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Posted: May 8th, '09, 21:46
by moose
definitely.. jo hyun jae! :cheers:

Posted: May 8th, '09, 22:37
by akinoame27
LOL, I´m always too lazy to post a reply to a forum such as this, however, I watched all 36 pages of this forum just to look at the pictures of these gorgeous guys xDDDD
It´s quite out of topic (and I´m sorry), it just came across my mind xDDDDD

Posted: May 8th, '09, 23:11
by |ZERO|
It really wouldn't matter to me since I can't recognize all but a few. Koreans naturally have less diverse physical features compared to other nationalities but now with all the cosmetic surgery it is even harder to tell them apart. Thats why I don't watch Korean shows since I have trouble keeping up with who is who.

Posted: Jun 10th, '09, 04:06
by RainWolf
can members of Super junior be considered actors since they acted in mini-dramas and such? if they can I CHOOSE KANGIN! but if not i luv Cha Tae but Kangin all the way if he is considered and actor...i dont want anyone yellin at me XD

Posted: Jun 14th, '09, 03:55
by SunmiWonder


Posted: Jun 14th, '09, 04:58
by Burnin Blu
Jae Hee

Posted: Jun 24th, '09, 12:01
by Dior^aDDicT
definitely Kim Bum!
tho he's younger than me,he's too cute! cant resist the smile! :wub:

Posted: Jun 25th, '09, 02:22
by jewel_29sg
It has to be Cha Seung Won.. I loved him in City Hall.... great acting and lots of manly charisma.

Posted: Jul 22nd, '09, 17:36
by alchocoholic
Sigh, am gonna be a total cougar and say Kim Bum. He's adorable as hell. But I would settle for Park Yong-ha, Jang dong gun, won bin or joo jin-mo... i'm not picky!

Posted: Aug 4th, '09, 19:28
by Rio
Without a doubt:

Kim Jae Wook



Posted: Aug 10th, '09, 18:56
by BabyMa
Lee Min Hoo & Kim Bum :wub:
.. don't know who would be 1st.. I love them both ^__^ :roll
speaking of Kim Bum.. I really want to dl his new drama Dream(SBS)
.. I really love it.. :-) he's sooo cute :roll .. and to add to it.. SHINee's song Countdown is the theme song for the drama <3 <3

Posted: Aug 10th, '09, 20:35
by a00za
of course lee jun ki :wub:

Posted: Aug 12th, '09, 04:41
by alicechen
Shameless here...but of of course the charismatic So Ji Sup!! =D
And the recent actor in Queen Seon Duk as Alcheon. ^.^

Posted: Aug 13th, '09, 23:23
by clarissann
Definitely Yoon Kye Sang! He's so hot!



he's so hot when he smokes. :wub:

I'm gonna go drool over him now... haha

Posted: Aug 19th, '09, 16:02
by Ardillita
Bi Rain or Hero!!!!

Posted: Aug 24th, '09, 03:03
by White Reflection
litaxtreme wrote:if I could date one Korean actor, It must be Jo In Sung :wub: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image Image Image Image Image

same same :lol

and also Jang Dong Gun, hyun bin and Ji Jin Hee

Posted: Aug 24th, '09, 18:53
by alminar
Uhm Tae Woong... :wub:

Though I wonder if he speaks English, because my Korean knowledge is very limited... :lol


Posted: Sep 26th, '09, 07:14
by apithea

Posted: Sep 27th, '09, 07:56
by browneyedgirl
I would date Lee Min Ho... :wub:
I have the biggest crush on him! XD

Posted: Sep 27th, '09, 08:05
by Haruno
Lee Min Ki :wub: (from Oh Dal Ja)

Posted: Sep 27th, '09, 13:12
by Lucille
These guys are my picks.

Jung II Woo and Lee Ji Hoon

Pic from dramabeans

Posted: Sep 27th, '09, 14:31
by Chen Yisi
For me... Right now... it's be Lee Chun Hee!
It's not just about good looks because at first, I thought he had nothing special.
I just loved him and his clumsiness in Family Outing.

Posted: Sep 27th, '09, 15:01
by karluwa
Gong Ji Cheol - no doubt. He has such charming smile.

Posted: Sep 28th, '09, 16:20
by apithea
Haruno wrote:Lee Min Ki :wub: (from Oh Dal Ja)
Him too, :mrgreen: isn't he look adorable in that drama :P

Posted: Sep 29th, '09, 18:10
by keahot
lee jung jae!!! from triple lol

Posted: Sep 29th, '09, 18:34
by Peggy
Such a question!!!

So many charmers so to choose just one is difficult.

I have liked Lee Jung Jae for a long time since seeing him in the film 'An Affair'

However, at the moment I would choose BAE SOO BIN. Lots of talent and charm and seems like a gentleman.


