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Kim Nam Gil

Posted: Feb 15th, '10, 00:51
by Ethlenn
Kim Nam Gil
For a short time used name : 이한 / Lee Han (up until 2008)
Birthdate : 13 March 1981
Height : 184cm
Weight : 70kg
Star sign : Pisces
Education : Myeong Ji Cheon University 명지전문대학
Profession : Actor
Debut : 2003 (MBC's 31st Batch of Acting Talents: 공채 탤런트 31기)
Used to play on stage as a theatre actor.

15.07.2010 - 15.07.2012 - Military Service, Civil Service Agent.


Lovers Vanished (2010) as: 수인
Tears of the Amazon (2010) - narrator
Handphone (2009) - cameo as: 장윤호
Miindo (2008) as: 강무
Public Enemy 3 (2008) as: 문수
Modern Boy (2008) as: 신스케
No Regret (2006) as: 송재민
Don't Look Back (2006) as: 석우
Low Life (2004) as: 임시검문 경찰


Shark - Sangeo (KBS2/2013)
Bad Guy - Nappeun Namja (SBS / 2010) as: 심건욱
The Great Queen Seondeok (MBC / 2009) as: 비담
Terroir (SBS/2008) - cameo
When Spring Comes (2007) as: 김준기
Several Questions That Make Us Happy (KBS2 / 2007): 2 - episodes drama as: 석주
Lovers | Yeonin (SBS / 2006) as: 태산
Good Bye, Solo (KBS2/2006) as: 유지안
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005) : cameo
My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (MBC/ 2005) as: 노정완
Sweet Buns | 단팥빵 (MBC / 2004)

Stage plays:
2003 - 박무근 일가 - Bak Mugeun Family
2000 - 한 여름 밤의 꿈 - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Awards (some, because the I didn't include the movie awards, or nominations):
46th Baeksang Awards: Best Newcomer Award (Queen Seon Duk)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Yo Won in Queen Seon Duk)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Excellence Award (Queen Seon Duk)

Education: Myeong Ji Cheon University (he didn't finish it though)

Official Nate Website

Yes, he became so-called "household name" after Queen Seonduk, but he's been known for years.

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by chan2x


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by chan2x


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by chan2x

Posted: Feb 15th, '10, 01:30
by lenrasoon
i like him, i first watched Kim Nam Gil in "Kim Sam Soon" but what made me paid attention to him was the movie "No Regret" he was amazing in it! later i watched "When Spring Comes" which was slow paced but one of my favorite dramas and Kim Nam Gil did a good job there too.

Thanks for posting these pictures!

Posted: Feb 15th, '10, 01:53
by chan2x
Hello lenrasoon! Your welcome :salut:

Another pics. of Bidam.

Posted: Feb 18th, '10, 21:25
by Peggy
Kim Nam Gil is the perfect leading man. He could carry a film or drama all alone. However, the icing on the cake is that he is one fine actor as well.
I like him very much.


Posted: Feb 18th, '10, 23:57
by Ethlenn
He was great in No Regrets. It was difficult movie though. But I love him from the moment I saw the movie, 4 years back.

Posted: Feb 20th, '10, 01:45
by chan2x

Posted: Feb 20th, '10, 10:38
by Ethlenn
Yeah, that is called obsession...keke

Posted: Feb 20th, '10, 11:07
by rambutan
I like this guy's physique - he is lean and masculine without being overly bulky, unlike many Korean male stars who work out nowadays. Of course, he shines in the acting department as well!

Posted: Mar 12th, '10, 00:14
by Ethlenn
New pics found here: ... ai_id=6447
Site in Japanese, hope it won't be a problem, ne?

Posted: Mar 13th, '10, 01:17
by chan2x



Posted: Apr 1st, '10, 08:53
by Ethlenn
His new drama is coming ^^ called "Bad Guy".

