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Box office stars?

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Box office stars?

Post by BlackPh » Mar 27th, '11, 11:41

let's guess who reigns at the box office this decade ,just for fun :D :D :D

stars of the previous decade
2000-2009 Bankable Actors Top 50

The report is based on the box office, percentage of the film’s box office compare with the annual total box office of domestic films, leading role or supporting role, etc, in past 10 years. Through data processing and evaluation to come up with a ‘Box Office Index’ to get the top 50, and then grouped into 7 categories. (the figure next to the actor’s name is the Box Office Index)

Source: http://movie.naver.com/movie/mzine/cstory.nhn?nid=748

Group 1. Box Office Stars
One special feature about this group is that their movies have more than 50% of chance to be successful. There are 9 actors.

Song Kang Ho ,36.349
Sul Kyung Gu ,34.808
Jang Dong Gun ,23.760
Ha Ji Won ,21.262
Cha Seung Won ,21.164
Lee Byung Hun ,18.689
Won Bin ,14.940
Lee Young Ae ,14.056
Son Ye Jin ,11.589

Group 2. Slow Starters
The actors in this group are mostly stage actor or TV actor, and through supporting roles tailored to their box-office power to fly high after quite some time. Or already a recognized star, but has to take a longer time to be recognized as a box-office star.

Jung Jae Young ,20.694
Jung Jin Young ,20.636
Kim Hye Soo ,13.938
Kim Yoon Seok ,10.671
Lee Bum Soo ,14.875
Hwang Jung Min ,11.169
Joo Jin Mo ,11.339
Kim Sang Kyung ,8.031

Group 3. Steady Sellers
Perhaps the true glory for the actor may not be the short moment of ‘Best Sellers’. In that sense, ‘Steady Sellers’ belong to a group of actors who are the most solid.

An Sung Ki ,14.041
Park Joong Hoon ,7.644
Jung Woo Sung ,11.983
Lee Jung Jae ,9.934
Jeon Do Yeon ,8.700
Moon So Ri ,7.553
Shin Ha Kyun ,19.417
Kam Woo Sung ,12.033
Um Jung Hwa ,9.375

Group 4. Genre Masters
Actors in this group are strong in a particular genre. A lot of their works are comedy genre. The capability of the actors in this group reflect the trend of movies in Korea in past 10 years.

Lim Chang Jung ,15.085
Kim Sun A ,6.851
Cha Tae Hyun ,16.891
Kim Jung Eun ,9.674
Jung Jun Ho ,19.899
Shin Hyun June ,15.703

Group 5. Ups and Downs
Whether their movies can meet audiences’ taste are fluctuated. The actor also has ups and downs. One has to hope for good opportunity.

Choi Min Shik ,7.858
Han Suk Kyu ,6.818
Yoo Oh Sung ,9.349
Lee Sung Jae ,11.334
Park Shin Yang ,7.207

Group 6. All-Round Players
Starring in main role or supporting role, switching between various genres, they all seem capable. Regardless of the proportion of the role, they still can give out good performance.

Park Hae Il ,11.297
Kim Soo Ro ,10.590
Lee Mum Shik ,10.066
Yu Hae Jin ,9.936

Group 7. Youth Power
Their stardom based on youth audiences as they love the image of the actors. We have to see what will happen to their movies in the next 10 years.

Jo Seung Woo ,12.225
Yoo Ji Tae ,9.429
Kim Ha Neul ,11.447
Kwon Sang Woo ,10.836
Ryu Seung Bum ,7.765
Ha Jung Woo ,10.408
Jun Ji Hyun ,9.009
Kang Dong Won ,7.235
Lim Soo Jung ,7.050

all credits to Rita at wonbin yuku
I have been a silent reader for 2 months by now and this is my first post..


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