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[TwDrama] Mr. Fighting (TTV/SETTV, 2005)

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[TwDrama] Mr. Fighting (TTV/SETTV, 2005)

Post by koua_xiong » Oct 19th, '07, 19:20

have anyone see or heard ot this series Mr. fighting

Tony Sun as Duan Yu Qiao/段宇桥
Zax Wang as Wei Ying Qi
Esther Liu as Ye You Li/叶优里
Joanne Zeng as Xiao Kui/小葵
Tang Jia Hao as Duan Yan Hao
Fang Cen as Li Mei Jin
Ai Wei as Duan Yuan Bo
Wei Ru as Duo Er
Lin Mei Xiu as Ai Cai
Lua Bei An as Hua Shu
Liu Xu Hao as Firebird
Kenny Zhou as He Qiu Yuan
Tai Yi as Gao Gan Shu
Edward Huang as San Long
Darren as Iron Men
Sam Wang (ep.1)
Zhao Shun as acupunture uncle

i have a question is there going to be a team to sub this series??

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Post by gixo » Oct 19th, '07, 19:28

I have seen some eps some years ago. Seems to belong to one of those ok dramas (in my opinion)

I don't think that any subbing group is planning to sub it yet. (see Chinese fansub guide side
Besides since it's already an older drama with no raws around d-a, I doubt it that it'll be subbed in the near future.

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Post by AkumaX » Oct 19th, '07, 19:35

darn... i've had these raws on my hard drive for a while, looks like a good series :)

Ueda Jiro
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Post by Ueda Jiro » Oct 21st, '07, 05:11

Watched some episodes when it aired over here. It is very corny and the fights are poor. I didn't bother to finish watching it.

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Post by gixo » Oct 21st, '07, 06:26

oops, sorry. made a mistake. just saw this thread here. So maybe there are going to be some subs for it. http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_49661_30.htm

@Ueda Jiro
you didn't like it? haha, yeah well, yeah the fighting scenes weren't that great. But I have seen so much worse TW series so I still consider the drama as ok.

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