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Song Hye Kyo vs. Han Ji Hye

Discuss about your favourite Korean Actors and Actresses.
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which actress is better at acting?

Song Hye Kyo
Han Ji Hye
Total votes: 134

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Song Hye Kyo vs. Han Ji Hye

Post by kikioo » Jun 25th, '06, 18:25

which actress is better at anything that makes u think their better?


[img]http://www.myonlineimages.com/Members/x ... %20hye.GIF[/img]
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Post by kikioo » Jun 25th, '06, 18:29

i personally think that bth of them are great with what they do... but i guess i'll just have to pick both instead of voting even though its a voting thread but its a hard choice for me the vote. i will think it through and then vote to see who you guys think is better in your own opinion.
So i'll see whats been going on. One more thing, Thanks for voting and putting in your idea.! :D

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Post by malay_tiger » Jun 25th, '06, 18:38

I have seen this many times, Song Hye Kyo versus other artist.... All of them, win by Song Hye Kyo.

Looks like all D-Addicts fans vote by the acting ability of the actress. :glare: :P

Yes she,Song Hye Kyo acts very well in almost all Korean dramas... as a really sad girl in Autumn in My Heart and as happy go lucky girl in Full House... people all over the world just love her acting abilt and her gorgeousness. :wub:

URL Return of the Condor Heroes 2006(Shen Diao Xia Lu)

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Post by kookieazn » Jun 25th, '06, 18:54

gonna have to go with HJH. i like the fact that she plays different roles. she displays her emotions really well in each role she plays. and i didnt really like full house too much.

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Post by tjadl6386 » Jun 25th, '06, 23:24

Song Hye Kyo because she's pretty and versatile as an actress.

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Post by kikioo » Jun 26th, '06, 02:14

I went with HJH even though both of them have great skills at acting and are very pretty.

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Post by Sunshine_36 » Jun 26th, '06, 13:49

I think SHK acts better and is prettier but I also like Han Ji Hye.... although it all comes down to SHK :P :D.

[img]http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/3809 ... ong6wx.jpg[/img]

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Post by soutsada7 » Jun 27th, '06, 02:46


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Post by sokhasen » Jun 27th, '06, 03:10

I like both actresses and both beautiful, but if I have to chose one I will pick SHK because she was in Autumn Tale movie. I cried my soul out on this movie, I watched two time and cried even more the second time around.

Autumn Tale was the first Korean movie I've ever watched, later I found out that there was a drama made for this same Title. I couldn't get myself to watch this drama because I know I will cry to too much. Then, came "Full House" I Love this drama and Song Hye Kyo and BI.

I love sweet 18 too with HJH.

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Post by azarias79 » Oct 18th, '06, 15:46

sorry but hye kyo lost to lee da hae in their poll. so she doesn´t win all the time

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Post by arabian » Oct 18th, '06, 16:06

of course Song Hye Kyo..

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Post by Betrayal » Oct 18th, '06, 16:11

how can you say she's won it ? i haven't voted in that thread hehe.

Well this one is not too hard Song Hye Gyo and i can name too many reason but here are some:

young + smart + pretty = a dangerous mixture.

talent, natural crier (damn AUTUMN IN MY HEART it really stuck in heart)

multiple roles SAD (A I M H ). Cheerful, perky, cheeky and insane (FULLHOUSE).

need i say more?

maybe throw a few other ACTRESS IN would be cool such as the following:

Lee Dae Hee
Kim Tae Hee
Jun Ji Hyun
Song Hye Gyo
Choi Ji Woo
ok time to stop

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Post by kurenai_19 » Oct 19th, '06, 00:49

Definitely SHK

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Post by awerica_24 » Oct 21st, '06, 03:51


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of course shk

Post by shuishui » Oct 26th, '06, 00:33

i lov her in full house with bi rain!! they should mak another drama together :mrgreen:

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Post by oshuwel » Oct 26th, '06, 19:34

my vote goes to Song Hye Kyo. but I like Han Ji Hye too.

