inoue Mao - Hana Yori Dango (Makino)
3. Shiraishi Miho - Densha Otoko (forget her character name)

Want to be more than friends with: Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Dong Wook, Oguri Shun...etc!

Posted: Mar 24th, '06, 00:41
by Sunshine_36
Sorry but I'm talking about Korean :unsure: .

Posted: Mar 25th, '06, 10:13
by soutsada7
actress: of course the lovely Song Hye Gyo (my idol) and Eugene (she seems so friendly and down-to-earth).

actor: Cha Tae Hyun, since he's so funny :P

Posted: Mar 25th, '06, 10:44
by skachild
why do u all prefer japan & korean actress to be ur buddies..??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

for me it will be:
female - Liu Yi Fei, Ishihara Satomi & Jolin Tsai :wub: :wub: :wub:

male - Jay Chow, Lee Hom & Jackie Chan :rambo: :rambo:

Posted: Mar 25th, '06, 16:02
by azndgn26
1. Ha Ji Won - fun to be around
2. Park Chae Rim - very nice & friendly
3. Kim Sun Ah - funny

1. Hyun Bin - friendly and cute
2. Kim Rae Won - funny & good personality
3. Eric Mun - cute & funny

Posted: Mar 25th, '06, 16:24
by kayniz

as for me: for male.. i'll pick....

1. joo ji hoon - shin goon (goong)
2. kim jung hoon - yul goon (goong)
3. won bin - friends.


for female.. i'll pick....

1. yoon eun hye - shin chae gyong (goong)
2. lee young ae - dae jang gum
3. jun ji ae - lee kang hyun (goong)

Posted: Sep 11th, '06, 09:02
by _monique_

1. Moon Geun Young
2. Kim Tae Hee
3. Lee Ae Young


1. Won Bin
2. Park Jin Woo
3. Kim Hye Sung

that would be cool!!!! :w00t:

Posted: Sep 11th, '06, 09:08
by piggyLove
Female ^^

1)Kim sun ah! WOO :wub:
2)Song Hye Gyo! WOO

Male ^^

1)Hyun bin! WEE :wub:
2)Bi! WEE :wub:
3)Won bin! WEE


Korean buddy

Posted: Sep 11th, '06, 09:56
by blueGurl_nineteen
1) Lee Dong wook- (My Girl) he's dashing, gorgeous, adorable, has a melting smile, has a nice personality, funny, humble, blah, blah, blah... I could go on and on but I'm not in the mood now... To sum them all, he's a great person and I love him!
2) Jo In sung- (Memories of Bali) He's a friend of Lee Dong wook and he's so cute too! I think he's also a great actor...
3) Lee Jun ki- (My Girl) he's so cute and cool! I like the way he dances and sings too!
If there’s fourth, I would add Rain to my list for he’s such a generous icon! I love his personality…

1) Lee Da hae- (My Girl) she's such a pretty doll! lol! I love her! She's lovely, adorable, dear, sweet, a great actress, she's kind to her fans, cheerful, amiable, humble, she can also speak English (so there will be no language barrier!), blah, blah, blah...Just like LDW, I have so many good things to say about her but I'm not in the mood now... Well anyway, I love her as a person and as an actress!
2) Song Hye kyo- (Full House) she's so pretty and gorgeous...
3) Kim Yoo jin- (Wonderful Life) I think she has a nice personality and I love her voice! Plus the fact that she speaks English!

Hope I could be friends with all of them because they are my favorite korean personalities and I just can't get enough of them! :D :D :D

Posted: Sep 11th, '06, 10:12
by MinaPi
if i had those boys ONLY as friends it would mean, that I´m foolish, but anyway..
1. Masanobu Ando
2. Yamapi
3. Hyun Bin

just for woman power,

1. Jjang Nara
2. Ivy ( singer)
3. Maeda Aki

Posted: Sep 11th, '06, 10:15
by MinaPi
sorry, I didn´t notice you were asking only for korean ones!
Then it would be...wait...
male: 1. Kang Dong Won 2. Kim Kibum 3. Hyun Bin
female : 1. Jjang Nara 2. Ivy 3. Lee HyoLee

My Pick

Posted: Sep 16th, '06, 02:01
by Dee_Chan^.^
For female;
1. Yoon Eun Hye
2. Ayumi (from Sugar)
3. Ariel Lin from ISWAK
4. Inoue Mao from HYD

For Male;
1. Suju boys particularly Dong Hae
2. Matsu Jun
3. Yamapi

[img] ... 004oz4.gif[/img]

[img] ... /th_55.gif[/img]

[img] ... umping.gif[/img]

Posted: Sep 16th, '06, 19:17
by juxvi3t
Not that I'm too sure of names, but:

1- LEE JUNKI!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3
2- the lead guy in My Tutor Friend
3- Bi Rain or Hyun Bin or SE7EN

1- Secretary Yoon from My Girl. She looks so sophisticated
2- Kim Sae Hyun from My Girl. Very pretty
3- The lead of My Girl.