Posted: Oct 11th, '09, 00:31
by Lolita Chan
lee... I met him at woodm

Posted: Oct 12th, '09, 16:11
by foxyapple7
for now its 윤상현 Yoon Sang Hyeon


and yeah, he is old! whahahahahah!!!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Posted: Nov 6th, '09, 18:17
by lee-jone
If I could date one korean actor, it Would Lee Jun-Ki :cheers: :thumleft: :cheers:

Posted: Nov 6th, '09, 22:39
by Lucille
LEE JI HOON all day. He is sooooooooo cute.

Posted: Nov 6th, '09, 23:17
by noobee

I would date Kim Nam Jin

Posted: Nov 10th, '09, 19:35
by starbuck26
Oh, definitely Kim Nam Jin!

Posted: Dec 2nd, '09, 22:00
by Peggy
How about..

Bae Soo Bin. Known as 'Sunny' and his smile lights up the world. Nice guy.


Posted: Dec 22nd, '09, 11:53
by justiceannep

Posted: Jan 30th, '10, 09:41
by polarmi
hyun bin of course

Posted: Feb 26th, '10, 23:04
by basbosa2OO9
of cours Yoon Sang Hyeon
he has a friendly face that i love
he not handsum man but i love he personalty
i hope i have chance to see him :w00t:

Posted: Feb 27th, '10, 00:03
by Ethlenn
He's not handsome??? Well, sure he is, especially with those sparkling eyes^^

Posted: Feb 27th, '10, 00:33
by Ojou_Belle
I am seriously considering going to Korea just to see Jang Keun Suk.

after which I would fall on my knees in front of him and BEG him to go on one date with me!

No one else will do for me! I am desperately, perfectly and completely in love with him!

Read: *serious stalker issues*

Posted: Feb 27th, '10, 00:59
by Issy
Ojou_Belle wrote:I am seriously considering going to Korea just to see Jang Keun Suk.

after which I would fall on my knees in front of him and BEG him to go on one date with me!

No one else will do for me! I am desperately, perfectly and completely in love with him!

Read: *serious stalker issues*
:lol :lol :lol :lol

I am seriously against dating someone who is younger than me. let alone muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch younger than me. that's how my mentality works. so here it goes down the drains any hope of me dating baby (hence the "baby") JGS. :cry: :cry: :cry:
it's even more painful to know that JGS as the rabbit (the chinese zodiac) is very compatibile to my sign. :P (yep, i searched this out of bordem and some interest :mrgreen: )

Posted: Feb 27th, '10, 20:21
by JaJe
I´m actually not into Korean guys, but Kim Bum is definitely my choice :wub:

Posted: Feb 28th, '10, 18:50
by SSpiegel
I'm a total cradle robber when it comes to Korean guys. I saw Jung Yong Hwa today (I really did!*) and he was very charming and cute, with a mature aura. I can't believe he's really 21! But it's not that bad, only 4 years younger than me. It's bearable. :)

*C.N.Blue had a street concert in front of COEX department store today. I went to watch, but didn't see as much as I wanted to. I did see him pretty well, he was about 10 meters from me. Yikes! :D He was ridiculously hot. If I could just see Jang Geun-suk, too...

Posted: Feb 28th, '10, 19:04
by Ethlenn
Really??? I was reading about that performance. Have you any pics to share?? JYH is very nice, well-mannered boy, not my type, but he's great!

Posted: Feb 28th, '10, 19:16
by SSpiegel
I'll share some pics tomorrow, when my roomie gets them out of her camera. Mine are crap, so if i showed those, no one would believe me. He's unrecognisable. :)

I had a really hard time choosing between JYH and JGS in You're Beautiful. JYH was like the prince of your dreams, but then again... I've always been into bad boys! :) So, if I had to choose, it's JGS all the way. But like I said, JYH was hot, his smile turned my legs into jello and he sang very, very well. I wouldn't mind going out with him! :)

Posted: Feb 28th, '10, 19:42
by Ethlenn
Hehe, well, I had no doubts who to choose, but still, after watching few interviews with JYH I found him very nice. He has something warm in him. And I don't want to offend anyone or cause troubles, but his face features are more Japanese-like, ne? Soft and warm, ne? That's my opinion, still, I want some pics!!!! Put them in JYH thread OK? I can't wait^^

Posted: Mar 1st, '10, 06:39
by peterrific
I would definitely go out with JGS. He's so talented. A great actor and singer. A good dancer as well. Plus, I think he's a really nice person. :P

Posted: Mar 1st, '10, 08:38
by The Chaos
for at least one day I'll date Yunho from DBSK

Jo Hyun Jae for sure!

Posted: Jul 17th, '10, 15:30
by mandy76
I'll date Jo Hyun Jae for sure! No doubt.....

Posted: Jul 18th, '10, 13:45
by xxemz19xx
I would love to date Kim Nam Gil~~~ :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Jul 18th, '10, 22:43
by Orion1986
xxemz19xx, I know a lady who will eat you alive for what you said.. Expect to hear from her soon. :sweat: :P

As for the thread, no one yet. I don't know their personalities. I just know they're hot. That's not enough to want to date someone. Not for me, at least. I could only answer if and after I'd met all the guys I find attractive. :P I could give an opinion after knowing a man.

