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Posted: Feb 26th, '10, 22:50
by basbosa2OO9
ss501 >>>> my love

Posted: Jan 18th, '11, 14:33
by s2nhii
i vote DBSK!!!~~ but of course i like SS501 too but DBSK is my number 1 boyband =D

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we need help from all the Cassiopeia's around the world!! We need 10,000 LIKES!!!!~
Always Keep the Faith!!! DBSK LOVE!!!~~

thanks a billion!!!~~

Re: ss501 or DBSK

Posted: Jul 14th, '17, 00:06
by twdramaaddict

ss501 (just now getting into kpop) :D


Posted: Jul 23rd, '17, 23:18
by twdramaaddict
Nadil wrote:
melonyhappy wrote: HA so did I! did you see JungMin bite someone? (i forgot who?) haha that was sooo funny XD XD I was just missing one of the ep.

whoa.. most of them graduated from college? that's awesome!

My fav. used to be Jung Min, but now, it's Young Saeng.
I love Young Saeng's voice. At first, his live wasn't very strong.. but he has improved a lot
lol JungMin has bitten someone? XD i think i missed that ep .. can't remember at all ... i only know that i couldn#t find some eps T-T
i like to watch how the other try to wake JungMin up ... i always laugh so much ... he's so adorable ... lil spoiled panda :lol
i dunno who my fav is ... i just can't decide ...
HyunJoong & HyungJoon are so handsome ... and JungMin so sexy and ...~ :cry: i love them all

the one he bit was Hyunjoong :)