Posted: May 6th, '10, 18:35
by Peggy

I just re watched 'No Regrets' and it still is a tough one to see. I think it presented a side of life that usually gets distorted and this was probably closer to reality. I felt sad and thought more of the darker side of lonely.

Good actors.


Posted: Jun 2nd, '10, 20:29
by Ethlenn
No Regret is actually one of the best movies I've seen from Korea. As you mentioned, there is an overwhelming loneliness in that movie. Actually it was the first thing I watched with KNG and I immediately fell in love with the way he portrayed his character. Very disturbing, yet brave movie though.

PS. to whoever started this thread, I think it's better to get rid "of Queen Seonduk" from the name. KNG is a name that speaks for itself for some time already, and I think everyone knows him. The title suggest he's known only for QSD.

Posted: Jun 11th, '10, 11:31
by Ethlenn
OK, I think everyone is aware he's going to the military this fall. But we are left with one drama, one movie and one "secret project"
that would be marrying me
, whatever it may be.
And since I love everything he has done, something for admirers of his... ekhemmm... no seriously....
Pictures (different, from 2008 till premiere of "Lovers Vanished":

"No Regrets" had made such an impact on critics. The director, movie and two main leads took a lot of praise, but the movie failed to gain any attention from the audience. In 2006 I included this movie in some movie festival I was co-hosting (Korean Movies panel), and everyone who saw that movie was shocked. But after it "Brokeback..." came out and it overshadowed it. In my opinion "No Regret" is far better than that, but...
KNG was advised not to take the part in this movie, in fear to destroy his career. And it almost did.

PS. How come everyone started to recognize him only after QSD?? Seriously.

Posted: Jun 19th, '10, 19:02
by Ethlenn
I like to conduct threads on my own... :cussing:
On June 13 there was a fanmeeting with Ko Hyun Joong (Mishil), and KNG made an appearance^^
I made a cut to watch:
In case someone wants it

Posted: Jun 27th, '10, 11:25
by Ethlenn
OK, thread updated, but if anyone wants more news on KNG, I posted some videos and well, news on my blog.

Posted: Jun 27th, '10, 14:59
by Ethlenn
I decided to spam some here, right after I spammed somewhere else.

KNG is a Unicef ambassador, in January he went to South East Asia, and actually helped there.
It was featured in a program called "The World and I", and broadcasted on January 29th.
The program itself focuses on world problems, especially in so-called Third World, illiteracy, crime, human traffic, poverty, famine and so on. It raises awareness in people.

On the other, happy note, pics from Baeksang entry (March):

Posted: Jun 27th, '10, 17:39
by Ethlenn
Interview is able to download here on DA:
Interview date: 2010-06-24

Posted: Jun 28th, '10, 19:41
by arakira
Somehow he reminds me of Jonny Depp in the second spoiler, at least in the first two pics. :scratch: :lol

Posted: Jun 28th, '10, 19:48
by Ethlenn
Johnny Depp wants to thank for the compliment, muahahahaaa!!

Funny thing, he was dressed as Jack Sparrow for some movie magazine photoshoot. I should have that pic somewhere...

He looked better than any other Johnny Depp. :P

Posted: Jun 28th, '10, 19:56
by arakira
Hm he'd make a fine pirate. Yep, i''ll probably start licking the screen again if you show me KNG as Jack Sparrow ;)

Haha 'better than any other Depp' for sure! Didn't mean he looks like him, more like his expression or pose or sth felt alike. Like a similar vibe maybe.

Posted: Jun 28th, '10, 20:03
by arakira


Posted: Jun 28th, '10, 20:08
by Ethlenn
Yup, I found it a bit too late^^

I had to clean my screen. Again. :wub:

Posted: Jun 28th, '10, 20:53
by Peggy
I think the drama QSD was a winner before KNG was called upon. It had a huge audience and then it began to get bogged down and a bit draggy. That is when they threw BIDAM into the mix from the top of that hill to save everybody. The fact that it was a handsome devil with flashing eyes and a brilliant smile effectively magnetised everyone. It's no wonder that KNG was the hero of the day and weeks to follow. It was a great bursting forth which any actor would hope for.
He does not really have to worry that he will forever be Bidam. His own personality is much too strong to be subdued by a role. It's just one peg on the wall to hang a hat.

