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Trip to Vienna/Austria

Posted: Sep 1st, '09, 11:20
by Aiko_
hello everybody :)
i'm going to vienna for one month.
i wonder if there are any japanese bookstores? where i could buy books/mangas in japanese, or cds with j-music/k-music? maybe something similar to ?

i'd be very thankful for answers :)

Posted: Sep 1st, '09, 11:42
by k361
I dont think there is a good place for books/CDs.
Maybe you ask at for japanese books.

I know some comic shops, but they dont have originals manga from japan.
The last time i get some cheap manga was at the japanese school during an event.

You can send an e-mail to the cultural infocenter and ask for salepoints.

Which month are you in vienna?

Posted: Sep 1st, '09, 12:04
by zita
no would interest me too XD

Posted: Sep 1st, '09, 13:26
by Aiko_
thx for replies ^_____^
i am pretty sad that there isn't any cool bookstore, so miyavi's show must be enough for me ;)
i am going there tomorrow, for the whole september.

Posted: Sep 1st, '09, 13:49
by zita
miyavi's show? what's that?

do you visit somebody or study?

Posted: Sep 1st, '09, 14:00
by Aiko_
i'm visiting my sister. she has been linig in vienna for about 12 years.

Miyavi - japanese singer :)

Posted: Sep 1st, '09, 14:50
by k361
Miyavi hold a concert on 30.september in Gasometer.

Some years ago i ordered japanese manga online from Archonia

Do you need a list of comic shops?

Posted: Sep 1st, '09, 18:36
by Aiko_
thx for link, but i am interested in 'normal' shops, i can buy online in poland too and visiting a shop is waaay much fun :D

yes, Miyavi will have a concert on 30.09 at Gasometer Hall. I cant wait!