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Posted: Jun 6th, '09, 09:49
by taniyama_mai
hope Lee Min Ho get well soon
:wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Jun 22nd, '09, 06:35
by LiL_gianT23

Posted: Jun 22nd, '09, 12:02
by taniyama_mai

:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Jul 27th, '09, 10:53
by akiko-chico
Is Min Ho is a new drama yet? 8) I need a Min Ho fix :lol

Sandara Park Paired with Lee Min Ho of Boys Over Flowers

Posted: Aug 31st, '09, 13:08
by kitty_1434456
Sandara Park Paired with Lee Min Ho of Boys Over Flowers

Lee Min Ho of Boys Over Flowers and Sandara Park of 2NE1 team up in a beer tv commercial.

In the said Cass 2X Beer tv commercial, Lee Min Ho had a scene in the red Ferrari and then later joined the crowd with Sandara Park, which drove the fan boys crazy. Lee Min Ho was supposed to spot her in the crowd and then make his way toward her.

It is said that Lee Min Ho and Sandara Park were chosen to be the endorser of Cass beer because their trendy image matches perfectly with the image of the beer.

Posted: Oct 2nd, '09, 00:41
by technohive
I have seen their CF and I guess they look good together....I like Dara anyway even before she is funny and nice

Posted: Mar 24th, '10, 12:03
by Ethlenn
For all Min Ho fans out there! :salut:

Personal Preference

Official website:
Personal Taste

First appearance promoting the upcoming drama: ... 1&num=1627

Image ... xno=104243

Posted: May 6th, '10, 15:15
by Corona
Oi, doesn;t Lee Min Ho deserve some more love for his performance in Personal Taste?

Ah well, just another excuse:


Posted: May 6th, '10, 15:22
by Ethlenn
I have no idea why this thread is so dead. I mean, LMH has tons of fans out there, right? And seems like it's just down to two of us, hehe^^

Yesss, your pic is smouldering hot. I won't post Etude pics, cause I slammed JKS for the exact look, so... :wub:

Posted: May 6th, '10, 18:51
by Corona
I think they must be all at Soompie, but the forum there makes me a bit dizzy XD

Posted: May 6th, '10, 19:56
by Ethlenn
The forum there makes me sometimes irritated, but...
Ep 12 of PT is up^^

Posted: May 6th, '10, 20:00
by Corona

This Banana milk CF with Lee Min Ho really cracks me up everytime I see it,his expressions hahaha:

The dance does resemble my reaction when a new episode of Personal Taste comes out ;) (okay not really, except in my head ;)

Posted: May 6th, '10, 20:02
by Jazzl
mh, you are not alone by liking him here ;)
it's just that i think that Jin Ho isn't a challenge for him. The character is rather normal so I haven't much to say. He does a good job but i'd like to see him in more complicated roles.

Posted: May 6th, '10, 20:16
by Ethlenn
It's hard to play a normal character without making it boring or colourless, if you know what I mean. Jin Ho is a nice character, mature and serious. With hints of great sense of humor and taste.

Posted: May 6th, '10, 20:48
by Corona
I'd like to see him in more roles, complicated or not!

Thought it was finally time to update my avatar to this new 'obsession', (sorry Vic)

Posted: May 6th, '10, 20:54
by Ethlenn
Yes, I was about to comment on it.
It's so niice^^
LMH smile is super melting^^

Posted: May 7th, '10, 18:24
by Ethlenn
Hehe, I think before I'm out, I will post this:
credits as labeled (if any)^^ :wub:

I have a weak spot for black and white pics...

Posted: May 7th, '10, 19:33
by Corona
Ah.. lipbiting and that elusive dimple, dear lord :D

Posted: May 8th, '10, 09:52
by Ethlenn
I did it, I rewatched all Personal Taste up until 5.30 am, I slept 3 hours... Man, I need sleep...
It's all your fault LMH!!