After his military duty we shall see a more mature Nam Gil I think, and he will have more confidence than ever.


Posted: Jun 28th, '10, 21:09
by Ethlenn
But he said recently that Bidam haunts him still, as a character. The director of Bad Guy told that he casted KNG just because of Bidam. Because no one could play complicated characters better. One second - an angel, and the next - pure evil.
He's too strong as an actor, I mean he played different characters (even such a prick in When Spring Comes), so I'm sure he will be even greater than he is now (after the military). And yes, QSD just went over 40% rating after 21st episode. I had my first heart attack during this series last year, hehe^^

Posted: Jun 28th, '10, 21:49
by Peggy
I understand that he was impressed with his reception over BIDAM. But he will do that many more times once he gets back into his acting life. It's like playing Hamlet for the first time. Once is never enough and there is always a desire to improve.

Ethlenn. Please read your PM message. Don't dawdle dear Not sure of lasting quality.

Posted: Jun 28th, '10, 22:02
by Ethlenn
He didn't expect for Bidam to be such a hit.

I have tons of interviews, and I can't find the one I'm looking for, dammit!! There was a nice interview when he said about improving his acting skills (because apparently they are in such need, you stupid Namgil nim!), and focusing on acting instead of looking. Hehe, but he actually puts his words in motion, not like some others, *cough*JKS*cough*

Posted: Jun 29th, '10, 12:04
by Ethlenn
According to some news (they quote KNG), he's starting the military service sometime between Fall and Winter. But other websites (Japanese Innolife) stil have June/July as a set date.
He said that after Bad Guy finishes aring, he needs to wrap up some other projects.

Hmmm... let me think...

Posted: Jun 30th, '10, 02:19
by Peggy
this is sort of thread where the following fits in for some reason. I can imagine Nam gil being involved in this in some way. ... df8ad524ce

Cole Porter is my favourite lyricist and this is one song that takes a special singer to put it across. You can find the English lyrics but listen to Edith Piaf sing it and it's good. Lots of ways to listen to this on this link.


Posted: Jun 30th, '10, 07:05
by Ethlenn
He projects strange images sometimes of himself. But always a good ones.

Posted: Jun 30th, '10, 16:44
by Ethlenn
Read about military enlistment in Korean

배우 김남길이 다음 달 15일 입대하라는 영장을 받은 것으로 알려졌다.
Actor Kim Nam Gil received a warrant to enlist on 15th next month (July)

The news is all over the place, so I guess here ends his hope for Fall (mine as well). I don't think he will be granted second extention to wrap up everything.

Posted: Jul 1st, '10, 20:56
by Peggy
Just pondering Ethlenn..

Do you think that Nam gil would be the butler who delivered the sad news about Miss Otis? Or would he be lying on the cold morgue slab after Miss Otis get revenge for his infidelity.

I can see him both ways, but I can clearly see him as the formerly rejected lover who is now the butler and beneficiary of all that the wealthy Miss Otis has left.

See the smile and the mustache so clearly.

Well there's a short scenario for a small MV...


Posted: Jul 1st, '10, 21:23
by Ethlenn
I see Namgil-nim as a butler in those lyrics.
But I didn't have the butler in mind, rather someone who stepped into a shadow. Someone who watches another person from afar.
I can even hear the voice.
And I'm not that romantic. :wub:
The video is of a really bad quality, but I just love this MV. It's just... I don't know, it suits him in a way.

Those lyrics made me want to watch "lovers" again. I barely managed to watch it, solely because of the henchman role he played, but delivered so many subtle emotions. He was that kind of person in this drama (like the one in those lyrics). Quiet, yet firm.