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Néa Vanille
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Post by Néa Vanille » Oct 26th, '06, 19:51

SHG is definitely prettier. Han Ji Hye is, and that's just my personal opinion, too skinny to be attractive. She also isn't good for the diet-crazed Korean society where the already stick-thin girls obsess over calories. :crazy: I like SHG's more natural body and 'softer' facial features. :-)

As for cuteness, I think HJH wins. She just has a knock-out smile and is very charming.

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Post by gougz » Oct 26th, '06, 23:00

Han Ji Hye without a doubt :wub:


[img]http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c206/ ... 131227.jpg[/img]



[img]http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c206/ ... 501172.jpg[/img]

here is her complete profile, if someone wants to complete his wiki profile!

1. Real Name : Lee Ji Hye

2. Screen Name : Han Ji Hye

(because her real name was the same as a singer in the female group 'sharp', she named after Han Ji Hye in the movie <singles>, the debut film.)

3. Residence : Shinsa-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul

Home : Donglim-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju wide-city

4. Date of Birth : June 29th, 1984 / Born in Gwangju

5. Constellation : Cancer1

6. Blood Type : Type A

7. Height : 170cm

8. Weight : 47kg

9. Body Size : 33-24-35

10. Family Relations : the second daughter of one son and two daughters

(one elder sister and one younger brother)

11. Religion : Christianity

12. Pet : Elli(American Coca Spaniel- not raising now)

13. Talents : Playing flute, watching tv for some hours in a single posture, dancing

14. Hobby : Playing computer games, watching movies

15. Merit : Confident in everything

16. Demerit : Fluctuate in emotions (She is a very sensitive actress.)

17. Dreams in childhood : Flight Attendant (can travel all around the world)

18. First Love : A boy of the same age in third grade of middle school
(he was not attractive and not smart but really liked him.)

19. Education : Graduated from Gyongsin Girls' Middle School in Gwang-ju,
Graduated from Gyongsin Girls' High School in Gwang-ju,
Entered Sejong University, majored in Film and Art in 2003,
(now temporary absence from school)

20. Management : Yiga Entertainment(http://www.yiga.co.kr)

21. Debut : In 2001, in the second grade of high school, a friend handed
down an application form of the Super Model Contest.
With curiosity and will, won the special award and belonged

to 'SBSMe' and started careers.

22. Charming Points : Big eyes without double eyelid, dimples, bright smile

23. Complex : Eyes without double eyelid

24. Motto : Live a happy life!

25. Words want to hear : The more I see you, the better who you are.

26. Close celebrity : Han Ye Seul (a Koream-American actress who
in the super model contest in 2001. Her real name is Kim Ye Seule.
Now the MC of Section TV in MBC.)

27. An actress wish to be : Jeon Do Yeon

"Senior Jeon Do Yeon has a different eye expression when she acts.
She is normal but she has strength and charms drawing attention over again.
She reveals her roles in her acting. I want to be like her in acting."

28. Vehicle : Black Starcraft van provided by her company

29. Filmography and other works

(1) Main MC

- MBC 'Live Music Camp'(2004)

- MBC 'Korean music festival'(2004)

- SBS 'Seoul Music Awards'(2004)

- MBC '10 Great Singers' Song Festival'(2004)

(2) Drama

- SBS 'Great Luck Family'(2002-2003)
- MBC 'Scent of a Man'(2003)-the role of 'Ha Soo Min',
- KBS 'Summer Scent'(2003)-the role of 'Park Jung Ah'
- SBS 'Man and Woman episode 134' One more step than love(2003)
- MBC 'Blinded by love in my life'(2003)-the role of 'Shin Hee Jung'.
- KBS 'Sweet 18'(2004)-the leading role of 'Yun Jung Sook',
- SBS 'Island Village Teacher'(2004)-the leading role of 'Hong Eun Su',

