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Posted: Jan 12th, '08, 23:58
by may930
lets see i would date wonbin, kimjunghoon, se7en (he's an actor too rite? he was in Goong S)

Posted: Jan 13th, '08, 13:29
by MandyHoon
KIM JEONG HOON aka KIM JUNG HOON aka JOHN HOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Jan 18th, '08, 07:15
by Relaklah

Posted: Jan 26th, '08, 18:44
by ctfazra
1) lee wan
2) jae hee
3) dennis oh

waaaaah! but i'd like to date lee wan d most..can't get enough of him rite now. lol

Posted: Jan 26th, '08, 18:50
by ctfazra
another one jz came to my mind..hihi

4) gong yoo (he's so sweet n charming)

Posted: Jan 26th, '08, 19:38
by M'chelle
I can't choose it would be out of Rain,Heechul,Dong-wan kang,

Posted: Feb 7th, '08, 06:21
by Agoosh
Lee Byung-Hun or Jung Ji-hoon. <3

Posted: Feb 7th, '08, 15:08
by saby
HYUN BIN or JAE HEE ... or ji sung :wub:

Posted: Feb 7th, '08, 15:57
by SSpiegel
Definitely Lee Sun Gyun! :wub: :wub: :wub:

I :heart: his smile!

Please it could never be one

Posted: Feb 7th, '08, 16:25
by Basuha
Hyun Bin- My lovely Sam Soon
Jin Jun - Shinhwa
Kwon Sang Woo- Bad Love
Dong Geun- Dr. Kang
Koo Soo-Green rose
Ji Sung - New Heart
Joo Ji Hoon- The devil

Posted: Feb 7th, '08, 16:31
by blablabla
Alright, how can I know who I'd like to date if I don't know about their real personality?
Besides, I am very in love with someone at the moment.
But if the question was, let's say, who's the sexiest korean actor at the moment, I'd go for Oh Ji Ho, can't forget his strip tease in fantasy couple, it was a shock :crazy: but a good one.

Posted: Feb 7th, '08, 16:56
by J-pop
WOO! no one took me angel Yoon Eun Hye - Coffee Prince
no one else i can think of lol

Posted: Feb 9th, '08, 13:26
by drkaar
:roll :thumleft: :goggle: BAE YONG JUN & BI :goggle: :roll :P [/spoiler][/url]

Posted: Feb 11th, '08, 14:28
by leenzy
if can...i wanna date:

1) Lee Dong Wook :wub:
2) Lee Ji hoon :cheers:
3) Bae Yong Jun :thumright:
4) too many la... :lol

Posted: Feb 14th, '08, 12:59
by LiL_gianT23
either joo ji hoon, jo in sung, lee dong wook, or GONG YOO.. haha


Posted: Feb 14th, '08, 19:35
by mukthi27
Hyun Bin!! :woo:

Posted: Feb 15th, '08, 08:51
by Mz_Wookie

Posted: Mar 24th, '08, 13:09
by eljay123
does kim jae joong count? he acted XD

if he doesn't count then it would be Lee Jun Ki <3

Posted: Apr 12th, '08, 21:45
by xxmaine
Gong Yoo ang Kim Jong Kook oppa

Posted: Apr 12th, '08, 22:33
by maakopla
Well well. This is such a hard question. There is too many to choose of :wub:

BUT if I had to choose it would be either Rain or Lee Jun Ki. It's hard to choose because Rain is manly and Lee Jun Ki is so petite like a flower. They are kind of like opposite of each other but both so HOT :w00t:

Posted: Apr 15th, '08, 22:08
by *member*
oh dear this is so hard i cant choose my top 3 are: :roll

1. BI Rain- he is my husband melts my heart everytime i see him :wub:
2.kwon sang woo- he is so charming and his smile warms me all over :D
3. jang dong gun- just look at him for godness sakes :P

oh im missing so many
:w00t: :cry:

If i could date a korean actor......

Posted: Apr 15th, '08, 22:30
by kgobea
it would be Hwan Hee! but only if he looks like Rex in Over the Rainbow.
but i would take Kim Jeong Hoon anytime, anywhere. He is so HOT!!! and he has a song in Japanese which i think is sexy beyond belief. lol

Posted: Apr 18th, '08, 17:59
by alchocoholic80
Bae Yong Jun, Bae Yong Jun, Bae Yong Jun!!!!!!! :wub: He's the only korean actor I want to date, make out with, marry, have kids with and grow old with!

I've seen numerous kdramas with lots of good looking guys after watching winter sonata but no other actor has been able to drag me away from my BYJ obsession haha. Daniel Henney came really close tho, but it's still BYJ for me!