Posted: Jul 1st, '10, 23:26
by Peggy
Oh that is so sad. why does he fit so well into this type of incident in a story. He has that aura around him of longing for something or someone and you know he can't complete his wishes. :-(
I hope he does not fall into the trap of never doing something that is lighter and fun. He has a devilish sense of humour and his eyes can really throw off sparks of laughter.

I wonder what he will be like after two years in the military. He is a man of substance and I think is going to have a way of keeping a strong thing going in his acting in the future. I can't see him doing other things yet.


Posted: Jul 1st, '10, 23:58
by Ethlenn
He said that he actually anticipates the military (I can't really find the interview to check it), and he hopes to learn from it, and be even more "manly man".

There is some strange aura around him, that is why, perhaps, he gets those roles. Something elusive, yet sometimes violent.
And about his sense of humor, he's actually a joker once they are not shooting the scene. He can light up every press conference.

I know he won't lose his talent, cause it's unlikely, he's too smart to change it into pieces. Plus, he's doing really good job in some other campaigns, like raising awareness in sexual crimes and violence, helping the underprivileged in so-called Third World.

But seeing him in interviews, there is a border he doesn't cross. If the question is too personal, he answers with joke. Or complete nonsense.

Man, I admire him to bits... :notworthy:

Posted: Jul 2nd, '10, 06:58
by Peggy
Yes...I hope I'll be able to stick around to see him in about three years when he will have done another drama or film. He is definitely a different actor with a definite persona of some mystery.

I admire any actor or performer who keeps his private life.. .private. That's one of the things I like about Kimura. He has never ever mentioned his family either his wife or children or his parents and brother. He is very protective in that regard.

It is very strange that since stepping into the Nam Gil arena I have been nudged into the most unlikely music places. He sends me back to old blues songs like 'St,James Infirmary Blues' and 'Frankie and Johnny'. Haven't thought of them for years but he would fit right in to that era.

I think it may be the mustache that is opening that door a little.... Something there is about this man.


Posted: Jul 2nd, '10, 08:22
by Ethlenn
And other MV, maybe not that sad and twisted as the previous one, but somewhat nostalgic: ... re=related

And another one, shot in a very unique technique: ... re=related

This is what we were talking, Peggy, about actors in MV. A good actor can transform music video into a little gem (like the one you showed me, I was in shock).

He jokes on the film plan, but if he wants to concentrate, he hides.

Plus, when listening to "Nature boy", I had always his image from "No Regret", I don't know why.

Posted: Jul 2nd, '10, 23:52
by Peggy
A well made MV is sometimes as good or better than a full length drama. It gives the imagination some space to fill out all the hollow places.

'Nature Boy' was always a great favourite for me. I remember when it first happened and the man who wrote it.....
Nat King Cole did it rather well.

I'm glad you were impressed with Mr. Flower. I think it is a true gem with all its facets.

For me it was even more special since I like Jisub and I love Osawa. He is another very private person and a marvellous actor.

Life is so good with all the generosity of all these things.


Posted: Jul 2nd, '10, 23:57
by Peggy
It's very clear that Nam Gil is like a treasure trove. He brings out all sorts of ideas and fanciful mysteries and the music he conjures up is truly amazing. He touches so many times and places. How would he know about Cole Porter writing that song for Bricktop?

Yet all I have to do is see his face of today and I am carried way back even sometimes before my own time.

He is a man for all seasons and time belongs to him.


Posted: Jul 3rd, '10, 00:34
by Peggy
Ethlenn.. ... meID=16585

this has nothing to do with Nam gil but I don't know where else to put it so that you would notice it.
It is an extensive site about Takuya Kimura and I think it is pretty accurate. Lots of different things on a few pages which you might like to dip into in a spare few minutes.
Do you ever have any minutes left spare by the way??

You may delete or put this elsewhere if you wish. I just want you to know about this person who has held me in thrall for so many years.


