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You ha nani shi ni Nippon he?

Posted: Sep 9th, '13, 17:21
by Tanuki_SWE
Only me that wants this show?:blink
Gaijins that come to Japan and get interviewed at the airport. Hosted by the comedy
group , Bananaman. Really good show!

If someone got it please up as many as you can!

Posted: Sep 9th, '13, 17:58
by isabelh2o2
lots of episodes available on youtube -- follow the link from Ersby's If By Japan blog

Posted: Nov 2nd, '13, 20:16
by kotsukotsu
This show is widely available on DVD at various Japanese supermarkets/bookstores around the world. If you live anywhere near a major world city, just visit the Japanese supermarkets/bookstore and look through the DVDs. You can readily rent a DVD copy, convert it to MP4 (i.e. using well known freeware software such as VLC, etc.), and then upload the episode to D-Addicts. Looking forward to seeing your postings of this program here on D-Addicts.