Posted: Apr 18th, '08, 18:19
by apostolai

Posted: Apr 18th, '08, 18:26
by apostolai

Posted: Apr 18th, '08, 20:09
by alchocoholic80
Great choice apostolai and awesome pics hehe. Gong yoo would be my 3rd choice. He was adorable in coffee prince! Sigh, just seeing byj's pic makes me giggle like a lil schoolgirl haha.

Posted: Apr 18th, '08, 20:59
by nysophia
first, BYJ :wub: :wub:


second, hyun bin


and lastly, daniel henney


Posted: Apr 20th, '08, 08:33
by Syalala
Without a doubt, the one and only, Jang Dong Gun ^____^

Posted: Apr 20th, '08, 13:13
by rlia

Posted: Apr 20th, '08, 13:22
by leenzy
hoho, i think i wanna date:

1) Kang Ji Hwan (as him in Capital Scandal) :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :heart: :heart: :heart:
2) Jae Hee :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :heart: :heart: :heart:
3) Lee Jun Ki :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :heart: :heart: :heart:
4)...too many!!!...ehehehe :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :whistling: :whistling: :whistling: :whistling: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Posted: Apr 20th, '08, 13:48
by ooijanice
:wub: LEE BYUNG HUN :wub:

Posted: Apr 20th, '08, 14:11
by mskakashi
I would have to go with JOO JI HOON I found him so sexy in Princess hours :wub:

Posted: Apr 21st, '08, 05:46
by jeje_toma
It would have to be Kim Jae Won [or Lee Dong Wook or Joo Ji Hoon] lol. I can't choose one. :D

Posted: Apr 21st, '08, 05:59
by ccdj
For me, it has to be Park Jung Chul. An underrated actor but truly talented. He has the charisma. no doubt about it.. lol..

Posted: Apr 21st, '08, 06:07
by rps13sh
the chick from open city. i dont know her name off the top of my head and im too lazy to research it =)

Posted: Apr 21st, '08, 13:48
by Motoko Ayoama
Gong Yoo for sure.

Posted: Aug 11th, '08, 15:20
by LadySin

eric moon, hands down. i can't believe he was never mentioned here. i think about the first time i was made aware of his hot existence (thanks to the game show Xman -- check Xman#20 and Xman#24) and i still melt in a puddle of squee.

Posted: Aug 12th, '08, 10:33
by akiko-chico
DENNIS OH :heart: :heart: :wub:

Posted: Aug 12th, '08, 17:05
by neznohibi
dennis oh --> beside of his smile i think i can communicate with him in english *since i dont know korean language*

Posted: Aug 13th, '08, 01:32
by akiko-chico
neznohibi wrote:dennis oh --> beside of his smile i think i can communicate with him in english *since i dont know korean language*
So true :lol that applies to me too haha :mrgreen:

Posted: Aug 13th, '08, 02:04
by tsurashi313
I would date Park Shi Hoo (Which Star Are You From / Iljimae) or Jae Hee (The Art of Fighting / Witch Yoo Hee). :D Although I think they are very cute, their personality to me would seem amazing.

Posted: Aug 14th, '08, 12:19
by LadySin
eric mun speaks and understands english, too.

haha. sorry, i just had to squeeze that in. LOL.





Posted: Aug 14th, '08, 16:53
by 4everU
I WOULD DEFINATELY DATE LEE JUN KI! HE'S TOO DAMN CUTE....i probably would not do anything to him just because i would be looking at his grogeous face every second... :w00t:

Posted: Aug 14th, '08, 20:05
by Natsu-chan
Lee Junki =D
There are so many hotter Korean actors, but I also care about personalities. Jun Ki is so down to earth

Posted: Aug 17th, '08, 14:06
by 4everU
yes...i totally agree with you...Junki really has a down tro earth personality and is so sweet off and on screen. Even though we have not seen can tell, and offcourse everyone has their own problem, however that's a different thing. Junki's too sweet and adorablw, going out with him would be so fun and exciting! (me and junki hold hand and run in the feilds filled with.........wut eve types of flowers that reach our waist....near beautiful mountains...and where ever else) :D

Posted: Aug 17th, '08, 14:46
by Christabel
of course...

LEE JUN KI!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Aug 17th, '08, 19:54
by Goodnessgracious
Park Shi Hoo!!!

Posted: Sep 2nd, '08, 11:52
by Lavie2410
If the situation happened, I would be gonna crazy by choosing So Ji Sub or Lee Bum So T.T. Both of them are so manly, so attractive, charisma... Oooh so difficult even it's just an imagine.