Posted: Jul 3rd, '10, 08:53
by Ethlenn
Oh, no, my dear, I will check it for sure, summer vacations on the way, so I will have a lot of time to spare. I plan to make some MV with KNG (not personally, unfortunately), but I guess it will take some time, and I most likely do it in August, when I will be totally cut off from the internet.

I could write an endless essay on him. I haven't been that swept away by no one. He just crushed me with No Regret, and even with every small appearance in dramas and movies.

About your last sentence about KNG, if I ever wanted to quote it, I will give full credits to you, dear, because it's very beautiful. He looks sometimes goofy on the set, but usually, even with his bright smile, he projects some kind of veil. No matter how hard you try, you won't get through tht veil. That's my impression.

Plus, if you want to read some more, I put few interviews/videos (more to come) on my blog. I will also try to update everyone on KNG when he's in military.
Have you seen Tears of Amazon? It's a... OK, last year MBC (I guess, or KBS) made a series of 4 documentaries on Amazon River, people living there and nature. It was the greatest hit for TV last year. So they decided to make a full movie collecting all data. The narrator was chosen: Namgil-nim.
Even if you're not into Indians and big rivers, you can watch it. Perfectly made documentary, plus the voice^^

Posted: Jul 3rd, '10, 17:19
by Ethlenn
Peggy, something for you:

"There is a footless bird in the world.
The bird flies about...
get tired then always have a rest in the wind.

He settles down on the ground
just once in his whole life.
That's when he dies."

I took it today from KNG's cyworld minipage^^

Posted: Jul 3rd, '10, 17:58
by Peggy

The heat from the fire sends the smoke upwards

Soon it will rest once again on the wind

There is a shadow in the sky

Will the bird sing.


Posted: Jul 3rd, '10, 18:32
by Ethlenn
Amazing that with all that fuss around QSD, he still has solid fanbase. I mean not girls who scream at the slightest frowning of Bidam, but normal fans. Fans who can write in a normal style, without all that "kyaaaa"-ing around.

That is why:


Posted: Jul 3rd, '10, 20:46
by Peggy
Well I think that just maybe,... with his youthful side and then the fun and the intensely serious acting ability..he is really an old soul.
That's a very deep human being in there.


Posted: Jul 3rd, '10, 21:42
by Ethlenn
Funny thing, Peggy, this is what everyone on the different movie sets (or dramas) says about him.

As I reacall he said this himself once, that he feels older than his age. And reading the interviews, or seeing the interviews, this was exactly my thought. He can be goofing around as he does, because without humor someone working under such a stress as he would go crazy, but as you said, deep down there is no humor at all.

Kim Jae Wook (he also is in Bad Guy) said about Namgil-nim:
He is just such a great actor to start with so when we went to shoot on location in Japan, I went to watch his shoots even if I had none. There are so many things to learn from him and we talk to each other a lot even while we're in shoot. But I can't quite seem to be able to figure him out -- he'll be serious one moment and be joking around the next -- so he's like a time bomb. Oh, but in a good way.

I don't know if you have seen Lovers Vanished (this movie is known under 4 different titles: After the Storm, Last Night, Lovers Vanished and The Day Before, Korean:폭풍전야)
Su-in, an ex top-chef, accused of murdering his own wife, gets AIDS virus intentionally by putting Sang-byung, the prison mate’s blood into his body in order to get out of the prison to prove his innocence. But as he meets his wife’s lover, he confesses his crime and jumps from the cliff making Su-in lost and hopeless. With nowhere to turn to, Su-in visits café Le Luth run by mysterious but beautiful Mia. Mia was Sang-byung’s girlfriend but she shot his boyfriend when she witnessed their love affair. Felt guilty, Sang-byung turned himself into the police. Since then, Mia completely closed her mind towards outside. Su-in starts working at Mia’s café hiding how he found her and they get to close to each other as Su-in teaches how to cook and Mia shows magic taught from Sang-byung. However, their peaceful days don’t last long as police appear to arrest Su-in
This was a stressful movie for him. And heavy movie, but shot in a very "airy" way, if you know what I'm trying to say.

