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Post by coconico » Nov 22nd, '07, 07:14

Same 3 lead and character. Which do you prefer? Why Why Love or Devil Beside You?


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Post by sgb79 » Nov 22nd, '07, 07:33

i watched both dramas and i prefer DBY. some scene in WWL got me bored.

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Post by darksage78 » Nov 22nd, '07, 14:05

Same here, WWL just seemed to drag on near the end, DBY was much better imo.

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Post by evil4ever » Nov 22nd, '07, 14:12

DEVIL BESIDE U is better i like it more than WHY WHY LOVE

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Post by docipain » Nov 22nd, '07, 14:16

DBY because I thought WWL was the same thing. XDDD

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Post by saby » Nov 24th, '07, 16:54

DBY... I liked the story and Rainies acting was much better there...

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Post by keziahkiss » Nov 26th, '07, 07:09

for me..
i like most is DBY.. i watched it 5 times already.. haha :D
am really an addict.. :lol

since i didn't watched yet Why Why Love.. :D

i like their team their.. :D

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Post by nechbet » Nov 26th, '07, 07:37

DBY is way much better,actually i was waching WWL only because WWY looked like sequel to DBY :mrgreen:

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Post by Marieluna » Nov 26th, '07, 08:04

I have to say I loved both of the dramas, but still I prefer DBY better too... EVen taught I found Mike He more eatable in WWL :wub:

Either way loved both dramas but DBY stays #1 in my hearth!!!!

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Post by lilswtangel » Nov 26th, '07, 08:13

definitely DBY~ Mike He was so much more adorable there..........so devilish at times that I either want to glomp him just to get rid of that look.

But what WWL did have that DBY didn't was Kingone's charisma. I thought he was a total boring do-gooder in DBY (but then again, that was his character in the manga in the first place) but he was "WOW!" in Why Why Love.

The chemistry and romance was more serious in WWL whereas DBY, they were just sooo giddly and sweet together.

And, while Rainie Yang is soo incredibly cute, her hair totally did not work for me in WWL.

also, dramas with terminal illnesses and the likes really are played out. but Mike He did a great job being cold-hearted.

Either way, I still prefer DBY only because I kept "ahhhhhing" and "awwwing" over Mike and Rainie's characters. :wub:

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Post by petitchou » Nov 26th, '07, 08:57

i really liked both, but devil beside you will always have a special place in my heart. i loved it so much when i first watched it and i love it just as much with each rewatch.
i really did like wwl too though, rainie and mike are just so cute together.

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Post by ginny_lunallena » Nov 27th, '07, 07:04

Definitely DEVIL BESIDE YOU, that drama had everything: it made me laugh like crazy, it also made me cry some times...... it was awesome
what bugs me is that the last episodes always suck
i mean, DBY ended when ahmon came back from italy, and they kissed for like a minute and that was it, i was dissappointed :glare: but i loved it anyway

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Post by smiley6yrl » Nov 27th, '07, 07:15

hmmm i personally dont really like any of it.. i thought rainie was cute in it, but as far as the storyline, ehhh its not all that great... :unsure: WWL was good in the begining but then it dragged sooo bad half way thru the show, and DBY, it just got boring...

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Post by jemoonette » Nov 29th, '07, 04:05

I watched about half the episodes of DBY and kinda got bored so I skipped to the last few episodes and never really bothered watching the ones I skipped. I agree Rainie is cute (and Mike He is pretty hot in SOME angles..), but WWL was so BLAH. The storyline is lame and I couldn't even watch past Ep. 2

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Post by xstarl1ght » Dec 1st, '07, 01:42

I prefer Devil Beside You. Firstly, it's my favorite drama of all time.
I read the mange first. So I knew what would happen. I watched it to compare. :]
But I think it was interesting, fun, and adorable! The side stories got me bored at the end of the series the first time I watched it, so I skimmed those parts. Then I watched it again and actually watched. It was pretty good. lol. The ending, I knew it was coming, so I didn't expect much.. >_>;
Why Why Love got interesting the beginning. But in the middle it got boring.
Then the very end kinda sucked. it was quite similar to Love Contract which I disliked.
I liked the battle between Mike and Kingone. :] In the last few episodes, was really dramatic which was good. =] I like Mike's hair in this one. :D I like Rainie's hair in DBY. [it made her younger looking..]
They're both good. But I still like DBY > WWL

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Post by blu3sky » Dec 1st, '07, 01:59

i would have to say DBY, WWL just dragged on. it wasn't that and the acting wasn't that great

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Post by bltcool » Dec 1st, '07, 18:09

lol iono about everyone but i seem to like wwl instead of dby

haha cus poeple seem a bit more emotional in wwl then in dby

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Post by Nadil » Dec 2nd, '07, 12:03

DBY!!!!!! <3333
WWL was somehow boring.... didn't watch it till the end yet ... cuz just can't bear to see the drama go worse xD

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Post by lailoken » Dec 12th, '07, 01:36

DBY for me

but both of them werent that great.... DBY was bad because mike he's acting was horrible
and WWL was bad because of the bad plot and horrible rainie hair lol...

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Post by IsaBonita » Dec 17th, '07, 17:33

^really?? in WWL her hair was terrible?? no, at this time she didit wear the jellyfsh head

well i like DBY more, because it was the first and trhe story hooked me more somehow
though WWL wanst bad either, but i didnt like mikes behaviour (of his character) in the end, with all death and so on >__> :unsure:

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Post by myloveforyou » Feb 19th, '08, 00:47

I love both.......but more than is WWL........

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