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Jung Dabin of Attic Cat Found Dead

Discuss about your favourite Korean Actors and Actresses.
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Post by yieebo » Jan 1st, '08, 10:43

sad, but doesn't surprise me. these poor people have become plastic puppets, same hair cuts, same smiley fake faces, same deluded image to sell some fictitious lifestyle dream world that never existed.

2008 is the year to regain your soul, finding reality amongst material hell bullshit can be hard to do, but it's time to do it.

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Post by garnet07 » Jul 1st, '08, 18:22

^ Dude someone just died and all you can do is be negative about it.

OMG I was recently searching for stuff about Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do which was written by Geuyoni who made other famous books that turned into movies which Jung Da Bin starred in. Then suddenly a weird shocking comment struck me "Jung Da Bin (now deceased)" and I was literally :O . This is a joke right. She didn't seem the type to commit suicide at all with her bubbly personality.

I actually loved her in He Was Cool and My Sister In Law is 19. Can't believe this. From the previous posts, I still can't tell what truly happened. Was it murder or suicide?

God, so many young, talented actors are dying nowadays. This is too sad :cry:

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