Posted: Jul 18th, '10, 23:06
by Ethlenn
Well, there is a difference between "would" and "will". The latter is mine.

This kind of threads are made for fangirls.

Posted: Sep 23rd, '10, 20:58
by JiveTalkinRobot
The choice is tough....

Either...Lee Da Hae or Shin Min Ah.

Posted: Sep 23rd, '10, 21:02
by Orion1986
I'd date Shin Min Ah. If I were gay and good looking, she's be a lovely choice. :lol

But I still stick to what I said. Need to know their personality. Can you imagine if I had answered "Jang Keun Suk" back then? :rofl: You can never know by looks...

Posted: Sep 23rd, '10, 21:35
by JiveTalkinRobot
True - but it's dating.

I didn't say I would marry either one sight unseen lol.

You date someone, find out if they are right for you. If so, great, if not, no problemo move on.

I would jump off a 20 foot cliff just to get my foot in the door with either person.

Posted: Sep 23rd, '10, 21:43
by Ethlenn
Hmmm, if you did, your foot would be probably in a different place then the rest of your body... That would be hard...

Posted: Sep 23rd, '10, 22:22
by JiveTalkinRobot
I just Googled it and revise my statement. I would not jump off a 20 foot cliff. Maybe 10. How about just suffer a broken leg?

Posted: Sep 23rd, '10, 22:32
by Ethlenn
Add puppy eyes and sniffing - I think you're prepared!

Posted: Sep 24th, '10, 03:40
by Peggy
J.T.R :D

that's funny...

Ten feet and a mattress will do you fine. Should cushion the drop.

:D :D :D


Posted: Sep 24th, '10, 17:00
by Ethlenn
Peggy, you... I read maitresse instead of mattress.... few more posts like this and I will turn as sado as Orion... :rofl:

Posted: Sep 24th, '10, 17:12
by Orion1986
I'm maso, love. Don't forget. I don't bite the hand that feeds me. I make it bite me instead... :shhh:

Posted: Sep 24th, '10, 23:09
by Ethlenn
Ah, OK then, maso...
But I guess the one on your sigi has nothing against it? :D

Posted: Sep 24th, '10, 23:17
by Orion1986
Don't know. Didn't ask. I'll find out if I ever get to Seoul and he's still single... That sounds like a threat... XD

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 01:10
by Peggy

8) That would work as well maybe. At least no broken bones.

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 01:18
by Peggy

How about a bargain?

I would like to have lunch and afternoon tea with Kim Nam Gil

and then

You could have dinner and breakfast with Kim Nam Gil

He has no say in the matter of course.

Peg :whistling:

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 01:30
by eyena6180
i would like to date JANG GEUN SUK!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 09:52
by Ethlenn
Peggy wrote:Ethlenn,

How about a bargain?

I would like to have lunch and afternoon tea with Kim Nam Gil

and then

You could have dinner and breakfast with Kim Nam Gil

He has no say in the matter of course.

Peg :whistling:
Count me in! That looks like a great deal... :mrgreen:
Of course he has no say in it, he's dealing with us!!

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 10:23
by arakira
Fine with me too, I'll take the night then :P

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 10:42
by Ethlenn
No, no, no, you're not naughty enough, Ara, dinner and breakfast? That means... well, a ... nevermind...*** guttertime****..........

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 10:48
by arakira
Haha I know I know, was just teasing. Peg did split the day (and night) fairly inbetween you two, no space to squeeze in...though who knows, I might be lurking in the wardrobe :P

Anyway, you know if I could choose freely it yould still be Mr. Ha for me :wub:

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 10:51
by Ethlenn
Peggy is so naughty girl, ne? :mrgreen:

So I can peep on Mr. Ha?

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 10:58
by arakira
So we have a peeping deal?! :P

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 18:18
by Peggy

No threesomes and no peeping.

Let's keep this the usual English weekend country house arrangement.

Posted: Sep 26th, '10, 10:48
by arakira
:lol usual English weekend country house arrangement.?!?

You mean a spacious mansion with a dozen bedrooms and a revolving door coming and going arrangement?! Very nice :wub:

Posted: Oct 2nd, '10, 23:36
by Peggy
Sort of..Not revolving doors just one night arrangement at a time. Those Victorians and Edwardians were very proper in their planning.

There was a BBC series called "Upstairs Downstairs" Downstairs was much more
proper' than upstairs.

It was a very successful series and very interesting. Better than some of the rubbish we have here these days.

Posted: Oct 3rd, '10, 18:02
by JaJe
Last time I answered Kim Bum :P But now I have to add Kim Bum OR Kim Hyun Joong. They both are adorable. :wub: And I´m usually not into Korean. :P

Posted: Oct 3rd, '10, 18:15
by xulescu
Byung-hun Lee