Posted: May 9th, '10, 22:22
by Corona
I'm trying to rope in some friends to watch Personal Taste with me so I can have a proper excuse to watch some more LMH ;)

Posted: May 9th, '10, 23:46
by Ethlenn
A, well, just watch every episode 5 times in a row like me. Excuse: to better learn Korean, hehe^^
And it doesn't hurt that LMH looks like he looks, heh :wub:

Posted: May 10th, '10, 19:50
by Jazzl
mh... one thing I really like about him is his smile xD it maybe a cute smile but sometimes at the same time he looks like a little devil :)

Posted: May 10th, '10, 20:03
by Ethlenn
Little devil??
Well there is some truth in it :mrgreen:

Posted: May 10th, '10, 20:08
by Jazzl
i noticed it in one of the last aired episodes.. when he smiled at Kae-In.
By the why.. is it somehow.. on purpose that Kae-in sound a little bit like gay?

Posted: May 10th, '10, 20:12
by Ethlenn
"Gae in" in Korean means "personal". Maybe there is some word play in it, but I had no such notion. Good one!

And have you seen trailer for Ep 13? This room got hot again, hehe...

Posted: Jun 5th, '10, 12:02
by MitsukaiKuroi
Jazzl wrote:i noticed it in one of the last aired episodes.. when he smiled at Kae-In.
By the why.. is it somehow.. on purpose that Kae-in sound a little bit like gay?

Hehehe!! I also thought the same thing too! Gae In does sound like Gay In.... Like 'Gay in the closet' IMO. :lol

I thought it was a brilliant play on words when I first saw it! :-)

Posted: Jun 24th, '10, 02:49
by priscidja
Lee Min Ho was the best thing has ever happened to me! I've recently watched BOF and completey fell in love with him during the drama *-*~
He's a good actor, completely atencious to his fans, so **** HANDSOME and makes us wanna cry with him whenever he cries on dramas! Could be he any more perfect? I don't think so :)

saranghae Minho s2

Posted: Jun 24th, '10, 04:14
Agreed!!, Regardless of his attractive appearance, Lee Min Ho has incredible acting ability, he has the ability to display the deepest emotions of every character that he's Play. the combination of acting ability and good looks made him into a deadly actor.

Posted: Jun 24th, '10, 04:57
by janajee

Lee Min Ho in my most humblest opinion is the hottest and the funniest and the coolest Korean Actor I have EVER EVER EVER watched. He's a great actor with great looks, and he seems like such a nice guy.

He's my favorite.

Other than BOF are there any other works that he participated in???

Posted: Jun 24th, '10, 08:59
by Ethlenn
Personal Taste, recently??

Posted: Jun 24th, '10, 09:22
by Just.Me
i love lee minhoo specially in personal taste hes very good actor>>>>>> i <3 him!!!

Posted: Jun 24th, '10, 09:34
by janajee
Hahaha,sorry, I've been WAY out of the loop when it comes to Asian Dramas. It's been years since I stopped watching. Hahaha. I remember being really an addict to BOF. hahaha He's a favorite. :)

I just found Personal Taste, and I really can't wait to be able to watch it. Hahaha. :)

Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 09:57
by windhimme
Yes he was born to play the most perfect Domeji in BOF. My fav fav love story.
In personal preference... damn.. so btfl!!!
I'm not good in korean (don't know it at all))) can u give me some eng links to lj communities (twitter) to check news about him?

Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 10:32
by janajee
I think he totally played Tsukasa's part perfectly. I mean when I was watching BOF, I was reading the manga and watching a few bits of Meteor Garden at the same time. I definitely enjoyed his portrayal here. It's because of this character that I totally enjoyed BOF, he became like my total favorite. Hahahaha.

But I was wondering the same thing. I really could use some news about him, but I can't read or understand Korean so it's really hard for me :(

He's my favorite Korean Actor :)

Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 11:03
by aility
He seemingly has a Twitter account? It is in Korean, but you can always use google translate?:P

Plus, might be news on this official Facebook page?

Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 11:24
by janajee
yay! hahahaah. I'm clueless when it comes to these things. Horrible really :)

Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 19:45
by arakira
janajee, found a blog all about LMH
you could also try his offical fan-board. there's an international one and maybe there's also one in your country?

Posted: Jul 23rd, '10, 11:55
by janajee
Ate arakira; I LOVE YOU. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW! WAAAAAAAAAAH. I'm allowed to Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, right? Because of me being young and stuff.

I love the blog thank you so much!


Anyway, Personal Taste is going to be aired here in the Philippines and it'll be dubbed in Tagalog. And though I don't really like it when we dub stuff into tagalog, I'd still watch it because LMH is LOVE! Hehehehe

Posted: Jul 23rd, '10, 20:28
by Orion1986
I think you saw the harsh reality though. Lol. Official site for only 1 person = Fangirls obsessed enough to register there = Baaad baaaad place!
Ahaha. It didn't even cross my mind to go to any Keun Suk one. For one, I might not like the guy later on if he doesn't become as good as I think he could be and also.... fangirls... No way... :alcoholic:

Posted: Jul 23rd, '10, 21:38
by janajee
yes I did. It's scaryyyyyy. I'll just go there for news... but I probably won't be staying there for very long because the girls there scare me. Hahahahaha.

Posted: Aug 30th, '10, 20:12
by MisS Lonliah
Lee Minho achieves one million fans on Facebook
by Kingpolo @allkpop on August 30, 2010

To this date, Lee Minho is the first person from South Korea to achieve a total of one million fans on a Facebook page. With his page being open for just four months, the amount of fans gained in such short amount of time is quite remarkable.

He also posted an English subbed ‘thank you” video on YouTube

Considering that Barack Obama has around 12 million fans, Michael Jackson has almost 20 million, American actor Leonardo DeCaprio has almost 500,000, and finally the Wonder Girls have about 350,000, this is truly something big by Lee Minho.

Posted: Sep 13th, '10, 09:22
by arakira
Jana: good news for you dear:

Lee Minho has been selected to play a leading role in the upcoming drama, “City Hunter.
But as it turns out, the role he will be playing is that of a playboy!

On the 13th, his company revealed that Lee Minho would play the character of Lee Yung Jong in the drama “City Hunter”. For the drama, he will tranform into a complete womanizer who doesn’t know what to do at the sight of a beautiful woman, yet secretly, he’s also a hero who saves citizens tired and hurt from harsh city life. In solving these cases, he himself slowly begins to heal his own emotional injuries, and understand more fully about love and family.

“City Hunter” is a drama that was based on a cartoon of the same name written by Tsukasa Hojo. Set in the latter half of the 1980s, the story takes place in Tokyo. The main character, Saeba Ryo, takes in cases upon requests from beautiful women and puzzles them out one by one. As the story developed, it gathered a great deal of popularity. However, it’s the first time in 13 years that the cartoon has been televised in movie or drama form. allkpop

haha I love city hunter but I my image of him is an 80ies guy - absolutely not LMH. Glad they'll transfer it to present times, I can picture minho in a modern version =)

Posted: Sep 13th, '10, 09:43
by Orion1986
So far, in BOF and PT he's played pretty much the same kind of character that's stiff (not where it counts) and feels too good to bother with women.
I'd love to see what he can do with different characters and a horny, lively detective who actually goes after women instead of looking too bored about them, will be nice!

I hope it's true cause over at Dramabeans, it doesn't have it as confirmed yet. Seems pretty solid, but let's just hold back a bit, just in case. We don't want to make poor Jana happy without being sure. Plus, I'm looking forward to it as well. :P

Posted: Sep 13th, '10, 13:21
by janajee


Can I just squeal silently at having my favorite korean MAN back on screen? It's a different role, and it seems like it's going to be done awesomely. AND IT'S A DETECTIVE STORY! I love detective stories almost as much as I love fluff. EEEEEEH

City Hunter, City Hunter, City Hunter, CITY HUNTER.