Posted: Jul 3rd, '10, 23:29
by Peggy
Have not seen that movie. I will look out for it even tho it sounds heavy. I have had this thought in my mind lately..that maybe it is a good thing he is going into the military for a break from acting. Sounds odd... but I think he is putting too much of himself into these difficult roles. Or maybe it's that too much is being taken out of him in some way. Serious actors always have something of themselves committed into a character and I do think that they must either lose a little of that which is their substance, or they add something foreign from the character. Either way it is a burden eventually.
The two year break may be something from which he will benefit.



Posted: Jul 4th, '10, 01:59
by kawaiisushigirl
i really like him in queen seon deok.. !! :cheers:

Posted: Jul 4th, '10, 02:31
by aility
So, I just finished watching No Regrets. Could someone clarify something for me? Ethlenn???
What was really su-min's feelings towards Jaeng-min? as in the beginning. Did he fell in love when he went to be his driver, or was it just an initial attraction? So that when he met JM again in the factory, and realised that JM was a rich and well-educated person or something, he felt he wasnt worthy enough to love JM? And therefore he went into prostitution?! and what is why he rejected JM in the beginning?? I am confused!!! Because in the second half of movie the roles changed and SM was like madly in love with JM...
I really enjoyed the movie though, and would enjoyed it more if I understood what was going on in SM's mind in the first half of the movie. Plus if the quality of the movie was better, that would be great too :glare: I was annoyed when I didnt see what JM was holding in his hand in the hotelroom which in turn made SM have a change of heart :cussing:
lovescenes were steamy indeed, much more than Brokeback mountain... eh... sorry for mentioning that movie. Ethlenn, dont kill me please :sweat:

Going to sleep now :D

Posted: Jul 4th, '10, 07:29
by Ethlenn
Su min fell in love as well. I don't know if you paid attention how he came back to the elevator in the apartment. he was smiling as someone who found somebody who adores him. The love of Jae min was very possessive, he didn't care about their status or background, but Su min was an orphan, so he felt the burden of it. Seeing Jae min in the factory, he realized that. After he was saved by him (not to lose the job) he was pissed off, because he felt Jae min being superior to him, and Su min didn't want to be "taken care of", he was the person who wanted do everything on his own. That is why he resigned. He found then a work in the restaurant, but it wasn't enough to support himself. Then he went into this "karaoke bar". He despised on the outside the backgraound and social position of Jae min, because he though it's just a whim, temporary affection. Stubborness of Jae min slowly reversed Su min to his initial thought: love.
Remember the scene after the walk? This is exactly what Su min felt: he couldn't simply afford to love and be loved.

And the thing Jae min held in the hotel room: it was a water-gun. His hand was cut (he hurt himself in the restaurant), so he bandaged it with a hankerchief. As director explained, they wanted something else, but suddenly came up with the idea of a water-gun. It has a meaning though. Water gun can't harm you but it still looks like a gun. It symbolizes how Jae min's love was perceived by Su min: as a toy. But Jae min held it like a regular gun, for him it was real.

PS. If you want I can rip my DVD, and upload it somewhere for you, but even on it, the movie is gritty. It's the technique used. They didn't have much time to shoot the movie, as well as the money. I'm not sure if the actors were paid even ^^
Hope that helped.
And you did it, you mentioned the Brokeback... do you want to have a broken back??

And Peggy, he's waiting actually for the military, and I understand why. Last 2 years were so hectic for him.

Posted: Jul 4th, '10, 14:30
by aility
AAAHH!!! That just made SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!! I was right in my initial "analysis" of the first half then ^^ Thank you Ethlenn :D
The water gun made so much sense, because JM said the first time they met again that he wished SM's ehem was a gun, so he could pull off the trigger inside of him...
I will check if I can buy the DVD if it is possible to get a hold of it. Because I think some of the content was also lost due to not so good subbing.

