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Where can I download Shounen Club?

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Where can I download Shounen Club?

Post by Numberator » Sep 3rd, '08, 14:57

Anyone knows where can I download shounen club and the premium thats eng subbed?

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Post by Numberator » Sep 4th, '08, 16:33

:-( seems no one watches shounen club....

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Post by areea-chan » Sep 4th, '08, 16:51

Oh we do, but I don't know where to download it, either. Seems like someone once told me you can get them from Clubbox links, but I don't know where they are. Trying checking some of the JE comms on LJ for information. Someone's bound to know. :D

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Post by hxtan » Sep 4th, '08, 16:52

i don't think you can find new SC with eng sub anymore.
you can d/l raw from jpopsuki.

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Post by blackstar » Sep 7th, '08, 16:26

try crunchyroll or livejournal.. there are quite a number there..

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Post by Karate-ka » Sep 7th, '08, 16:29

I thought newshfan is subbing it.


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Post by neko_senko » Jul 12th, '10, 17:16

Try here: http://community.livejournal.com/shokura/ [the episodes are RAW]
Or Jpopsuki ^^
Greetings x3

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Post by Reikaa » Jul 12th, '10, 22:09

It's rare for Newshfan to sub a whole SC's episode. But she does it sometimes and some of the episodes she gets from Clubbox, but yeah I have no idea how to find the episodes.

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