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Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon: Our Cute Royal Couple...

Posted: Sep 24th, '07, 12:42
by Wryscelle

Posted: Sep 27th, '07, 22:20
by Asianlicious
Wryscelle wrote:They're match made in heaven.
That's what I thought at first too, since Goong is my #1 fav. KDrama or better to say ADrama (A for Asia), but I think Yoon Eun-hye is a great match with Gong Yoo of Coffee Prince :wub:

Posted: Sep 30th, '07, 03:40
by bananaloverz
Just a second reply, and two different opinion already submitted? Hmm.. Should let YEH answer this question, which one match her better for her? Hehehe...

Posted: Sep 30th, '07, 04:32
by mrsmilevskyi2001
i want them to be together soooo bad! i think they're both cute and i don't know what it is... but i think they complement each other. i haven't seen coffee prince, so i've got to hold my judgement first LOL. as for ji hoon... can't say much about him since he's only in two dramas so far... and i can't stand the girl in the devil :glare:

Posted: Sep 30th, '07, 04:57
by Amy209
ohmigosh xDDD that's so funny xDD

Ji Hoon must have felt really "hott" that time xD hahaha!!!

I wonder how Eun Hye would react to see comments like these xD hahah!!!

"Otuke, otuke!?" xD hahah!!!

Posted: Oct 9th, '07, 02:32
by lady_rin
i think JJH & YEH is such a cuuute couple in 'goong' :-)

Posted: Oct 16th, '07, 02:15
by dazzle520
Yeah.. Just finished watching Goong today, I know his is the wrong language (it's Japanese), but they're so KAWAII! (cute)

Posted: Oct 16th, '07, 02:24
by angel_rina
I like them in Goong.. but i prefer Eun hye and Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince..


Posted: Oct 23rd, '07, 09:16
by mjf
Eun Hye is really good in coffee prince, she must be a natural talent she acts really boyish & really funny the way she consumed. As in Goong, she was good but with a actor so stiff like Joo Ji Hoon, it's difficult to show any good acting.

Posted: Oct 24th, '07, 17:33
by christ_freak
It's so funny - JJH is so into the kissing. I mean he has his hands up her

Re: Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon: Our Cute Royal Couple...

Posted: Apr 1st, '08, 18:09
by ctfazra
Wryscelle wrote:Ok, so I'm addicted to Goong aka Princess Hours and I'm sue many of us here want to see 'em together ayt? I mean, in real life... For heaven's sake! They're match made in heaven.

Remember that kissing scence in the street? :wub:

Look at JJH's hands!
OMG! how did u get diz picts? in d drama, the scene seems to be taken from far,rite? n u even managed to capture JJH's hand? :salut: :salut: :salut:

Posted: Apr 2nd, '08, 08:01
by co0o0ol
Question...... is that picture from Drama or real life ???
i'm really Curios.......><

Posted: Apr 2nd, '08, 08:06
by sefilily
From the drama. One of the last few eps of Goong.

Re: Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon: Our Cute Royal Couple...

Posted: Jan 8th, '14, 10:17
by camille dela pena
princess hours part 2 pls
:-) [/b]