It's too late dear unnies. I am too psyched. Forget the disappointment of a certain man (?) that I will not mention. I'm too happy and looking forward too much for this. Hope it's true, oh please, please be true! Hehehehe.

Lee Min Ho!!!! :)

*squeals some more*


Hope you can forgive me. Lee Min Ho inspires the rabid fangirl in me. :)

Posted: Sep 13th, '10, 20:26
by never2muchcoffee
I've only seen Lee Min Ho in BBF - and I only finished watching it yesterday. Came to this thread hoping to find gobs of pictures and I was not disappointed! Thank you to everyone who goes to the trouble of posting picspam!!! You feed my addiction!!!

It's now official - I have more pictures of Korean actors than Japanese actors on my computer. I feel like I'm betraying my first love, but then I see a picture of Lee Min Ho without a shirt and my brain short-circuits.

Next up on my watch list is Personal Taste. I already had it in my queue to download, but once I found out it LMH playing the main guy, it's been bumped up to high priority :) I was excited to read on dramabeans about City Hunter as well. Should I be ashamed of the fact that I'm hoping to see him take part in some hot kissing scenes like Coffee Prince had?

Posted: Sep 13th, '10, 23:30
by Ethlenn
never2muchcoffee wrote: It's now official - I have more pictures of Korean actors than Japanese actors on my computer.
Oh, gooood... our evil plan is 35% complete... muahahaaa!!!

Sorry, nothing special to say apart from the fact that I may not like the manga, but still, his next project looks one level higher than *you-know-whose* cough...

Posted: Sep 14th, '10, 00:14
by janajee
@never2muchcoffee; there is nothing to be ashamed of. I too am expecting a lot of different faces for my beloved LMH who has never failed me. Who looks normal BOTH on screen and off screen. He shall make my 2011 so happy, I'm so very sure of it :)

Posted: Sep 14th, '10, 02:39
by never2muchcoffee computer just melted from the hotness that is Lee Min Ho. My keyboard just shorted out from the drool as I tried to lick my screen....erm, sorry, too much information...

Just watched the first ep of Personal Taste. Good Gawd, start me off with him shirtless in bed, why dontcha?? Did they want me to have a heart attack? Cause I swear it stopped :heart: And the man's smile is a lethal weapon!

Posted: Sep 14th, '10, 03:37
by janajee
And there's many many more to come. Enjoy LMH because he is awesome. Hehehehehe.

Maaaaah, I'm getting so excited for City Hunter it's unbelievable. I wanna watch. I wanna see him acting again. I wannnaaaaaa :)

Posted: Sep 14th, '10, 13:19
by never2muchcoffee
You were not joking! Just one word regarding episode 3...


Posted: Sep 14th, '10, 14:02
by Sasorika
I saw City hunter movie with Jackie Chan, it¨s crazy movie but I love it.
LMH as a saviour of poor woman :D exciting

Posted: Sep 16th, '10, 02:03
by never2muchcoffee
So I just finished watching Personal Taste. Talk about two completely different characters. I had to go back a watch sections of Boys Before Flowers just to make sure it was actually Lee Min Ho in both shows!
And whooooaaaaa glad to see REAL kissing in a drama again. ::fans self::
Now I'm really pumped for City Hunter!! I need more Lee Min Ho!!!!

Posted: Sep 16th, '10, 04:49
by janajee

I know right?!

Personal Taste was so different from BOF. He was a totally different guy. I loved him in BOF and I loved him here. But I am looking forward to a completely different side of his acting. Sleazy playboy? Man, that has got to be good, and he's a good enough actor, hopefully to pull it off.

