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Free Live Japanese Channels

Discuss about Japanese TV Variety, Music, Game and any other TV shows that is not drama.
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Free Live Japanese Channels

Post by wuitsung » Apr 4th, '08, 09:28

I found there are 5 channels there in SOPCAST.

Just download sopcast and look for "Starswork Pop - Japan Group"
Screenshot: http://aycu16.webshots.com/image/46735/ ... 843_rs.jpg

Sopcast : www.sopcast.org

meko chan
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Post by meko chan » Apr 10th, '08, 19:46

ahhh arigatou
but what sattalite is it
i mean`r they nillsat or arabsat or what???

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Channels have Moved!

Post by SB-X » Apr 11th, '08, 15:46

Hello! I don't post here much, but I wanted to let you all know about this until I noticed someone beat me to it. I love finding/watching streaming Japanese TV on the net, but it was hard to find anything until starswork.net started broadcasting. (I blame encrypted digital tv...) That's how I first saw Shikaotoko, and Junichi Okada on TV all day promoting Kagehinata.
Anyway, thought I'd let everyone know that they've moved the channels to TVUPlayer, another P2P streaming system. ---> http://www.tvunetworks.com/
Just start the player and scroll down to 67620. These channels actually come from Taiwan. If you want to see the new dramas as soon as anyone in Japan does, look here!
If you can read Chinese, go to http://www.starswork.net/ or http://www.jchannel.net/ to discuss.
Enjoy. :D

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Post by nak » Apr 23rd, '08, 03:38

wow, his is actually great...i thought they'd be heaps of lag, but it runs fine! :lol
Hope it doesn't go down! :P

Thanks for the info guys!

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Post by dattebayoXD » Oct 31st, '09, 06:42

hey :]
I'm very thankful for this, as I wanted to watch their channels for ages xDD
But the thing is, that in SopCast it says those channels are offline ;_; the hell does that mean? o.o

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Post by kagami7 » Oct 31st, '09, 07:42

i am having problems with both sites...
the sopcast doesnt show any channels at all and the other the tvuviewer only has one channel that shows up.
does anyone know what channels numbers the more popular channels would show up on? like ex nhk tbs etc if they even have them?

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