Posted: Jul 4th, '10, 14:55
by Ethlenn
yup, there is no single useless word or thing in this movie.
Glad you like it. If you're in Korea, you can buy it. But be careful about the region. I got mine and I can't play it... dammit.

Subbing was sometimes awful, but overall not that bad as some other movies that are subbed. Few sentences were left not translated at all. I'm thinking about making subs for 2CD version, but I guess August will be soo busy for me with this and other projects.

So, few nice shots from Bad Guy:

Posted: Jul 5th, '10, 19:25
by Peggy
AAHH! ! !Reminded me of Mr. Flower in the elevator scene.
That one more dangerous and hold my breath in case....


Posted: Jul 5th, '10, 19:26
by Ethlenn
"Kim Jae-wook says Kim Nam-gil "like a time bomb"

Plus few videos and interviews. Videos are not subbed, in Korean.

Edit, Peggy, we were here at the same time, amazing...

Hmm... elevator scene...

Posted: Jul 5th, '10, 23:39
by Ethlenn
I really want to have so many stories to tell about my movie-objected-relationship with Kim Namgil-nim as you with Kimura san.
I mean, it's been only 4 years for my relationship, so I guess the best is ahead of me...
And ahead of Him as well.

Posted: Jul 6th, '10, 00:33
by Peggy
Oh my dear Ethlenn,

I don't think it will take you as long as you think. I am really on the Kim Nam Gil wavelength as you are, but it only took me from 'No Regret' and the last thing was the lightning bolt that was Bidam. Now that is not long. However with Kimura ..that goes back years,,,(15?)... but I must admit it was also a bolt from the blue amost immediately. I did not know about SMAP but I did know about Kimura from his acting alone. All the rest unfolded with time until I became totally besotted for awhile. His many talents were overwhelming. They still are. He has become honed in his approach to all the things he does. Including real life.
This is what is going to happen with Kim Nam Gil, and you will be more and more enfolded in his charm and ability, and everything he does will be a reward for your admiration.

Trust me.


Posted: Jul 6th, '10, 01:27
by Peggy
Deleted. Changed my mind.

Posted: Jul 6th, '10, 07:08
by Ethlenn
Now you made me curious with the deleted post and change of mind...

But when I start to believe in someone there is no force in the world able to detach me. So I firmly believe I will witness many, many his achievements.

Posted: Jul 7th, '10, 07:37
by Peggy

sorry about the deletion. I had it there over night but then decided it was too hot for the thread. I had you in a rather pleasant situation with Nam gil. He had knocked on your door to fix something that was broken in your house.
It did not get looked at or fixed. He became otherwise engaged.

It's all in the mind. but isn't everything???


Posted: Jul 7th, '10, 09:39
by Ethlenn
Something has become broken now... my heart, dear Peggy.

No matter the situation, it would be rather me to knock on his door and ask for fixing something. For fixing that constant solitude air he emanates.

Mind can help with great endeavors.

Posted: Jul 8th, '10, 00:42
by Peggy
Dear girl,

You were getting me all wrong. He did not fix the repairs in the house because he was otherwise engaged...with YOU.

What is wrong with my thought sending powers lately. Must stop the wine.


Posted: Jul 8th, '10, 09:13
by Ethlenn
Well, actually I did get that... but was too embarassed to admit it. I had never thought of him like that... well... no...


I mean, where is my ice when I need it??

Posted: Jul 8th, '10, 19:08
by Ethlenn
A new look^^
In Gun Wook's mouth even "Im sorry" sounds like a threat. Silent, dark, looming threat...

Posted: Jul 8th, '10, 19:27
by Peggy
Not a thought...ever...?? shall use a grain of salt my dear. I respect your imagination.

I wonder if Nam gil feels joy when he is acting. I mean that he knows his lines and throws them away and just does the magic to make audiences believe he just spontaneouly thought of his words. that must be a birthgiving moment to a good actor.I wonder if he feels the joy of that whole feeling.

I think he will rebuld himself over the next couple of years.