Wish I knew when it was airing, but all I've ever heard was that it'll air at 2011. So I'm hoping it's in the earlier part of the year. Hahahahaha

Posted: Sep 16th, '10, 17:45
by never2muchcoffee
Eh? That far away? Guess I'll have to rewatch BBF and PT whenever I need a fix. ::sigh:: But I guess I'll have to suffer through it :)

Posted: Dec 1st, '10, 18:03
by Ethlenn
City Hunter re-scheduled to March 2011.

Kim Soo-ro praised, "Lee Min-ho is the most loyal actor in entertainment business"
Oh, we know he's cute^^

Posted: Dec 2nd, '10, 00:36
by janajee
March 2012?


Now that's a great graduation gift if I ever saw one. I'm totally ecstatic for this to come out. He's the only reason why I've got BOF, and PT in HD saved and stored because I totally love the guy. He's my favorite out of all my Asian crushes. I have a hubby! Hehehehe, I'm so excited.

And I totally love the fact that not only can he act well, he also has the nicest personalities ever on the planet. He's so so so cool. I love the man.

Re: Lee Min Ho

Posted: Dec 10th, '10, 06:40
by pwns_L
he is kinda cute in the suits especially when he's mad :wub:

Posted: Jan 18th, '11, 11:19
by Ethlenn
City Hunter on May 25/26.

And you may like this small piece of news:
He's cute

Posted: Jan 18th, '11, 11:38
by Orion1986
Yaaay! Can't wait! :cheers:

Posted: Jan 18th, '11, 12:20
by janajee

May 25/26 I can't wait.

As for the article, kyaaaaa pictures.... though the comments are a little funny, and by that I mean weird. Hhahahahaah

Posted: Mar 28th, '11, 17:46
by Ethlenn
Lee Min-ho visits greeted by hundreds in Thailand
Yes, he's shooting his drama. Yes, he looks good. :whistling:

Posted: Mar 28th, '11, 20:22
by shiofmedea
I'm torn a bit, I do not like the guy ( PT ghrrrrr! BoF GHRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but he looks better on last pictures and I realy hope City Hunter will go well. It is so clasic :wub:
Do not hate me, it IS personal taste :lol

Posted: Apr 28th, '11, 21:22
by Ethlenn

Posted: May 15th, '11, 00:50
by Ethlenn

Posted: Jun 30th, '11, 07:59
by janajee
I didn't where else to type this without being labeled as this obsessive weirdo, also where my fiance wouldn't get to read it and then freak out as to who I'm referring to.

Last night I got really sick, as in really, so I was delirious the whole time, and when I finally managed to get some sleep, I had this really... well really cool dream about Lee Min Ho.
We were living in the same house, like all cliche kdramas seem to end up, and it was kind of a really big house. I'm thinking either me or Min Ho (hehehehe) was really rich to be able to afford a house as big as this, but our rooms were like underground and stuff, and our rooms were separated by this long hallway, and it had a nice green-ish blue color, like a sea/ocean feel to it. I remember because when I woke up, it was the first thing I remembered and how I really wanted to go to one of those under the sea glass tunnels thing.


Apparently, I was... betrothed? Engaged? To someone else, who weirdly enough never made an appearance in the dream. It was like this whole set-up deal, where I was set-up to marry someone I didn't like, but still agreed to it, because... well because we'd die or something to that effect.

Well one day, Min Ho and I were walking around the house, and it has like this field with a big lake surrounding the house. And we're just talking, talking, and laughing, but even though we were talking and laughing, it was obvious that he had something on his mind. Somehow in the midst of our laughter, I ended up falling into the lake.

Dream self didn't know how to swim, so Min Ho had to rescue me. I ended up all cold and shivering. And he had to carry me back to the house. He couldn't take me to my room, (because my head is a perv, coming up with pervy ideas), because the door was locked and I was too delirious to tell him where I kept the key.