Posted: Dec 4th, '06, 15:14
by daisylya

Posted: Dec 4th, '06, 23:53
by Haine
hum.......for best friend ?
wanna pick up Lee Junki oppa !!!!! :P
he is so friendly and funny !
we never can be bored when he is around !!!! ^^
he has a great personalitely, a warm smile and is always happy !!!!!
also, he takes care of everyone !!!!! >__<

Posted: Dec 5th, '06, 02:19
by hLiwOo

1. park yoo chun [Micky]

2. Kim Jung Hoon

3. Kwon Sang Woo...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i won't FALL IN LOVE, BUT WE'RE BE FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Dec 5th, '06, 05:44
by MizTsukuura
if i could choose, i really wanna be friends with :

1. Kim Sung Soo => Full House
2. Kim Jeong Hoon => Goong
3. Kamenashi Kazuya & Yamapi => Nobuta wo Produce [ i juz cant ignore both of them ;p]

1. Song Hye Kyo
2. Lee Da Hae => My Girl
3. Han Chae Young => Exhibition of Fireworks.
can i add 2 more gilrs? it'll be the girls from Nana => Aoi Miyazaki & Mika Nakashima. :mrgreen:

Posted: Feb 10th, '07, 05:03
by gummonster
I want to be friends with my beatiful SONG HYE KYO ofcourse

Posted: Feb 11th, '07, 12:03
by iloveKJH
for me i would pick:

1. Lee Dong Wook (My girl)
2. Rain (Fullhouse)
3. Kim Sung Soo (Fullhouse)

1. Lee Eun Hye (Goong)
2. Lee Da Hae (My Girl)
3. Ariel Lin (ISWAK) ..she's taiwanese tho. :whistling:

Posted: Feb 11th, '07, 12:37
by bean


Posted: Feb 11th, '07, 12:48
by korean_foreva
male: wu zun (hana kimi) , jiro wang (ISWAK & hana kimi) , lee junki (my girl)

female: S.H.E (band)

Posted: Apr 4th, '07, 08:26
by katrina_097
i dont like to choose 3

> Super Junior
> Gokusen 1 and 2 Cast
> Kwon Boa
> SM Town


Posted: Apr 4th, '07, 09:39
by amtrp1990
For Male,

1. Won Bin
2. Jo In Saung
3. Jo Hyun Jae

For female,

1. Han Chae Young
2. Moon Gyen Young
3. Kim Jung Hwa
4. Soo Ae

Posted: Apr 4th, '07, 10:04
by wallflower
Honestly, I picked mostly Taiwanese stars because it has a .1% more chance of happening than me & Korean/Japanese stars.

1. Jiro Wang
2. Mike He
3. Jay Chou

1. Rainie Yang [Even though I'm not that fond of her.. dunno why she appeals to me anyway]
2. Faye from F.I.R
3. Nakazawa Yuko

Posted: Apr 5th, '07, 05:16
by katez14

1.Lee JunKi
2.Joo Ji Hoon
3.Lee Dong Wook


1.Lee Da Hae
2.The evil girl in Stairways to Heaven ??

Posted: Apr 8th, '07, 19:55
by melie
Well, here is my list!

#1 Does it count if I put all of the DBSK members here..??? Because truly!! I love them all and they all seem really awesome to hang out with... and I want to be their friends!!
Micky Because he is seems so lonely... hehehe...
Yunho Because he seems so funny.
Jaejoong Because he can always cook for me!!!
Junsu Because he truly is cute and adorable. He just seem like a really nice person.
Changmin Because he seems so manly although he is the youngest one.

#2 Hyun Bin. He just seems so Friendly. Someone that would be easy to get along with.

#3 So Ji Sub He just seem like a down to earth kind of guy that I can always love!!!