I think of Jang Hyuck being that kind of actor. there aren't too many of them.


Posted: Jul 8th, '10, 19:45
by Ethlenn
I was thinking about it while watching Miindo some time ago, and then re-watching it.
He looked so natural in, i.e. the wrestling scene, I thought that it is imposible that it's just a act. Because I had the impression, that the camera is actually an intruder. It was like if I jumped in the scene and watched the whole conversation, his jump, his joy and his suffering at the end but it wasn't act.
The words, I know they are just lines, but he says them in such a way... They are born this very moment he speaks, like if it was coming from the deepest layers of his being.
So yes, I think he enjoys his work, and he puts his all into the part. Like in Lovers Vanished. I wasn't watching the movie, I was the witness of some unbearable suffering, and it's just accidentaly, Su In had his face and was speaking with his voice.

Jang Hyuk grown up after the military, he wasn't much of an actor before, I'm saying this although I like him. But now, what he did in Chuno... almost a masterpiece.

Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 02:07
by Peggy
I'm glad you think that about Nam Gil. I do believe he is one great actor who will only get stronger as he experiences more events in his life . It must inevitably appear in his playing characters in the future.

Re Jan Hyuck. I began to like him in the drama 'Thank You.'
This was not my most favourite story and there were a lot of awkward places. However I thought Jang was in great control of what could have been a nothing role. He was much mpre mature and watchable. No over the top stuff at all.

I agree that Chuno was a classic.


Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 02:18
by Peggy
It is interesting that Kimura takes a script and goes home and reads it through once.
Then he begins marking it for his own lines. This he pulls it apart to find his role and how he sees it and how he will play it.
Then he goes through it all again until he knows his own part and all the lines for everyone else. He has the drama in his mind. This is usually how they approach his dramas. He does not have to worry about the words after all that and so he becomes the character and is easily becoming whatever he wants to be and as with Nam Gil ,you think he is spontaneous.

This last drama which has just finished .'.Moon Lovers'.. was totally different and the actors only received their scripts on a daily basis.. the results were not up to high standards. Not up to Kimura's standards either I would think.

Not sensible to treat fine actors this way. I would think they would want to give them time to know the whole story even if they were a little slow on the dialogue..but what do I know. These two actors need and deserve a fine director always.


Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 15:43
by Ethlenn
Namgil-nim does a lot of background preparations for the part. He reads a lot, he likes to think about the character's past, just to have the whole surrounding, not just here and now.He tries to predict how a character would react in certain situations. That is why all his characters come as natural. Because, in the moment of playing, it's not KNG as a person, but just a vessel that delivers the emotions of someone else.
He has a very rare gift. And this kind of gift just grows stronger with time.

Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 21:46
by Peggy
You see?? We both have impeccable taste in actors.


Posted: Jul 9th, '10, 22:06
by Ethlenn
It amazes me even more, because I was thinking I was the only one who perceived him this way, and I'm relieved it's not the case.
(if you want, I just posted a lot of pictures from Bad Guy drama on my blog^^).

Still, I'm your humble follower, Peggy.

Posted: Jul 11th, '10, 23:41
by Ethlenn
Just three random pics from my HD:
If anyone wants, I can handle the fight. I will fight with every demon from hell if the need be. So, I'm not afraid of you, Orion, hehe^^
If anyone dares to speak some evil words, one shall perish in the depths of the oblivion.

Posted: Jul 12th, '10, 17:48
by Ethlenn
Kim Namgil-nim appeared in the program called 세계와 나 W (The World And I) on July 2. The whole show was more or less on the sexual abuse of children. Really heavy one. As I mentioned Namgil-nim actually is a spokeperson for the organisations that fight with sexual violence. The other one he's involved in is about helping those in poverty (if I remember right).
I've been watching this show since last year, and I thought nothing can shock me. I was wrong. For those who want to know more on it. But I warn you, not for those with frail nerves.

Uploading both videos on my blog.

Update: the videos are up :salut: