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Whatever happened to.....

Discuss about your favourite Korean Actors and Actresses.
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Whatever happened to.....

Post by luna2078 » May 7th, '10, 19:25


HEllo guys!!!! im a very new fan of korean dramas! ;) I recently discovered them and made me go crazy about them! hehe! Of course, i havent watched many of them yet, but the ones ive seen so far had made me want more and more :P (no wonder i have no free time anymore :P)

Anyways... what i would like to know is... what about the actor/actresses that make me laugh, cry, fall in love in every drama.... like i have been looking for some info about them and i can find information about their height, their "new jobs", even their blood types in some cases... but... i havent been very lucky finding information.... like "gossip magazines info"... like what about their personal lifes.... are they married, dating, or what???... (Maybe its just that they dont take the time to translate all those things to English! Oh man! How much i wish i could spoke Korean!)

For instance... what about Rain (Full house) ive read he has become "huger" than a superstar, but what else is he doing now? is he single, dating, married?, is he planning to go back to tv soon? And his wife in the show?... ive read that not long after the show ended they were rumors that those 2 were dating, but as far as i kept reading, all i found was that it was just that a rumor but nothing else... :( sniff! They make a great couple!

Or the couple in Sweet 18... i read there were rumors they were dating? were they for real?, are they still together or they break up or what?...

And the guys is coffe prince?... is the "boss" single? (such a handsome guy... is there a lucky girl at his side?) i would love to hear his dating "my chan" :wub: or what about her? is she working in another cool proyect or taking a break for a while?

And what about with "Kim sam soon?" i heard shes really busy working, but anything else to know about her?.... and delightful girl chong hyan?... and her "husband" in the tv show?.... are any of them in any other super succesful and worth seeing tv drama? or involved in some kind of gossip rumor???...

The other one that makes me curious (among alot of them... but for now, i guess they are more than enough questions hehe!) "my girl"... shes soooo pretty.... she musst have one fabulous good looking (or what am i saying... good looking, i mean "great" looking) guy at her side?...

Thanks guys for reading and hopefully you can give me some answers!!! ;)

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Post by Corona » May 7th, '10, 19:40

First, welcome to the forum! Lot's of questions, not sure if I can answer them all ;) Anyway, if you know where to look you'll find some of the answers at least, or maybe check out some of the actor/actress posts around here.

Rain's last movie was Ninja Assassin, but he's returning back to drama with "Fugitive/Runaway".

If you follow sites like dramabeans.com or Hancinema, you'll often find out what the actors are up to nowadays. Most importantly, you can find a lot of info about the dramas and actors on http://wiki.d-addicts.com/

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Post by Puppet Princess » May 8th, '10, 03:48

All of those dramas are pretty old (I mean Coffee Prince is the most recent and Gong Yoo has already done and returned from his military service... so it has been a while lol) and the actors you are asking about have been in several dramas/movies/something since. Check out their wiki page (which corona linked you to) for lists of their more recent works.

As for who dates who is real life... I don't usually care as long as they make some good dramas for me to watch... but there are quite a few Kdrama news and gossip sites around (in English). Maybe google for a few of them.

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