#1 Sung Yuri I don't know... I just like her sense of style in Snow Queen. and she seems really cool.

#2 Lee Da Hae Because she seems so nice and so funny. ahahaha.

#3 Song Hye Kyo Because she just seems like a fun person to be around.

Posted: Apr 11th, '07, 06:04
by flamingall
I will take LEE JOON KI OPPA to be my bestfriend...
because he has a same style with me and i think we can soo be fun together...
very cute offcourse and i think he is kind person who can take care each other...

BASYA..... BASYA.....

Posted: Apr 11th, '07, 07:02
by christaluvsdrama

1) Ariel Lin (ISWAK)
2) Jang Nara (My Love Patzzi)
3) Han Ji Hye (Sweet 18)


1) Lee Dong Gun (Sweet 18)
2) Joe Cheng (ISWAK)
3) Wu Chun (Hana Kimi) hehe friends with Fei Lun Hai then :P
4) Se7en(Goong S) hehe I know only 3 but I couldn't help it


1) Crystal Kay
2) BoA Kwon
3) Ella (S.H.E) friends with Hebe & Selina hehe :P

Posted: Apr 13th, '07, 12:50
by Syalala
1) Jang Dong Gun - coz I adore him =p and I'd be glad to have a friend as gorgeous as him :D
2) Se7en - a suave friend that could sing and dance for me :)
3) Kim Ki Bum 'Super Junior' - what a cute manly boy ^_-


1) Lee Young Ae - always been my favorite, wants to have her as a sister and friend ^_^
2) Kim Sun Ah - she looks so down-to-earth to hang out and have fun with
3) Song Hye Gyo - want to know the 'secret' of her beauty :p

Posted: Apr 23rd, '07, 23:57
by meera definitely...

1. suju's boys...especially hee chul n han kyung...
2. kim joong hoon...such a cute guy...
3. DBSK...(xiah n micky)

owh gosh..i have more than three....i couldnt help it...

Posted: Apr 24th, '07, 00:54
by Kai Lien
Korean actor/actresses only list in no particular order...

1. Sung Yuri -- heard she was friendly
2. Ha Ji Won / Shin Min Ah
3. Jang Nara

1. Hyun Bin
2. Lee Junki / Jae Hee
3. Jang Dong Gun / Nam Goong Min -- they seem so nice and friendly in their series :)

And all the other hot guys I didn't list will be my lovers. :lol

Honorable mentions:
The doctor in Snow Queen :P -- As you can see I'm on a Snow Queen high.
Kim Tae Hee
Son Ye Jin / Kim Haneul

Posted: Apr 29th, '07, 06:29
by donghaejin

1.Lee Donghae(Superjunior)



Posted: Apr 29th, '07, 15:25
by samantha luz

1. song hye kyo
2. kim tae hee
3. yoon eun hye

1. bi

Posted: Sep 9th, '07, 02:40
by makaizzy

1. Kwon Sang Woo
2. So Ji Sub
3. Ji Jin Hee


1. Lee Young Ae
2. Kim Tae Hee
3. Jeon Ji Hyun

Posted: Sep 9th, '07, 18:33
by dethos
sung yuri :wub:
lee yeon hee

Posted: Dec 31st, '07, 18:29
by katrina_097
I think i will choose...
Super Junior
F.T Isand

Posted: Jan 3rd, '08, 01:21
by MandyHoon
well I would choose....

1) Kim Jeong Hoon :wub: :wub: :wub: CUTE
2) Bi Rain :wub: :wub: HANDSOME
3) Won Bin :wub: ADORABLE

1) Song Hye Kyo :wub: :wub: :wub: CUTE
2) Jang Na Ra :wub: :wub: HAPPY ALWAYS
3) Lee Dae Hae :wub: FUNNY

Posted: Jan 5th, '12, 08:42
by ladymoi14
for the males:
1. Jung Yong Hwa
2. Jang Geun Suk
3. Dennis Oh

for the females:
1. Song Hye Gyo
2. all the members of 2NE1

Posted: Jan 5th, '12, 09:28
by JaJe
Hmm when it´s best friends then (from ONLY koreans):
1) Lee Hong Ki
2) G-Dragon
3) Jung Yong Hwa
I think I could be JUST friends with them. But when it would be friends with benefits, then I´d choose
1)TOP (off topic: Is BIG BANG without TOP TOPless? :D)
2) Jang Geun Suk (last night I watched "You're my pet" and he really surprised me there)