(3) Entertainment Programs
- MBC 'Wow! Animal World'- a regular panel
- SBS 'Star GoGo' - a regular panel(2002)
- SBS 'LaughingNight GoodNight'-MC in the talkick corner with
Yoo Jung Hyun(2002)
- KBS 'Nonsense Theater of Kim Kyung Sik'
- SBS 'Now by Ryu Si Won and Hwang Hyun Jung' - VJ(2002)
- SBS 'The Name of the rose'- Rose Clinic Corner(2002)
- SBS 'Live Morning Wide' - a reporter
- SBS 'Truth Game of Lee Kyung Sil and Lee Sung Mi'-(2002)
- SBS 'Good Fellows' - (2002)
- MBC 'Match made in heaven by Gang Ho Dong'-(2003)
- KBS 'Land of Mystery, Quiz Exploration'-(2002)
- SBS POWER FM 107.7MHz ' Kim Dong Wan's 1010 Club'(2002)
- SBS 'Hey! Hey! Hey! by Sin Dong Yeob and Kim Won Hee'(2003)
- KBS 'Happy Together'(2004-2005)
- MBC 'It plays with'(2004-2005)
- SBS 'Real Romance love letter'(2005)
- SBS 'Choi Su Jeong Show'(2004)
- SBS 'Reversal drama'(2004)

(4) Music Video
- Leeds 'You may live in happiness.'
- Leeds ' How can I forget?'
- Lee Soo Young 'A Gwang Hwa Mun Love Song'
- Lee Soo Young 'Whileelee'

(5) CF

- Joff(Casual outfit), Korea Trust-Investment, Plu(Hand washer),
Dodo Cosmetics, KTF fimm(cell phone) Kidstick(snacks),
Yomamtae(ice-cream), Vita-Power(beverage), Rexena,
Caspi Conus(casual wear). YETTS(women's wear)

(6) Movies
- 'Kum Soon, be stouthearted' - a role of a convenient store part-timer
- 'Singles' - a role of Ji Hye (a young girl friend of Lee Bum Soo)

- 'My Boyfriend is Type-B' - a leading role of Hami
(a timid blood-type a girlfriend)

(7) Magazine Photos
- VogueGirl, Ecole, CeCi, Trend News, KiKi, Cindy the Perky, In-Style, etc.

(8) Albums
- Nostalgia 2, jacket model

(9) Awards

- Won a special award in the '2001 Korea Super Model Contest'
- Won the new face award in the '2003 KBS drama awards' as the role
in the 'Summer Scent'
- Won the new face award in the drama part of '2004 Baek Sang Art Grand Award'
Won the new face award in the 'MBC Media Entertainment Grand
Award', Show/Variety part by 'MBC Music Camp'

Things about Ji Hye

* Expressing myself in three words:

Positive, selfish and obstinate. It means I surely do what I want to do in any case.

* When I was little:

My dad told me that people didn't even embrace or look at me at all because I was not cute.

My eyes were without doulbe eyelid and my mouth was small. Instead of 'being pretty or cute'

I heard words of having something graceful.

I was a very ordinary girl except began to grow tall when I entered school and gained focus.

* Family relations:

My parents and one elder sister and one younger brother. All live in Gwang-ju.
* My own shopping district:

For the interior decoration, Dongdaemun shopping town, for fabrics Bangsan Market and Jungang market in Eulji-ro, for clothes and fashion goods, mostly in Apgujong area.

* First thing I do when I wake up:

Stretch myself. And receiving call from my manager. My manager gives me a wake-up call every morning. Prior to my working hour, he wakes me up all the time as he drives to pick me up for one hour.

* Ironies for me:

I exactly oversleep when I have full schedule for the day and I wake up early in the morning when I don't have work to do.

* Things I collect:

I collected 20 freezer magnets. I cherish them because I had collected them steadily during my overseas trip.

* Places I remember:
Fiji, New Zealand, HongKong, Japan

* The happiest thing:

I had acted on the drama <Blinded> for two times as a role of a girlfriend of Park Gwang Hyun. After that I received hot responses from audiences and that was the happiest thing. For example the members of my fan cafe soaring from 3400 to 20,000.

* My favourite thing:

Watching movie alone in broad daylight.

Except the movie <Chicago>, all of them were comic movies like <Amnesty>, <Attitude>.

* Grabby fashion item:

Shoes. I look at one's shoes first time I meet a person. I buy shoes at fashion shops not from a specialty store.

* Favourite brands:

Nine six NY, System

* Three things I should bring when I go to desert:

Notebook computer(wireless, internet-accessed), cell phone and water

* Things I do at free time:

Dancing while watching cable TV music channel. When I visit sister Ye Seul's place, she always dances like that. And I couldn't understand her but suddenly I became like her.

* Things make me mad:

The situation of hearing someone's brag.

* People I thank for:
My mom, office members of my company, fan club members

* Jinx:
The day I have to quarrel with my mom on the phone in the morning, everything goes smooth all the day.

* Work I want to do:
Radio DJ for midnight program

* My ideal man:
A guy who has many merits than me and someone who does his best to gain recognition from everyone so that I can respect.

* My favourite song:
Jessica's 'Goodbye' in the ost of the movie <Promise>

* My aim:

I set up a goal at the beginning of this year. Receiving the new face award at the Blue
Dragon Movie Award. I can't receive it right now but I'm sure I can make it someday.

* Roles I want to act:

1) A herione in the melodrama

2) A strong-minded woman who lives with devotion in life inspite of bad situation
:wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by angelyly » Oct 31st, '06, 16:39

love them both! but got to vote for HJH !!! :P
2005052018244983913_2.jpg (118.48 KiB) Viewed 1402 times
hjhmbcsectiontv040605053gn.jpg (157.44 KiB) Viewed 1402 times

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Post by blueGurl_nineteen » Nov 1st, '06, 02:50

I go for SHK... she's way prettier that HJH... But, HJH is cute, I must say. But SHK looks a lot better than her. SHK also has a great body.

As for talents, I still go for SHK. She's versatile. She portrayed different roles and she indeed do good in them. Her acting is more convincing.

Here are some random pics of SHK unnie!


[img]http://img15.imgspot.com/u/05/276/23/et ... 483637.jpg[/img]


[img]http://img15.imgspot.com/u/05/276/23/sh ... 483740.jpg[/img]


credits to:
oOheejungOo and snoopy of soompi forums

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Post by florsa86 » Nov 2nd, '06, 16:14

woooww!! the pics of song hye kyo are gorgeous!!

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Néa Vanille
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Post by Néa Vanille » Nov 3rd, '06, 04:32

blueGurl_nineteen wrote:[[img]http://ourworld.cs.com/o0mp4ma/SHG.jpg[/img]
One word: PERFECT.

:wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by xpreshushx » Nov 3rd, '06, 05:15

Song Hye Kyo for sure...can't wait to c her new movie or show...does neone have ne news on that? OH blueGurl_nineteen, love da pix...

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Post by florsa86 » Nov 4th, '06, 01:57

song hye kyo..definitely my idol

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Post by geraldine » Nov 7th, '06, 14:34

Song Hye Go is indeed very pretty, she has very soft and femine features although she hasnt got the typical thin stick figure and is quite short, she is nonetheless a great looker. both gals are cute in fact, but may be i have seen more of SHG acting, so therefore my vote goes to her.

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Post by cees » Nov 7th, '06, 14:45

Song Hye Kyo.......................100 times prettier and better

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Post by cinnamonRox » Nov 7th, '06, 21:17

i think that song hye kyo is better by a little cause i think that she looks a little prettier LOL

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Post by sundalongqueso » Feb 10th, '07, 06:09

azarias79 wrote:sorry but hye kyo lost to lee da hae in their poll. so she doesn´t win all the time
Oh? Excuse me? What? When? Where? And how?

Care to check again?


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Post by kobe23 » Feb 10th, '07, 14:49

The reason why I don't think Han Ji Hye is pretty is because she looks like a FOB.

Most Korean Actresses I've seen so far have a very modern, westernized look, whereas HJH looks...err...Fob-ish.

* Just my opinion.

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Post by huda » Feb 10th, '07, 15:39

Song Hye Kyo without any doubt

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Post by cutekid » Feb 17th, '07, 09:58

Song Hye Kyo. no doubt about it. Han Ji Hye is cute too.

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Post by draco » Feb 17th, '07, 10:13

(O≧∇≦)O SHK O(≧∇≦O)

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Post by majing_28 » Feb 23rd, '07, 03:10

SHK all the way!! :cheers:
[img]http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1587/7 ... 432297.jpg[/img]
she's very preety and talented

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Post by thasaranaki » Mar 22nd, '07, 02:41

Definitely Song hye kyo

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