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the way of the acting/singing business

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the way of the acting/singing business

Post by MsKitsune » Jul 7th, '07, 19:55

my friends keep telling that people(celebrities) slept to get into the business. uguys think it's true?

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Post by anhnie » Jul 8th, '07, 05:11

While this may be the case for some desperate newbie actors or singers, I think those who do sleep their way up usually dont get very far, enough to gain any real fame or respect from the public. The main thing that makes a person a real celeb is a fanbase & gaining the public's attention & interest, and for that, they also pay the price of having their business (whether it be past, present, or future) put out there...so they're not really gonna get away with it, it's gonna eventually be dug out & then everyone's gonna find out about it which means their career & rep is basically ruined. So anyone who's looking for long-lived fame wont risk it i dont think.

I think the celebs that we know & love today didnt sleep their way up...most went to school to study acting or singing..or were discovered in some contest so they had to prove their talent & looks at some point or else they really wouldnt get anywhere. Where they take their rep from there is another story but i know that if a celeb i idolized got up the ladder of fame that way, i would lose all respect & support for that person.

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