So I ended up in his room (I'm such a perv). And to keep me warm, he hugged me. It's actually a sweet moment because even though dream self was delirious, while I could still see and hear everything. Min Ho was telling my delirious dream self that he wished he could still just be there like that.
Then I woke up.

Hahahahahahhahahahha, I feel like such a perv, obsessed person for dreaming like this. But I usually have dreams about people I've met in real life. I've only ever had two dreams about celebrities. The first was Jang Keun Suk (and that dream was weird on its own, totally, weird) and now this.

Me like this one cause Min Ho looks so hot :3

Just had to tell you guys this, because then I know you wouldn't feel all judgmental on me, and even if you did, I don't really care. I had a dream about Min Ho and he was so hawt and shmexy :3

Posted: Jun 30th, '11, 10:20
by Ethlenn
Ahahaha!! So this is why you were hiding all this time, maknae!!

Posted: Jun 30th, '11, 11:37
by janajee
@Ate Ethlenn

You should have seen my face when I woke up, at first I was like "must hug back" and then I realized I was hugging a pillow, and then I was like noooooooooo :'(


Posted: Jul 7th, '11, 14:45
by MoonRaven
Just a couple of screen shots I got from my iphone.
I got them from a YouTube fan made MV. Which BTW are amazing!!

Posted: Jul 7th, '11, 14:52
by Ethlenn
That's very cute, but we are trying to keep pics under spoilers, for those who have slower pc. :salut:

Posted: Jul 7th, '11, 15:28
by MoonRaven
Opps :) I guess I forget that not everyone is on the same page :P
I fixed it

Posted: Aug 12th, '11, 17:41
by esmer86
I was reading some articles about LMH and read that he would like to try something with "a loose-ended acting" or a film like Twilight, where he can relate to people. When will this Twilight madness end :blink Imagine LMH as Vampire Edward Cullen with those "not so full length pants." But hey if Lee Yoon-sung from CH can do it then anyone can. I would love to see him in something new but maybe just not the loose kinda guy. My mom saw a picture of him and said that he has one of those smiles that brightens his whole face. Now she wants to see one of his dramas. :mrgreen:

Posted: Aug 12th, '11, 18:27
by Orion1986
Oh GOD NO, Min Ho! No Twilight crap, please. XD You're doing so well. Stay away from idiotic and pathetic works that exist only as fanservice. BOF was enough.

Posted: Aug 23rd, '11, 06:49
by folie a deux
Have you heard the latest? Seems like our CH couple is for real (albeit sometime later their reps denied otherwise)...but rumors or not I'M still happy for both of them!!! :D

Posted: Aug 23rd, '11, 16:57
by Silverman
Well sometimes are the dramacouples for real (like Eugene X Ki Tae Young, who starred as a couple in Creating Destiny and became a real couple afterwards). But its actually no wonder, that drama-actors from the same drama become a couple. If you spend 14-20 hours each day for a duration of several months, feelings are bound to develop (good or bad).

Posted: Aug 24th, '11, 08:00
by Ethlenn
It’s the quickest game of PR see-saw we’ve seen in a while, but it looks like the drama surrounding Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s relationship has finally come to an end. Lee Min Ho’s agency, StarHaus Entertainment, has finally confirmed on August 23rd that the two stars are dating!

Representatives from StarHaus Entertainment stated through Star News, “It seems there have been some misunderstandings.” They continued, “We were simply wary about how some media outlets were using the term ‘fervent love’ to describe their relationship.”

“Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have known each for a while, and they were able to draw strength from each other during their long recordings for ‘City Hunter‘. It is true that these two have developed warm feelings for one another.”

In effect, the representatives are cautiously acknowledging (once again) that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are indeed dating. After witnessing the acknowledgment, denial, and now confirmation of the stars’ one-month relationship, fans are now sending the couple their warmest congratulations.

Source + Image: Star News via Nate + akp

It's a brave move from their side. Netizens are scary when it comes to celebrity dating. All the best though!