Posted: Sep 19th, '08, 18:57
by selma
It would be Lee Dong wook

He's so cute ..


Posted: Sep 19th, '08, 19:07
by kuro570
I would date the girl who was the main character in Bunshinsaba, you know the girl that was possessed ^.^

Posted: Sep 21st, '08, 13:35
by azntina
For me, it's Jo In Sung


Posted: Sep 21st, '08, 14:21
by nozomi05
i'd like to date:



I just think, that he would make a good boyfriend...

The operative word is "THINK" since I don't know him personally...

2nd choice would be: WON BIN
3rd choice: Gong Yoo

Posted: Sep 21st, '08, 14:24
by tunix_2008
Oh Ji Ho :wub:

Posted: Oct 29th, '08, 17:03
by j0anne13
[b]No one else but this special reason i just really like him...he's my favorite guy[/b]

Posted: Oct 29th, '08, 17:18
by j0anne13
I'd date no one else but this special reason..i just really like him...:D

Posted: Nov 26th, '08, 07:18
by Kyi Phyu
Firstly I'd like to date Dinnes Joseph O'Neil, his kindness and loves, I hope he can protect me as sweet spy and then Rain-Jung Ji-Hoon as my house husband like in Full House.
I love Dinnes and Rain!!!

With much loves,

Posted: Feb 17th, '09, 20:17
by krige
Kim Hyun Joong
So cute :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Feb 17th, '09, 20:56
by kuma
Definitely Gong Yoo!!!! :wub: :w00t: :wub:
2nd Choice: Hyun Bin

Posted: Feb 18th, '09, 16:52
by LilyJade
This is a really tough question ! :D

My first choice : Daniel Henney !
My second : Won Bin !

My only favorites ! :wub:

Posted: Mar 1st, '09, 16:36
by ammorah
i would be lucky
if i'll date with lee min ho ^^

Posted: Mar 1st, '09, 16:44
by LissyLamoire
Lee Jun Ki! Omg ... :wub: *drool*

Posted: Mar 29th, '09, 15:25
by n42
i'd love to date .. well, this is really hard, so many cute actors.. song seung hoon!! love his work soo much, simply brilliant!! :D

Posted: Mar 29th, '09, 15:32
by ladymenot
If EVER i was sooo luckyyy .... Hyun Bin would be a dream come true!! =))

If not, I'll settle for Kim Bum!! haha .. =))

Posted: Apr 6th, '09, 22:58
by Mai-Soon
first choice: Jang Geon Suk..i'm only one year older but its not a big deal :P :lol

second choice: Kim Hyun Joong...but he won't be able to tell me he loves me as much as i'd like to hear it from him *sigh* :glare: :x :cry: :unsure:

kang ji hwan Is HOT-HOT-HOT!

Posted: Apr 10th, '09, 00:01
by luvmykd
:wub: I thought he was so HOT in Be STRONG ..........Kang Ji hwan

Re: If you can date one korean actor, who would it be?

Posted: Apr 10th, '09, 00:57
by sistergirl
i would date Jo hyun jae from only you.

Posted: Apr 11th, '09, 05:51
by eneria143
If given a chance there are 5 korean actors:

1.) Hyung Bin oppa
2.) Gong Yoo
3.) Lee Jun ki
4.) Yoo Ji-Tae
5.) Eric Mun

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Posted: Apr 11th, '09, 05:57
by Peggy
So many choices...

but...... Ha Jung Woo. .....if I could be his age.


Posted: Apr 11th, '09, 06:14
by jive talkin
either lee ji hoon, kim jeong hoon or kim dong wook . picking one is too hard!

Posted: Apr 13th, '09, 11:09
by kitty_1434456

Posted: Apr 13th, '09, 12:20
by wickedvampiregirl

Joo Ji Hoon


Daniel Henney

Other than them, I don't think I've found any other Korean Actor that attractive...

Posted: Apr 24th, '09, 06:42
by dwookie
I'd definitely date

he's so hot!

Joo Ji Hoon
Kim Sung Soo


Re: If you can date one korean actor, who would it be?

Posted: Apr 30th, '09, 12:28
by Medousa
kikioo wrote: If I could date one korean actor, it Would Lee Jun-Ki!!!!!!!!! :wub: :thumright:
:thumright: he is my favorite too! :wub:

Posted: May 2nd, '09, 12:13
by Lucko
Lee Min Ho !!

Posted: May 2nd, '09, 13:01
by Basuha
Base on the limited knowledge of the person, in relying on my instincts that he is a nice, caring, intelligence individuals, (HOT) is a bonces but not the determining factor. I would have to say I would love to spend some time getting to know SO JI SUB! :D